Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - October 4, 1970

Winterland Arena

October 04, 1970

San Francisco, CA US

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TV broadcast KQED & FM quadraphonic simulcast KQED-San Francisco & KSAN-San Francisco - also: Jefferson Airplane; QMS; Hot Tuna; NRPS - Janis Joplin died on this night

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will never forget the loss of janis

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7-second conversion

R. Lee Brand Fresh out of LA, only knowing the band had a strange name, as KQED Ops manager, I HEARD the music for the first time! Like Saul on his way to Tarsus, I was knocked to my knees. Thus began an odysey that never ends. Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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Bird Song Girl (Janis) we miss you.

I remember it well. The Dead played 1st if I recall, much to my disappointment. We were leaning against the stage looking toward the audience talking in between The Dead and The Airplane I think when we saw this big white light getting brighter and brighter. We thought were were tripping until we turned around and here is this KQED announcer coming towards us with a cameraman in tow with a big light on top of the camera. He started asking us questions in that kind of smooth FM kind of voice. Who are you here to see? etc. etc.where are you from? Kind of surreal. My sister still remembers to this day seeing us on the broadcast. All we remember was people trying to confirm or deny the news about Janis. So Sad! Still a good show.

Saint Michael

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Marty Balin

Many people think that this was Marty Balin's final show with the Jefferson Airplane. However this is not true. Although he did sit out the next night's show (due to the news of Janis' death), he was still in the band thru the rest of 1970. During the Spring of 1971, Marty Balin actually quit for good.

In the Jefferson Airplane tv documentary GO RIDE THE MUSIC, there is some footage during this show, but apparently no actual performances.

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Were these???

the shows that were televised (locally) from Winterland?

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OH yeh!

I need my glasses.....haha.....xoxo

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This one i do remember now

My older friends who took me were all freak out about Janis. Strange always thought we were at the Filmore that night but i do remember all the lights getting super bright and everyone ditching their stash

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a weird night on the floor

It was a weird night...the vocal mix on the floor for the dead was especially poor that night and the new Workingman's Dead songs didn't fare well by it...It was maybe my 4th Dead show and I wrote it off as just a bad night but I never knew just how bad until late in the night when we heard the buzz on the floor about one knew where Marty was for the Airplane set the next night and the rumor was that he had left the band...weird night all around...

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Found set lists from this Night ,

Jefferson Airplane 10 4 1970

Have You Seen the saucers?
Crown of Creation
Somebody to Love
Up or Down
Whatever the Old Man Wants
Wooden Ships
Bludgeon of a Bluecoat
Greasy Heart
You Wear Your Dresses Too Short
We Can Be Together

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Winterland Arena, San Fancisco,
California, October 4th 1970.

1. Fresh Air
2. Baby Baby
3. Subway
4. What About Me
5. The Truth
6. Call On Me

john cipollina
dino valenti
david freiberg
gary duncan
greg elmore
mark naftalin

plus the horn section


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Winterland Arena - October 4, 1970