Grateful Dead

Holleder Memorial Stadium - September 1, 1979

Holleder Memorial Stadium

September 01, 1979

Rochester, NY US

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Greg Kihn, then Good Rats opened

Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Franklin's Tower
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Friend of the Devil
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin'

One More Saturday Night

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hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

The sun just about cooked us alive! Great show though and worth the 7 hour drive. The crazy thing was, for the week leading up to the show, the Rochester papers were warning the "general population" to lock theri doos becuase the Dead Heads were coming! During the show there were some sort of police types filming the show from a building behind the stage. At one point the band played facing them with thier backs to us! Too funny.

Shaky's picture
Joined: Jul 14 2007
What a great show......

It felt like us Dead Heads invaded the town. It was like we were on display for the town to view us. The town people were out on their porches just watching us walk from the stadium down main street were you could purchase beer and food, ect. We were about ten yards from the front of the stage. There was this big black wall were we all started to paint what we felt like on the wall. It was a blast. Before the show started Phill walked out to the front of the stage bent over a bit scaned the whole crowed bent over and then gave everyone the thumbs up and gave the thumbs up all the way until he stood up straight. I was snaping picturs of that like crazy.
What was cool there were beer trucks on the field with Taps coming out the side. The beer was flowing nice and cold and we needed it that hot day. The place was packed but it was very easy to walk around and go anywhere you wanted. After the show everyone past out garbage bags and all the dead heads cleaned up all the crap laying around the field. It was great to see everyone come togeteher and do that.

Not sure why some say it wasn't the best show. I thought it was fantastic. I remember the ticket stub read UPSTATE JAM. It didn't have any band names on the stub.

I took many pictures of this day in and outside the stadium. I can post them if anyone is interested. I'm pretty sure I can find the pictures easy.


Joined: Aug 2 2013

Helicoptors ,Bad Rats , good trip ,Very Grateful Dead show ! Woke up Sunday morn in my sleepingbag in a cow pasture . Made it back home that evening after throwing away my speeding ticket from New York state's finest . " If the thunder don't get ya then..... Oh well, u know the rest.

scram's picture
Joined: Jul 21 2017
I Need a Miracle Everyday! Threw water on hot people....

Sunny in the stadium. Went apeshit happy for I NEED A MIRACLE EVERYDAY booming around the stadium. I kept filling gallon jugs of water from a some hose outside and then dumping the full jug on willing water beggars so hot it was. Ran into another guy smiling doing exact same thing. Fun, fun in the GD sun...

scram's picture
Joined: Jul 21 2017
Shaky, let's get a look at those pix- I may be there

Shaky, let's get a look at those pix if you still have - I may be there. I mean I WAS there at the show and may be in your photos. Bests to you, scrammy

Joined: Sep 7 2008
(Yet Another) First Dead Show Tale From This Gig!

It was most certainly hot as blazes & a brilliant first show to see. I am the 16th comment here & the 4th naming this as their first Dead show.

Joined: Feb 11 2018
Saint of Circumstance lyrics??

Has anybody else listened to this Saint of Circumstance and how different the lyrics are? What's that all about? I need answers! Please


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Holleder Memorial Stadium - September 1, 1979