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Dave's Picks Volume 14: Academy Of Music, New York, NY (3/26/72) - SOLD OUT

The cold rain and snow have started to fade away and with it, we're dusting off a super hot one from a soaring seven nights at New York's old Academy of Music. On the brink of their revelatory Europe '72 tour, the Grateful Dead brought their sevenfold merriment to winter-worn Manhattan and boy, did they warm things up! Particularly on March 26 when the dual piano/Hammond combo of Godchaux and McKernan was in full effect and Alabama singer Donna Jean Godchaux began to find her vocal footing in the band's rich harmonies. Pigpen enthusiasts will surely rejoice when digging in to the early live versions of his originals - the limber “Chinatown Shuffle,” the bouncy “Mr. Charlie,” and the extremely tender “The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion),” not to mention a 21-minute classic cover of "Good Lovin'" deemed "the penultimate New York rave-up, a wild and perfect and funky showcase for a Lord Buckley-loving, Beat-reading member of the Grateful Dead, now and forever."

Limited to 16,500 individually numbered copies, Dave's Picks Volume 14 has been mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman and features liner notes by Jesse Jarnow and illustrations by Micah Nelson.

Due to ship May 1st, you'll want to grab a copy before this one is long gone!

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 16,500 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: May 1, 2015

Listening Party

Enjoy "Playing In the Band" and "The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)"

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On Dave's Picks Volume 14


Academy Of Music, New York City (3/26/72)

Disc 1
1. Greatest Story Ever Told [5:51]
2. Cold Rain and Snow [6:27]
3. Chinatown Shuffle [3:19]
4. Black-Throated Wind [6:24]
5. You Win Again [4:50]
6. Mr. Charlie [4:12]
7. Jack Straw [4:57]
8. Loser [6:54]
9. Looks Like Rain [7:58]
10. Big Railroad Blues [4:36]
11. Big Boss Man [5:10]
12. Playing in the Band [12:16]
13. El Paso [4:19]

Disc 2
1. Good Lovin' [17:15]
2. Truckin'> [18:19]
3. Drums> [3:49]
4. The Other One> [23:35]
5. Me And My Uncle> [3:12]
6. The Other One> [5:29]

Disc 3
1. Wharf Rat [11:08]
2. Sugar Magnolia [7:40]
3. The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) [8:23]
4. Not Fade Away [5:31]
5. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad> [8:00]
6. Not Fade Away [2:52]

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Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008
And it's gone ..

It's gone ... (He's Gone)

Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008

In 2015, I didn't order the Dave's Picks Subscription, but went ala-carte only ordering DaP 14. I knew I wasn't going to get the bonus disc with it, so what. On the 1st day of ordering April 17, 2015, I placed an order.
It didn't arrive in (my) allowed time frame of 3 weeks. I used the tracking number and Mail Innovations couldn't find it, lost parcel. I called customer service and eventually got a refund.
I eventually found a DaP 14 w/ bonus disc on ebay for a good price.

On August 3, 2016, a day after Dave's 19 arrived, Dave's 14 (12758) arrived.
I have bought many items on ebay but never sold anything there, yet.

PM me, if you or someone would want a still sealed Dave's Pick 14

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014


.5 mi from tucson's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2012
JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Dosed Beverage

It wasn't me.. I think it was HF!

Off topic (not that lunch delivery and dosed cokes aren't) but I just scored two decent tickets to see David Gilmour at the garden.

Another birthday show. The last birthday show I saw was at the Hampster in '83.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Thanks JimInMD, Dosed beverage !?!

where can I put my name to make that happen !?! In the past that was always a blast. A few times I was tricked with the "hey I just opened my sprite,, do you want some?"

Somehow i think that idea would have been a Hit at Soldier Field Concessions.. but they were already way over there head just selling the regular consumables

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014
Cornell is not in the Vault

That's why it hasn't been released. The story goes something like, Betty Cantor had it and a bunch of other shows in a storage facility and couldn't pay the bill, so it went up for auction. The Grateful Dead no longer owns it. Dave Lemiuex says they're not going to pay to get their own tape back, and so it remains in the shadows...

Joined: May 16 2013

I wish they would issue Cornell 5/77 on a CD. I was hoping it would be DaP 15. But I don’t care if it is a Dave’s Picks or a regular old buy-it-in-the-store CD.

