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July 1978: The Complete Recordings

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What's Inside:

Five Complete Shows on 12 discs
7/1/78 Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO
7/3/78 St. Paul Civic Center Arena: St. Paul, MN
7/5/78 Omaha Civic Auditorium: Omaha, NE
7/7/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
7/8/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman
Artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope
Intro and show-by-show liner notes by Nicholas Meriwether
Producer's Note by David Lemieux
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 15,000
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Announcing July 1978: The Complete Recordings

Are you ready for "Betty"? If you just said it's about time, we couldn't agree more! We’re pleased to announce JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS, five incredible unreleased shows and the first official release from the long-lost “Betty Boards,” recently returned to the Grateful Dead’s vault. Follow the Dead on a sonic journey through a superb selection of settings, an often epic adventure that finds them winning over Willie and Waylon fans in Kansas City, conjuring charisma in Omaha, and elevating the Red Rocks beyond their already spiritual planes. With five distinct performances painting the masterpiece of 1978, Betty Cantor-Jackson's always-pristine soundboard recordings, and the "hall-of-fame pedigree" of the Dead's first-ever shows at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, this is one release that far exceeds excellence in music, sound quality, and rarity.

Limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies, JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS includes Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (7/1/78), St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78), Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78), and Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison CO (7/7/78 and 7/8/78) - all of the performances in this collection are drawn from the band’s master soundboard recordings, each newly mastered by Jeffrey Norman. The set also features original artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope (D.C. and Marvel comics) and in-depth liner notes written by Nick Meriwether (Grateful Dead Archives at the University of California, Santa Cruz), as well as a producer’s note from producer David Lemieux.

Due May 13th, we anticipate that this extraordinary box will sell out. Your best bet is to pre-order it now, then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the exclusive content we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks right here.

Looking for something a little more byte-sized? The collection will also be available for HD digital download in FLAC and ALAC, exclusively at, on release day.

Listening Party: July 8, 1978

“Ramble On Rose"
“Wharf Rat"
“Werewolves of London"

Listening Party: July 7, 1978

“Tennessee Jed"
“Not Fade Away>Black Peter"

Listening Party: July 5, 1978

“It's All Over Now"
“Looks Like Rain"

Listening Party: July 3, 1978

"Dancing In The Street"

Listening Party: July 1, 1978

"Estimated Prophet>"
"The Other One>"
"Wharf Rat>"
"Around And Around"

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On July 1978

First Listen: "Wharf Rat" 7/8/78

Head on over to for an exclusive sneak preview of "Wharf Rat" from the July 8th Red Rocks show.

Product Details

Show #1
Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO (7/1/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [7:02]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:30]
3. Tennessee Jed [8:49]
4. Jack Straw [6:03]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:20]
6. Me And My Uncle [2:56]
7. Big River [5:16]

Disc 2
1. Terrapin Station> [11:01]
2. Playing In The Band> [8:56]
3. Rhythm Devils> [8:51]
4. Space> [3:51]
5. Estimated Prophet> [11:05]
6. The Other One>[5:13]
7. Wharf Rat> [10:01]
8. Around And Around [8:25]
9. Johnny B. Goode [4:15]

Show #2
St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78)

Disc 1
1. New Minglewood Blues [5:40]
2. Loser [7:35]
3. Looks Like Rain [7:51]
4. Ramble On Rose [7:25]
5. Mexicali Blues> [3:26]
6. Mama Tried> [3:24]
7. Peggy-O [8:09]
8. Cassidy [5:08]
9. Deal> [6:13]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:20]

Disc 2
1. Scarlet Begonias> [10:16]
2. Fire On The Mountain[9:39]
3. Dancing In The Street> [13:32]
4. Rhythm Devils> [11:10]
5. Not Fade Away> [6:46]
6. Stella Blue> [10:51]

7. Sugar Magnolia [9:19]
8. Werewolves Of London [7:12]

Show #3
Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78)

