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Dave's Picks Volume 9: Harry Adams Field House, U. of Montana 5/14/74 CD - SOLD OUT

sku: GRA9900105

We're kicking off Dave's Picks 2014 with a visit to the Wall Of Sound era. Dave's Picks Volume 9 features the complete show from May 14, 1974, at Adams Field House at the University of Montana in Missoula, the Grateful Dead's only appearance in the state of oro y plata. This monstrously hot show is the third official show of the Wall Of Sound, which had debuted in March 1974. Highlights run deep including the second performance of “Scarlet Begonias,” a 22+ minute “Playing In The Band” that leans heavily on the band's jazz chops, and a second set jam of “Weather Report Suite>Dark Star” that contains some of the deepest jamming of 1974, and that's saying a heck of a lot! It also features one of only a handful of versions of “Dark Star” played in 1974, a song heading toward a long hiatus, and this one digs deep into some of the wildest spaces you'll ever hear. Rockers, ballads, and jams, 5/14/74 covers all the bases, with plenty of nuances to revel in, each and every listen.

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: February 1, 2014

Listening Party

5/14/74, Missoula, Montana

"Weather Report Suite"

David Lemieux Volume 9 Seaside Chat


Harry Adams Field House, University of Montana, Missoula, MT (5/14/74)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [6:15]
2. Me And My Uncle [3:15]
3. Loser [6:39]
4. Black-Throated Wind [6:52]
5. Scarlet Begonias> [7:21]
6. It Must Have Been The Roses [5:44]
7. Jack Straw [5:18]
8. Tennessee Jed [8:18]
9. Mexicali Blues [3:39]
10. Deal [4:46]

Disc 2
1. Big River [5:21]
2. Brown-Eyed Woman [5:13]
3. Playing In The Band [20:49]
4. U.S. Blues [5:48]
5. El Paso [4:44]
6. Row Jimmy [8:52]

Disc 3
1. Weather Report Suite [16:08]
Prelude [1:26]
Part I [4:32]
Part II (Let It Grow) [10:10]
2. Dark Star> [26:39]
3. China Doll [5:52]
4. Promised Land [3:46]
5. Not Fade Away> [6:15]
6. Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad [9:58]
7. One More Saturday Night [4:50]


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Joined: Nov 20 2011
Europe / Vol.10..

..listened to 4/7 that is a good Other One...I'm going to jump around though.. Think 4/16 will be next, one of my favorites.. I am partial to pre-hiatus Other Ones but also the '88 Road Trips Other One is one of my favorites also. It has a great "spacey" feel to it. Others being 4/26/72, 5/3/72, and 5/13. 5/13 is overlooked and underrated IMO, listen to that one again folks! '6o's versions are all good and I also like the Dave's 3 version. Great complete OO! Got my shipping alert today and they left a number off my zip code! Thats O.K., I'm not touching anything! I wouldn't count on the box set announcement for a while. Last year it was announced in May I think and Spring 90 wasn't announced until late July early August. I could be wrong, I hope so! There's gonna be some good stuff soon and next year will be even better! Take care folks!

Joined: May 18 2010
My fave from Dave

Gotta tell you I love Volume 3 in Chicago - sonically phenomenal and the band integrating Keith's skills in the band where you can hear the full clarity (unlike the muddy sound of DiP 2). Add the sublime Comes a Time, the Dark Star - Sitting - Dark Star, and overall jazzy chops, this one is a keeper.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
Jerry on Pedal Steel?

Does anyone know where we can find a list of every live show that has Jerry playing pedal steel?

Joined: Nov 7 2013

Some of us share your opinions Spacebrother. !I for 0ne!
I love, loved, Brent's musicianship. He and Jerry had an almost extrasensory musical interaction. A true stage friendship. I loved to position myself in the crowd to watch them together.Like Ken Kesey said, "Waiting for lightning to strike, then let the Thunder roll!" Mickey and Brent had a back and forth thing as well.Almost an on stage hazing. Just killer!
Of course my perceptions could have been altered a bit.
Again Opinions.
Lots of technologically advanced recordings waiting in that vault.
A whole lot of us would LOVE to hear them. multi track mixdowns please !!! Like Ragu "Its in there !!!"

