Grateful Dead

July 1978: The Complete Recordings

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What's Inside:

Five Complete Shows on 12 discs
7/1/78 Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO
7/3/78 St. Paul Civic Center Arena: St. Paul, MN
7/5/78 Omaha Civic Auditorium: Omaha, NE
7/7/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
7/8/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman
Artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope
Intro and show-by-show liner notes by Nicholas Meriwether
Producer's Note by David Lemieux
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 15,000
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Announcing July 1978: The Complete Recordings

We’re pleased to announce JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS, five incredible unreleased shows and the first official release from the long-lost tapes, recently returned to the Grateful Dead’s vault. Follow the Dead on a sonic journey through a superb selection of settings, an often epic adventure that finds them winning over Willie and Waylon fans in Kansas City, conjuring charisma in Omaha, and elevating the Red Rocks beyond their already spiritual planes. With five distinct performances painting the masterpiece of 1978, Betty Cantor-Jackson's always-pristine soundboard recordings, and the "hall-of-fame pedigree" of the Dead's first-ever shows at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, this is one release that far exceeds excellence in music, sound quality, and rarity.

Limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies, JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS includes Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (7/1/78), St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78), Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78), and Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison CO (7/7/78 and 7/8/78) - all of the performances in this collection are drawn from the band’s master soundboard recordings, each newly mastered by Jeffrey Norman. The set also features original artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope (D.C. and Marvel comics) and in-depth liner notes written by Nick Meriwether (Grateful Dead Archives at the University of California, Santa Cruz), as well as a producer’s note from producer David Lemieux.

Due May 13th, we anticipate that this extraordinary box will sell out. Your best bet is to pre-order it now, then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the exclusive content we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks right here.

Looking for something a little more byte-sized? The collection will also be available for HD digital download in FLAC and ALAC, exclusively at, on release day.

Listening Party: July 8, 1978

“Ramble On Rose"
“Wharf Rat"
“Werewolves of London"

Listening Party: July 7, 1978

“Tennessee Jed"
“Not Fade Away>Black Peter"

Listening Party: July 5, 1978

“It's All Over Now"
“Looks Like Rain"

Listening Party: July 3, 1978

"Dancing In The Street"

Listening Party: July 1, 1978

"Estimated Prophet>"
"The Other One>"
"Wharf Rat>"
"Around And Around"

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On July 1978

First Listen: "Wharf Rat" 7/8/78

Head on over to for an exclusive sneak preview of "Wharf Rat" from the July 8th Red Rocks show.

Product Details

Show #1
Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO (7/1/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [7:02]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:30]
3. Tennessee Jed [8:49]
4. Jack Straw [6:03]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:20]
6. Me And My Uncle [2:56]
7. Big River [5:16]

Disc 2
1. Terrapin Station> [11:01]
2. Playing In The Band> [8:56]
3. Rhythm Devils> [8:51]
4. Space> [3:51]
5. Estimated Prophet> [11:05]
6. The Other One>[5:13]
7. Wharf Rat> [10:01]
8. Around And Around [8:25]
9. Johnny B. Goode [4:15]

Show #2
St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78)

Disc 1
1. New Minglewood Blues [5:40]
2. Loser [7:35]
3. Looks Like Rain [7:51]
4. Ramble On Rose [7:25]
5. Mexicali Blues> [3:26]
6. Mama Tried> [3:24]
7. Peggy-O [8:09]
8. Cassidy [5:08]
9. Deal> [6:13]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:20]

Disc 2
1. Scarlet Begonias> [10:16]
2. Fire On The Mountain[9:39]
3. Dancing In The Street> [13:32]
4. Rhythm Devils> [11:10]
5. Not Fade Away> [6:46]
6. Stella Blue> [10:51]

7. Sugar Magnolia [9:19]
8. Werewolves Of London [7:12]

Show #3
Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78)

Disc 1
1. Sugaree [9:51]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:28]
3. They Love Each Other [7:12]
4. Looks Like Rain[7:59]
5. Dire Wolf [3:49]
6. It’s All Over Now[8:22]
7. Candyman [6:41]
8. Lazy Lightning> [3:27]
9. Supplication[5:27]
10. Deal[5:59]
11. Samson and Delilah [7:18]
12. Ship Of Fools[7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [12:42]
2. Eyes Of The World>[12:23]
3. Rhythm Devils>[7:56]
4. Space> [7:28]
5. Wharf Rat>[9:43]
6. Truckin’> [7:29]
7. Iko Iko> [7:23]
8. Around And Around [8:27]
9. Promised Land [4:13]

