Grateful Dead

Paramount Theater - October 2, 1977

Paramount Theater

October 02, 1977

Portland, OR US

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"Funiculi Funicula" tuning before "Playin" - last "Casey Jones": 10-17-74 [88] - last "Dupree's": 07-11-69 [565]

Set List:

Casey Jones
Jack Straw
Brown Eyed Women
El Paso
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Let it Grow

Samson and Delilah
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Funiculi Funicula
Playin' in the Band
The Wheel
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Aug 3 2007
My First Show. Would trade

My First Show. Would trade 10 to see it again!

Joined: Aug 9 2007
Looking for this show.

I used to have this show on CD. Was called Eat Lard Fudge or something to that effect. Anyway this show was off the hook from the very get go. The Casey Jones is the best i've heard with an audio glitch beginning a jam that goes through each member going off on an instrumental solo. The end has them jamming so hard you can no longer hear them singing through it. Now you know you're in trouble(The Good Kind) when a show starts like that and the rest of the show was awesome.If anyone know any way i can get my hands on this i would love to hear from em.

Joined: Oct 7 2008

The DeadPod played this show (1st set) Friday night 10/3/08.
If you aren't getting the DeadPod, you definitely need to sign on.
Google: "KOPN DeadPod".
P.S. This month is their annual pledge drive, so have your credit card at hand. It is not a requirement, but it is definitely cool to help them out a bit.

Joined: Jan 23 2009
My first show too

Some friends were trying to get me into the Dead. I was all of 18 years old, sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Paramount with a bunch of hardcore Deadheads. They're all talking about all of these obscure tunes they expect to hear and I made the mistake of saying 'I just want 'em to play Casey Jones and Truckin, cause they're the only Dead songs I know'. Everyone laughed and said they haven't played either of them in YEARS, so don't get your hopes up kid. So, of course they opened with a rippin' Casey Jones and did a great Truckin in the second set. I was hooked. My second show was the legendary MacCourt show a few months later and I was ruined for life. Saw lots of great shows over the years, but those two were still the best by far.

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Joined: Sep 10 2007
quick thoughts

Set 1 is very well done, with BE Women, the outros in Dupree's and Grow, and the 1st solo in Deal as the highlights. Set 2 starts off hot with Samson and Scarlet > Fire, but then heads a little south. I think this show is a little overated. VG show, 8.5/10


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Paramount Theater - October 2, 1977