Joined: Apr 9 2014
New To Thread

Hey All....Long time reader, just joined today. Thanks for all of your comments; enjoy reading them all. Looking forward to Dave's Picks 10 announcement. Glad to be here. Take care folks....

Joined: Oct 29 2013
Beautiful... learn that #10, with bonus disc, will begin shipping around May 1; the merry merry month of May..

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009
DP 10 take...Well? ;)

April 18th would be late, probably too late. Indeed, peeps might think sacrilegious! Oh No! ;) But, a Good Friday indeed! Sensing a Seaside Chat in a few days but.....ya never know! Oh, this showed up in the mail, today. "We are happy to announce that we are nearing the release of Dave's Picks Volume 10 with Bonus Disc for Subcribers (they did not use spellcheck)! This volume will begin shipping on or around May 1st, 2014. .....Please respond (if necessary) to this message by Friday April 18th, 2014. Hey Now!!!

Joined: Mar 26 2013
one email to bring a smile to everyones face

So stoked every time I get the DaP email.... let the anticipation begin!!!

Joined: May 4 2012
My email...

says "bonus disc" is coming but it it plays it cool about which show it is...hmmm, curiouser and curiouser. I love the thread. I was more oriented towards the earlier stuff but am pretty open-minded about it and liked the Fox Dave's Pick. I have favorite hunks of lots of shows but am also moody so I also have 60s/70s playlists. I don't have enough 80s stashed to have an 80s list and punted the 90s box.

katky111's picture
Joined: Oct 23 2011

awesome, keep us posted on your out to walk the real puppies on this glorious evening!/k

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012

i went with a wet vac and squeegee
the dogs were spinning in circles and the lights started flashing...i may have gotten a little carried away

katky111's picture
Joined: Oct 23 2011
the 72 tribe

hey chris - a few of us we're talking about the holy procession yesterday (which is already a page of posts away!); let me ask you: how did you mop your brain up off the floor after that Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia>Caution suite? I prefer Swiffer, "though other men have heard it said" that Extra Strength Bounty works well...then again, if your gray matter is made of sterner stuff, a simple broom and dustpan may do!

Next up, Newcastle with that monster 18-song 1st set and awesomely cosmic TOO!/kate

P.S.: Yup, Deadnet email confirming shipping address. WOOT!

P.P.S.: Loving on the Family Dog again today, and not the golden retriever, but the one out at the Great Highway...just a terrific set, which yields new discoveries with every listen as the good stuff should!

Joined: Aug 29 2013
me too

It's not really a shipping notice, but an announcement that DaP10 and Bonus will ship on or around 5/1/14

No mention of the bonus material.

They're really dragging this out.

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
shipping notice

just got one

no link to release however

"We are happy to announce that we are nearing the release of Dave's Picks Volume 10 with Bonus Disc for Subcribers! This volume will begin shipping on or around May 1st, 2014."

Joined: Aug 8 2013
4-9-70 on same bill with Miles Davis Quintet

Same goes for next 2 nights. A good mix of electric/ acoustic / electric sets.

4-10-70 is not know to circulate. Wouldn't that be a treat if Dave was hiding this for tomorrow.

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012

listened to it last nite
anyone else doing the E72 "tour" with me?

Deadicated's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Name that set ...

Big Railroad Blues
Hurts Me Too
Dark Star>
Sugar Magnolia>
Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks)
E: Saturday Night

Not an open booker

Joined: Aug 8 2013
4-5-69 Avalon

Tonight on SiriusXm entire first set (minus cuts) with a personal favorite and treat Mountains of the Moon > Dark Star

Seems to be this show contains The Eleven in both sets and also a Weather Report Suite tease. A while back somebody mentioned another early WRS teaser. I know 7-21-72 also has one

Coconut Phil's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Steal Your Face Pono, HD music player

Glad to see other folks have ordered a Grateful Dead Pono player. It will be a long wait until Decemeber, but I'm sure several new releases will come along before it does. Just a few more days left to order one. They only have 500, so go now to and search Pono. You can scroll down to see the beautiful chrome STF player. Really thought we would have heard from Dave by now. "There will be no wine before its time."