Disc 1
1. Sugaree [9:51]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:28]
3. They Love Each Other [7:12]
4. Looks Like Rain[7:59]
5. Dire Wolf [3:49]
6. It’s All Over Now[8:22]
7. Candyman [6:41]
8. Lazy Lightning> [3:27]
9. Supplication[5:27]
10. Deal[5:59]
11. Samson and Delilah [7:18]
12. Ship Of Fools[7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [12:42]
2. Eyes Of The World>[12:23]
3. Rhythm Devils>[7:56]
4. Space> [7:28]
5. Wharf Rat>[9:43]
6. Truckin’> [7:29]
7. Iko Iko> [7:23]
8. Around And Around [8:27]
9. Promised Land [4:13]

Show #4
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/7/78)

Disc 1
1. Jack Straw [5:49]
2. Candyman [6:40]
3. Me And My Uncle>[3:00]
4. Big River [5:53]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:36]
6. Cassidy [5:06]
7. Tennessee Jed [9:11]
8. Passenger [5:31]
9. Peggy-O [9:10]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:13]

Disc 2
1. Cold Rain And Snow [7:26]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:38]
3. Scarlet Begonias> [10:18]
4. Fire On The Mountain [8:10]

Disc 3
1. Dancing In The Street[8:57]
2. Rhythm Devils>[10:12]
3. Space> [6:09]
4. Not Fade Away> [11:04]
5. Black Peter>[10:29]
6. Around And Around [8:44]
7. U.S. Blues [5:55]
8. Johnny B. Goode [4:16]

Show #5 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/8/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha> [6:43]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:40]
3. Dire Wolf [4:07]
4. El Paso [4:25]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:16]
6. New Minglewood Blues [6:09]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:34]
8. Promised Land [4:37]
9. Deal [6:26]
10. Samson and Delilah [7:44]
11. Ship Of Fools [7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [13:08]
2. The Other One> [8:51]
3. Eyes Of The World> [10:34]
4. Rhythm Devils> [10:29]
5. Space> [5:03]
6. Wharf Rat> [8:43]
7. Franklin’s Tower [10:39]
8. Sugar Magnolia [9:31]

Disc 3
1. Terrapin Station> [10:54]
2. One More Saturday Night [5:13]
3. Werewolves Of London [6:44]


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Joined: Jul 17 2016
That geat

Hey Doc. I love your ideas! This website E-commerce Firesale review

Joined: Jan 13 2010


Joined: Jun 4 2007

Blasphemy, I tell you!!! But, agree 7-3 is the sleeper of the set. We'll see if it stands the test of time. Have to give you entire props for your name though.

Joined: Sep 11 2014
St. Paul is better than Red Rocks!

I totally agree with Deadheadbrewer that 7-3-78 is the sleeper of the boxed set. I have seldom heard a better 1st set from any era. Jerry was ON and very innovative that night. He sounds relaxed and having one of those technically perfect nights. Even the 2nd set is up to the level of any show in the box. I was biased towards 7-8-78 because it was my first show but the sound was SO loud and distorted that it took away from the quality. There is no doubt that the energy was there at Red Rocks, especially 7-7 1st set, and 7-8 has possibly the best Other One ever, but St. Paul is my favorite of the box. Thanks Dave; now how about a release of the Dead's follow up to Red Rocks (after recording Shakedown) of more Red Rocks! 8-30-78 and 8-31-78 are worth a listen with lots of new songs and new arrangements and flawless performances. Not as loose and energetic as July '78 but both are great bookends to two tours.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Box Set

I love this box set. I think its the best one they put out in a long time and I pretty much have them all cept for two of them. I was listening to estimated prophet at arrow head. thinking what was goin on in those country fans heads. at least they were respectful not throwing shit at the band and booing them as some country music fans are sometimes not open to any other type of music. I just imagine them hearing terrapin station and estimated prophet thinking "what..the..fuck is this??"

