Grateful Dead

Giants Stadium - September 2, 1978

Giants Stadium

September 02, 1978

East Rutherford, NJ US

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Also: New Riders of the Purple Sage; Willie Nelson.

Set List:

Jack Straw
Friend of the Devil
New Minglewood Blues
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
Stagger Lee
I Need a Miracle
Lazy Lightnin'

Good Lovin'
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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imabmf, L.Rosley, nnewlin, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Shithead61, davwal, gwalter, rzaiss, dedhed1959, s8taxatty, Tampamal,, jerryg3675, Roger Chatot, kevinhardy, obadiah, palouis, KaneKoMia, henn, subdog, Mgross1356, JHPthatsme, Gr8ful Dead, tomymarlin, WharfParrot, Colgate80, chefano007, Paul 11, gem3north, gogoroth, Frankie In atlanta, Automaticslim, sfsueny, mooch8, mamajo422, cwaite55, hawk62, wojomojo, hollywood74, pawolf, Jerzey JD, zobofb, ljkljk, the dude 58, cheifbroom, toots8, Burl Brother Skip, cneiss, joetroy, detroitligtn, philmaywalt, brezit, buddy ny, JSGoldberger, KKWDeadHead,, jwcat13, petemx5, andychatfield, loveumore, DaveStrang, munclemex, ChicoNH, hitmeister, Debdeadhead, Mind Bender, mofish, Larchmont, StefanieJay, iNoURdr, Tee it high and let it fly, trailbird, sabram, WilliamBorne, Bob068230, chrisb113, martm1, jbloomskullandrosen, mickeytheonion, tashwolf, tfabrizio13, BIGBOSSGUS, friskie, ggdead, stevenmorley, Sequitor, ktronan, jimserchak, jackjjstraw, slicerboy, rocknreel, jackstraw700, napadeadhead, Dancin Dave, RichardC89, drc456, HenryCline, billj79, Cozmic Eddie, namaste-lady, corrinaandmarin, rockfan_az, swiecima, juliuswong, louatchick, DeepSpace, Mr.Natural, Mud, swa, poorPeter, AlaskaDeadHead1, davefisahn, stroukoa, Flickster, Nannerpuss, madbonger618, travelformusic1, Mark Harvey, bml140, CosmicChrispy, tommcgee1, Ihopedonnajeanshowsup, Guardian, Danc1n, picasso_moon420, gcubed1156, Lionsghost, ppkgmsy, moondance104, digitunes, zombie_wolf, Sir Smile, dardeedar, lstapes, mercurygd, hashburysp, StrangeShadows, the cooker, drjass57, cocktailman, bernstk, jackstraw27, kbad59, Root, BongoCruiser, deadshow, grtfuld, RightwingDeadhead, woodymoose, Byrd24, Barbikat60, flach77, coldrain_snow, Monad, matki822, JohnnyThunder, SCDeadhead, Sway714, J Mully, JohnnyRock41, jsomoza, DireWolfStudios, TxMc2004, KeithP, Always August, sodecent, Basilicone, gratefulbehr, ruk1nd, st.steven, jim d, billytell, FreakDaddy, Grat3fulDad, too electric, drewbaby, Alzado, bobby, aikox2, DinoBam, pdeady, markovitch, DeadPhotog, Rupert Pumpkin, burntbabyboomer, ohio4peace, vootie, aliceDmillionair, billdrumz, Gonzo in TN, turnpro, Dead Head 202, Dan_and_Laurie, buffalo81, theQsterdeadhead, mobay2001, festival0122, jdubbs, Wharfrat1963, Beautyanddabeast, kwoody77, ChicoNYC, BEGGERSPAY, ticket lee, Biciracer, jgminerals, sweetwilliamOB, mganter, CassidyNY59, Cosmic.Wimpout, emoto, melonhead, AlanSheckter, merle211, JOHN VEA, captrips, Nikolai, stealyourboognish, laser, Guts or Dieseltrain, skskck911, bronx b.d., Jack O-Roses, markuswass, Gary Goodman, Joseph Kolb, pieface, 2much2fast, avalondeadman, Jos.Bigalke, dedhedesq, pchasmar, wharftrat, cosmicdave, conway, ejjd, rebo05, shell, rgreene, Rossboy777, GR8FLPT, Brownie, Aklaq23, grapefuldave, Dice, Ted S, dsb824, rmarsmedic, shorelineed, JMRDead, So-Dead, kdbeck, klaussmith, eddpao, Zbear, Mayor of Bay Terrace, midair999, HowardH, windsor, heliotroupe, KingLono, jitsky, Jimmy Wit, ericb, jackson_straw, George C. Hartman, Galvineyesed, keswah, messy13, BlondeJim, aligator, was i there, ironsideny, mstaggerlee, JurassicBlueberries, bigdancingbear, deadguest, JReve, Mikey, Uncle Jimmie, seaweed94, mwnyc, Mr.Nervo, hbob1995, jack-a-roe, PattiF, toolfan, hartwerger, fishnow, uncle john deadhead, jackl921, poconochuck, henry, PaulF13, jblotter, boffo the chimp, deadhead11, slpatgun,, Bssgrl, gregp123, Jet, NY_Rick, johntyler, Terry Tolkin, robsegall1956, jerryskid, softmonkey, EnglishtowneAndy, Fatman, edeadhead, hedarobi5, Bob Minkin, Dr.Woody, philbombs, Steven1789, Homer J. Simpson, johnallegretti, 1DEDHED, micgram1999, Margs, jrazz, gratefuldan, WackaloonQ, paparooster, stonyweirdo, deadglo, HDDave, apctrucker, liamrutan, gratefuldoc, Des, ecmitch, Dark Starr, gig1029, Cosmic Chas, raven0618, fotd313, Bookah, ScottL57, gleng1, Gr8fulMark, kdole45, bribenk, hot2na, djgold14, Jackie, Raoul Duke, DeadHdMike, Queer Deadhead, Hawilo, jbloomrosen, The Whale, richiebagadonuts, blackpeteresq, dalton, chemist04, paisley, cryptical1, mr b, dgoldstein2, Kenman, speedymjb, ikofun, EDupree, jdwilgus, odaat, vinp1954, starjfa, MacGeek, RZ12-4-71, Kenpb, NYLifer, frigdead, dadoknuuts, rastomas, Bill, SatNightDead, bolzee, UncleWaldo, MikeT, TERRIPIN, Marshun, mcumm1165, JohnnyD, BlackandWhite.Peter, kennyony, radar, kgbdeadhead, pomo1, JerseySchwartz, stu, Vince325, Johnnycable, Post N. Steiner, markh, MAXROD, PG, dreamtime, enlightend rogue, skllbob, gratefuldad1960, sbd61, dzemma, almanac, rprisco, javerv, kuu, Jack Straw,, Sueshi, aud


