Grateful Dead

Fox Theatre - October 28, 1985

Fox Theatre

October 28, 1985

Atlanta, GA US

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first "Kansas City"

Set List:

Kansas City
My Brother Esau
Ramble on Rose
Row Jimmy
Promised Land

Scarlet Begonias
Touch of Grey
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
Smokestack Lightnin'
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Day Job

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Attendees of this show

dana lotus, dubai-escorts-bunnies, tprusin, Amy from New York, philsfriend13, Zath, pukegrub, bmwvan, Bill388, PT Barnum, Jules N Binokulas, MtnBB, rymo, BillyBlastoff, chipster1073, tea2trey, hockey_john, cmd, Quazi, andychatfield, icroyals, goodliving, One Man, Phinnegan, minutemouse, ChinaRider77, dancingbear33, cryptl1028, Dpwilljr, 123IBT, gman87, greeksam78, DavAlan, buckterry, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, BIODTR58, tpenn, dr zevon, joebroomhead, terragin, Randy779, jimabdu, deadredhead, sugarmag68, alovours13, Folkways, landman53, mercurygd, pat L, Wharfrat89, whipple, JHoler, gatzapaul, sdiggs40, BornInADesert, LuigiDied, Row_Jimmy_Row, SCDeadhead, acacia, MagicPEZ, deadheadfrom76, tomsned66, Cassidy18, skyuka, harryz, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, aikox2, ffej55, wiggy, lamarred664, rami, brookeok, shoninsf, cepx, cub, aliceDmillionair, jimi864, don of the dead, gnoodle, cosmicloyed, Bettylou, ticket lee, Sprybert, beckstei, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, songsfrown, mp51, teamcram, Skjellifetti, deadfish, iamslinky, Yippierb, carlroeser, jozeppy, Rum Jungle, Grasshead, MoonshineCito, terrapin85, mickyfun, JurassicBlueberries, Josef, slidebrain, Saintoc, badtpyist, jackerowe, timitart, BHLawrence, Hambone69, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, ictrails, lilhippiesmurf, Bob Minkin, stock, Emerald4689, gr8fulgary, PhilESwingdance, matilda, levitonjl, darrrkstarrr-billy, weallen, augwest386, Tampa Red, bill642, Raff, jay_harrs, Maliz, W. is the Antichrist, Kenpb, grateful tar heel, dschpan, sluggobeast, mato1949, Duggles, ratskrad, tn2nadoes


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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Hey Mods...

This is the ATLANTA Fox Theater, btw....

johnnyg's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
even Day Job Rocked!!

Hot Show, tight and well played. Another great first set, although I am a sucker for good first sets anyway.

However, Bobby's slide work on Kansas City is kinda brutal. You have to be in the perfect mood to enjoy this. He gets pretty crazy. The Peggy - O is a good breath of fresh air to relieve the tension of Kansas City LOL!!!!
Ramble on Rose and Row Jimmy are outstanding versions.

“The Omnipotent Grateful Dead!”

gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009
Hotel Across the Street

I recall Hurricane Gloria was tracking the tour. The night before looking for shelter, we were walking around the hotel across the street from the Fox , which was closed up for renovations. Found Deadheads in an open door, found a nice suite up stairs and had a high time for two days for nothin'. Some workmen came in the morning after the second show and saw all these Deadheads leaving for the Halloween show in Columbia, SC.
Nice place, that Fox.

jimabdu's picture
Joined: May 5 2009
It's a real treat to listen to these shows!

I really enjoy listening to shows I went to a long time ago like this one. Many thanks to those who make it possible!!

Joined: Feb 1 2008
of course they played Kansas

2nd row center of the orchestra pit both nights. got great booklets for this tour first 5 rows everywhere

Joined: May 31 2010
What a treat

To see the band at one of the most historic concert halls in the country was a true treat. I got tickets the week before when a local subscriber turned in their 5 row orchestra pit tickets for the 2 nights.

I faintly remember a 20yr anniversay banner dropping during Touch of Grey. Solid show from start to end.

One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011
First Fox

The third of four shows in a row for me -- my longest stretch. Loved Atlanta and the Fox (I eventually moved to ATL from Tampa) and remember being surprised by Kansas City. It's not a good version, sadly, but in the heat of the moment it seemed perfect, like so many things in life. I think the scene outweighed the show for me. It certainly sounds bland on tape without a roomful of dosed hippies and their smells.

Tampa Red's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Kansas City

The Kansas City was an homage' to the Kansas City Royals, who had won the World Series the night before. Bob introduced it by saying "I wonder how many of you were watching TV last night".

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010

Earlier that summer before the Greek shows we had gone to see the Royals play the Athletics at Oakland stadium. Little did I know they would win the world series a few months later.
This Leiber and Stoller classic was just one example of The Dead's infinite knowledge of music history.
I was educated in early rhythm & blues and country & western music by The Grateful Dead.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012

We had so much kind bud at these shows and on this tour.I will never forget these two nights.We were way up top and smoking so much that someone came to us and said your going to hurt yourselves smoking that much. Well over an once of the kind KIND bud,friends had just come out from west and had brought with them Garbage cans full of bud.
" As Wavy Gravy always said these are the good old days."


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Fox Theatre - October 28, 1985