Joined: Feb 2 2010
July 1978

I'm finally getting some time to dig into the box, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the KC show, the Saint Paul show is absolutely flooring me. It's like a sports car careening down the highway: occasionally it flies across the shoulder and almost into the ditch, but then suddenly, it corrects and just BLASTS straight down the center line.

SpaceBro, that's quite a week! I just saw the Phish tour opener in Saint Paul, at the behest of my friends, who have followed them the past fifteen years or so. It was my first Phish show since Red Rocks 1995 (which was my fifteenth Phish show from 1991-1995). I very much enjoyed the really old songs that they pulled out.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
Grateful Goodness

Hard to bitch about 6 bucks a disc. When I think back to the late 60's, early 70's a current release lp was 3.79 and was only 30 minutes long! At 6 bucks (with inflation, for at least an hour of music), what's that in adjusted dollars .25 cents??? What kills the best Amazon deals is shipping. I buy a fair number of disc (used) under a buck, but then 4 to ship. Which I don't mind if they ship it first class, but some send it via UPS Mail Innovations :-).

Joined: Jun 27 2011

wow.. we are all wrong!

Joined: Oct 16 2014
Grateful goodness!

I used a gift certificate from my daughter and took advantage of the deals on Amazon today to fill some holes in my obsession. I picked up Dick's Picks 29, 2-11-69, and the 3-CD comp of FW69 plus the Queen Live at the Rainbow set. I was breaking down the amount spent and found that I got all the stuff for about $6 a CD! I groove on good deals on the Grateful Dead!

Guss West's picture
Joined: Aug 21 2015
Easy Greasy 19, Ladles and Jellyfish

Ooh! A Jellyfish!

Some seriously greasy primal Dead for DaP19. Love it already!

Ladies and Gentlemen was, for me, one of the first GD box sets I purchased. If it was Vinyl I would have worn it out by now. Perhaps one of the most influential box sets of my early listening, covering everything from Folky Americana to Psychedelic Bliss.

A Band Beyond Description!

deadfeat1's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2008
Who would have guessed?

Wow! Out of nowhere...what a great pick. Can't wait to listen.

Joined: Oct 3 2008

Thank you Dave, this is a good one. TC on board for his last shows.

Joined: Sep 9 2012

1/23/70. Just awesome!!! A fantastic show. And love the next nite filler. Beautiful. Dave, thank you so much for my birthday present. Guess it took a couple of days for the show to be FedExed from Hawaii!!!!! Ha!

Sam T

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007

I can't believe it. Awesome!

the420bandito's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2015
DaP 19 is up!


Joined: Jun 4 2007
Tour plans and Dead and Company

Fun week of shows for me. Saw Phish in Chicago on the second night at Wrigley, Dweezil Zappa in Detroit last Tuesday and Dead and Co. at DTE.

It was my first Phish show since 1996. They sounded more polished than I remembered. Nice show. Does it always rain "glow sticks" during Tweezer these days?

DZ and his band always turn in a tight performance in tribute to his fathers music. It's too bad he's no longer allowed to sell Frank Zappa merch at shows anymore. Not being legally allowed to honor one owns father, name a tour for him or sell related merch is as low as it gets. Greedy. Show was great though.

Like many others have expressed, John Mayer was very impressive to me and was pleasantly surprised how well he fit in. He seemed to push the band to play tempos closer to what they should be. Saw night two of both Boulder and most of Alpine. All great shows. From reports by friends and online, it sounds like Cinci, DTE and the first night of Alpine are the best of the tour so far. John Mayer may be the best fit yet in my opinion.

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014

Yeah, Disc 2 just ended with Lovelight. I love the doot doot dooh section at around 16:30 (it goes on for 2 and half minutes or so).

