Grateful Dead

SUNY Gym - October 31, 1970


October 31, 1970

Stony Brook, NY US

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Also: NRPS

Set List:

Casey Jones
Sugar Magnolia
Next Time
Cryptical> Drums> Other One> Cryptical> Cosmic Charlie
Big Boss Man
Mama Tried
Hard To Handle
Drums> Good Lovin
St. Stephen> NFA> GDTRFB> NFA

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Joined: Nov 12 2007
Where's the Dark Star? Where's the Lovelight?

By 1970 Dark Star was becoming a rarity. They continued to play St. Stephen, but every St. Stephen really needs a Dark Star in front of it. Also they should have played a Lovelight after NFA, just like they did on 10/30. The Eleven is missed too.

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Joined: May 8 2008

The second set was scheduled to begin at 10 or 11 PM...I think it was closer to 2 AM before it started.

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
Day of the Dead

The crowd was let in free for the late show. No tickets taken at the door. A light projectionist wore a wizard costume, pointed hat and all. Pig Pen wore a firemans hat that had each panel painted a different flouresent color. How your day "glowin ?" Due to a late start the show ended around 5AM. As we filed out the back door of the Gym, Pig Pen was right in front of me and I had to wait while he loaded into the limo. I said "thanks alot Pig Pen" and he asked "Did you have a good time?" and I replied "Yes" and he replied "That's good" My one time meeting Pig Pen. Makes sense as it was November 1st, Day of the Dead. I hitched a ride home in a Dodge Charger and the guy drove 90.Time and Space warping from the past to the future.

Joined: Aug 12 2013

I was at both the early and late shows. As we were filing out the back door from the first show the crowd literally lifted me up and back in the back door of the gym. I met Clark Kent and Lois Lane and kept running into them during the shows. Nice people.Excellent Fleischer cartoons between acts, Betty Boop, St. James Infirmary. I had been attending an anti-war protest in NYC earlier that day and while returning from it on the train a friend suggested we get of at Stony Brook to see the Dead. I barely knew who they were even though I was very into rock...don't know how they'd gotten past my radar. I returned to see them play some 30-40 times more over the years, especially between 71-75. Jerry's fingers must have been bleeding...that night and the night before he played a total of 8 shows! 4 Riders, 4 Dead.

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My First Dead Show

This was my first Dead show, had tickets for the late show, which didn't let out until dawn. I was 14 at the time, my parents called the State Police at some point to see when the show would be over, they told them the late show was really late, said he won't be home until sometime in the morning. We made it home around 9:00 that morning. Little did they know what lie ahead, but they went with the flow. Lotta good memories!


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SUNY Gym - October 31, 1970