Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - October 21, 1978

Winterland Arena

October 21, 1978

San Francisco, CA US

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Hamza El-Din performed a couple of solo songs before "Ollin Arageed" - final "Mojo" - "From Egypt With Love" - final/last "Mojo": 04-22-77 [112]

Set List:

Ollin Arrageed
Promised Land
Ramble on Rose
Looks Like Rain
Stagger Lee
I Need a Miracle

Good Lovin'
It Must Have Been the Roses
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jul 16 2007

This was the only show of the run I attended. Hamza performed a captivating opening set. Unfortunately he suffered the fate of many that opened for the Dead, that is the crowd was jonesing for the headliners and every time Hamza completed a song the crowd went crazy because they thought he was finished! A great show followed, though somehow my recollections are hazy. I and my traveling companion slept in our car, drove home to LA stone broke, ran out of gas on Highway 5 and suffered a stranger to take us to the gas station & buy gas for us. Who could have looked at us and willingly granted us a kindness such as that? I need a miracle every day!

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Joined: May 25 2008
Chef Free This is the show

Chef Free
This is the show that turned me from a Dead fan to a Deadhead. I'd seen them a few times as "the other band" and I liked what I heard but...

I remember meeting up with some friends, during the drums I was thinking "how long can they go on like this". My friend turned to me and said "How long can they goon like this?" Garcia plays Other One like he's Jimmy Page! And the Other One > Stella Blue :

Joined: Sep 6 2008
the only show that we saw

the only show that we saw after the boys came back from Egypt, but damn they were hot

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
too much fun

YEH! & it was just too much fun!!!! Gypsy Cowgirl

Joined: Oct 14 2008
art Oh what a time! It was

Oh what a time! It was also the show that changed me from
Dead fan to DeadHead.The music blew my mind,with a little
help from the "Brown Dot" blotter that we had been getting
in Berkeley.The most beautiful girl I had ever seen was dancing sensually in front (and sometimes against) me. We
bought tix at the door that night for like six bucks!
Only bummer : my car was stolen that night and I spent the
last part of my trip in a police car filing a report,then calling my
father to come pick us up, we were only 16. Dad was so kind.
A little suspicious but kind.We saw Niel Youngs "Rust"
concert the next night, and when I got home my car was
back! I would have those times again.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
This was my first Dead Show

I will never forget this night or my first year at SF State. Jim Joses served up some bad Koolaid and Dan White murdered Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. But my eternal thanks too Margeret C (Muggs) for getting me into the Dead and taking me to this show. Winterland had a line around the block but a side door opened next to us and we got in early. We sat on the stage left side even with the stage because Margaret liked to watch Jerry, who faced that way as he played at the time. Jerry went all out jamming "Sugaree", and sang beautiful versions of "It must have been the Roses" and "Stella Blues". For 20 years I chased after that feeling again and had a lot of fun in the effort. Thanks Muggs where ever you are.

Love James

Joined: Apr 4 2008
Great show with some strange sidelights

Friends of mine who'd gone with the entourage to Egypt had told me about Hamza el-Din and we were looking forward to hearing him, since he did not play the previous night. Instead of seats, this night we were right up front in the pit twenty feet from the stage, close to everything-- but too close to a grinning, boorish idiot who kept hailing Hamza as "Sambo." No, I'm afraid I am not kidding, folks. "HEY! SAMBO!" he hollered. "That's Sambo," he explained to the people around him, most of whom probably wished "Scotty" would beam him back up to whatever planet he came from.

The Dead came out one by one to join Hamza during "Ollin Arageed," which cranked up the energy considerably, and also mercifully deprived us of the heckling fool, who wandered away from the main floor and never returned.

Lee Oskar of War came out and played during the "Mojo" interlude and perhaps for "The Other One."

This show burned with high energy throughout; I particularly remember the thunderous version of "Passenger" and maybe the best "Estimated Prophet" I've ever heard. My friends who went to Egypt told me the Winterland shows were much stronger than the Gizah shows, though we couldn't match the setting.

Joined: Sep 1 2015
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Winterland Arena - October 21, 1978