Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - September 12, 1993

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The Spectrum

September 12, 1993

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Desolation Row
Cumberland Blues
Loose Lucy
Picasso Moon

Samson and Delilah
Lazy River Road
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Attendees of this show

scrawford,, JimmyStraw, HDDave, TheeAmazingAce333, crazyfingers72, deadbert, Rhoadsoda, CarrionCrow, IkoIko95, Truckerx, Lou C, rick bennett, Julie McCoy, bfowl420, brbadg, dedhed1963, v32, ai6pg, gdharlow, stealie74, Robospine09, hippiechick308, Ceriasly, terrapin geo, frunobulax, mbunn789, Ouish, busyb67, Mrcharly, quick68, intrepid, emjay360, tomcruz, mogulmike, skharvey, EdwardQ911, jpruitt53, WeLuvEachOther,, jamb band fan, oldtourrat, gmcmd, smarcus, dredileogirl, tedvanberg, Delaware Dead, dudeman76, bekkif, CaptTheo,, corrinaandmarin, Pandaman, delawaredan, joebroomhead, Eldehbran, Rolokid, Ossumpei, dolbeared, midiman007, Eyes over Toronto, photogeek423, toddlesh, stroukoa, foreverahead, lotdawgtodd, cinimod, blotterman, dalbert1969, Sillystunt, sugarmag68, btwind13, bluefairee, HlpSlpFrank, wonderbred, delylah24, gordondifalco, sommer breeze, ritekowst, JonnyStranger, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, jerseyjoe, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, jam e, Rukind52, Ramboorider, jaxxtraw, thomas513, nicklas59, John Galt, Deadercize 4 Life - formerly Bob Quinton, gratefulsunshine, kcjoneslirr, camrrt, frothy, mzackim, gshuff, jerryme, VikkiM, StellaBlue04011990, Bettinadragonfly,, kjk611, stemcap, pearldiver069, st stephen 11, 1gr8ful1, Byrd24, grateful in Philly, dedhed4ever, SCDeadhead, Savage, terrapin420, wharfrat1016, weav, Jakat, Mopsy, vlabutterfly, terrapinbill, jsomoza, doc.dead, deadheadfrom76,, UnbrokenShane, gr8fulcraig, sugarmagg64, Dragonflyxoxo, CJoseph, dylan from canada, jmn2jry, Beadwhisperer, ruk1nd, henma02, ellisdee420, kgrmtitus, chefdannnyc, fleetwing, sgf64, richdead, SwtMagnolia, snobtaper, voodoonola, NNJDEADHEAD68, Rusty88, cboogie, stumpkid, eurodave, teknosapien, the bone, hschwartz, GOONZQUAD, good.egg, miked, 73joey, jaykuhles, zion, zig zag man, DeadPhotog, zappy, oscarphree,, Superdave, coertje, killerpug, j_p_312, muffin, LittleTerry, Cosmic wolf, mountainlynx, flahead, jimi864, sunshinedaydream9, GratefulPANIC, GRonK, jimmanningjr, TJD, WMC Preacher-Rock, EasyJim, StaggerLee32, funkygoodpants, maass, ticket lee, Michael German, jpwadd, tidianne, Sprybert, AlanSheckter, Tenner, deadhead83, Nikolai, kbdeadhead, wheels69, Crazy Cat, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, tcc, gemini dreamer, 10sejed, paintedmandolin71, pyrorite, rastarick, Ellis_Dee, hopdawg04, tree-ap, headjam, jstange, MDKrack, cheesycheesygrilledcheese, paldss, gr8fuldrew, dmason, cosmicneil, speedlimit, DanielStar, gable311, Brownie, JkStrw, notfade, hugz420, JINGLE, AndieIsAlthea, Ted S, nevsev, Haybrown, GratefulGigi, notbetty, cmnaround, chiina_whiite, thundermike, miggon, Keynugs, jstraw72, Valerie Stevenson, ericneifert, Foreverdead, melissa, JP92, PAPPYPGH, justice, blkthroatedwind, malilum, mary-sunshine, wills, Uncle Jimmie, buz_73, Radbilly, dumbek, Stephen S Sharkey, gratefuljim, wolf,, brainman, gk, jackl921, smokin_dave, gregp123, bande143, LazyriverRider, Forever_Deadicated, Will, WUD-man, Chamber87, BobBombadil, JacktoldAlthea, slicae611, kindveggiebagel, sucajam, nathanleary, Tbear, RAUCHFEST, stock, Techgurl, legionmary, mgal73, shawndog, IkoIko65, sugrmag66, Jim Gore, Magic-Otis, bonz713, Finster, grateful_ed, Va head, skatemaniac, raven0618, Garcia1970, ScottL57, billm, truckinup2buffalo, jodoyle, dnsnfa, Raoul Duke, NYDEADHEAD, Lesh-Is-More, mcleary, gilco, TerrapinCheff, moxxie, Seanymac, jillstraw, MojoHand, oscar713, yomamasafro, philsurf, stephen in PA, KimmieinMD., PsillyJim, Lazy-Supp-Deal, lindas, Kenpb, DaffyDuff, GrandMasterG, joeybug69, J Alfred Prufrock, Polarbearwv, Thom, crazyfingers, deadsoxfan, zappafreak, stu, tbsjr65, bradleyg, Duanebase, mindbender, Randi, Charlie Miller, trm15, aud


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Joined: Jan 23 2009
First show in about five years

Nothing remarkable about this show. I'd recently moved back east and a bunch of guys I worked with were Deadheads, so I got back on the bus when someone offered me a ticket to this show. Jerry'd had another health scare the previous year and I remember thinking at this show that, as diminished as he is, he's a real national treasure and I should see as much of him as I can while he's still around. I went to a bunch of shows over the next couple of years, few of them memorable. Never saw another west coast show and there WAS a difference.


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The Spectrum - September 12, 1993