Grateful Dead

Hampton Coliseum - October 9, 1989

Hampton Coliseum

October 09, 1989

Hampton, VA US

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"Stranger" appears on "Without A Net" - last "Dark Star": 07-13-84 [359] - last "Attics": 10-28-72 [1082] - Show billed as "Formerly The Warlocks"

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Built to Last
Little Red Rooster
Ramble on Rose
We Can Run But We Can't Hide
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Row Jimmy
Music Never Stopped

Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Playin' Reprise
Dark Star
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Throwin' Stones
Good Lovin'

Attics of My Life

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highvibe's picture
Joined: Jul 26 2007

I think the other posts really capture the magic of the night and I will add some of my memories too!

You could tell something was a stirring from the "Stranger" when Brent starts singing, "Gonna be a long long crazy crazy tour!" The "crazy nights" lyrics were really being emphasized and that set the tone for the whole powerfully played 1st set.

In Set 2, the Playin > UJ > Playin was so thick and psychedelic it was like I was listening to the Dead from another era. The sound and vibe had changed and you simply felt something was coming - it was in the air, and it sure did! DARK STAR sent everyone into a frenzy!

I was dancing in the hallways at the end of the Playin Reprise when the Dark Star notes came. The crow cheered so loud and the energy exploded so hugely, I saw people experience every emotion imaginable. People jumping up and down, screaming, hugging, crying, falling down in a frenzy to get to their seats (or inside the arena) and lots of food workers and security scared to death because they did not know what the hell was happening. They just felt that explosion of energy and saw everyone freak out.

It was absolutely incredible and during the spaciness of the Dark Star I think it was the loudest I've ever heard the Dead play. They were just getting weird and loud!

The "Death Don't" was simply sacred and the "Attics" was the most special moment of live music I've ever had, anywhere, ever! All I could see everywhere I looked was people arms in arms singing and crying.

My highlight was when the lights came up. There was about a few seconds of stupor and then the crowd gave the loudest and longest most spine tingling cheer I've ever heard (even louder than the Dark Star itself) as a recognition of the amazing and historic event we had just experienced!

Truly Grateful!

Brother "A"

izzie's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
still get chills!

We had friends in Hampton who heard about the show and got tickets without telling us. We got the call for The Warlocks, and knew it was going to be a very special night! I still wonder what made them pick that night and that venue. Hampton shows really were always pretty special for me!

Joined: Jul 22 2007
The vibe was amazing.

The vibe was amazing. Tickets were everywhere and everyone was ready for a treat. We all knew it was going to be special. I was on Phil's side on the floor with many friends. We (the crowd) ebbed and flowed together.Became one. The band was tight. After the show everyone was running around screaming and hugging. No other show comes close to this overall experience for me.

kkeyser27's picture
Joined: Sep 6 2007
Did someone cry WOLF guitar?

The Feel Like A stranger was hot, with Brent singing "gonna be a long, long, crazy, crazy TOUR." I have a pic I have to find- we were in the front row, basically, and I snapped a pic of Jerry during the opening notes of Dark Star, with the lights low and these multiple narrow spotlights coming down on him from above. I still get chills through my spine when I hear this Dark Star. The band was in really fine form for these shows. When I saw Jerry come out with the Wolf guitar the first night, combined with the fact that they were playing as The Warlocks, I just KNEW these were going to be insane shows, and they really were! I miss the wolf!

Joined: Sep 24 2007
can we get a replay on this one

what was the best part is we didn't think they were doing hampton that year and a week before the show went on sale and what a groovy thing, and for the sake of accuracy the DID NOT play as the Warlocks, the ticket sid"formerly the Warlocks"

143or245's picture
Joined: Oct 18 2007
Yet Another Magical Moment

Got some inside news about the Warlocks show and some unbelievable doses! Could not believe I got Dark Start and Attics in the same show.

Yet Another Magical Moment !

drumspace's picture
Joined: Nov 7 2007
Amazing breakout night with the Warlocks!

My friend gave me a Warlocks ticket for this date, and I asked what band is this? He informed me that the Dead were playing as the Warlocks, and we both knew it would be something special.

The breakout of Dark Star was electrifying, I literally felt an energy zap throughout the audience and my body when those first four notes of Dark Star played, it was amazing. People were screaming and cheering, hugging and dancing, so happy!

Later on, we got to hear Death Don't Have No Mercy and Attics of My Life, two more jewels during this night.

It was a great experience, everyone was in a really good mood for the rest of the night....happy times indeed.

Oh, what I want to know is are you kind?

Joined: Jun 13 2007
warlocks shows

These shows just fell into our lap with tix only going on sale two weeks before the shows. And they still hold strong as the best ever! Even the first night is overlooked because of the second night list...but it is awesome as well.

Joined: Sep 13 2008

Just a few years into the band,my bro Tony and friends from jersey went in my moms car. Sorry Sal that you couldn't make it, but it was a night that I wont forget. The vibes in and out that night were amazing. This was the show that blessed many people locals and heads alike and that is what I am GR8FUL for ! Thank you for a real time! Be blessed

jgfan1972's picture
Joined: Jul 5 2007
One of my Faves!

I downloaded this show from a few years ago. One of the most tight and the best mix of trippy and big jam tunes of my collection. I can't imagine how amazing it would have been to experence it live.


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Hampton Coliseum - October 9, 1989