Grateful Dead

Lindley Meadows - September 28, 1975

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Lindley Meadows

September 28, 1975

San Francisco, CA US

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last "The Eleven Jam": 01-16-70 [424] - also: Jefferson Starship

Set List:

Help on the Way>
Music Never Stopped*
They Love Each Other
Beat it on Down the Line
Franklin's Tower
Big River
It Must Have Been the Roses
The Eleven>
Stronger Than Dirt>
Not Fade Away>
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad>
One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Third time is a charm...

After missing out on the Kezar show in 73 and my first attempt at a Winterland show in Oct. 74, I eventually finally made it. Twenty feet from the stage when we walked up for the Starship and in a huge sea of humanity for the Dead. Heard about a birth, saw a Hell's Angel stab someone, and had my mind blown. Nothing like a day in Golden Gate Park...

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Joined: Oct 25 2008

hitched from sunnyvale for this show with pa alvarado,,,had a great time,,,,

Joined: Sep 22 2009
Was at this show!

hitchhiked home after concert lived in Santa Clara.

Joined: Dec 8 2013
First show

This was my very first concert. I was living in SF on Portrero Hill. I was 6 years old and riding on the shoulders of my brother and sisters father! The first time I'd been in a large crowd. It was magical! The energy was palpable and the vibe was fantastic. Who knew that 10 years later I would be collecting tapes and going to every Midwestern show I could.

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Wonderful Dead Day in Golden Gate Park

Memories are so fleeting. I think I heard from a friend that there was a radio announcement about a free show in the park and the Dead were going to play. We hitailed it up from south bay to be sure to be there.

Is this the show where a radio station got a permit for the Starship to play, and the Dead piggybacked stealthly on the permit?

A wonderful day in the park, a treat to hear and see the Dead when they were so rare during their hiatus. It was full of people very crowded.

Too bad by then they had dropped Blues for Allah.

Joined: Nov 15 2014
My First Show!

Gary Reeves was teaching a class at Jonhston College, Redlands Ca in the Fall of 1975. The class was called Dialectic of the Dead. He later became a CNN anchorperson. He had 2 footlockers full of Dead Reel-to-reels. We studied Harrison's The Book of the Dead, among others. We spent full moons mushrooming out in Joshua Tree. We also studied Little Feat and Zappa, and dug on Peter Frampton... I was into musique concret...

Anywho I was a South-side Chicago kid who ended up at The U. of C. Laboratory H.S. in 1970 cause my parents didn't want me to go to public H.S. cause of gangs. My first true white folks/hippy experiences in Hyde Park... The co-op dude recommended I but Santana Abraxas as a transition to R&R album, followed by Led Zeppelin II. The stage was set. Despite that I grew up on the streets with Jeff Fort's Black P. Stone Nation, The Disciples, and the Trey gangs (based on x3rd street - 43rd, 53rd, 63rd etc.) I hung with the Main 21 ( the execution squad ) at the Museum of Science and Industry in 7th & 8th grade. They would hang out at the Wurlitzer Organ booths and I would play the soul/r&b tunes while they jammed and mac'd on the girls. The dead eventually spoke to me singing I had such dark eyes...

But this show (Lindley Meadows) was a Johnston School outing! We got the school van and the school gas card and headed up to frisco, stopping along the way at haughts where class members knew (very groovy) people. I was taking a most auspicious amount and mix of substances that by the time the Airplane started kicking out the jams (@10am) in the fog I was in heaven.

Then the psychedelic juggling acts started the retreat of the fog... I sat down in a sea of blue jeans contemplating what a long strange trip it had become and how far away from home I was...

And then the dead played me with the opening tune, like a slow motion fast forward to now, and I rose in time lapse like a psilocibin shroom sprouting into the midday sun... and we have Contact!!!!!!

From then on: Don't ease me in!!!!

All the Chicago Deadhead Johnstonian went back to Chicago in 1976 and the Dead followed us there... and I foresaw that after the Midwest camp blew it's seams at Alpine Valley that Soldiers Field would be the only place left to "do that rag"

What a great start in Blues For Allah. When I arrived at Johnston College, David Jacobs and I bought copies of BFA, took cid and spent a whole day playing - stopping - writing down after debating - the lyrics - only to find out the next day we had missed the extra page in the album with the lyrics spelled out...

Nothing left to do but smile Smile SMILE!!!!!

Cheers y'all!

Joined: May 9 2014
First Show

This was my first rock concert, let alone my first Dead show! I was six years old living on Vermont Street on Potrero Hill and my mom and dad brought me down to the park. My first show, the first large gathering I ever experienced.


Joined: Jul 27 2014
Monkeys Reunion

KSAN announced the show as a Monkeys reunion. The Hells Angels knew better, they showed up in full force and partied hard.


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Lindley Meadows - September 28, 1975