Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden - September 17, 1991

Madison Square Garden

September 17, 1991

New York, NY US

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Set List:

Iko Iko
Greatest Story Ever Told
Little Red Rooster
Baby Blue
Brown Eyed Women
Picasso Moon

Box of Rain
Cold Rain and Snow
Samson and Delilah
Eyes of the World
This Could Be the Last Time
Black Peter
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

dougbr1ne, Brad125, Frankie In atlanta, rockit, yardbirdvt, laprofe63, brezit, Qnape, Soleil, curieye, slap22happy, RANGER15, John Bonham, Egg, pkslipknot, Hippiechick3868,, Veghead, Mayor of Bay Terrace, ringbearer25, arsather, dedhed1963, popeye the squirm,, Purple Haze, gdharlow, Pard, gratefulgregv, SugareeSteve,, deadicatedBRONX, augwest386, forestarbor, amy_leader, uptownww, VTSugaree, intrepid, john manicke, gmjbeachside, radiator9987, Geodye420, mogulmike, CarrionCrow,, Sumrskyjam, chris p, friskie, fritz1620, whirldpeace, oldtourrat, smarcus, dredileogirl, ckayaker, pauln, CaptTheo, martiniolive, Steve-o Brooklyn, billj79, mikespanelbus, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, lazy, jussieyes, bigjohn71, bunga032, Vree7, Iko37, Rolokid, photogeek423, toddlesh, stroukoa, GR8FUL TED, gratefulbadger, Gr8ful Dean, Shadowboxxx, suzy7677, blotterman, micah68, jlawless, zebadya, cdog, sugarmag68, chicagomarc, btwind13, lilD, jerseyjoe, Blysergic, jam e, photoleon, hjleddy, gjs56, jhop321, jawaln, nicklas59, Deadercize 4 Life - formerly Bob Quinton, kobejuan, mzackim, carolyndeitsch, Beamers, pennsylvaniapete, COBU, retiredwingnut, Crystal Journey, powderjunky, Bettinadragonfly, sunshinedaydream43, kenrock, grtfuld, Brunfus, hobiecat37, toni rachelle, Hoboken Head, Savage, MagicPEZ, terrapin420, dancingbear66, Mr.SanJose, lookyloo, JohnnyRock41, jsomoza, beachbum, deadheadii, deadheadfrom76, dylan from canada, ruk1nd, completebalance, richdead, FreakDaddy, terrapinrichie, NNJDEADHEAD68, cboogie, sitirose, teknosapien, pyy, jesusslack, bobby, aikox2, bobbyb, GOONZQUAD, miked, wink8, A. Friend, sgrmag2564, Amitayus, zappy, nickelless, TaofSteve, muffin, Kordo, jimi864, GratefulPANIC, ERYK74, Upstate NY, BlackBongThePirate, Shov39, TJD, funkygoodpants, TekeHead, AlanSheckter, Tenner, captrips, I.MGr8ful, Sleepy Monkey, Lazy Lightnin, Mr.Skjellyfetti, blackandwhitepeter, gr8tfulandy, bubbadub, paintedmandolin71, john05hd, macdoogle, dedhedesq, MDKrack, LeftHandMonkeyWrench, Pha_Q, stevetabb, DanielStar, gr8fuldaddy1, paddy25, hugz420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, lost_sailor77, SocietysPliers, walkindadog, Ted S, spacekat, Doughboy, mrkaos63, tambourine man, jjjbaggins, KingLono, ericb, runonguinness, blondon1, tommygutt, DFBWM, CynnamoonGirl, Keynugs, Valerie Stevenson, mcthwait, andrewmyers, mstaggerlee, Josef, mary-sunshine, JJammm, buz_73, mardieta, catchmohl, mwnyc, tonyrabbit, Jack_Straw22, david515,, JBT420247, lizard, johnh, smokin_dave, gregp123, purplesunflower11, ez2lovu, Forever_Deadicated, robsegall1956, Josh, JacktoldAlthea, Gr8fulDon, slicae611, crippledbutfree, Joshadelic, AikoBearzly, nathanleary, D-MAN, jeffy8, hoptrip, stonyweirdo, ripple7, Symmetry, terrapin jed, dead4days, bonz713, Les Gibson, captnbadass, skatemaniac, Cookbitch, Bookah, Offbeat-Andy, mmolman, batcavejoe, TracyS, midgeid, bribenk, kiote, jemusser, chrish, darrrkstarrr-billy, Gr8ful dad, Rutgers51581, OXFALLDOWN, NYDEADHEAD, ramble_on_schroedes, judyc7, Lesh-Is-More, gilco, walstib3, mrngdo, jillstraw, The Whale, Papa-bear, direwolf23, Sinc6, peter, PsillyJim, vernnlou, Lazy-Supp-Deal, 333mike, Maliz, blackelk, slapshotsam, Kenpb, DaffyDuff, TERRIPIN, kjh13, dannyclark1966, OnTheRoadAgain, Billy Delion, Jack_Straw, dabeard1, boxorain62, sixstringsmoreorLesh, Post N. Steiner, Ptchfork, Randi, Dr. Vitz, pauli


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Joined: Jun 3 2007
Set list mistake - between

Set list mistake - between Loser & Brown Eyed in 1st set, they played "It's All Over Now"

Joined: Jun 27 2007
GD 1991

This was my only MSG Dead show.

I remember being in the upper bowl of MSG (Sober)
Although the set looks great, this show was very low energy, but still a better than most concerts I have seen over the last 20 years.

Mike Ardieta
Rochester, NY

Joined: Jan 10 2009
Jolly Rancher Rush

I made this entire run at MSG. 9/10 with Marsalis will always hold a special place for me, but this show I'll always remember for a ridiculous reason. I was working throughout the run, changing out of a suit in my car, and trying to pick up food on the fly. No time this night, just straight into the city from NJ and right into MSG to hook up with friends in the press box area on the side - no good seats this night. My friends fed me Jolly ranchers on an empty stomach, and I found myself nearly passing out from a sugar rush! Folks asked if I was OK, people asked - "what'd he take?" The answer, "jolly Ranchers", and the looks that got, ensured I was ribbed for years afterwards.


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Madison Square Garden - September 17, 1991