I know it’s available on archive. I never go there. (I know! “What’s wrong with you?”) – I am lazy, that’s what! Also, I like to own the physical product, a CD and a booklet, hopefully, that I can hold in my hands while listening.

I have to admit I am somewhat baffled about why it hasn’t been released commercially. It is one of the few concerts that “normal” people (non-hardcore Deadheads) know about – the mythical best – and would stoke a lot of interest for general rock fans.

Look at Veneta. It was a general release, lots of typical (non-Deadhead) rock fans had heard of it, and guess what, first Dead release to hit the Top Twenty! Why not Cornell?

It’s probably been over-hyped. I could deal with that. But how many of it wouldn’t buy a shiny, spiffed-up “high fidelity” Cornell! (You know you would!)

Joined: Sep 15 2009
The Golden Age Of Grateful Dead Concert Releases

I started collecting live Dead on vinyl bootlegs that came on colored vinyl with inferior sound in plain white liners 20 minutes a side. Then there were homemade cassettes with crappy audio but whole shows. Now were getting whole shows with superior sound in classy packaging delivered to our doors at reasonable costs. High fives slap slap fireworks! Hell yeah.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
15 Thread


There are some good points and some whining and complaining. There has been a good bit of Brent released lately, but in box sets. Good box sets though. DaP 14 and 15 are both fine choices. Glad I have them both.

mbarilla, I have your Wendy's burger, catsup w/ the fries? HF might have dosed your coke, be careful.

Joined: Sep 15 2009
15 Thread

Is going through the inevitable "I never get what I want" phase.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
DaP 15 IS UP!

4/22/78 Nashville. Heading over there now for the seaside chat

Rock on

Joined: Jun 17 2008
Ladies in retirement................

Next DP:

March 1971???

OR Providence 4/27/84............?

Choose yer poison..............

Rock on and off to the morgue!!!


JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Calm before the storm

I'm looking for subtle changes in the website.. webmasters making space for Dave's next offering.

'68 sure would be fun.

.5 mi from tucson's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2012
jim's vid of dave at sea...

finally explains the dap 15 delay.
a speedy recovery...

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Dbase 50 = $90+ tax, shipping

Stu Nixon responded to my question on pricing. Order through Amazon...

I think a Monday, July 20, announcement still adheres to the pattern for DaP 15.

Wild guess -- March 71 MG stash show -- courtesy of Dr. '71...

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011

We were supposed to get the seaside chat today, but there were wind, weather and sea creature delays.

They did try to film this, but less than a minute in, technical difficulties ensued. Dave also tried his hand at delivering the message while sea kayaking, probably not a good idea in hindsight.

I am posting the link of the first minute, but you really can't make out much.. does not look to be 7/13/84.. but I can't be sure.

Come on, Dave, windscreen man.. and watch out for the sea creatures. Haven't you learned your lesson.

Better luck tomorrow.

Joined: Jan 10 2008
DaP 15

I still get cranky on days when I think I will see an announcement. Once more, bitterly disappointed that (Christmas) did not arrive today.

Joined: Nov 1 2012

Great story of Joan wondering into town!

.5 mi from tucson's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2012
the greek bailout...

might'uv been wrong about 7/13/84 being released on 7/13/15.
how could a wildly random guess have not paid off?
must reconsult the magic 8 ball...

Joined: Aug 9 2008

According to the Facebook page, no preorder.

The page does say, "send an email to and you will be notified personally."

Ridin that Train's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2015
Joan Osborne is Awesome!

Her vocals on Morning Dew with Phil and friends at the Warfield is my all time favorite non Jerry version. I listen to it at least once a week. She is so soulful and gives the song the emotion it deserves. Just a wonderful voice.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

I love seeing Joan sing. I'm actually currently listening to the entire '06 tour of PL&F, on which Joan sang. Incidentally, Trey showed up to play guitar at times and rocked it.

Currently I'm up to 7/09/06 in Bethel, NY. Great stuff.

She definitely gets it. Loved her on tour w/ the Dead too.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013

I loved Joan with the Dead! Not sure why it didn't gel long-term. I thought she could be bluesy and soulful and really nail a lot of the Dead's repertoire. But I recall her kinda shimmying/dancing around the stage after a few of her lead vocals on a song or two and wondering if that was "OK"... seemed outta place and I wondered if Bobby appreciated her vamping and calling attention to herself during an instrumental passage... Then the next year she was gone. I think she would have been a great addition to the Fare Thee Well shows (or Donna for that matter, though I don't think Donna can hold a Dead tune like Alligator or King Bee like Joan can...)

