Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden - September 15, 1990

Madison Square Garden

September 15, 1990

New York, NY US

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Bruce Hornsby's first show - final "Gimme Some Lovin", only version performed without Brent

Set List:

Location: Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
Date: 9/15/90
Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
West L.A. Fadeaway
Bird Song
Box of Rain

The Weight
Playin' in the Band
Crazy Fingers
Uncle John's Band
Gimme Some Lovin'
All Along the Watchtower
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

One More Saturday Night

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Attendees of this show

Ed A from Linden NJ, dubai-escorts-bunnies, detroitligtn, Brad125, Singmeback-Home, kreutzbear, Frankie In atlanta, rockit, yardbirdvt, amysunshine22, brezit, phillyirish, rferinde, NB_Dude, curieye, deschamp52, amybaggott, slap22happy, pukegrub, RANGER15, mickey, Egg, scrawford, motes4289, jbm1969, jasalt, SPAC84, scottocs, Lou C, DUPES DIAMOND BLUES, kayman714, arsather, paulb, wallcrasher3, dedhed1963, M.Laurentus, 84-95, djgold14, v32,, Purple Haze, DanSeth, Harrington,, Tweety42, martinbrador, EugeneEvon, hitmeister, deadicatedBRONX, mmcnutt1970, halloweenkid, Zog, juddh1, amy_leader, mainerliser, uptownww, shrinkrap50, VTSugaree, chuckebbets, intrepid, jod9157, inanothertimes, eeephour, mvicere, Tung Enima, Tufnel, gmjbeachside, Geodye420, nico11377, windandraine, tashwolf, Nikon Harry, CarrionCrow, bigdaddyinc68, mxl1963,, friskie, Dolabella, bangadrum, golddustwoman12, whirldpeace, scarletmama32, farmer john, Sequitor, the_wet_one, Peisenberg, dredileogirl, pauln, Delaware Dead, atomheart, Leggs4, Fatfreddyscat, Ljouwert, saigonmarc, martiniolive, Steve-o Brooklyn, skeletronic, billj79, mikespanelbus,, darkstarcrashes, lazy, SugareeWest, Musicalbeds, bigjohn71, bunga032, SpentthenightinUtah, Iko37, mojoman, joebroomhead, sunfish62, Mud, Kblair, Rolokid, saintstephen19, midiman007, whiter, photogeek423, darylk, stroukoa, flip0512, GR8FUL TED, WharfRat1970, mikemet, foreverahead, billnj71, gratefulbadger, Morganic, madbonger618, blotterman, Mark Harvey, micah68, jlawless, zebadya, jjmack, cdog, ciejay, bml140, lilD, Bent My Ear, olin preston grant, zippy the pinhead, sludlow, jerseyjoe, Blysergic, nothing_comes_for_free, photoleon, gjs56, jhop321, nicklas59, Deadercize 4 Life - formerly Bob Quinton, Bess, Ebirkfeld, babatts27, Lost2AGirl, rrketchum, drjass57, ratterd, COBU, bernstk, VikkiM, Crystal Journey, Bettinadragonfly,, leddy, RDC, bmurf, grtfuld, Brunfus, freedom1, oldacemindshiva, goodlivin, 2 x 2, dedhed4ever, Hoboken Head, aap526, Savage, chooch1, MagicPEZ, dancingbear66, joni, lookyloo, terrapinbill, frizzhead, gravedigger7, jsomoza, dandrscll, deadheadii, It Keeps Growing, deadheadfrom76, budda-08, dylan from canada, saratogajude, crafty, uconnjhd, ch1narider, completebalance, richdead, BKB, Jelly, FreakDaddy, terrapinrichie, Lizardking, NNJDEADHEAD68, krzykat, eurodave, tenjed8, ejh495, teknosapien, jesusslack, thehagg01, brobb, adamr, dtg, aina mama, bobby, aikox2, bobbyb, DinoBam, GOONZQUAD, miked, jaykuhles, dugefresh, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, lamarred664, wink8, yuletime, A. 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Steiner, gr8fuldavemd, Miggs, skllbob, MrnDw, Randi, dzemma, 2pigpen, paul, kuu, Dr. Vitz, aud


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msgsec74's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Where's The Box Set ?

