Grateful Dead

Carrier Dome - October 22, 1983

Carrier Dome

October 22, 1983

Syracuse, NY US

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The Band, without Robertson, with The Cate Brothers opened - sound check: H. C. Sunshine

Set List:

Shakedown Street
Wang Dang Doodle
New Minglewood Blues
Bird Song
Hell in a Bucket
Day Job

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away
One More Saturday Night


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steviecharles's picture
Joined: Sep 22 2008
da dome

stevie c
I knew a bunch of girls that went to school there, always a treat to see a show there

Joined: Nov 7 2007
Second Show

This was my second show at this point I believed all shows started with Shakedown seeing The Band...My roomate St Pierre had not warn a particular coat since dragging me to my first show at Rochester War Memorial the previous spring...lucky for us a couple of tabs had fallen thru a hole in his pocket and were in the bottom inside of the coat...that made for a good time wink wink...During Not Fade Away it seems that I recall the band changing the count between "...Love so real not fade away..." and the "I'M AH GONNA TELL YOU HOW IT'S GONNA BE" I was gone and and yelled that no I was gonna tell yah...Good times.

This must be heaven, cause here's where the rainbow ends. If this aint the real thing, it's close enough to pretend

Joined: Jul 23 2007
My recollection of this show

My recollection of this show was that the place was too big and the sound where I was SUCKED!! I couldn't even hear The Band and GD was only a little better. If you were close maybe it was fun but after what went before it was a disapointment. I dragged my ass back to Maine!!

chas44's picture
Joined: Apr 11 2009
Tooooooooooo Biggggggggggggggg

You're right Maine.We were on the floor but in the back. Everyone stood on their little fold out chairs the whole time. Alot of wind mills with the arms and grabbing your buddies to keep your balance while you do a half-ass dance on your seat. Can you imagine watching basketball in there? The ball would look like a BB. In 82 I was dosed to the gills and for some reason, enjoyed it alot more. Except when I ventured to the top and looked down.I didn't stay there long.

Joined: Aug 26 2013
Favorite Show

My favorite Dead show. Drove 8 hours from CT with college buddies. I saw about 100+ shows from 1981-1994 and this was the best. I remember sitting waaaaaay up in the nosebleed seats, stage right. The Band: could hardly hear them. Then the Dead came on and blew the doors off the Dome. Every note sparkled from the Wang Dang Doodle to the Close Encounters/Crazy Fingers tease before China Cat Sunflower. Perhaps it was the friends I was with, the mood, the seats, the vibe, the tabs but I still get chills when I play this concert. I play keys in a Dead cover band and I'm still 'searching for that sound' from this night. When I arrived home at dawn, I put on Candyman, pulled the covers up, and smiled to my new favorite song. Peace.

bmoney's picture
Joined: Sep 12 2015

Road trip from Kent State to see the show. One of our peeps knew someone who let us stay at a frat house at Cornell University. They had a 50 gallon drum of bagels delivered to the house on Saturdays and that was the only food we had all weekend. Bread of life man! Needed it too with good Cornell sinsemilla. (It is an ag school too ya know!!)

Checked out the gorges in Ithaca before we headed to the show. Soooooo cool! Worth another trip one day.

I remember this was the first time I noticed tapers being overly obnoxious. Tapers used to be pretty chill but I think as shows went on, more expensive equipment was being used and dudes would be way too territorial. If you hear someone say "Dude relax." on a tape from this show, it's me!


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Carrier Dome - October 22, 1983