Joined: Sep 15 2009
Hmmm. Let Me Think.


JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011

You only stay free IF you pick the tunes.

Joined: Sep 15 2009
Wait A Minute.

I stay free and I have to pick the tunes?

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Mellow Vibe

If I do, you stay free so long as you pick the tunes. HendrixFreak stays free too, so long as he tells tall tales from years of old.

Lots of cool, small towns in the Eastern mountains.

Joined: Sep 15 2009
Yup Jim In MD

This thread has a nice mellow vibe to it. Noticed the same thing myself.
Sounds like you should open up a B&B. Cater to old dead heads craving some rural R&R.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Lovely Joan

Love to hear her name pop up.

Phil once commented that 'she gets it' 'Its like having Pigpen in the room. I heard a story about Joan the moment she 'got' what the GD was about and it floored her. Anyway, wonderful talent.

So just a quick story.. I live in a really small quasi hippie town in the mountains, perhaps 5 or 6 hundred people, small. My front yard is a trout stream. Four houses down theres a 115 year old hotel converted to a B&B that does dinners, organic only soups and salads and deserts. Next door there's a coffee shop that's never open early (proprietor likes to party a bit, but I digress), he serves mostly lunches and dinners, hours vary, considerably and often, caters around river people traffic. You get the drift.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of NPR's Mountain Stage performed typically in Charleston, WV or Morgantown, WV (close to here). I go whenever I can.

So when lovely Joan was playing there a few months back, I was in, but couldn't get a soul to go with me, least interested was my gf (but again I digress)

The owner of the coffee shop is a bit of a deadhead and was one of the folks I tried to coerce to go with me. So I was selling up the whole affair but ended up just going solo.

Went to the show.. Joan was drinking herbal tea throughout and commented that she had to cancel her show the previous night because she is recovering from a bad cold, she said she felt good that night. Great show, as Mountain Stage productions often are.. Joan sounded great and hit all the right notes. Several other bands played too, top grade a stuff. Four bands, $25 and they really were killer.

A couple days later, I stroll on down to the coffee shop to pontificate on irrelevant matters and Coffee Shop Dude asks about the show (killer), how was Joan, (good.. but recovering a bit), how was her voice (good, herbal tea, blah blah). Anyway, he was asking primarily because she trolled into our tiny town and had lunch at the coffee shop w/ her band on the way to the show. She strolled in with her band and roadies, ordered some food, hung out for a bit and boogied to the show. They probably left a half hour before I started off to the same destination. Coffee Shop dude would not have known who she was except I told him and he put two and 2 together. Even then, it took him 20 min to connect the dots and ask exactly who she was. He was specifically interested in how she sounded because she was trying to work up her voice with some difficulty during her lunch and explaining the whole situation to him. Keep in mind, the coffee shop as 5 tables and can seat perhaps 20 people max..

Sorry if I bored anyone, but for a small town this was a cool event, and it just recently happened.

Trigger Hippie w/ Joan and Jackie Greene is on my short list, but can't fit any of their shows this summer in with my schedule.

Edit: for those abroad or that don't know what Mountain Stage is, National Pubic Radio puts on a once a month live music program called Mountain Stage. I would like to say its contemporary approaches to traditional, folk, roots music.. but that's not entirely true anymore, but for me that description kinda captures the vibe. Worth checking out. I think its safe to say unless there's a one-off, special event somewhere, its recorded in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
King Harvest

One of Phil's favorite shows, one of mine too.

You will have to invite them over for tea next. An English breakfast tea would be fine, be sure to use the real sugar cubes and ask them if they would prefer one lump or two.

Late that same evening, tear it up with 11/8/69 and turn the volume to eleven. If they invite you over for some naked body painting and swoosh dancing, mission accomplished.

Seriously, I have had out of body moments to both these shows.. 2/14 is church music to me, but I don't play it often. The bonus disc from that release is full on primal funk as well. ..about 11/8/69, well they are kindred spirits, brothers from another mother. One in the same vibe. There was something in the kook aid those nights for sure.

I have a little story about 11/8 that's more a personal story than anything.. but lets just say both those shows did it for me in exactly the right ways at exactly the right time..

