Grateful Dead

Mister Charlie

Lyrics By: Robert Hunter
Music By: Ron McKernan

I take a little powder
I take a little salt
I put it in my shotgun
And I go walking out

Chooba chooba (chooba chooba)
Wooly Bully (wooly bully) (note 1)
Looking high (looking high)
Looking low (looking low)
Gonna scare you up and shoot ya
'Cause Mister Charlie told me so

I won't even take your life
Won't even take a limb
Just unload my shotgun (note 2)
And take a little skin

Well you take a silver dollar
Take a silver dime
Mix it up together (note 3)
In some alligator wine

I can hear the drums
Voodoo all night long
Mister Charlie telling me
I can't do nothing wrong

Mister Charlie told me (note 4)
Thought you'd like to know
Give you a little warning
Before I let you go

Gonna scare you up and shoot you
Mister Charlie told me, Mister Charlie told me so

(1) Hunter spells this "Wooley-booley" in his book "Box Of Rain"

(2) in solo performances, Robert Hunter sings "Just unpack my switchblade"

(3) Hunter sang "Put them both together" in his studio demo

(4) in his 1970 studio demo, Hunter sang a different final verse (thanks to Michael Goetz for sending me the tape):

You collect your dollar
You collect your dime
You pack yourself a suitcase
And head on down the line

Mister Charlie