Grateful Dead

Wo Wow Hey Hey

Lyrics By: Bo Diddley
Music By: Bo Diddley

Wo, oh oh oh oh
Wo-oh, hey hey
Why, why, oh-oh
Wo-oh, hey hey hey

Wo-oh, hey-eh-hey
Oh ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Hey hey hey
Wo, hey hey hey
Wo-oh, hey hey hey, hey

This was played when the Dead backed Bo Diddley on 25 March 1972. It is essentially an instrumental, with Bo Diddley improvising to the tune. The title is an invention commonly used on tapes and setlists - the song has not yet been identified from Bo Diddley's recorded work (one suggested possibility is "Here 'Tis" but this has not been confirmed).

Wo Wow Hey Hey