Grateful Dead

Fillmore West 1969

Well, we can't all be lugging around 10-CD sets.

In an effort to provide the very best of the already-legendary Fillmore West 1969 Box Set in a convenient form (and with all the fine pictures and notes of the big box), Rhino and Grateful Dead Productions are proud to introduce this 3-CD "best-of" selection.

The package will not generally include the material that was later selected for Live/Dead since that's already available. Instead, the triple CD package will give you the hits: a 55 minute "Alligator > Caution" jam that is simply cosmic, the complete "We Bid You Goodnight" (the one on Live/Dead was cut!), and the deservedly famous Friday night "Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Death Don't Have No Mercy" that could easily have been the album. What a weekend!


Disc 1

1 Morning Dew [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]
2 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]
3 Doin' That Rag [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]
4 I'm A King Bee [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]
5 Cosmic Charlie [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]
6 Turn On Your Lovelight [Live @ Fillmore West 2-28-69]

Disc 2

1 Dupree's Diamond Blues
2 Mountains Of The Moon
3 Dark Star
4 St. Stephen
5 The Eleven
6 Death Don't Have No Mercy

Disc 3

1 That's It For The Other One: Cryptical Envelopment/The Other One/Cryptical Envelopment
2 Alligator
3 Drums
4 Jam
5 Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
6 Feedback
7 We Bid You Goodnight

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