Grateful Dead

Lucifer's Eyes

Lyrics By: Joan Baez
Music By: Joan Baez

You are fair-haired, oh, your lips are red
You like [softball], oh, and the Grateful Dead
Why am I attracted to
The body and the [mind/soul] of you?

You mean trouble, oh, with your Lucifer's eyes
And make me daydream, oh, and fantasize
Running through a field of flames
Playing our forbidden game

Camouflaging all, you pass me in the hall
Leaving me standing naked with my feelings
Did you see me here, swallowing my tears?
Everything that was [solid] now is reeling

Ah, but I know you, oh, and you know me, too
You know the closet, oh, that I share with you
There are places we could go
No one would ever, ever know

Let's try real time, oh, come sit on my bed
We'll share our lifetimes, oh, and the Grateful Dead

This was sung by Joan Baez with the Dead on 12 and 31 December 1981. It was written by Joan but never released on an album of hers. The lyrics below are a combination of what she seems to have sung with the Dead and the "official" version.

Lucifer's Eyes