Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - October 9, 1972

Winterland Arena

October 09, 1972

San Francisco, CA US

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first "Box Of Rain" - road crew benefit - also: NRPS

Set List:

Promised Land
Beat it on Down the Line
Friend of the Devil
Me and My Uncle
Tennessee Jed
Black Throated Wind
El Paso
Box of Rain
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Mexicali Blues
Playing in the Band

He's Gone
Big River
Mississippi Half-Step
Greatest Story Ever Told
Brokedown Palace
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones

Johnny B. Goode

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Richard Vigeant's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Hi, anybody knows more

Hi, anybody knows more about that show? I'd been on the road quite often in the last 30 years and i never saw an artist or a band do a benefit for his crew.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
"In the land of the night,

"In the land of the night, the Ship of the Sun is drawn by The Grateful Dead".

Joined: Aug 26 2007
My second show

I was still in high school. My 2nd show, but my first time to see the Dead in the wilds of Winterland. If I remember correctly, we arrived to see, "Grateful Dead, NRPS, Toilet Bowl" listed on the marquee. Turns out that after the show, Bill Graham had a touch football game (get it?) vs. the Dead's crew - but I missed all of that part.
As for the show, Grace Slick came onstage with the boys at the beginning of the second set. She seemed completely ripped. They played a short bluesy jam with Grace lending some off the cuff vocals for a minute or two before she began going from one mike stand to another, raising, lowering and generally screwing them up. Bill Graham came on and escorted her off to the side of the stage, where they could be seen dancing later during Truckin. Also, during the end of Sugar Mag, Graham slowly brought the house lights up until the room was as bright as day. The tape doesn't show anything too far out of the ordinary, but it was one of the greatest Sugar Mags I've ever seen - Sunshine Daydream!

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Joined: Dec 16 2011
weird show even for then

Wow, musickatman has triggered some memories. I remember a lot about this one partly because of the football game and partly cause of grace slick. Right from the start things were weird cause they had winter land set up sideways. The stage was in the middle along what was usually the right-hand wall so the floor was wide instead of long. When grace slick came out at the beginning of the second set it was exactly like musickatman describes. She was really drunk. Jerry and Bob just kept their distance and eventually (probably about 2 minutes in) Bill Graham came out, put his arm around her, and dragged her off the stage. I remember the lights in sugar mag too.

We were lingering at the end of the show and were among the last left of the audience when the bouncers stopped saying "everybody out" and announced "anyone staying needs to clear the floor and get up on the stage out of the way". They didn't have to tell me twice but I did get separated from my friends except one (I think). By the time I made it to the front part of the stage the football game had already started. As I walked out on to the stage there was Phil Lesh, sitting on a cooler, drinking a beer and yuking it up like a typical football spectator. He looked over and asked if we wanted a beer and I said sure. I must have been with my brother cause I remember being the only one who accepted and he doesn't drink. Lesh handed me a Heineken and went back to bantering at the teams. I remember asking for and getting a second beer and staying there very late (it was Owsley’s era) but not much else about Phil and the stage. There really wasn't anybody else up there at least in front and I was pretty dumbfounded.

The football game was between the dead's crew and Bill Graham's crew with Bill Graham and Weir also playing on their respective teams. I think Kreutzman might have played too but not sure, I'm pretty sure that the dead's crew lost and had to finish cleanup of the hall at the end but I'm a little foggy on that part.

Joined: Nov 6 2011
First Box of Rain and Warf Rat

Thanks for the memories those who've posted before. I remember Grace being looped and goofing off, and watching the morning light in the east when we stumbled out. Day glow painted beasties were roaming the hall that night, Herb Caen commented in his column the next day. Remember having my bowl stuffed with some tastey Primo by one of those glowing elves. A good time was had by all. Warf Rat became my San Francisco theme song. I was only there for about two years, but boy I saw some great music.

Joined: Oct 9 2013
Wonderful Winterland 1972

Spent the autumn of 72 in California. Mainly the bay area.
At Winterland in Sept 72 saw the Doobie Brothers as a opening
act with Poco and T Rex. Bill G. was hanging out in the lobby
that night. I liked the T Rex set. However this crowd did not.
oh well. Marc Bolin cut his hand on a tamporine but Bill G.
and this crowd had no emotion.