.5 mi from tucson's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2012
7/13 : On this day in History

1793 French revolutionary writer Jean Paul Marat was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday, who was executed four days later.
1863 Rioting against the Civil War military draft erupted in New York City; about 1,000 people died over three days.
1923 A sign consisting of 50-foot-tall letters spelling out "HOLLYWOODLAND" was dedicated in the Hollywood Hills to promote a subdivision (the last four letters were removed in 1949)
1930 France beat Mexico 4-1 in the first match of soccer's inaugural World Cup tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1939 Frank Sinatra made his first commercial recording, "From the Bottom of My Heart" and "Melancholy Mood," with Harry James and his Orchestra for the Brunswick label.
1960 John F. Kennedy won the Democratic presidential nomination at the party's convention in Los Angeles.
1977 A 25-hour blackout hit the New York City area after lightning struck upstate power lines.
1984 Grateful Dead play one of the most interesting shows of 1984:
Greek Theater (U of California), Berkeley, CA (7/13/84)

Greatest Story Ever Told
Dire Wolf
C.C. Rider
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Hell in a Bucket
Might As Well

Scarlet Begonias
Touch of Grey
Fire on the Mountain
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Dark Star

King Harvest's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Ha ha. Right now we are at the point where I got a wave hello, but also a raised eyebrow.

.5 mi from tucson's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2012
7/13/84 on 7/13/15

yep. gonna get some 84. ab-zorba tha greek...

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Noble Thighs

..the Dave's Picks thread is absolutely the best thing going on here.

You guys are the ones I want to party with and help pick the tunes.

I am cracking up reading this stuff..

Joined: Sep 15 2009
She's Got Great Big And Noble Thighs!

No, not you Honey.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009

Bring on the She's got box-back nitties box!

Joined: Sep 15 2009
Doc, Hendrix, Stone Jack

Thanks. I needed that. Was beginning to wonder if I was the only one. I've been shouting "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! " for a couple weeks now. Thanks.

Joined: Feb 26 2014

I mean, if the jostling and clamoring on this board gets an '80s release into the series, then I'm gonna return to rattling the cage every day for Mr. McKernan's own release.

Now's the time! Cuz momma I'm too hard to handle!

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Whenever forensicdoc posts, I should just say...

Me too!

Let's have that Pigpen dbl-disc special release this fall, Dave.

The 50th is the most appropriate year for that; otherwise ...

Tell me whatcha gonna do
Cuz I'm sick and tired
Of foolin' 'round with you...

Ba-ba-ba! (I mean that in a nice way, Mr. L!)

stone jack baller's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
She's a Queen Bee

From hendrixfreak:

"For my money, Joan Osborne was the only person besides Etta James (who sang a few Pigpen tunes with the GD once) who could pull it off."


When I caught a 2003 Dead show, that was my reaction....Joan brought Ron's stuff back in a great way. And her 2006 stint with Phil was one of a precious few post-Jerry high points.


JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: King Harvest

ha.. that's a riot. Well, you broke them in right, 2/14 is sacred, primal stuff. With any luck they will be gone in a week or perhaps you converted them and they will replace their front door with beads and invite you over.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Right on, Doc!

I had no interest in analyzing anything, because no one in the FTW band had any grease. For my money, Joan Osborne was the only person besides Etta James (who sang a few Pigpen tunes with the GD once) who could pull it off. Who sang Alligator this time? Don't tell me. I don't want to know. Today, they could only have gotten Mavis Staples to do the job or Joan. No one else. Certainly no one in the FTW band should have touched Pigpen and, frankly, it's better that they didn't try.

A big step down, having anyone singing the Jer songs was impossible to get around, but still -- same syndrome. I remember thinking that the first time, in 1999, I heard P&F at Red Rocks. The hole (Jer gone) was too big.

But back to Pigpen... Dave could step in and deliver a nice, greasy '71 tape for DaP 15, just to ease the mind!

As with Doc, let me say, I was glad that the remaining boys marked the 50th, I may watch the 7-5-15 DVD someday, very glad everyone vibed out and it all went off smoothly. Plus, the media coverage cannot hurt the cause of vault projects continuing to succeed, which is crucial to our interest in 66-71 era GD. No vault success, no more vault releases.

Oh, wait. What about my dream of the Pigpen 'box'? Why doesn't Dave put out the best of the Pigpen Last Will and Testament with a few killer tunes that won't make a complete show release?

Now's the time!

Less than one cup of joe here...........

Joined: Jun 17 2008
Strange impersonation.................