Show #4
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/7/78)

Disc 1
1. Jack Straw [5:49]
2. Candyman [6:40]
3. Me And My Uncle>[3:00]
4. Big River [5:53]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:36]
6. Cassidy [5:06]
7. Tennessee Jed [9:11]
8. Passenger [5:31]
9. Peggy-O [9:10]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:13]

Disc 2
1. Cold Rain And Snow [7:26]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:38]
3. Scarlet Begonias> [10:18]
4. Fire On The Mountain [8:10]

Disc 3
1. Dancing In The Street[8:57]
2. Rhythm Devils>[10:12]
3. Space> [6:09]
4. Not Fade Away> [11:04]
5. Black Peter>[10:29]
6. Around And Around [8:44]
7. U.S. Blues [5:55]
8. Johnny B. Goode [4:16]

Show #5 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/8/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha> [6:43]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:40]
3. Dire Wolf [4:07]
4. El Paso [4:25]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:16]
6. New Minglewood Blues [6:09]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:34]
8. Promised Land [4:37]
9. Deal [6:26]
10. Samson and Delilah [7:44]
11. Ship Of Fools [7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [13:08]
2. The Other One> [8:51]
3. Eyes Of The World> [10:34]
4. Rhythm Devils> [10:29]
5. Space> [5:03]
6. Wharf Rat> [8:43]
7. Franklin’s Tower [10:39]
8. Sugar Magnolia [9:31]

Disc 3
1. Terrapin Station> [10:54]
2. One More Saturday Night [5:13]
3. Werewolves Of London [6:44]


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icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

This show needs to go on sale for Holiday Help On The Way.
That might help boost some sales.

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Joined: Sep 28 2009
1699 left

Jan 14 Massachusetts holds day of fasting for wrongly persecuting "witches"
Jan 26 Venice, Poland & Austria sign Treaty of Carlowitz with Ottoman Empire
Feb 4 350 rebellious Streltsi executed in Moscow
Mar 4 Jews are expelled from Lübeck, Germany
Apr 14 Khalsa: Birth of Khalsa, the brotherhood of the Sikh religion, in Northern India in accordance with the Nanakshahi calendar
Jun 11 England, France & Netherlands agree on 2nd Extermination treaty of Spain
Jul 6 Pirate Captain William Kidd is captured in Boston
Sep 22 People of Rotterdam strike over high cost of butter
Nov 22 Treaty of Preobrasjensku Denmark/Russia/Saksen/Poland divide Sweden
Dec 3 Baron Jacob Hop appointed treasurer-general of the Hague
Dec 20 Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered Russian New Year changed from Sept 1 to Jan 1

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1717 left

Jan 4 Netherlands, Great Britain & France sign Triple Alliance
Jan 5 Prussian King Frederik Willem I buys conscript for nobles
Jan 14 German mob leader "Sjako" sentenced to death in Amsterdam
Feb 1 Henri d'Aguesseau's 1st appointment as chancellor of France
Mar 2 The Loves of Mars and Venus becomes the first ballet performed in England
Mar 31 A sermon on "The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ" by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, provokes the Bangorian Controversy
Jun 24 1st Free Masons' grand lodge founded in London
Jul 17 George Frideric Handel's "Water Music" premieres on the river Thames in London
Jul 28 Prussian king Frederik Willhelm I gives compulsory education to 5-12 yrs
Aug 1 Nicholas Rowe is appointed British Poet Laureate by George I
Aug 16 Prince Eugenius of Savoye occupies Belgrade
Aug 17 France, Russia & Prussia sign agreement
Aug 22 Spanish troops land on Sardinia
Nov 28 Blackbeard attacks a French merchant vessel called "La Concorde", which he would capture and rename as the "Queen Anne's Revenge"
Dec 5 English pirate Blackbeard ransacks the merchant sloop "Margaret" and keeps her captain, Henry Bostock prisoner for 8 hours before releasing him. Bostock later provides 1st record of Blackbeard's appearance, and the source for his name
Dec 25 Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces, thousands killed

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Joined: Oct 20 2015

Selling about 1 per day.
Slow but steady.....