No More Needs To Be Said

shane420SF's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
last east coast show

spent all night tripping in times square w/ heads from california-haight-ashbury hardcore-they used the phrase"right on" which sounded so cool and natural, it made me want to move to california-which i soon did and have been ever since

Joined: Jun 22 2007
I was in college at this

I was in college at this time so catching shows was very difficult. I hitched a ride with a friend going to the show and sans ticket quickly became depressed with the scene. Manhattan was just too big for this Maine boy to acclimate to so I wondered around dazed.
I bought a sheet of purple micro dot took a decent sized bite of it....Soon someone told me that you can get in the show by handing the ticket takers a twenty and a old ticket stub. This new idea finally grounded me and with a purpose I entered the building a obeyed instructions and got in. I was so stoked that I bragged to the person next to me that I got in for a twenty...she looked at me and said she got in for a dollar. Haa..... Needless to say the place was unbearibly packed the first set Masterpiece featured the only time I ever heard Bobby sing the line "Sail around the world in a dirty gondola...ohhh to be the land of ...Coca...Cooollllaaaaaaaaaa. A beautiful Bird song really got to me. I felt that during the jam I could interpret Garcia's thoughts.. It was like he was describing this woman in glowing terms and talking about how she made him feel and then the conversation switched to him being frustrated with some part of the relationship and being at wits end. Amazing it was all there.
The weight was a cool way to open the second set with a nice NYC sing a long. During the Drumms>Space segment I had a unique experience no doubt induced by the microdot I ate combined with the music and that NYC energy. I remember sinking deep inside my self to the point where I was feeling my bones like I was inside the marrow looking out. I felt that I was time traveling back millions of years to dinosaur times and before. It felt like I had taped in to some genetic memory or something that linked the present with the past. I finnaly began to return during space and when I was coming back I felt completely renewed reborn to the point where I actually had the strongest desire to suck me thumb. Hows that for a born again experience. The post space Gimme some Lovin was a big downer for me since I was sorely missing Brent's organ. I guess the band agreed since they never played it again.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Ground shaking show!

I remember the ground shaking hard!

Joined: Nov 3 2008
The NYPD was on the prowl this show.

Don't you remember this show, the cops were not letting anyone sit down or rest outside the Garden? A few of my friends were pushed into the walls of buildings by cops on horses who said " Keep walking, there is no loitering !".
Does anyone else recall that? I was so tired, my friends and I went into the show an hour early to get out of the madness.
Bobby busted out the most ironic "Walking Blues" ever!

Joined: Jan 7 2009
freedom1 All Msg shows

All Msg shows seemed to come together into one long night. I have a hard time remembering one day from the next, but I do remember the mounties. CRAZY>>>>

PHINETUNE's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
went alone to the show , had

went alone to the show , had ticket. after the show i wanted to go to the much ballyhooed WETLANDS, i took a cab there and had my moms credit card which she only wanted to use in emergencies. i drank 50 dollars worth , (which was like a hundred today) and they never got me to sign the reciept by closing and told me 'on the house' , Wow. they had that VW bus right in the middle of the bar room floor! really, really electric shows.. some of the best i ever saw! Black Throated Wind was Other worldly.

Joined: Jul 28 2007

Oh, jeeze, where are the tastes of these new releases?

I've ordered several times just based on a taste!

Help us! Or am I missing something obvious?

Joined: Nov 13 2009

I remember our seats were up high somewhere and we were riding the escalator up (past the first level) when all of a sudden the screaming crowd came through the doorway and sucked some kid right past the guard. Well he goes chasing after him and just about EVERYONE on the escalator was sucked into this swirling, colorful, chaotic flight through the doorway scattering down the hall onto the first level just in time to hear the first notes of Touch of Grey. WOW! what a way to start the show. I remember seeing a dog walking by my legs at one point. This show blew my mind. I have to get a copy of it. I found all the other ones of the run except the one I was at. Clean acid definately helped with the group mind experience that night but there really is nothing else like a Dead show and they hit some kind of peak that night. I loved watching Brent more than anyone but these guys were tight. The Weight was an awesome second set starter and the jam in Uncle Johns Band, WOW! I remember it got real weird and for a moment everything vanished and I was teleported to another dimension or something. Much like an intense DMT trip (something I didnt try until 10 years later) triggered by a type of resonant sync up with everything. I have to hear it again. Then the white lights came on and they welcomed me "So glad you made it" back to this reality. What a great experience all around.


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Madison Square Garden - September 15, 1990