And now I'm on to the much anticipated Disc 3, which features China Cat as the "warming up" tune (you know you're in for a treat when things BEGIN with China cat). I can hear the buzz of the tube amp and its vibration off the snare; '71 is great - you can almost smell the fuzz.

T.C. guests on the Dark Star, I love it. St. Stephen is great too, probably the best non-William-Tell version (the guitar finale at the end is fantastic). Back in the old days, I used to program Two From The Vault's "The Eleven" right after this St. Stephen; they blend together almost perfectly.

I also know I have that killer Jam and Cold Rain & Snow on the horizon (not to mention the Morning Dew and Midnight Hour).

Life is good.

Sixtus_'s picture
Joined: Nov 8 2014
re: Thin; KeithFan

Thin, good to know you'll be around the house this weekend! I, too, have caught a few of the Dead & Co. webcasts/streams and similarly I have been pretty impressed with the overall package and delivery. What I am most anticipating though is the crowd/being there/immersed in it, as it has been far too long for Sixtus. I think the last big stadium show I went to was Phish at Fenway in '09, and they rocked it. I know, I am lacking....

KeithFan - you're enthusiasm has just prompted me to go put that Lovelight on from Ladies and Gents...which will eventually find its way through Hard to Handle and then that crazy Dark Star sequence. I still recall recording that exact sequence off of GD Hour with David Gans, it must have been back in '94, and I can't recall if it was him or the local radio DJ who shepherds the show locally, but one of them remarked how it was among their favorite Dark Stars and I can still lend my respects to that notion. There is a point in there after the second verse where it just takes off and its a doozy; the paint starts to seem to peel off the walls. For whatever reason I tend to skip over this release, but it is actually so friggin' amazing it's good to be reminded of this every now and then.

And thus, the benefits and offerings of This Board never cease.


KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014
Are you a refrigerator service repairman?

Why you got a refrigerator? No, I was just asking...

I'm blasting Ladies and Gentlemen...the Grateful Dead in the family room. I love this release. This was my first Dead CD (along with three others). The sound is so good. God bless the multi-track. And I haven't even gotten to the Dark Star yet. The version of Uncle John's Band has always been my favorite, at least as far as the main song goes - unfortunately, there is no extended jam like they sometimes do. Anyone know if that's Phil or Bob singing harmony on the "like the morning sun you come, and like the wind you go" verse? I'm thinking Phil, but wanted to verify with someone who knows for sure.

Last year they announced Dave's Picks 15 on July 15th.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
morning music

Morning commute syphoning your joy? May I suggest The Eleven, Vallejo 2/22/69!

Joined: Oct 29 2013

Thanks for some "good news" out of Dallas.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Garcia Vol. 7

And I loved Garcia Vol. 6 and looking forward to #7. I love that the '73 Lions Share show has no JG/GD songs... just a super loose jam session with neutral songs and a funk/R&B feel. Awesome.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Boston D&C, Furthur vs Dead & Co.

I'll be at both nights in Boston - see you there Sixtus. I pay per-viewed Alpine and was very impressed. This guy John Mayer is blowing all my expectations out of the water, even grabbing the helm and steering the band around unplanned corners - impressive. And with a fluidity and cohesiveness with the band, and an ability to kind of sound like Jerry when necessary, and otherwise sounding completely unique.

They have equaled if not exceeded the thrills Further could produce. John Kadlecik was amazing with Furthur and I recommend seeing him in ANY formation if he comes to your town. John Mayer, by comparison, hits the same highs while sounding a bit more innovative with the music. That's not to say JK is a "Jerry clone" as he has been derisively labeled since Furthur, but he did build his style around Jerry and thus Jerry's DNA is all over JK - which I love. John Mayer, by comparison, learned these songs in the last 4 years so he naturally has a different background and vocabulary he brings to the table, and his ability to learn 100 songs this fluently is impressive.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
GarciaLive7, keep 'em comin'

But let's return to GarciaLive6, which starts off so whacky, yet the band reels it in just when you think they're too far gone... and end the first set with "The Night They Drove..." with some of Jer's California-twang-tinged white soul... and the rest of that set is pure joy. Jer picks his ass off. Very pleased.