Alternative title: “In Defense of Mr McKernan”. Yes my friends, up way too early, not enough coffee yet, and posted with all due respect, without intent to fracture anybody’s fragile sensibilities…….

I didn’t particularly care about the concept that came to be known as Fare Thee Well. To me, glorified Furthur shows. For others, including many who may not have seen The Grateful Dead back in the day, the chance to reconnect with old friends, rekindle the spirit of times past, and celebrate the legacy of the band one last time. I got all that. And I heard that the music was good.

Here’s what my admittedly biased analysis of the FTW setlists revealed:

Not counting “drums/space” (lol always a tremendous waste of time to my ears), 84 songs were played. Exactly TWO Pigpen tunes were played---Alligator and Lovelight--- both the first night. If you went to Chicago, it was as if Pigpen didn’t exist. No Schoolgirl, Big Boss Man, Hurts Me Too, Mr Charlie, Next Time You See Me, Chinatown Shuffle, Caution, The Stranger, Hard To Handle, Good Lovin’.

However, folks were treated to such bona fide Dead classics as What’s Become of the Baby, Mason’s Children, Liberty, Standing On The Moon, Little Red Bobby (I mean Rooster), Foolish Heart, Days Between, and Built To Last.

Regardless of what you “think” of Pigpen, here’s what can’t be denied: original band member, heart and soul of the band in the early days, bluesy frontman, the guy who urged them to go electric. Some would even say, No Pigpen = No Grateful Dead.

I understand his musical limitations, and the fact that he often laid out on the jammier things.

Pigpen deserved better.

I think it’s a disgrace. In fact, I think…………..well…………..ah……um………..I think I’ll keep the rest of my opinions to myself, run back to my cave, slam the door shut, and crank some 1971 Hard To Handles……………

Rock on rockers!

King Harvest's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Just freaked out the new neighbors with 2-14-68 blasting at high volume. Currently playing through the rough edits on the second disc of RT 2.2, but a great Saturday front to back jam. Young and free GD. Following up with LZ 1-22-73 and the GD 2-1-78. Fully agree with 12-26-81 being a great jam! That show or 3-9 would be great for release.

Joined: Sep 9 2012
DeadBase 50

Was checking on amazon the other day to see if I could purchase or pre-order. Author, Stu Nixon, wrote a review stating: "Deadbase 50 would be arriving in late July. Check in on facebook for updates and previews". If any kind soul out there in DeadLand does facebbok, please give us an update.
I have listened to Dave 10 followed by 5/11/72 today. I am currently in an immobile state of bliss. If any chap dares to steal my goods, I will not be able to give you a fair fight. But beware, misfit, of the ghost of Pig!!!!!

Sam T

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Sammy T, que pasa?

I see Dead Base 50 listed on Amazon, so do I presume correctly that its 'release date' will include a price and enable one to order a copy?

I feel like calling for another '69 show, but I feel that '81 is more likely. I'd love to see 12-26-81 come out. There's a smoker, and I recall marye said she attended. Ordinary looking setlist on paper, but a killer energy performance.

I'm betting on July 20 announcement. Dave's still underwater with the Scorsese documentary. Man, that baby is going to rock!

Joined: Mar 9 2008
more spring '71

more spring/summer '71, or 70's or earlier

Joined: Sep 9 2012
DeadBase 50

Looks like DeadBase 50 will be released the last week in July. Can't wait! Saw one poster predict Dave 15 will be 7/10/81. Guess we will find out early next week. Keep on smiling boys and girls!

Sammy T

dantian's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2013
Thanks, Doc

I'm listening to that 12/5 Felt Forum show tonight based on your excellent breakdown of better '71 shows below, and other folks talking it up on other threads. Lovin' it. Tight, soulful playing, rocking out, hitting all the marks, and always sticking the landing.

I'm a little embarrassed to say, but never heard this show before, mainly because I've never delved into '71 much and only had a handful of '71 shows in my collection which I scarcely paid any attention to. After listening to 12/5, I'll be paying much closer attention from here on out.

It occurs to me that '71 is a lot like '76 in the sense that it often gets overlooked or skipped over in favor of what came right before and/or soon after, it that makes any sense.

Bridge years, wherein hidden treasures lie, awaiting discovery if you seek them out, or have someone more knowledgeable point you in the right direction. Anyway, that's what they are to me, other folks may have other years that fill that role for them.

Thanks for pointing the way...

Added to Cart Dave's Picks Volume 14: Academy Of Music, New York, NY (3/26/72)

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