Grateful Dead

Pasadena Civic Auditorium - September 25, 1970

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

September 25, 1970

Pasadena, CA US

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list incomplete - also: NRPS

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
does a recording exist ???

this one opened with a fresh sounding "casey jones" (unlike the weary sound of later years) with a rolling steam locomotive rhythm and also had a really hot "easy wind" as i recall.

nrps still had jerry sitting in on pedal steel and also sounded great with marmaduke doing a decent mick jagger impression on "honky tonk women".

i have never been able to find a recording of this one even though the fillmore shows seem to be well-documented in trader circles.

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
This was my first show and I

This was my first show and I haven't been the same since.

I remember there was no smoking in the auditorium and there ws a mad crush of people in the restrooms smoking during intermission.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
my first show

I remember Weir at the mike before the show talking gibberish. . . wonderful weirdness. We were sitting on the left side - 10 (??)rows back. Folks kept throwing joints from the balconey down to us. I would love to find a recording also.

Joined: Jun 24 2007
My First Show Also

Wish I could see a set list. All I can recall is that it was a great show. I seem to remember comments about the house lights going on and off.

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
My First Show, Too!

This was my first show, too! I sat in the balcony, must have been the first or second row. When my dad picked me up after the show (I was 15 years old), he commented, not disapprovingly, that he had seen topless hippie girls outside, while he was waiting for me. So he wasn't bored.

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Joined: Sep 21 2008
Also my first

I think my mother made a mistake letting me go , I was only 16, Lucky Me!!

Quality is not expensive, the lack of it often is.

Joined: Jan 3 2009
Got a stage pass to get in

This was my first show and actually got a stage pass to get in. My friend and i were standing near the backstage door trying to sneak in. We heard some voices and guitar playing and looked through a window and the Dead were practicing! A stagehand or someone connected with the band saw us and said if we got them some coffee, he would give us a pass. We got the coffee and he gave us a pass. We knocked on the backstage door and showed the pass and got in. My friend and i were back stage for the entire concert. We tried to sneak out after the gig with the pass but were stopped a the door and had to give it back. That was my most memorable concert. Anyway, i was a pretty happy 18 year old to have seen the Dead backstage.

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Joined: Dec 13 2008
My second show

When the house lights came on during the first set just about everybody booed because we wanted to smoke our dope - there were uniformed Pasadena's finest in the house and who knows what other kind of heat. Jerry stepped up to the mic and said "No no no you don't understand. We want to see you too!". However a little later on they dimmed the lights.
Great set by The New Riders. Garcia sounded might fine on pedal steel. The Dead were cooking, finished with Love Light and they shot off their famous cannon at the end. No encore in those days.
There was a hot Santa Ana wind blowin' that night. One of the best nights of my life.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
A setlist for Pasadena 9/25/70

Grateful Dead Guide has a (partial) setlist for this show though no actual recording exists. I wonder where they got this information.

Here's the list:

[ Set I: Casey Jones, Me And My Uncle, I'm A King Bee, Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment, High Time; Set II: Dark Star, Cosmic Charlie, Alligator>Drums>Turn On Your Lovelight, Morning Dew; We Bid You Goodnight ]

Here's the link:

Joined: Mar 29 2011
totally wired

The music was superlative. Garcia's steel playing was piercing.

I just remember that I was tripping so hard during this show that I became of every nerve in my sphincter. It'd never happened before, and it's never happened since, but it was peculiar to say the least.

I had just turned 16 a couple of weeks before. Wasted youth...


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Pasadena Civic Auditorium - September 25, 1970