Grateful Dead

Old, Old House

There's an old house that was once a mansion
On a hill overlooking the town
And time has left her wreckage where once there was beauty
And soon the old house will tumble down

But when the leaves start to fall in autumn
And the rain starts to drip through the trees
There's an old, old man who walks through the garden
And his head is bowed in memories

They say he built the house because of a woman
They planned to be married in the fall
But her love withered with the last leaves of the summer
And the house was left empty after all

And his head is bowed in memories

This is only known to have been played a very few times by the Dead. It was played once on 31 January 1970, and also on 21 June 1969 (late show). It is often given the (wrong) title in setlists - "Bowed In Memories" or "Bound In Memories"

Old, Old House