Looking forward to a nice summer filled with great music. Keep jamming!


PS played CD 2 of Dick's Pick's Vol.4 last night listening with some headphones, classic Dead, amazing!

Billy G's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2010
Yo Nebulorb ...

Thanks for the welcome and the good advice. No, I have not seen Blue Rodeo ... but I know their music and I like it. My last show was April 5th - Neil Finn (Crowded House, Split Enz). My next show will be April 15th - Emmylou Harris.
... positive vibrations, yeah. positive!

tysonsupina's picture
Joined: May 5 2013
@chris grand

Agreed. That black peter is beautiful and turned it up cause there's no hiss. Simply amazing. Can't wait to hear it through my limited edition GD pono player. Only 6 days left to get one.

giantnerd's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
You win again

Ok Dave. You win. I bought a Dave's Picks coffee mug. Can we know now about 10? Thanks!!!

Joined: Nov 2 2010
All the Years Combined

This forum is great to spark listening feeding frenzy's.. When I hear an era, year show, that I have not listened to in a while I scroll the tapers section: most recently found some 1976, 87, 81, 80, 73... and easy to do at work...and there are weeks, and weeks of past taper sections to peruse.

while we wait- cheers to Dave for mining the archives, returned tapes, and finding gems to release.
DaP 5,4,3,8,9 getting a lot of play...
Cheers to all.

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
one more

the black peter on the vol 6 bonus disc is my single favorite song of the series so far.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Dave's Picks moments

Dap 1 = I like the whole show, no one segment stands out to me (but someone was ranking Cassidy's, I'd put this one at #1 in the series based on Mickey and Billy).

2 = Truckin > MLB > Spanish Jam (and pretty much the whole bonus disc)

3 = Comes a Time (love this version); Dark Star > Sittin on Top of the World > Dark Star > Bobby McGee (as someone else said, this might be my fave single segment, as of right now)

4 = Playin > Supplication > Playin (I like this release, but after listening to the AUD for years it sounded flatter than I expected)

5 = Playin sandwich, duh.

6 = I prefer the sparser sounding Fox theatre 1970 stuff - especially Black Peter through Dark Star and St. Stephen

7 = I need to give this one more of a chance. Couldn't get into it yet.

8 = Scarlet > Fire, Samson, Ship of Fools (yes, this Samson gets repeat listenings from me - never thought I'd say that)

9 = Dark Star > China Doll

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

My typing leaves much to be desired for sure! Wish I could afford a secretary.
3-26-87 is the correct date as Zuckfun has notated. Started out with Midnight Hour and ended up with The Might Quinn. Lots of good stuff in between too. I sat behind the drummers that night and got a real good luck as they worked their magic.
Rock on.

Joined: Jun 18 2009
What's Become of the Betty's

Well, one of them gained a bunch of weight but lost it last season and is back to being white frickin hot. I suspect we will see more of her this season, starting Sunday night at 10.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Wild Willamina and the great sea creatures

Now we have a motion to amend the minutes of the meeting to reflect David's first show is actually 3/26/87. The Chair also recognizes Midnight Hour is the first live song he heard, hence the sweet spot for this song. As we adjourn for a moment, we ponder the high commision's eternal question- What's become of the Betty's.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

Oops! Obviously I meant Brent is rocking.
My bad.
Rock on

Joined: Jul 15 2010
Regarding "Keith is rocking"

Regarding "Keith is rocking" on 3/28/87:

I'll have whatever he's smokin'. lol

Nebulorb's picture
Joined: Sep 8 2008
Yo Billy G

Welcome to the mix! Yeah man, bring on the positivity!

A few of the things I find myself reminding myself of when I myself am reading/participating around these parts:

A) Don't feed the trolls.

2. You can't fix stupid.

And furthurmore: Your mileage may vary.


I also love those highlights you mentioned from Dave's #5 & #8...

From the last one, the Scarlet > Roses is one of my personal highlights.

Hey man, you ever see Blue Rodeo up there in the Great White North?

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
Listening today & DaP's

Right now I have on 3-27-87 from Hartford. The last show I attended and the first show Dave L. attended! Jerry is pumped here. Listen to him dig into the vocals on Rider, He's Gone & Back Peter. Excellent show. Keith is rocking and Bob is pumped up for sure.

