Grateful Dead

The Birth of The Dead (1965-1966)

2-CD Musical artifact packed with ultra-rare pre-Warner tracks from 1965-66. Includes 15 previously unreleased live performances. Mastered in HDCD.


Disc 1

01 Early Morning Rain
02 I Know You Rider
03 Mindbender
04 The Only Time Is Now
05 Caution Don't Stop On The Tracks
06 Can't Come Down
07 Stealin'
08 Stealin'
09 Don't Ease Me In
10 Don't Ease Me In
11 You Don't Have To Ask
12 Tastebud
13 Tastebud
14 I Know You Rider
15 Cold Rain And Snow
16 Cold Rain And Snow
17 Fire In The City

Disc 2

01 Viola Lee Blues
02 Don't Ease Me In
03 Pain In My Heart
04 Sitting On Top Of The World
05 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
06 I'm A King Bee
07 Big Boss Man
08 Standing On The Corner
09 In The Pines
10 Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Next Time You See Me
12 One Kind Favor
14 Keep Rolling By

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