Grateful Dead

Carrier Dome - October 20, 1984

Carrier Dome

October 20, 1984

Syracuse, NY US

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Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
West L.A. Fadeaway
C.C. Rider
Ramble on Rose
My Brother Esau
Bird Song
Jack Straw

Shakedown Street
Samson and Delilah
He's Gone
Smokestack Lightnin'
The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter
Turn on Your Love Light


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Joined: Dec 14 2007
one of my faves

I was in college at Towson in baltimore that year--rode up with some friends. From the opening notes of Bertha, the guys were playing in another realm. I still have not nor IMO did they ever play another Jack Straw. That 2nd set was just as mind blowing--and then a Revolution encore.

People ask me what was so good about the Dead--I play some of this show and smile.

Joined: Aug 12 2007
Is there anyone that

Is there anyone that rermebers staying at this guy Jamie's house a block away from the Carrier Dome? We were there the night before and having no place to stay we just walked around the town square. It started to rain and then here's this local hippy looking dude saying... Hey Any of you Deadheads need a place to stay - Follow me!
There was about 12 to 15 of us in this one bedroom house hanging out for two days. Jamie had a big pot of Clam Chowder and he shared it with us all. We in turn shared some killer blotter with him the night before the show. That night kinda embodied the whole hippy Deadhead experience for me with good music and good people flying high. The actual show was Great! One of the Best of '84. Jack Straw rips!

Joined: Sep 29 2008
My First Show

Well, being a very sheltered county girl I had no idea what or who "The Grateful Dead" was until I went to college and my friend Joe took me to this very first show! My ticket was not with my friends and I was not the type of girl to venture around by myself. When we got to my friend's seat, they said you can't come down here, you need to go to your seat but don't be afraid. I was very afraid for about 5 seconds and that was the end of that! It was a life altering moment for me. I had the best time and for the first time in my likfe, I knew where I belonged!!!! The only songs I knew at the time were CC Rider and Revolution but it was that defining moment of not being afraid and feeling complete that I will never forget!

Joined: Oct 23 2008
I missed most of the first set...

I missed most of the first set, coming in at the end of the first set closer! I was so mad! That quickly went away as I settled in for a really great second set. I do remember being blown out of the place on the way out (due to the air supporting the roof of the dome!). Lots of tripped out hippies trying to figure out if the wind was just an anomoly or if it was really happening!


~Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools!~

Joined: Jan 6 2009
Is the roof caving in?

This was a great road trip show for me... I had only been to a few shows fairly close to home (Norfolk, VA) earlier in 84 and had inserted myself into a group of Deadheads that lived in the same neighborhood near school (ODU). We drove to Richmond and picked up Mike Tennanbaum's mother's station wagon, slapped a bunch of stickers on it and hit the road north. We stopped off in Dover, DE late the night before the show and picked up a couple more riders (friends I had not met yet, but would become like brothers over the next couple of years). I don't recall when we continued north, but we managed to make it to Syracuse early in the afternoon.

I remember sitting on a rock wall about 3' high along a sidewalk and rolling a joint as students and Deadheads passed by, then a cop rolled by, I was a little freaked, but he just kept going, no hassle at all!.. anyway...... later as we were herding toward the entrance, one of our group dosed those of us who were willing.

I don't recall the conversation exactly, but Mike and I (maybe a few others) decided to get a view from the nosebleeds all the way in the back of the dome... we climbed for what seemed like hours, arriving at the top just as the lights were going down and the hallucinogens started kicking in.

The view was incredible... I can still picture the postage stamp stage, the sea of pulsing dancers, and the balloon like roof reflecting the lights. Sometime during the first set, I started hallucinating the dome roof deflating and starting to sink into the venue. I had to keep reminding myself that I was dosed and try to focus on the music. I know I asked the person next to me several times if the roof was caving in?!?!?!

I don't think the sound was very good way up in the stratosphere, but I know the boys were jammin'. During the intermission we moved down a lot closer to the stage on Jerry's side. I remember Shakedown and Sampson were some of Mike's favorites and he went nuts when they opened the second set with those. The rest of the second set was amazing too... and the Revolution encore blew me away... and then right out the door after the show.

I don't remember the trip home, but I do recall Mike's mom telling us to take the stickers off her wagon. I've lost touch with Mike and the rest of the gang from those days, but still have lost of great memories...

Sphenolithus (not verified)
Hey Cuse Alums! I envy all

Hey Cuse Alums!

I envy all of you, for being able to see GD on campus in the early-mid 80s. I wasn't on the Bus ontil 91, as I was still playing with GI Joe toys when GD played The Dome.

I graduated from SU in 1999. I had a blast at SU, and I can only imagine how fantastic it was to see GD at The Dome.

I saw some Buffalo and Albany GD shows, and there was definitely a magic when GD played upstate N.Y. venues.


Joined: Jan 27 2009
Got Busted

Me and about 7 friends packed in a van from Chicago to Syracuse for the show. Picked up 5 sheets and went to business immediately. Got busted with a little over 4 sheets left. Jail is no fun on 2 doses, a gram of 'shrooms, and a few valiums.

Never made into the show. Spent the next few weeks in the Onandaga County jail. I heard it was a great sho though!

Joined: Feb 1 2009
Great Jack

I know it has been written about , but Jack Straw left the crowd buzzing during the break. All time favorite memory.

Drove up from Poughkeepsie . The 3 guys from Georgia sitting behind me at Dome made it fun.

Again sad, just like Saratoga , Three great years and then nothing. At least Saratoga gave one more. Do they even have shows there anymore.

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
Made the last show

I attended the first two shows of this tour and returned home. I had friends on tour that kept calling me about all the breakouts.
Smokestack, Lovelight etc...
I felt compelled to fly to Syracuse for this last show of the tour.
They did NOT disappoint !!
Although the Carrier Dome has the worst acoustics imaginable, the first set of this show is outstanding with one of my favorite versions of Jack Straw.
On a side note....a friend of mine from Boca Raton asked me to pick up a sheet for him in the lot outside the dome. I found a seller who was vouched for by someone I knew.
I never tried the merch myself as I had already dosed. As it turned out , the sheet was blank and my friend thought I had ripped him off.
This misunderstanding damaged our relationship permanently. If you ever read this Bubba.....

zyx's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2007
take a step back

My second B-day show (21). Became just another lizard for peace after meeting some friends of friends from Athens. A little apprehensive cause People's Express lost my luggage which was my backback cause I would be hitching back. The show allowed me to forget it a while and was able to retrieve it the next day. Birthday shows are such fun - if you can do it Further works well. Let it shine.


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Carrier Dome - October 20, 1984