Grateful Dead

Holleder Memorial Stadium - September 1, 1979

Holleder Memorial Stadium

September 01, 1979

Rochester, NY US

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Greg Kihn, then Good Rats opened

Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Franklin's Tower
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Friend of the Devil
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin'

One More Saturday Night

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TigerTrance's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
This received a terrible

This received a terrible write-up in the compendium. Silly me, I loved it. I was 16 and entered a whole new world.

And I liked how the GD rocked. Check out how they ended the show.

raindep's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
wharf rat

" good thing, one good thing, when it hits you feel no pain..."

the good rats were basically boo'd off the was staggeringly hot outside, no shade...very large general admission field...and an amazing memory of wharf rat

whatthefunk's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Bad Rats!

The Good Rats were one of the WORST choices of an opening band in the 100+ shows I saw between '73 and '95. The audience couldn't wait for them to finish, and when the band threw rubber rats out to the audience during their set everyone immediately threw them back at the band.

The Dead show that followed was fairly mellow and spacey,as was often the case on hot, sun-baked afternoons.

jerryskid's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007
shrooms and rats

remember my friend muddy,who has sinced passed away gave me a big bag of caps at this show... ended up throwing my only pair of shoes at the good rats..walked around blind and barefoot for the next couple days,,,,,,,,
""" nothing left to do but,SMILE

Joined: Apr 14 2009
My first show. 15 yrs old.

My first show. 15 yrs old. Amazing ! Many more to come.

Joined: Mar 24 2010
17 years old, first show....

Some things that stick out in my memory:
1) it was a brutally hot day.
2) the good rats were not good.
3) I was hoping to hear scarlet begonias; lucky me!
4) in general, it was a mellow scene. maybe it was the heat

ktronan's picture
Joined: Apr 27 2010
Met my future wife

Drove up in Dave's Van with killer sound. Met Tracey thru mutual friends, been married 29 years. Brutally hot show, tripping as usual. Dumping jugs of water over our heads to keep cool. Threw a rubber rat back at good rats. Really poor choice to open for the Dead. Once again Jerry saved my head. Camped in a field some where. Swam in a slate river bed on the way back. Excellent trip!

pomo1's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

I was at this show and I remember at the time thinking how disappointed I was in the boys, as the show was only OK and there was nothing outstanding.

Looking back, I would give my right arm to be there, hear them again, and experience the whole scene once more.

I understand this show is missing from the vault, but does anyone know if there is a decent aud in circulation?

"That path is for, your steps alone."

kuu's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
til the sun goes down...til it goes down

Before we arrived in Rochester we stopped at a diner outside of town. When we asked the waitress for directions to holleder she gasped and said "You're going to the rock concert?" We had the impression that we were somehow the enemy that was supposed to pillage their village. I think the unusual opening acts were to recognize artists with Rochester roots. Greg Kihn and the lead singer from the Good Rats were from Rochester. While the Good Rats enjoyed a good reputation as a fun bar band their antics didn't go over well with a crowd that was not totally in a drunken state. To make matters worse it was hot. If you start throwing things at hot, irritated heads nothing good could come out of it. At the time I enjoyed the show but expected to have a more challenging song selection. St of Circumstance was new after seeing Lost Sailor of few weeks earlier. Scarlet-->Fire was very enjoyable. The highlight though was Bertha. At the beginning of the song I remember thinking about the line "throw me in the jailhouse til the sun goes down" The sun was almost down. The sun was setting behind the crowd and into the bands face. As the boys get to that verse they need to jam a bit to let it set more. As the sun is about to set behind the tops of the stadium Jerry steps up to the mike. I turned around and as Jerry sings "the sun goes down" it disappears. Jerry then punctuates it with "til it goes down". It was one those Grateful Dead moments that makes ya feel like you shared that moment with them and the day turned out just fine. Years later I found the show on archive and fell in LOVE with the second set all over again.

Joined: Mar 22 2012
This was the beginning of my

This was the beginning of my long strange trip.I was 18.Left Long Island right after work on Friday for the Saturday show.Me,my brother,two other guys and a cooler in my 65 Dodge.We drove all night,dosed and drank beer all morning in that hot,dusty parking lot across the aisle from some guys from New Jersey.Had alot of fun.It bein summer,I took off my shirt,we were all covered in dusty dirt.Every time a car would drive by it would kick up a big dust cloud.It probably helped keep us from getting too sun burned being covered with dirt.Don't remember much from the show any more,nice to see it here in the archive.Would be cool to hear it again.


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Holleder Memorial Stadium - September 1, 1979