Putting the DaP's in order is tough and it can change as the mood moves me. As of today, I will go with 2, 8, 9, 3, 1, 6, 7, 5, 4

I love them all so this is kind of an effort in futility

Dave? Hello Dave? Did you fall in the water? C'mon man, I am dying here with anticipation.

Rock on

Billy G's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2010
Favourite Dave's moments ... so far

vol. 5 China > Rider (vol. 5 might be the strongest all around)
vol. 8 Space > Wheel
Also trying to decide which is my favourite Cassidy out of vol. 1,4,7,8 ... probably vol. 7.
FYI - I have been reading posts here for a long time (years) ... this is my first ever post. I'd like to join in on the conversation and I hope everything will stay positive.
Where's Dave L ???
Where's Dr. Shakedown ???
(yes, I am Canadian)

Joined: Jun 18 2009
Favorite Dave's Picks

Vol. 5 sits on a tier of its own looking way down at the rest. Thereafter:

8, 9, 7, 1, 4, 2, 3, 6

fourwindsblow's picture
Joined: Oct 13 2008
60' and 70's were the best years

These era's should be saved for boxed set's I've been saying this for a while.
The best years should be released as box-set's, as they should get the best restoration processes available.

ps. Put the egos in dry-dock for awhile.

Thats_Otis's picture
Joined: May 12 2011
My favs, in order (as of

My favs, in order (as of today... this changes like the weather...)

5, 8, 3, 2, 9, 1, 6, 4, 7

Joined: Apr 28 2009
Funny Stuff

I get a kick out of the ever evolving thread here. We Deadheads are a peculiar bunch

Forensicdoceleven's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2008
How about this????

Save the "returned tapes" for box sets............

Issue some mid-80s via the DPs. Maybe Fall 83 or Fall 84? Yes I was there, not my fave era but there's many fine shows to be had..........

Rock on!

Joined: Aug 29 2013
Favorite picks, in order

5, 6, 9, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 4


Bach 2 Bach's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Can you picture...

...Grateful Dead-licensed condoms and caskets a la Kiss? They'd sell like hotcakes!

Joined: Jun 18 2009

I also read that Kiss interview linked below and my blood boiled a bit at the Simmons digs at the GD; mainly because of the inaccuracies in suggesting the GD followed Kiss's lead in some ways. Reminder to Chaim that the Deadheads were organized three years before Kiss even started recording. Also concluded that Simmons, and to a lesser degree Stanley, have to be two of the most arrogant assholes in rock history -- which is saying a lot. Simmons in particular. Anyway . . .

Having said that, if you factor out the music (theirs is dreck, ours is superb), the similarities between Kiss and the GD really are quite parallel. Below is a link to an article by Chuck Klosterman that is worth a read, even if you don't parse through each album review (though that is worthwhile and if you think of the GD analog of comparing years or performance as we do here, it is a fun read). He draws the parallel directly in terms of fan devotion, but I think that is only one facet, albeit a very compelling and accurate one. If you think of how the critics often ignored or panned the GD and Kiss for their studio work, how chart success was absolutely meaningless to their respective fanbases and its growth, how the live experience was really what brought people in time and time again, how the marketing and business aspects of the bands just keep sucking many of us in monetarily and devotionally, the similarities are striking. Only the music and artistic approach of the bands are different. (Much, but that's evident to all).

If you read only one segment of the Klosterman piece, read section 7. His three part answer to Why Kiss applies with equal force to Deadheads and the Dead. It is spot-on in my opinion. Gene Simmons is still a douche asshole though.

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
daves pix favorite

Vol 3, CD3

Dark Star>
Sitting On Top Of The World>
Dark Star>
Me and Bobby McGee

Thats_Otis's picture
Joined: May 12 2011
My Favorite Section of Dave's (So far...)

As I have waited for the announcement for Vol. 10 along with everyone else, I have been plowing through the previous 9 volumes. Yesterday, I journeyed through Disc 2 of Volume 5, and I have to say that the Playin>UJB>Dew>UJB>Playin sandwich may be my favorite section of music in the whole series thus far, (even if they flub the re-entry into Playin... they still take that second section WAY out there.) Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to hear what some of your favorite moments are from the series so far. Perhaps I will set up a playlist with your feedback and rock that around until 10 arrives!