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Joined: Sep 28 2009
1727 left

Apr 6 Denmark signs Covenant of Hannover
May 7 Jews are expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I of Russia
May 29 Peter II becomes Tsar of Russia aged 11
May 31 France, Britain & Netherlands sign accord of Paris
Jun 13 Spain underwrites Preliminairy of Paris
Jul 17 Simon van Slingelandt appointed Dutch pension advisor
Sep 8 A barn fire during a puppet show in the village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire, England kills 78 people, many of whom are children.
Oct 21 Russian & Chinese accord to correct boundaries
Oct 29 Severe earthquake in New England
Nov 12 France & Bavaria renew secret treaty
Nov 15 NY General assembly permits Jews to omit phrase "upon the faith of a Christian" from abjuration oath

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Joined: Sep 28 2009
1731 left

Jan 10 Charles Farnese becomes Duke of Parma and Piacenza
Feb 2 George Frideric Handel's opera "Poro" premieres in London
Mar 16 Treaty of Vienna signed by Prince Eugene of Savoy, Count Sinzendorf and Count Gundacker, Thomas Stahremberg and the British envoy to Vienna, Sir Thomas Robinson.
Mar 24 Jerome (aka Hieronimus) de Salis naturalised as British by Act of Parliamentary.
Apr 9 British mariner Robert Jenkins' ear cut off by Spanish Guarde Costa in the Caribbean, later catalyst for war between Britain & Spain
May 28 All Hebrew books in Papal State are confiscated
Jun 24 Freemason and Mayor of Philadelphia William Allen is appointed Provincial Grand Master of Pennsylvania, the first and youngest Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Jul 22 Spain signs Treaty of Vienna
Sep 3 Willem KH Friso installed as viceroy of Friesland
Nov 8 In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin opens 1st library in the north American colonies
Nov 30 Beijing hit by an earthquake; about 100,000 die
Dec 22 Dutch people revolt against meat tax
Dec 30 1st US music concert (Peter Pelham's great room in Boston)

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Joined: Sep 28 2009
1736 left

Jan 26 Stanislaw I of Poland abdicates his throne
Feb 5 Methodists John & Charles Wesley arrive in Savannah, Georgia
Feb 19 George Frideric Handel's "Alexander's Feast" premieres
Mar 31 Belleuve Hospital founded in a New York City almshouse - 1st public hospital in the US
Apr 20 French mathematician Pierre Louis Maupertuis begins Lapland expedition to measure latitude and shape of the earth, joined by fellow scientists Anders Celsius, Charles Etienne Louis Camus, Alexis Clairaut, and Pierre-Charles Le Monnier
May 26 Battle of Ackia (La), British & Chickasaw Indians defeat French
Dec 3 Astronomer Anders Celsius takes measurements that confirm Newton's theory that the earth was an ellipsoid rather than the previously accepted sphere

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

I haven’t told her yet.....
Just waiting for the right moment....

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009

Does Kate know about it?

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
David, Freudian slip

Ignore the secret affair that Kate and I are having....

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
I'm so going to hell

"after a detailed study of your posts, I still don't have a firm grasp on your feelings for this release..."

I first read 'posts' as 'penis'.

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014

I have, and I think HotRats provides an easily digestive entrée for initiates, much like Workingman's & Beauty are often recommended as an effective intro to the Dead. Don't get me wrong, consensus trax like Peaches are attractive - its like a soft blend fusion of jazz, indie, and RnR. Beyond a handful of stuff, though, I find myself straining to attach...and with so much else out there, I don't tarry on mixed material very long. As far as the GD community is concerned, however, you are in an overwhelming majority.

Per the little yellow ticket in my box tonight, Dylan is calling from behind the USPS counter, but it'll have to wait til Friday morning as loooong work/run/swim days preclude pick up b4. This evening on the trail it was Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, and a couple trax off the first disc of the Exile deluxe set (remastered original album)...I've come to regard that 5-year from Beggars through Soup as a nearly unprecedented sustained studio effort; Some Girls feels like it should've been #6 in the sequence as Black and OnlyRnR simply aren't on the same level.

I'm curious to hear about your progress along the early years' official release timeline; I imagine your at, or just past, the vaunted 4 shows that constitute the LiveDead killing grounds! 3/1 is one of my top 5 all-time...even the horrid Jude encore seems a necessary closing reminder that boys are - after all - human, though the preceding hours are enough to suggest otherwise.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Kings Beach Bowl

February 23 – Disc One
February 24 – Disc Two

Have you tried Hot Rats, Waka Jawaka and Grand Wazoo?

