Grateful Dead

McDonough Arena - October 23, 1970

McDonough Arena

October 23, 1970

Washington, DC US

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also: NRPS - FM broadcast WABX

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
I remember

so many people there that they put speakers outside so all could hear the show.

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Joined: Jul 9 2008
Electric night

I remember sitting in the balcony, watching fans throwing beach balls around during intermission & someone passed me a jug of water. After I drank he said, "It's liquid acid...ha ha!"

The show opened with NRPS and closed with encore of "Uncle John's Band" with the house lights up by request of the band to see the fans!


Joined: Jun 9 2007
It show was GREAT!!!

This was an incredible show at Georgetown University. I recall a jam where Jerry, Phil and Bob stood in a triangle and traded the lead by slinging the neck of their instrument at each other, thereby trading the lead. Very memorable moment for this Dead Head.

Joined: May 25 2010
the Bands 1st DC gig

The 1st time they were supposed to play DC they didn't show cause they'd been busted in New Orleans.( the band that filled in Love Cry Want with jazz great Larry Young ,was incredible,highly reccomended)
My first show. Mickey had several big gongs, recently given to him at the Zildian factory.incredible all that improvisational intricacy suddenly seemed like reflections of trees in water when a big rock had been lobbed in,the gongs made waves through the whole fabric of the music,and the physical space. Pig had incredible presence,and his sound on hammond organ was really tasty. They all looked like hippies dressing like psychedelic cowboys,wear with his hair looking slicked back like a redneck,only it was a pony tail,Pig with his cowboy hat etc. -pretty new in that part of the world. London rock and black blues and appalachian folk/country had been the predominant influences on east coast hippies then,not cowboys. As usual DC people who were pretty radical(,more demonstrations happened there than anywhere else in the US) used to plenty of street action ,broke down the doors.I saw one local yippie known as Wonder Warthog after the Zap comix character,wearing a cop's hat inside the hall. The adminisration threatened to not hold any more concerts.The following week the same thing happened at a Traffic show,same venue. When the Allman's played in RFK stadium the 1st time folks brought grappling hooks and ropes,hundreds actually scaled the stadium like viking raiders. Like I say DC was pretty radical in those days.No cops ever took anyone out of a crow at a rock concert or demonstration.
Anyway the music was beautiful.the waves kept going.

Joined: Oct 21 2010
my born-day show

anyone have a tape of this, the show they played on my first birth day? would just love to hear it, thanks!

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Happy Birthday MN Jenny

listen to the stream or download the flac files.


Joined: Oct 21 2010
yee haw!

thanks! xx oo

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Wish I was there

Oh what a time it must have been! I'd been one a the skinny ones with the grappling hooks!

Been chipping up rocks from dawn till doom
While my rider hides my dildo in the other room


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McDonough Arena - October 23, 1970