Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - September 11, 1988

The Spectrum

September 11, 1988

Philadelphia, PA US

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Mickey Hart's 45th birthday - Billy gives Mickey a pie in the face at end of "Drumz"

Set List:

Iko Iko
Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Little Red Rooster
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Tennessee Jed
Promised Land

Foolish Heart
Victim or the Crime
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
The Wheel
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Baby Blue

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asperling's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
Alan P Sperling I am a very

Alan P Sperling
I am a very thick dead head and if they come to Arizona I have some room for touring heads. just email me.

oldacemindshiva's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009
first one

First show.

Okay, I was watching the musicians during the first song when the acid started to manifest.

I watched the lead guitarist play, and as he played, a condensation of notes had formed from the area around his fingers up into a wildly active paisley cloud right above him.

Shortly thereafter this cloud of lightning/energy slowly floated out above the crowd and right over my head where it burst and rained those musical notes all over me.

That's when the trip began.

I shuffled out into hallway, but the hallway was the bathing ghats on the river Ganges.

Then I circumnavigated the arena all night with the other hallway people. And you know who you are!

Many interesting features that night as you can imagine.

pennsylvaniapete's picture
Joined: Jan 12 2009
Football VS Deadheans

Showed up a little late and had a hell of a time finding parking as a Eagles/Redskins game (the Eagles loss) was just letting out.

Joined: Apr 13 2009

I started seeing shows in 1983 and this was my first Scarlet->Fire (although I saw both numerous times before, never in the classic combo). A very fun show - the Aiko, Stranger->Franklin's opening was also mighty fine.

Joined: May 9 2010
My first show too. I can't

My first show too. I can't believe I remember it as well as I do.

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
Taping on the Spectrum floor = you don't see the band

The parking lots and side streets were filled-up early because of an Eagles game at the Vet that afternoon. Since I had been over to the Pre-Shakedown lot scene for the Thursday and Friday shows I just wanted an easy Sunday afternoon and wild Sunday night.

The Spectrum would hold-off on opening some of the parking-lots adjacent to the sides of the venue until 6pm. I was able to slid over the Walt Whitman bridge in my new VW Golf and into the parking spot next to the trailer ramp /back stage access.

I met-up with my pals at the Rocky statue. I had our Sony D6 taping gear in a road case, and a heavy-duty light-pole for our new Nakamichi Shotgun microphones. Plus lots of gaffers tape to secure our mic-stand to the red metal folding chairs and be prepared to stand the whole show and never see the band once, unless I too stood on top of a red folding chair. But I know what they look like.

I went from going on-tour and spending entire shows in hallways and portals, rarely seeing the band at all to now getting right on the floor but I still have an obstructed view. DAT changed all of that for me. Once stealth tapers took over and all I had to was hook-up with them at the hotel for perfect copies of the master. I still have all the gear too.

From listening to tonight's playback of this show on GDRadio the Memphis Blues Tennessee Jed > Promised Land was thumpin' on-time!

I remember thinking glad I flipped my cassette after thePeggy-O.

Cheers from 2012,


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The Spectrum - September 11, 1988