Grateful Dead

Starlight Theatre - September 3, 1985

Starlight Theatre

September 03, 1985

Kansas City, MO US

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final "Cryptical" - final/last "Nobody's Fault": 05-04-81 [295]

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
They Love Each Other
Little Red Rooster
Dire Wolf
Big Railroad Blues
Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Eyes of the World
Don't Need Love
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Smokestack Lightnin'
Comes a Time
Turn on Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, susadave, Brad125, Amy from New York, Jaybird Song, jayclark, zoyd1962, ascialabba, UncleJohnH, Jules N Binokulas, dhaivyd, fcbrew, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, scarletttouchfire, Paul Dirks, ouroboros007, MNGLWD, Phinnegan, Andy D in KC, minutemouse, blacksharpie, intrepid, ChinaRider77, KitSue, Dolabella, mmtapeop, Ken1024, hippierob, greeksam78, dpw1982, lynch, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, tpenn, McGr8ful, scotts, terragin, AlaskaDeadHead1, illicoug, texas dead, August_r, Gratefulbead, duppree, jstrawks, alovours13, Pedro2009, pat L, CW_Traub, Cassidys Dad, BornInADesert, LuigiDied, rednfillmore, cool colo. rain, MagicPEZ, Phaldo, ladnarc, paulsig, chicobonzai, Cassidy18, Clairebear, wharfratdude, milldew, The_Music_Danced_Me, fishbach, bobbyb, L8dywithafan, JAXTRAWICHITA, rami, cepx, kcdannisoo, D from KS, don of the dead, WaywardBill, gnoodle, cosmicloyed, forcestream, scrltbg, Sterling CC, another jerry, kind01, Bluebird3434, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, ginsu710, Ungnome, mp51, novakm1, 1965, Elston64, kctomato, Chief Book Dog, 9785, pearlybakerbest, Rossboy777, philphreek, dhmikeo, Rum Jungle, Majuroguy, MoonshineCito, logstirl, Gr8fulTed, deadheaddave1982, terrapin85, BlondeJim, slidebrain, jackerowe, bilee, mrcharlie57, bobinkc, PearlyB, AikoBearzly, dharmagum, texasdragonfly, johnoreno, gratefuldoc, Emerald4689, Fillmore Midwest, mushroomike, Augwest, duboman, Bone, other.1, mapfreak, Bobby33914, ray, Sinc6, dazebtween, hiker, sgolston, Far-L, ronbow, JackStraw_1969, Teedawg, bradleyg, augustwest


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
A special full Other one

A special full Other one here, was proceeded by a real hot first set Was just a great show, with alot of special old songs in it.

Joined: Jun 11 2007
Nobody's Fault

The drums started after Eyes, but Brent launched into Don't Need Love. Jerry left the stage for the entire song. Nobody's Fault was his least that was our perception. Starlight, such a beautiful place.

johnoreno's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007

Zig Zag
One of the best Shows for me.

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Best KC show

I'm finally starting to warm-up to Brent: he was really good, and openning the 2nd set with Cryptical....what a great setlist!

Rossboy777's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2007
Great Times

I loved this show....great seats...on the way from the East to attend the shows at Red Rocks......Crytical was off the hook.......Rossboy777

Joined: Sep 8 2007
First Show

I'd been listening to thier albums for about a year but this was my first show. Bought some white blotter about 5 minutes after parking before i had even left the car. I remember sitting on the hill watching people go into the theatre and it was a nice sunny day and just enjoying the trip/scene so much.

After the show i bought a few t's one a great tye dye with althea and a dancing woman on the front. The scene was considerably smaller then than what it would be 2 years later.

Very good time kinda makes me wish they had not gotten as popular as they did.


shack's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
i paid homage to ...

... the venue, but did not go to this morsel of a show. while attending sandstones in '90 and '91, we went the the infamous swope park and saw the weeds adorning those bleacher seats. just a buncha sticky gd energy left there; like so may venues. hello kansas city! love ya except in afc time. deer creek - indpls. peace, shack

Joined: Jan 17 2008

This was not the final "Nobody's Fault" , they did it in Boston on 9/22/91 for sure and that might not have been the final one either that I know of. Not that it really matters but just for the record.

this starlight show stands the test of time though without a doubt. just look at that second set. tapes of this show are great.

PearlyB's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007
Kristin372 I will never


I will never forget this show. Weasled my way up to the front row to find a friend and they opened the 2nd set with Cryptical envelopment!!!!! Was going to Mizzou at the time.

dharmagum's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
smoking crater

was just minding my own business--in the pit with a head full o' that purple gel--when the other one just floored me. cryptical was a bit croaky but lesh just flew out of the gate. stunning. what a venue. wavy gravy was right.


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Starlight Theatre - September 3, 1985