Grateful Dead

Terrapin Station

Lyrics By: Robert Hunter
Music By: Jerry Garcia

Inspiration, move me brightly
Light the song with sense of colour
Hold away despair
More than this I will not ask
Faced with mysteries dark and vast
Statements just seem vain at last
Some rise, some fall, some climb (note 1)
To get to Terrapin

Counting stars by candlelight
Some are dim but one is bright
The spiral light on Venus
Rising first and shining best
Oh, from the north-west corner
Of a brand new crescent moon
Where crickets and cicadas sing
A rare and different tune
Terrapin Station
In the shadow of the moon
Terrapin Station
And I know we'll be there soon

I can't figure out
If it's the end or beginning (note 2)
But the train's put it brakes on
And the whistle is screaming

The Dead only ever played Part 1 of the suite. In songlists, "Lady With A Fan" is often lumped together with "Terrapin Station" rather than shown separately.

(1) in his 1980 recording, Hunter sang "Some rise, some climb, some crawl" and then (in the repeat) "Some rise, some climb, some fall"

(2) this is what Garcia sings. But the published lyrics are "if it's an end or the beginning." And Hunter sang "is this an end or a beginning."

Terrapin Station