Grateful Dead

Capital Centre - September 27, 1981

Capital Centre

September 27, 1981

Landover`, MD US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
Little Red Rooster
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
He's Gone
Spanish Jam
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin'

Baby Blue

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Attendees of this show

bdangelo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, brotherwind, phlinky, cph, GeoffHarrison, iwuzthere, gbenn52, Bill388, Stealurface-bertbert, BonAirLightnin, John the Obscure, Jerry Gillespie, davidc, payingdues, MikeOMikeO, ljn66va, brbadg, Terrapin Dave, jojomosgo, ChicoNH, PA Quinn The Eskimo, davidscotland, djcscotland, laurence, ice cream sue, CherylB, Dancin Dave, ndhart, drc456, BIODTR58, bill.mayer, Cozmic Eddie, corrinaandmarin, swiecima, downtownbear, sunfish62, dectra, foreverahead, madbonger618, deadredhead, DeadHeadDaveMo, jimmyjack smith, ppkgmsy, landman53, Boulderhippy, misterglen, nicklas59, pat L, sandwich girl, lonesomejohnnie, docjbf, woodymoose, JohnRinVA, flach77, BurntDawg, SCDeadhead, Fulcanelli, kat64, billytell, bobdogkid, elgrande, jasia52, aikox2, Raeb Gnicnad, ohio4peace, snowindian, erickat, sfox53, jimi864, rowroy, ChicoNYC, jgminerals, Cosmic.Wimpout, Sprybert, AlanSheckter, 143or245, twilaq1, laser, BigDog, 10sejed, bigbob, gr8fulme, rastarick, Felix, Red Square, theleven, cosmicdave, birdiewasthere, picnic, klaussmith, eclipse, HowardH, carlroeser, UncleDuke77, Rum Jungle, croc, FlyAwayTooNight, DedHedMom, old but not dead, tenecjedhead, phoenixburke, bigdancingbear, ramblin rose, jackerowe, bird-song, hartwerger, raven, brainman, jackl921, jerryskid3691, EnglishtowneAndy, wharfrat8199, joey-nj, johnieappel, TheDireWolf, Bob Minkin, Tbear, rlrs, dharmagum, taperdave, legionmary, lucia dillon, liamrutan, Jim Gore, budculbertson, Cryptic_Envelopment, bshawlang, scullroses, terrapin58, Live Life in Real Time, Cloud37, Rutgers51581, mcleary, B.A., Bobby33914, monkeymind, mr b, cumberlandcase, gd4me, Kenpb, tcrawford, wharfratpete, ricflower, mitchell, marlo, BlackandWhite.Peter, Golden Road, Thom, pomo1, Duggles, sshindell, jergirl61, markh, jcmpbl, Spender, Alsflorida, kuu, aud, izzie


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Joined: May 16 2011
anyone remember?

That 'Spanish Jam??' This was my 3rd show and I'd never heard a jam with such *urgency*!! For a 16-year old with a head full of fungus it was too good.

taperdave's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2007
Good show

Was a good show 5th row seats. My friends were a bit too high but hey what can ya say.


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Capital Centre - September 27, 1981