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014
Days between...

Seems an apt way of describing these days with multiple personalities twixt Fall and Winter.

DD, I have lovely floor to ceiling shelves in my study along the wall behind my desk which house my vinyl & cd collection, and a quick spin-n-survey reveals 19 releases through Bear' Choice (counting the 4 shows in the FW69 box as just one) in addition to the superb and largely underrated sets/shows from March 68, April 69, and January & February 70 through the D/L series. You've got your work cut out!

I love the King's Beach Bowl compilation; curiously, I've never seen a breakdown as to which tracks are attributable to which of the 2 shows (out of 3). This information vacuum is an anomaly in these days where we know just about everything about recording specs and the band's equipment for official releases. I dearly wonder what else might be available from that run.

Did the usb box come with the costume? With my love of Jazz and improvisational RnR, Zappa would seem a natural fit to my tastes, but try as a I might the music doesn't jibe with me - though the Halloween shows are raved about elsewhere. I don't own any of the other albums you listed, though Hitchhiker seems a likely future buy.

It was 28F when puppy & I hit the trailhead at dawn, and likely a bit cooler once we reached altitude, as the wind currents were stronger. My tastes ran to punk (pun not necessarily intended) as I began with Stiff Little Fingers' brilliant debut Inflammable Materials and then began working through Patti's catalogue starting with my favourite Radio Ethiopia, while making it through Easter and most of Prophet before ending. At that point, it was in the upper 40s and I'd stripped 2 layers from the torso in addition to a scarf and gloves. Hope y'all had a similarly beautiful day!

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Yeah Kate

I’m trying to come up with the words to extol the virtues of this magnificent Box that contains previously uncirculated shows along with the best sounding versions ever of the Red Rocks shows. Especially 7/7 which previously circulated as a mono recording that had been split into 2 channels.

I keep on trying,
But I could not get the point across.....

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
listening to

Right now I'm going through all the officially released GD concerts in order to titillate my GD sweet spot, starting in 1966. I'm sitting here listening to 2/24/68 King's Bowl Lake Tahoe Dick's Picks 22. I plan to go up to DP4 February 1970. Reliving my teenage years.

Before that I listened to

Neil Young - Hitchhiker
David Crosby - Sky Trail
Stills & Collins - Everybody Knows
Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics II and Acoustic Rarities
Chris Hillman - Biding My Time
Van Morrison - Roll With the Punches
Frank Zappa - 6 Halloween 1977 concerts from the USB stick box set
And some unofficial full concert 1974 GD soundboards that magically arrived in my mailbox - Oakland Coliseum 6/8, Providence Civic Center 6/26, Boston Garden 6/28 and Springfield Civic Center 6/30

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014
So Kid,

after a detailed study of your posts, I still don't have a firm grasp on your feelings for this release...

Hey Phil & DD. Curious as to what y'all are listening to, Dead or otherwise./K

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Slow flow of purchases......

I’d buy one....
But I already have one,
And it’s awesome!

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009

Betty Boxes, remain!

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
1773 left

Jan 6 Massachusetts slaves petition legislature for freedom
Jan 12 First public museum established in north American colonies (Charlestown, SC)
Event of interestEvent of Interest
Jan 17 Captain James Cook becomes 1st to cross Antarctic Circle (66° 33' S)
Feb 26 Construction authorized for Walnut St jail (Philadelphia) (1st solitary)
Mar 12 Jeanne Baptiste Pointe de Sable found settlement now known as Chicago
Mar 18 Oliver Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer" premieres in London
Apr 27 British Parliament passes Tea Act (Boston won't like this)
Jun 17 Cúcuta, Colombia is founded by Juana Rangel de Cuéllar
Jul 20 Scottish settlers arrive at Pictou, Nova Scotia (Canada)
Jul 21 Pope Clemens XIV bans Jesuits
Jul 29 1st schoolhouse west of Allegheny Mtns completed, Schoenbrunn, OH
Sep 11 Benjamin Franklin writes "There never was a good war or bad peace"
Oct 12 America's first asylum opens for 'Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds' in Virginia
Oct 13 The Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered by Charles Messier
Oct 14 The first recorded Ministry of Education, the Komisja Edukacji Narodowej (Polish for Commission of National Education), is formed in Poland.
Oct 14 American Revolutionary War: The United Kingdom's East India Company tea ships' cargo are burned at Annapolis, Maryland.
Nov 5 John Hancock is elected as moderator at a Boston town meeting that resolves that anyone who supports the Tea Act is an "Enemy to America"
Dec 16 Boston tea party incident - Sons of Liberty protesters throw tea shipments into Boston harbour in protest against British imposed Tea Act
Dec 18 A skirmish at Grass Cove in Queen Charlotte Sound results in the deaths of two Māori and nine members of Cook's expedition, New Zealand
Dec 26 Expulsion of tea ships from Philadelphia