So, fall 76 for the next one? I'm in. We caught a ton of Jer band shows in 75-77, when we were young and floating around open ballroom floors, snortin' and smokin'... those were the daze!

As for 6-10-73, I'm just rattling the cage, per the usual. But it would break the mold on the typical 3-disc show format, which is a bit of straight jacket for Dave, as I'm sure -- as the good Doc pointed out -- there are 'short' shows in the vault, and we know there are a few lonnggg ones.

Not to step on toes, but that "mythical show" business is kinda perilous -- too fraught with expectations, which can lead to anti-climactic conditions. Just based on the odds, and the evidence from releases like DaPs 6 & 10, that for every unreleased "mythical" show, there's at least one or two unappreciated but huge shows in the vault.

Okay, here's another idea for DaP 19 that they've never done before: another Betty board from the new stash or another recently returned tape from one of the several sources known to have made their way back to Vaultland.

I'm raisin' ya fiddy, Doc!

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Fenway

Thanks man.. I had to succumb to family duties.. I am catching Pitt tomorrow though.

Sixtus_'s picture
Joined: Nov 8 2014
re: Bach, Fenway

Right on brother, I shall do my best to summarize what I can (hopefully) remember in vivid detail. I assume there are others 'round these parts who will also be making the pilgrimage to 'Murica's Oldest Ballpark for some fine music this weekend. Bring your A/C, it's gonna be a scorchaaaaah. Heat wave starts tomorrow, so they say.

And Jimbo, you will be missed but in spirit right there along for the ride I assume.


Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
More on New Monsoon

Check out Song of the Wind.

Show was recorded at Phil's Terrapin Crossroads.

King Harvest's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Garcia Live 7

Posted this over on the Dap 18 thread, but just in case.... Looks like Garcia Live 7 is slated for an August release and is a previously uncirculated board from 11/8/76, Sofie's in Palo Alto. The Garcia vault is really on their game as of late! Fingers crossed for some DaP gold from the Quick and the Dead 68 tour or 3/9/81! Hope everyone is having a great Summer! (my rock ruminations :)

Joined: Aug 1 2015
welcome aboard


What is your favorite song?

Looks like the imposters have broken through to posting on the board.

Hope Marye and the techs can monitor and stop this.

Joined: Sep 11 2007

Maybe Dave has been squirreled away creating a new and otherworldly pastiche from piles of '67 and '68 multitrack tapes. Maybe he's about to blow minds. Or maybe he'll serve up something showcasing Brent Mydland. That would blow something, not sure what.

Joined: Jul 12 2016
good article
Forensicdoceleven's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2008
Music was invented to confirm human loneliness

'Mornin' rockers!!!!!

The DocBolo awakes............

Actually, we were twins, separated at birth. He chose the path of light, while I chose the dark side. Been a fun ride so far..........

Play it loud and keep it rockin'!!!!


dantian's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2013

I agree, 6/10/73 has such a mythical stature, almost as high up there as 8/27/72 or 5/8/77, so I think it would be a general release rather than a Dave's Picks.

Otherwise, Rhino would be leaving a sh1tload of money on the table, and I can't see them doing that. Not to mention that some portion would have to go to ABB, so the sales volume would have to be fairly high in order to make it worth while, i.e. popular general release.

Looking forward to DaP19 though, whatever it is...

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
New Monsoon

Just came across these guys on the archive. Worth checking out.

Joined: Sep 15 2015

Man Smart Woman Smarter 7/23/90, love when Brent takes the lead and his playing is spectacular. RIP

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012

Didn't see it mentioned here, but my newspaper (Dallas Morning News), had marked in the "this date in history" column, it was the last time Jerry played with the Grateful Dead in 1995.

