Grateful Dead

Providence Civic Center - September 9, 1987

Providence Civic Center

September 09, 1987

Providence, RI US

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first "Hey Pocky Way" - first "Blue Dress" - first "Good Golly"

Set List:

Hey Pocky Way
Jack Straw
West L.A. Fadeaway
Friend of the Devil
Greatest Story Ever Told
Devil With a Blue Dress
Good Golly Miss Molly
Devil With a Blue Dress

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
China Doll
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away
Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

Adamwildwood, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Phurstno2, Bill H, Brad125, Amy from New York, johnzias, Laughing Water, rllwolf, DogStar, kbw66, brezit, Kayak Guy, jingbee1967, SueSue67, pukegrub, Bdapanic, Patrick L, surfdude67, Capt Chowdah, flipahead, direwolf02, detroitligtn, eeegs, hockey_john, ai6pg, kfltad, hitmeister, TheTieDyeDude, Debdeadhead, OBIEtree, seennuff2know, Phinnegan, uptownww, nedchomer, Maggiemae569, djgratefullydeadicated, hsbeachwalker, JC101, pointlessforest, turtlepace72, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, mountainjack, CJ1961, cube1061, jpreece83, Nikon Harry, ArtVandalay, morgancreaney, moogirl, Uncle Jonny, Dpwilljr, 123IBT, broken_angel, rainman67ko, MAConway, kjmcdonagh, Leggs4, Fatfreddyscat, niptotheair, BlackMuddyHiker, carolsnyder68, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, AmazonTracy, Neal, corrinaandmarin, morning_drew, mojoman, rodiebluez1, joebroomhead, Mr.Natural, johnnytreeman, slowmo1968, PHILSTARDRACUT, stroukoa, aikoaiko66, dpito, Superman, Gr8ful Dean, palmsunday, mugwa, deadredhead, micah68, jlawless, misterAYed, Dan the Dog, sugarmag68, alovours13, chefdarkstar, Marshmallow Warrior, gcubed1156, Disco Stu, sludlow, Cosmic_Harley, Mister_Charlie, kevdaddy, NUGGY66, CosmicJohnny, Old School Chuck, photoleon, berger0621, emama, rrketchum, Iggy, Beamers, Jamesgangx, powderjunky, m23, kenrock, flach77, BurntDawg, meeaj, vanmanmove, Savage, chooch1, Phaldo, serenegreen, jsomoza, diamond-eyed jack, deadheadfrom76, TERRAPINEYES, budda-08, saratogajude, Lynnzie, hafjell, NNJDEADHEAD68, TommyHolland, sitirose, Thepman, Saisabok, The_Music_Danced_Me, aikox2, Forensicdoceleven, skunjelefeti, lamarred664, Kennyt, rami, beandog22, In_A_Silent_Way, DeadheadDave8153, nickelless, aliceDmillionair, Good ol GD, don of the dead, WaywardBill, BoSoxMatt, ausbro1994, Mighty Quinn, Shov39, darkstar stu, Bettylou, tidianne, extraspace, Ma Bell, wheels69, BertRei, Mr.Skjellyfetti, ginsu710, bigbob, jgaito, Duude,, romp711, HONDO, gratefuldad1, AoxoA, pearlybakerbest, daytripper420, tpiader, paddy25, MIKIO_56, BULLHEADEDDOGS, AndieIsAlthea, walkindadog, sebastian, Ted S, umadeadfan, JMRDead, lisainpotown, UncleBruce1971, jozeppy, croc, tourdog12, MoonshineCito, jeffreygoodman, logstirl, Dan Hagan, Longnook, nickster, BlondeJim, andrewmyers, Josef, powdrhnd, mary-sunshine, jzias, catchmohl, EightyEights, watersong, REWHBLCAIN, AnnieRoses, Big Boss Man, therobthompson, crushedbyadwarf, Forever_Deadicated, aquanee, gr8flsquid, PearlyB, moosilauke, slicae611, AikoBearzly, taz buddddy, Eli Polonsky, JackStraw51ri, chewiemoose, EstellaBlue, chopperbob, Symmetry, mikestar, riggertoo, Cosmiccharlie, Tabie, captnbadass, Cosmic Chas, jburde, tgakidis, nipper, ken_in_ma, levitonjl, chrish, walstib3, FootBear, Clint, jillstraw, philfan13, Raff, Columbia, risingtide, johnlo, jaycap, Lazy-Supp-Deal, Maliz, WalpoleChinaCat, rainbow_trout, ratdog58, serafin, taperchef, tse, skioa, crazyfingers, jedsgirl, Levon Lovelight, Duggles, avarose325, boxorain62, augustwest, johnnyg, Miggs, ratskrad, pantagruel, MrnDw, stillgrateful


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Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
What a show!

This was the only show I attended where the crowd was heading banging. To a man. During the Devil/Good Golly. Truly amazing.


Joined: Oct 29 2007
my birth

so i was born on this fateful day, september the 9th, 1987, at 11:59pm. can anyone tell me what time the dead started playing? or, better yet, were they playing while i was fighting my way out of my mom? would loooove feedback


Joined: Jan 3 2009

saw that show on my 17th b-day brent rocked detroit medley. I still remember that show vividly. does anybody know where I can get a recording of that show. see u in worcester. B

Joined: Jan 27 2009
from start to finish

The Pockey Way was smokin' right outta the gate. The Jack Straw lifted the whole building up. It was the 1st set that I thought would never end. Just when I thought it was over Brent pulled the rug right out from under our feet with Good Golly Miss Molly-->Devil in the Blue Dress. I can still hear his glorious voice and see him rockin' in that bench.
If that wasn't enough the China-->Rider to start the second was one of the best I have ever heard. Playin in the Band!!! The jam was insane.
The Civic Center was a great fucking venue, right up there with Hampton.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Pocky Way???

Anyone know what exactly "Pocky Way" means??? It it a name of a street? Or maybe it doesn't mean anything... just a title that sounds nice. You know those Cajun song titles!!

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Additup222 great to have a

Additup222 great to have a birthday show. Seems like you were born almost on 9/10 a minute before midnite. Most likely the show was over but the people were still partying in Providence!!! :o)

Joined: Apr 13 2009
Crazy dance party

this show was just an all-out dance party, highlighted by the best Brent performance I ever saw (especially the Blue Dress/Good Golly/Blue Dress in the 1st set). Incredibly fun and energetic, with a really good vibe in the hall, boosted by all the new stuff in the 1st set. Besides that, not such a standout setlist, but such a well-played and energetic show, it ranks in my top 5 of shows I've attended.

Joined: Jun 21 2007

This Jack Straw was a monster.

Good ol GD's picture
Joined: Feb 19 2008
gotta love it

just returned from west coast tour, back to the east, lived 20 minutes away, grate shows, was alot of FUN, touch ground back home, all smiles, till i went into a bar to get change for smokes, dudes were threatening me with a haircut, and a double reversed circumsision, (spelling haha) stood my ground, got my change after some real ball busting. and danced the night away. Yea got the smokes too. and hair and well yea. think it was Hartford after that. fukin trukin

Joined: Mar 6 2011
Second time around was the best!

This was my second Dead show in 2 months time, and it was also way better than the 7/4 show at Sullivan's Stadium. The sets were tight, the guys were jamming away, and everyone was dancing and undulating in hot, rhythmic passion to the music. I did have this show burned for me, but now I am not able to find it. Bummer!


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Providence Civic Center - September 9, 1987