Kayak Guy's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2015
Do you think

Do you think that the general poor sales of this box, which I think is better than the Barton Hall box, is because it demonstrates Keith's limitations and why he was asked to leave 9 months later?

People say it's too hot, bad mix, not enough variation in the set lists, but avoid the obvious problem and that is the band was ready to move on and some people didn't want to make the change.

Like at another time in the bands history, the core 5 move on and leave the keyboard player to be replaced.

This beautiful box documents that period in the band history with uncirculated tapes of a time many choose to ignore.

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014
"Oh, indeed" - Omar

It's a great set, Kid; but, at this point, I don't think anyone need worry that failure to sell out a box will impede such planned releases into the immediate future. TOO took a bit and RRox is still on the table, but the machine keeps rolling.

The Ark run may indeed be a consensus nominee, but I'd love to see Summer '73 or '74 (Jai Alai!). Yet, my 'mortal coil' shouldn't be burned by half yet, so I'll defer if time is of the essence.

Movie recommendation: I watch a good deal of film - from mainstream to indie to the local university's student screenings - and rarely have I been so moved by a performance as Sally Hawkins delivers in "Maudie". Nuanced, texturalized, and executed to perfection. Not to mention that, immediately thereafter, I went online and purchased a few of Lewis' prints from the Halifax art museum. How had I never heard of her? Then again, no one around these parts ever mentions Husker Du or Bob Mould's career post Du, and I've felt compelled to inhale the catalogue since discovery 6-8 weeks ago. Amazing stuff./K

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Ark Box

I want the inventory of this great box set to sell out so Dave can convince the accountants of the powers that be to green-light an Ark Box before we original Dead Freaks lose our hearing or shed our mortal coil (whichever comes first). :-(

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
But Kate

This release is quality.
But, so is Hampton 89 and that took years to sell out.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
1789 left

