Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - September 23, 1987

The Spectrum

September 23, 1987

Philadelphia, PA US

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final "La Bamba" - final "Tons Of Steel"

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
Friend of the Devil
Tons of Steel
Desolation Row
Big Railroad Blues
Music Never Stopped

Cumberland Blues
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
I Need a Miracle
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Around and Around
Good Lovin'
La Bamba
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies,, Brad125, Amy from New York, That Morrisville Jawn, Frankie In atlanta, GeoffHarrison, obadiah, UncleJoe, CaptJ8k, Mgross1356, phillyirish, notime2hate, tat2inmd, pukegrub, RANGER15, gogoroth, Hoopsie, anewbold, dewahba, IkoIko95, BillyBlastoff, Lou C, jbass77bc, chaseutley, hockey_john, v32, ptown phool, gdharlow, Eastcoast65, munclemex, salart, WNCmtnman, Debdeadhead, GinoP, mmcnutt1970, Phinnegan, TrippyPete, amy_leader, gloucestercitydeadhead, Pynzo, intrepid, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, teddyblackout, matt stein, seltz, yodel9, mogulmike, deadheaddad44, Jaypro, 123IBT, smarcus, chyams, lotsofgreensmiles, rainman67ko, Dr Dimento, hippierob, lazarus11, Gr8fulGlenn, Row Jimmy Tisdall, spacewalker, BIODTR58, tpenn, corrinaandmarin, Vree7, Pandaman, pitzdidg, rodiebluez1, Mr.Natural, johnnytreeman, Mud, swa, Rolokid, AlaskaDeadHead1, stroukoa, flip0512, jsginbull, foreverahead, cinimod, Cerberus, micah68, ahpook23, jlawless, zebadya, Rickyspill, misterAYed, Tweety42, sugarmag68, HlpSlpFrank, alovours13, wonderbred, chefdarkstar, junglejim, RaymondMBrown, edge 2009, Disco Stu, ellis d, saltdogx88, cassidy11, Mister_Charlie, Rukind52, photoleon, jaxxtraw, nicklas59, John Galt, DPY, rjus, gatzapaul, Bettinadragonfly, kjk611, gallabill, stemcap, CarlaDCArea, bmurf, terrapin1959, flach77, BurntDawg, aap526, The Woodcutters Daughter, MagicPEZ, wharfrat1016, WALLMEISTER, grooveon, terrapinbill, jsomoza, chinacatman, hippie-hugs, deadheadii, deadheadfrom76, gr8fulcraig, jerseyjed369, caroroses, Beadwhisperer, ruk1nd, henma02, tomsned66, richdead, voodoonola, TommyHolland, redeft, mps6102, thehagg01, hschwartz, MissReddin, Saisabok, The_Music_Danced_Me, aikox2, bobbyb, MICKE527, Grateful Kim, zig zag man, byrdgirl_01, free2liv64, Amitayus, tattoohippy, lazy_lightnin38, rami, beandog22, In_A_Silent_Way, hank3rebel24, nickelless, cub, mmmm_beer, aliceDmillionair, LittleTerry, jimi864, don of the dead, localseed, WaywardBill, Upstate NY, HaraldPlays, skullfu, JimmyRow22, WMC Preacher-Rock, EcoBen, sakparadise, Bettylou, funkygoodpants, ticket lee, Sprybert, AlanSheckter, Nikolai, 143or245, TomFoolery, wheels69, Mr.Skjellyfetti, ginsu710, ladyfinger, 10sejed, bigbob, Duude, kentpeace, still-dead, rastarick, romp711, hopdawg04, giotti, WHARFRAT917, koopman, Greatful Greg 61, AoxoA, gr8fuldrew, rgreene, picnic, gr8fuldaddy1, wolfman719, Bill Stratton, ramblonrose, AndieIsAlthea, SocietysPliers, Ted S, Gr8fulglow, jennyg219, mrkaos63, Haybrown, GratefulGigi, eclipse, lisainpotown, Space69, caffmcjimmrey, The Ostrich, Majuroguy, blondon1, garydobson, MoonshineCito, George C. Hartman, DFBWM, Longnook, DedHedMom, Valerie Stevenson, GaryHartman, BlondeJim, jpjp, mcthwait, shnaholic, andrewmyers, Mr.Wooz, Shimanto, JurassicBlueberries, Josef, warphrat, Uncle Jimmie, catchmohl, wubai65, Stephen S Sharkey, wolf,, carmotor, brainman, jackl921, sugarmag122, brweldon81, jackstraw_35, gregp123, therobthompson, bande143, Forever_Deadicated, PA_Greg, Big Bad Bill, wharfrat8199, crippledbutfree, AikoBearzly, taz buddddy, dharmagum, RAUCHFEST, Brandon, lappdog1, physsijim, legionmary, nalex, MovinGroovin, IkoIko65, shugamag, sugrmag66, deadluddite, Terrapin_Tommy, claw, Cosmiccharlie, bonz713, Finster, WWTyson, raven0618, ScottL57, Darxtar, shasty, TracyS, dmfresco, njwreckdiver, saint, jodoyle, chrish, DeadHdMike, darrrkstarrr-billy, ramble_on_schroedes, OneGratefulDad, judyc7, SkookS, Lesh-Is-More, mcleary, walstib3, c1042, austindead, jillstraw, stickyfingers, Sunray Don, direwolf23, toshchance, fenario420, cyberdelica_space, EDupree, hbgbill, jdwilgus, Penn Dead, Lazy-Supp-Deal, lindas, blackelk, RZ12-4-71, Kenpb, mightzwell, GrandMasterG, mcumm1165, pzz, Dedhedchef, Thom, deadsoxfan, Duggles, nughuffer, boxorain62, ratskrad, REK, Spender, sbd61, javerv


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Joined: Jun 15 2007
Big Railway Blues

That was sweet

Joined: Sep 16 2007
awesome show

I loved this show. I was a senior in college and bummed a ride from someone I didn't even know that is still a good friend of mine. He had a Ford bronco full of beautiful women and I had a great time with one of them that worked her way to the front of the stage with me.
Look at the song selection....It was one of my favorite shows and my favorite Spectrum show.
Great memories!!

Joined: Apr 8 2008
Closest I've been to the stage

I had a ticket for a floor seat that didn't exist because of where the sound & light boards were placed. They upgraded me to 3rd row between Jerry & Brent.

chrish's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Technical difficulties were forgivable that night, as everybody was on. Your basic Spectrum Dead show- the boys tight and psyched to be there before a rowdy crowd.
I saw a bunch of shows on this fall tour. This and the Monday Garden (The Dew) show are stand outs. On tape and MP3 this has always sounded amazing, especially set 2- real swiss watch like Dead!

Joined: Nov 3 2011
Cheese ?

Hearing the Dead were doing La bamba during the la bamba craze,I thought was cheese but during this show after the second set bertha-cumberland-playin-ujb-playin,the good lovin-la bamba-good lovin was really fun,especially hearing Jerry sing in spanish.More cheese please!


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The Spectrum - September 23, 1987