Grateful Dead

Sun Dome - October 26, 1985

Sun Dome

October 26, 1985

Tampa, FL US

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*without Jerry

Set List:

Gimme Some Lovin'
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dupree's Diamond Blues
C.C. Rider
Stagger Lee
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Big Railroad Blues
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
He's Gone
Don't Need Love
Comes a Time
Throwin' Stones
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
One More Saturday Night

Midnight Hour

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Beagles will do that to ya!

Beagles will do that to ya!

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Show of the day

Thought I would check this one out start to finish this morning. Good show had a lot of fun here. Funny thing happened to me many years later. Around 1995 met this girl here on cape cod she and I started seeing each other and as I always do asked if she ever saw the dead? Her answer floored me because the only show ever went to was this show here . She did not go to the show just to the parking lot to find some things for her and her friends. I am the one she bought those things from. She was a great, GREAT soul, ......Loved her like a sister. Christine was for sure someone very special and fun. God bless you my friend

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A Phriend in need

This was a great show but what stood out for me was the kindness of the Heads in the parking lot scene. I went with my brother and a couple buds and for the 1st time in my adult life, was out of weed. Lo and behold, we were hanging out in lounge chairs in an empty parking spot in the space next to our car, resigned to emptying the cooler of beers we had brought along, when all of a sudden some Phreak comes zooming around our car - headed right for the spot we were lounging in. Luckily, the guy had his wits about him and braked and saved us, but then we found out he had rushed down from Boston for the show and was in a mild panic. We offered him a beer to welcome him and join us in celebration and upon hearing we were weed-dry, he gladly handed us a joint! Problem solved! Later I was wandering thru the lot, grooving on the scene and noticed 2 things at the same time - a Phreak in a car ahead obliviously rolling one and a cop coming in the other direction, scanning cars for "illegal activity". I popped my head in the rolled down window and said "cover it, cop coming" and the dude slid a magazine over his frisbee filled w/weed and we did the fake buddy chat as he approached. "Hey man...gonna be a great one, eh? blah..blah.." and cop, seemingly satisfied, kept walking. The guy was so grateful he handed me a nice nug and thanked me profusely. So...the kind Heads indeed provide for those in need! Just good vibes, good luck, good people and good times! There IS nothing like a Grateful Dead concert!


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Sun Dome - October 26, 1985