Grateful Dead

Wembley Arena - October 30, 1990

Wembley Arena

October 30, 1990

London, UK

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venue used to be called the "Wembley Empire Pool" - telephone conversations during "Drumz"

Set List:

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Queen Jane Approximately
Row Jimmy
Let it Grow
Valley Road

Picasso Moon
Foolish Heart
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Black Peter
Turn on Your Love Light

The Weight

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Attendees of this show

Charlie Brown, Alter Cgo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Hugh Rees, Augwst0390, cmm3, drmarkerickson, timjent, vidarkstar, pukegrub, Whabamp, august02, rainshine, Guernsey deadhead, scottocs, rusinurbe, olddeadhead_NFA, jerboo22, spiralight15, chinacat_uk, JohnL, willw, MightandGlory13, Jimbo68, chad.e.buck, jimi-ro, EugeneEvon, gotoheaven, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, drscottp, Sugarmagkauai, kjhillner, puroshaggy, inanothertimes, The Native, BrisbaneDeadhead, Hockney, dicface, LincolnshirePoacher, magawolff, Bill Lamdin, MAConway, peterBud, transitive, DK-Deadhead, CoolSwede, Kblair, grubstake, yetay, Desolation Bro, TomBanjo1969, Muttley, LostDew, chicagomarc, deadleg, ellis d, nothing_comes_for_free, jhop321, deadgreyhead, ChantalAndGeorge, dv8derek, sandtyme, VikkiM, Dapablo, aap526, MagicPEZ, lookyloo, JohnnyRock41, It Keeps Growing, uconnjhd, DoDa Man, sitirose, Thepman, dedahed, kym, Gatman, BigBuffalo, A. Friend, rami,, ohio4peace, flipper, beppe, keelstow, jackadiamonds, dead-to-the-core, jimmy_row, JMY714, nextshow, anamchara, ticket lee, Hypnocracy, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, jedyed, potheadpixie, devonmallow, johnnybgoode, romp711, DEADAHEADS, Europe 90, Meatyard, dedhedesq, darkstarjedi, danny_b_mt, siliconmeadow, eveystone, Gypsy Cowgirl, ashley, Sluys Guys, Tedski, Zombielover, mcganahan skjellyfetti, DeadheadDoug, runonguinness, darkstar52, tommygutt, SoulshineDeadream, bshaky256, jimiz61, Bob_Who, Junglies, BlondeJim, jpjp, grubby, catchmohl, ThankYouJerry, thfalk, Chris Ripple, iainrphillips, ALA, Jeffervonjefferson, Barry K, Barbara, richthephotog, Charbroiled, Symmetry, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, chefjim, papajohnny, Dar-El, Fillmore Midwest, riggertoo, RippleEffect, Walbass, Heat, kiote, deadhead02, cosmicbadger, jjoops, skrletbegonia, Hodeskalle, DBtv, outpost, philsurf, riggamortis, Graham52, manacatsunflower, Aliuk, DocLnghair, FOTD, PsillyJim, frankparry, deadeasy, TomCat, fenario, Cloudy, terrapin53, jw, charles, captain.dead, seedybee68, paulholly, crazyfingers, David L., RPn10, spam, Sunshine-daydream1951, Post N. Steiner, slimus2006, pantagruel, Gav, simon_phillips2, 2pigpen


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Joined: Jun 11 2008
"Going Home"

Told my work mates in Bristol that I was "going home to California for 3 days" - felt like I had walked into CA when I stepped off the tube in Wembley into a flood of tye-dyed Americans! The first of three days of great music and fun and lots of wonderful memories.

Joined: Feb 26 2009
the bear

met a guy he told me he was the bear and tried to sell me a gold steal your face belt buckle dont know to this day if he was said bear but would like to think so hello owsley

Joined: Oct 3 2008
Great show...

...with the best-ever "Foolish Heart", I believe.

A limp Wang Dang Doodle aside this was a fine high-energy show (recently broadcast on The Professor's Deadpod, if you haven't heard it)

Rekindled my love of the GOGD, whom I'd lost track of through the '80's - and I spent the next five years catching up on what I'd missed

Shame it was to be my last Dead concert - there's nothing can replace them!

jonapi (not verified)
rowing ships up from the sea

watch the next night here jimi-ro -

Joined: Oct 3 2008
rowing ships up from the sea

Thanks for the heads-up on this jonapi - great to be able to see the show I missed!

Joined: Sep 14 2009
The Wire magazine in the UK

Hi everyone. This is The Wire calling. We're a UK magazine, and we are running a one page Epiphany from the writer Richard King about his experience of catching the Dead for the first time on the last night of their 1990 Wembley run. This is a very last minute request if any of you out there has photos from this night, or if not at Wembley, another from the same era, preferably with Bruce Hornsby in the picture. We're tight on deadline so please contact me as soon as possible if any of you can help. Please write to Thank you!

cantops's picture
Joined: Feb 23 2010
Brown-Eyed Women

I am listening to this concert on Sirius and it seems as though BEW was omitted from the playlist. It was sandwiched between Wang Dang Doodle and Queen Jane Approximately.

DCGent's picture
Joined: Apr 1 2009
Brown Eyed Woman

I was listening to this show on Sirius today... And Brown Eyed Women was definitely in there... Between Wang Dang and Queen Jane...



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Wembley Arena - October 30, 1990