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Me and Willy

Had my picture in Time magizine from that show ,Was an article about Willie still going after all those years.How about an update 29 years later. Shah of Iran was on the cover .In the picture I'm the one with tye dye and visor.....LOL I still have it and look at it sometimes.Fond memories of the first of many to come Giants stadium shows.

Kenman's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
A long strange night followed by a great day

We hung outside the gate to Giant Stadium the night before. I don't remember anybody sleeping. It was like a marathon party... til the sun came up. We all move inside, parked and fell out for a little while.

I got tired of the crazy all night gate people, and wandered the lot and stadium looking for some friends from home, who I knew would be there.

I waded out onto the floor and stumbled across friends from home just as the band was introduced. "we are all exactly where we want to be"... weired and perfect.

This was my second show. I was ready to stow away in an equipment trunk when the Bobby announced that the next stop was going to be Egypt!

Joined: Jun 11 2007
It was a hot wonderful day.

It was a hot wonderful day. Kieth and Donna came out and played with Willie. Jerry seemed ramped, or maybe it was me. At the end of the show, the large scoreboard was lit up inviting everyone to go to Egypt. None of knew if this was real or a prank.

pomo1's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Good Not Great

It was my second show also. I drove to Jersey from college in Cleveland. Sorry to say that I was a little dissapointed with the boys. Seemed they were thinking about Egypt and not at their best. Given the venue and the other acts, I was expecting spectacular, but instead I got a solid, pretty good show.
Still, I had a great time and still have wonderful memories of the event.

Gr8fulMark's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Time Magazine

my picture was in that magazine also
do you know if there is a copy of that picture online
or if you have one can you scan it and send me a copy of it
thanks in advance


Joined: Jun 13 2007
Summer of 78

Went with my friend Alyce, John E & Will (where ever you are?) in John's blue van. Traffic was stopped; we slept (well sort of) in the van at the toll booth. We could see Giant stadium where we were.

I remember during Dire Wolf being in the ladies room talking to this 'person' through a reflection. Never did turn to see if she was ever there at this day I still wonder.

Will bought me a mirror which I still have.

Scoreboard flashed "Summer of '78 is DEAD" which was more than fitting for me since it was the summer after I graduated high school and that was the end of being a child as I knew it then.... Ciao

Joined: Jun 13 2007
"Took my $15 bill and vanished in the air

A nice day and a truly dreadful show.

On the way in the stadium staff lost control of the parking situation, leading to everyone trying to drive both directions down every aisle in the parking lot -- nice chaos.

This was among the first of the huge halls After another year of small venues, incredible shows, and beautiful outdoor spaces, we were suddenly in this cold concrete behemoth. Sound system was weak -- poor Willie Nelson was almost unhearable.

Tickets were $15 -- an insanely high price at the time. (Other shows on the same tour were $7.50.) During Friend of the Devil Jerry sang, "Went down to the levy and the devil met me there/took my $15 BILL and vanished in the air."

At the end of the show they flashed the news about Egypt on the scoreboard and it all made sense -- 50,000 - 80,000 people all paying $15 each -- we had just paid for the Dead's trip to Egypt. Ugh.

Highlight of the show for me was my friend Paul having some classic dosed moments. He was sitting one row behind us (for reasons I can't remember...) when we heard him say, "Um... help?" (When your pal is dosed, does that mean "help" or "HELP!")

He then became totally engaged in the worst type of gazing: "Look -- there's a guy all the way across the stadium who is getting thrown out of his seat by the ushers! We should do something!"

Whee! Ugh!


Joined: Jul 2 2007

wow, after being completely disoriented and having life changing experiences

just as the cops were going to pick up me and my two other LOST SAILOR buddies a van pulled up said hop in

sure we know the diner you parked in have a beer and relax

first show eh, hehehehe

anyone remember picking up three guys and driving them to the diner on route 17 that seemed like the great place to park with the mayhem,

in the earlymorning hours we could see the diner from the stadium
16 hours later im not sure i could pronounce the word DINER heheh but man THE HEADS int he van the budweiser and the whole day


also have met so many east coast heads taht it was there first show also

Joined: Jun 23 2007
this was my first dead show

this was my first dead show although I saw Jerry at CW Post early and late show. After that I was hooked....I was supposed to go to englishtown in 77, but my ride left without me.

rockaway larry

Joined: Jun 21 2007
1st show also

yes i tuned in ,turned on, and dropped for this........"nothing left to do but---> smile...."


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Giants Stadium - September 2, 1978