As for Dave's 10, if it is 12/12/69, I am happy, though a little confused as to why we would have two releases from the same year, same month in the first 10 releases. I do like that it seems to be good mix of Live/Dead and Workingman's songs... Regardless, whatever it is, I am looking forward to it!

Joined: Aug 29 2013
Best post-retirement TOO

Love the DP 18 TOO. Thunders to the gods. Period.

No need for midi effects when Jerry is rippin'

Nebulorb's picture
Joined: Sep 8 2008
@rdevil - Laguna Seca PITB

rdevil said: "I haven't heard all the Laguna Seca shows from '88, but would love to see that PITB make it onto an official release somehow."

Good news, your wish was granted about 15 years ago!


So Many Roads, disc 4.

Joined: Dec 31 2008

Spacebro, are you just trying to stir up the pot? Get Jack Straw angry again? Perhaps those "definitive" versions you cite are solid versions, but my two cents-- they may be the definitive versions for 1989, but it is all relative. They are not "DEFINITIVE PERIOD" as you claim. What is definitive to you, may be average or below to others.

I think it is statements of that magnitude in caps that get people rattled on these boards. Usually in arguments, when one ends with "PERIOD," that is one's way of saying, "I am right, don't even argue further." Perhaps just tone down your rhetoric so it is interpreted as just your opinion, not gospel, verse and truth.

I tend to agree with two later posts-- that DP18 version is my favorite and the one that other versions do not quite match. That Truckin' and Other One sequence coming off an amazing Scarlet/Fire is amazing music and showcases GD 1977-78 at its best and most powerful.

MECCA 1989, that 4-15-89 set 2 tape got worn out over the years! I love the China-Rider of that show-- the jam between is a train chugging down the line. Always loved it. As a Wisconsin boy, I should have gone to those shows, but I never went to shows without tickets. Alas, should have made the trip (friends went and got tickets there).

mustin321's picture
Joined: Aug 12 2011

I love 1976 shows. I think they easily get shadowed by 1977, obviously but there were songs/jams that were dropped pretty quick. Dicks picks 20 is great but I think the 2nd show from Dicks Picks 33 is tip top.

Joined: Feb 2 2011
DP's 18 February 78 Other One!!!!!

Yeah! The DP 18 Other One from February 78 is a beast with big crescendos! The Truckin has that element to it as well. I also think the solo on Bertha is as good as it gets. It is perfection and without a bum note. You can hear the crowd erupt into applause -- 'it is going to be a very good night!'

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

@SPACEBROTHER: I totally respect your opinions, but I feel obliged to push back a little on your assertion that the best versions of The Other One came pre-retirement and after Brent joined. I'm with you on "pre" part, but you lose me on the "post" part... Two smoking versions that come to mind immediately for me are DP 18 and the famed Red Rocks '78 (Estimated>Other One>Eyes! yeah, baby!!) Perhaps, you'd include these in your "small handful"? Of course, we like what we like. I personally like the 1978 versions because Jerry's aggressive, ripping tone in 1978 suits the tune well... (imo) Of course, you'll have folks defend the lighter, airy ones from '76 and the spacey, dreamlike ones from 1977 (DaP 1 is a good example) Thanks for the suggestion on 8-19-89 Greek, I will listen to that today. I'm looking forward to it. As for me, that song since there are so many outstanding versions would require a top ten, it would be difficult to whittle it down to even five! By the way, you may get some pushback from the community that the 2 'definitive' versions of the The Other One are from 1989. (5-7 & 8-19)...and, as an aside, re: 12-31-76 if by 'fairly average', you mean 'great', I could not agree with you more... :-)

@Zuckfun As for the Orpheum shows not being in the vault, true not on any published lists, but we can hope...that's where I'm laying my lot. Call me optimistic? Speaking of optimism, @mustin321 any inside info. on the box or just optimistic like me??

fourwindsblow's picture
Joined: Oct 13 2008
It's now or never

Time is running out you need to get these release's going. I don't care what you release, but you need to get them out faster.