Back to my first dead show at Winterland Oct 1972 was magic
at least for me at 18. Drove across the country after grad
from HS in Va. Enlisted in The USN and had two months on my
own before my entry to service. During this time visited Fulton
Street and my heroes the airplane and got to score some
Jefferson Airplane loves you buttons on my visit. Anyway that
night the New Riders played forever but sounded great. But the
Dead sets brought new horizons into view that night. The crowd
was electric. Remember leaving Winterland speechless. A good sho
and memories still linger for me.

nitecat's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
Roadie Benefit-What a Night!

I was eighteen and had finally clicked with the music of the Dead over the summer of 1972 thanks to listening to my best friend's older brother's reels of a live radio show, that's right, Harpur College 1970! I decided they were a real cool band and went to see them three times in August, once at San Jose and twice at the Berkeley Community Theater. At the last BCT show, they announced at the end of the show that in October they were going to do a benefit for their roadies "so they can buy a house" or something like that. They also said something about they were going to have a football game after the October show so we should "stick around".

The night of the Roadie Benefit the Winterland Marquee outside listed: Grateful Dead, New Riders, The Toilet Bowl. Me and my friends were sure that this was a confirmation that they were in fact going to have a game after the show. I honestly don't remember the show that well, my memories of all those early shows are kind of blended together, beyond remembering that they were great shows and the most fun I was having in my life at that time.

However, after the show I remember very clearly what happened because it was so wildly different than any show I had been to. At the end of the show, there was no announcement of the game, and they began to clear the house like that was it, time to go home. We stayed in the lower floor seats and they cleared Winterland, normally, but never insisted that we leave. A handful of other fans who had figured out the "Toilet Bowl" or been at the October BCT show also stuck around quietly in the lower seats, waiting expectantly while they cleared the house. It couldn't have been more than 20 fans as I recall. Eventually they shut the doors, and about 15 minutes later the two teams came running out in t-shirts, tank tops and shorts, whooping and obviously excited about the game. Wait till you hear the names of the teams!

One team was made up of Bill with a headband and his Crew, and the other team was made up of Dead Roadies, I don't remember if Bobby played, but I think he did. We went over and got on the stage. It was a real loose scene were every thing goes. All the Dead family were partying on the stage. They had a big cooler with heinekens, and I drank a few beers as I watched the game from the stage, sitting next to Phil.

Phil was not on a cooler, he was sitting on a toilet that they had set up in the front center of the stage, drinking beer, obviously in a good mood. As the game went on, I remember a ring of empty beer bottles gathering at the bottom of the toilet.

At some point Phil got up to get another beer, and I glanced at the toilet. It had a wood seat that had been engraved around the ring: "Dead Ringers Vs. the Graham Crackers" Get it? That was the prize for the "Toilet Bowl" game they were playing.

Graham's team eventually won, the game was over, and we were asked to leave, which we did.
This was easily one of the craziest nights at a show I ever had, and I've been to a lot of Dead shows.

Year's later, I was at Bill's BGP offices downtown for business purposes, and he had show memorabilia up everywhere, on all the office walls, (this was before that terrible fire at his office) and there was the engraved wooden toilet seat, mounted on an office wall, I believe with a plaque that said "Grateful Dead, October 9, 1972, Winterland Arena.

Thanks for the memories,

Joined: Aug 26 2007
Grace Slick

I've been in a '72 mood lately and just relistened to this show for the first time in a long time. I should add that after Grace Slick was escorted offstage after her drunken blues "song" at the beginning of the second set, she reappeared after Brokedown Palace and started rambling about "Beautiful days in the park . . . a long time ago when everybody was young . . . everybody was free . . . nobody knew about it . . . you want to feel that way again . . . well . . ."
It was about that point that Bill Graham got her off to the side of the stage, the Dead rolled into Truckin' and Bill and Grace (along with 5,000 happy Deadheads) could be seen dancing away.

Joined: Dec 5 2014
Dead Flowers and Coffins

I remember that there was a coffin on the stage that night and thought Pig Pen may have already bit the bullet. Grace Slick was ugly in all ways that night.


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Winterland Arena - October 9, 1972