Grateful Dead

Devore Field - September 15, 1985

Devore Field

September 15, 1985

Chula Vista, CA US

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"Twilight Zone Theme" tuning before "Scarlet"

Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
West L.A. Fadeaway
Mama Tried
Big River
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Smokestack Lightnin'

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Samson and Delilah
She Belongs to Me
Comes a Time
Around and Around
U.S. Blues
Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

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Joined: Oct 3 2010
chula vista

just wanted to chime in on this show (new to the forum)

I was at the show with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife of 23 years!) and a college professor who liked to party.

It WAS like a private lawn party (and yes US Blues was played ;-) )

The prof had just returned from Europe and we picked him up from LAX earlier in the day, drove down to Chula Vista and had a great time at the show. One of THE best shows I ever saw.

Afterwards, we went to Ensenada for the afterglow. Glorious times.



Joined: Jan 13 2010
I have had this on tape and CD for quite a while

I can see why people enjoyed being there so much, and list as an all-time favorite. They changed up the FORMAT.

Why couldn't they have done this more often? China Cat out of space perhaps, or Bertha into drums, or Brokedown in the first set?

It's all ancient history, but this show is great because of the uniqueness of the set list (and the playing, naturally.)

US Blues out of space....HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!

Joined: Aug 21 2011
Southwestern College, DeVore Stadium Chula Vista, CA

My first show...thanks, Todd. :) I remember the police cars from which music spewed. We had a spot on the field. The guy with his face and arms tattooed like a reptile's skin was next to us...kinda trippy. I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't into "hard rock" and so wanted no part of "The Dead." All I had to do was see the macabre artwork of their album covers and that was enough to turn me off...guess you can't judge music by its cover-art. Within a short while, I was a convert.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
After reading other comments

After reading other comments here it came back to me how we spent the day and night before on the beach somewhere close to the show.I do remember looking out seeing our finest Navy fleet out in the harbor when we woke.Then off to the show,after seeing the summer tours this was an early start 1 pm. Having always been to the Frost in Palo Alto was accustom to early starts.I loved the day time shows like this. "Fun in the sun."
Like everyone else I was thinking are they going into around and around now? Dam they are either tired or forgot where they were in the timing of the show I was thinking but no.They had something up there sleeve for us ,it's why we followed them everywhere for moments like this. Moments where they would kick our ass with something weird or out of the blue.1985 had a few of those kick our ass moments .Riverbend in Cincy ,Richmond On all Saints day,here and later at the kaiser on the 21st of Nov.Just a few off the top of my head as to why we did what we did. Also if you think about the way the ended this show and then they way they opened the show on the fall tour at the Sportatorium in Florida is like they continued with the weird stuff I mean ending this show drums space U S Blues Satisfaction..Brokedown. Six weeks later opening the show with the Deal an early Aiko Aiko and Morning Dew to open 2nd set. the boys had us going for sure in 85.Ending the fall east coast tour with a Half Step Rider wasn't the norm either.
They gave it there all this year only thing that was a semi dud was the Boreal Ridge show. but it was still fun.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Private Party

I like what Tomsull27 had to say about this day. It was like a private party on someones lawn. Along with the Jerry Garcia & John Kahn show in August at the Dunsmuir House and Gardens, Oakland, CA . 2 great days outside in California during a magical summer.

DeadBum's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2010
chula vista 9/15/85

Lots and Lots of Boobs. I bumped into Uncle Bobo. He didn't seem to pleased. Seeking photos. But not of Boobs. Thank You Ladies.

Joined: Apr 10 2017

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Devore Field - September 15, 1985