Grateful Dead


Lyrics By: Robert Hunter
Music By: Phil Lesh

Chopped olive sandwiches, roses and wine
Cold ripe persimmons, my sweet Clementine

There's a chill in the meadow, of bottomless time
I go on, I go on, I cannot fill my cup
There's a hole in the bottom, the spring has dried up

I run through the forests of linear time
Chop through the branches and cut through the vines

I'll be back in a moment, though it may take me years
In the lava rock canyons corroded with fears
Of corruptible bodies and grief beyond tears

I'll go on till I hear the sweet voices behind
That I've left for the comfort of cold Clementine

Played a few times by the Dead in 1968--and not to be confused with the traditional "Oh My Darling Clementine". The lyric is not in Robert Hunter's book "Box Of Rain", but he has confirmed he wrote it.

The only versions by the Grateful Dead that circulate are 20 Jan, 23 Jan and 2 Feb 1968 (on "So Many Roads") and 26 Jan 1969. Thanks to Brad Dilli, Melanie Ryan, Jeff Lester, Andrew Sonnabend and Ihor Slabicky for help with the lyrics.