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014

Feel Like A Stranger from Dave's Picks Volume 8. Love his keyboard sound on the main riff (mini-moog I think); and I love him and Weir trading off long long crazy crazy nights. He stopped using that keyboard shortly thereafter, so not too many versions like it.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
ifn its 6/10/73

i will smile for days

Joined: Jan 13 2010
ewe = sheep = ark = Ark = Ark box

what say ewe to that?

Encroached's picture
Joined: Mar 24 2016

That's such a huge show, you think it's a Daves Pick rather than a special Venetta style release?
Either way, that would be a great thing!

Joined: Jul 2 2015
Happy Birthday clue?

Two (consecutive) ewe? but please include Springers Inn 5-30-69 in doc's prescription

Joined: Jan 13 2010
I'll pony up $30 towards that one meeeellion $$$

cmon now release it.

a mini me DaL would be funny. he would release the occasional squirrel for DaL's amusement.

Bach 2 Bach's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Fenway shows

Set lists and a trip report, Sixtus- or else we can't process your travel voucher.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
maybe the release will be at the end of july

11/17/72 was released in late July as i recall

Quodlibet's picture
Joined: Mar 31 2016
Brent, and wrong as usual

Interesting to read the chatter re Brent. I know lots of us liked him and really like the era. I'm not in that camp, but I respect your opinions. But Brent's the main reason I generally have avoided 80's Dead. The raspy voice that others enjoy is like fingernails across a chalkboard for me. And from a songwriting and lyrics perspective, it's my opinion that he really was not up to the bar that had been set by his bandmates. Though as far as I know, he didn't have the likes of Hunter or Barlow penning timeless missives for him. Still, I have been trying to listen to more shows from that era lately. When he's not way up in the mix, I can usually enjoy the show.

Brent's isn't the only voice that immediately turns me off. For example, I'd really like to like WSP, but the guy's voice just grates on me. How I became a fan of Geddy Lee and Bob Dylan I'll never know.

So... I predicted a 7/11 DaP announcement. Wrong as usual... Dave, if you're tuning in (and c'mon bro, we know you are), it makes me chuckle to think of you reading these boards and giggling in hand-wringing delight at keeping us on pins and needles. I predict that you'll have a Mini-Me in the next Seaside Chat! Wait, I know what's never been done before: holding Dap19 ransom for.... (wait for it...)

...One million dollars!

Nanno-1974's picture
Joined: Mar 31 2014
Dave's Picks F'in 19

Hey Doc. I love your ideas! Two consecutive shows from May '69 sound f'in awesome to me. I think you are correct, for no reason other than I think you are a terrific guy. Thanks again for sharing all the nice '71 GD with me/us. Excellent shit man.

I'd prefer 6/10/73 for the next Dave's Pick. How are Heads guessing this show? Maybe I missed a few weeks of chatter? Anyway, we all know the next pick will be phenomenal, regardless of whether it's '69 (woo-hoo) or '71 (yes Doc) or '73 (yippie).

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Gentlemen Start Your Engines....

....caught it at Laguna Seca in '88. Last time played....

Joined: Jun 4 2007

...if it's going to be post-hiatus, then a Fall '85 two-fer:

11/02 (Richmond) & 11/10 (Brendan Byrne)

Joined: Jun 4 2007

If Dave's going that far, he needs to include 5/31/69, too. Prankster madness. And three shows (not counting bonus discs) is another first.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
I'm callin' ya out, Doc!

"Spies"?? You'll have to do better than that or change your name to DocBolo!

I'm sayin' it's 6-10-73 on four discs, an extra bonus to subscribers -- unless it makes DaP20 a two-disc set -- and priced accordingly for ala carte sales.

Let's see yer cards, mate.....

Oh, and, uh, hope you're doin' well!

(Readers: I'm teasing the Doc, he's been berry berry good to me.)

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