Grateful Dead

Olympiahalle - September 14, 1974


September 14, 1974

Muenchen, DE

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Set List:

Me and My Uncle
Jack Straw
Scarlet Begonias
Promised Land
El Paso
Row Jimmy
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let it Grow
Tennessee Jed
Around and Around

Big River
Mexicali Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
It Must Have Been the Roses
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
Eyes of the World
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
We were all Bozos on a stolen bus

I couldn't believe my good fortune to be asked to go to this show on the moring of. My comrades in arms from B battery of the 3 /71 Air Defense Artillary asked the comander if they could get the company bus to go to the show in Munich. Of course the answer was NO!!! so about a 1/2 hour after he went home for the weekend they stole it stopped by HQ in Kornwesthiem picked up my best freind and he invited me. Thanks Butch : ) we loaded up on Hash, cases of beer & wine and had a fantastic road trip. It was my first Dead show and one that no matter how blitzed I was will never forget. I went to boot camp in Missouri and bumped into one of my fellow platoon mates from there in Germany. I didn't even know he was in Germany. That was cool. The show was played in a bicycle racing arena, and I'll never forget all of the people who tied their mummy sleeping bages to the railings and hung down the steep sloped bike track like cacoons. The show was great and very long. Everyone got tripped out and I have no idea of how we made it home that night. It was the best!!!
I would like to thank the bus thieves who made it all possible.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
munich show 9-14-74

I too was in the army in germany at this time a "deadhead" for 7 yrs. at that point . I got some close buddys together for the trip, none of whom had seen the dead before! they loved the show! It was the first and last time I saw the band outside of the U.S. The part I recall the most was Phil doing his "Seastones" electronic music which I was really into at that time.
mike, former radar operator D Bttry. 3rd/71st. ADA 1973-74

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Now Playing

Again thank you mr Miller

Bob W

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Spanish Jam

Joined: Jan 14 2008
olympiahalle, m√ľnchen

past the train from hamburg to munich, so spend my last money to get a higher price-train but it was it worth!
the "wall of sound" was exciting - but the vocals was mostly lost. second set i walked around the hall to get a better sound and it works. without pigpen and with only one drummer the band was good but not exciting. today, i`m happy to be part this few shows with the "wall of sound"-
a great saturday in my life!!

Joined: Jan 13 2011
How to Attend a First Show

Well, there were 4 of us. We had a car, because we were the clerks and in charge of the Ration Cards, so we always knew how to turn $10 into 100 DM like that. None of us had been to a show and we were only turned on to American Beauty, Working Man's and Europe 72. So off we went for the weekend. We checked into a Gasthaus and took off for the O. Hall. We had been there for ELP, 10 Years After and a few other bands. This one we had the Purple Microdot adnd the Morphine Green hashish. We were in the lower area leaning up against the bike track and it began. Four sets of "what the *!@#". On the main floor you could walk right up to the front security rail and lay your elbow on it and be 5 feet from any band member. Jerry and those glasses looking back. I had never seen the dancers, even know of the Wall of Sound and Sea Stone - who knew!!! We all left stunned. We stayed until the end and saw some of the trashing going on (couldn't understand the violence), so we booked. To McDonalds for late night food. The place had been swamped and we were the last to show up, so they gave us the extras they had made in a shopping bag of burgers. Perfect, because we were on our way to the local brothel. We showed up tripping with Big Mac in hand - we were a hit! Partyed with the ladies for 2 hours. Made it back to the Gasthaus by 3:00am. What a Trip - what a first show. Still have the ticket stub. I have been to about 50 shows since then, including Further at UIC in Chicago in Nov 2010. I won't stop until they do . . .

Joined: Sep 14 2012
It was so coool

I was there attending the show with my girl friend. She wasn't that much in to the music, but learned from then. It was the great time when you could lay on the floor in the Olympiahalle-Arena. Really relaxing and cool. I've seen many many concerts - this remains special for me. I'm so proud to have seen the GREATFUL DEAD in those days. Awesome.


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Olympiahalle - September 14, 1974