Jan 21 1st American novel, WH Brown's "Power of Sympathy" is published
Jan 23 Georgetown, 1st US Catholic college, founded
Jan 24 Louis XVI of France issues an edict calling for the convocation of the Estates-General, a major event in the French Revolution
Jan 26 John Odell signs contract for £336 to build St Peter's church in the Bronx
Feb 1 Chinese troops driven out of Vietnam capital Thang Long
Feb 4 1st US electoral college chooses George Washington as President and John Adams as Vice-President
Mar 2 Pennsylvania ends prohibition of theatrical performances
Mar 4 1st US Congress meets and declares constitution in effect (9 senators, 13 reps)
Mar 11 Benjamin Banneker and Pierre Charles L'Enfant begin to lay out Washington, D.C.
Apr 1 US House of Representatives 1st full meeting, NYC, F Muhlenberg 1st speaker
Apr 6 1st US Congress begins regular sessions, Federal Hall, NYC
Apr 8 First meeting of the US House of Representatives
Apr 16 George Washington heads for 1st presidential inauguration
Apr 21 John Adams sworn in as 1st US VP (9 days before Washington)
Apr 23 President-elect George Washington moves into Franklin House, NY
Apr 28 Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny on HMS Bounty against its captain William Bligh
Apr 30 George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States of America
May 5 French Estates-General meets for the first time since 1614 at Versailles, summoned King Louis XVI
May 7 First US Presidential inaugural ball (for George Washington in NYC)
May 12 Society of St Tammany is formed by Revolutionary War soldiers. It later becomes an infamous group of NYC political bosses
May 12 William Wilberforce makes his first major speech on abolition in the UK House of Commons, reasoning the slave trade morally reprehensible and an issue of natural justice
Jun 1 1st US congressional act becomes law (on administering oaths)
Jun 3 Alex Mackenzie explores Mackenzie River (Canada)
Jun 8 James Madison introduces a proposed Bill of Rights in the US House of Representatives
Jun 9 Spanish capture British schooner Northwest America near Vancouver Island
Jun 13 Mrs Alexander Hamilton serves ice cream for dessert to Washington
Jun 14 Capt William Bligh reaches Timor
Jun 17 French Revolution: During the meeting of the Estates-General, the Third Estate proclaims itself the 'National Assembly'
Jun 20 Tennis Court Oath (for a new constitution) in France made at Versailles
Jun 23 French King Louis XVI rejects the demands of the Third Estate, calling itself the National Assembly, during the opening stages of the French Revolution
Jun 27 French Revolution: King Louis XVI orders the nobility and clergy of the Estates-General to meet with the Third Estate, by then called the National Assembly
Jul 4 1st US tariff act signed by President Washington
Jul 6 French Revolution: the National Assembly forms a committee of thirty members to write a new constitution
Jul 9 French Revolution: the National Assembly renames itself the National Constituent Assembly
Jul 11 French King Louis XVI dismisses finance minister Jacques Necker, sparking riots in Paris
Jul 14 Bastille Day - the French Revolution begins with the fall of the Bastille Prison
Jul 15 Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, is named by acclamation colonel-general of the new National Guard of Paris.
Jul 16 French King Louis XVI reinstates Jacques Necker as finance minister following riots at his dismissal
Jul 27 US Congress establishes Department of Foreign Affairs now referred to as the State Department
Aug 1 US Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act
Aug 4 French Revolution: The National Constituent Assembly meets and issues the first decrees that abolish centuries of feudalism in France
Aug 7 US Congress creates Department of War & Lighthouse Service
Aug 23 French Revolution: The National Assembly proclaims freedom of religious opinions
Aug 24 French Revolution: The National Assembly proclaims freedom of speech
Aug 26 The National Constituent Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen at the beginning of the French Revolution
Aug 27 French National Assembly issues "Declaration of Rights of Man & Citizen"
Aug 28 William Herschel discovers Saturn's moon Enceladus
Sep 2 US Treasury Department established by Congress
Sep 11 Alexander Hamilton appointed 1st Secretary of Treasury
Sep 13 1st loan to US government (from NYC banks)
Sep 15 US Department of Foreign Affairs, renamed Department of State
Sep 17 William Herschel discovers Mimas, satellite of Saturn
Sep 18 1st loan is made to pay salaries of the presidents & Congress
Sep 22 US Congresspasses act requiring the first Postmaster General to report to the President through the Secretary of the Treasury
Sep 24 US Congress establishes Post Office Department following the new constitution
Sep 24 US Federal Judiciary Act is passed & creates a six-person Supreme Court
Sep 24 President George Washington nominates John Jay the 1st Chief Justice
Sep 24 US Attorney General Office is created
Sep 25 US Congress proposes the Bill of Rights
Sep 26 4th US Postmaster General: Samuel Osgood of Mass takes office
Sep 26 Thomas Jefferson appointed 1st US Secretary of State; John Jay becomes 1st US Chief Justice
Sep 26 Edmund J Randolph becomes 1st US Attorney General
Sep 29 US War Dept established a regular army
Oct 2 George Washington transmits the proposed Constitutional amendments (The United States Bill of Rights) to the States for ratification
Oct 3 Washington proclaims 1st national Thanksgiving Day on Nov 26
Oct 5 French Revolution: Women of Paris march to Versailles in the March on Versailles to confront Louis XVI about his refusal to promulgate the decrees on the abolition of feudalism, demand bread, and have the King and his court moved to Paris
Oct 6 French Revolution: Louis XVI returns to Paris from Versailles after being confronted by the Parisian women on 5 October
Oct 12 French Revolution: King Louis XVI writes secretly to the King of Spain about complaining of harsh treatment; the Count of Artois writes to the Austrian king requesting military intervention in France
Oct 15 1st presidental tour-George Washington in New England
Oct 21 French Revolution: The National Assembly declares martial law in France to prevent uprisings
Nov 5 Fleeing slaves under Bonni attack military post on Suriname
Nov 5 French National Meeting declares all citizens equal under law
Nov 6 Pope Pius VI appoints Father John Carroll as the first Catholic bishop in the United States.
Nov 8 Bourbon Whiskey 1st distilled from corn by Elijah Craig in Bourbon, Kentucky
Nov 13 Ben Franklin writes "Nothing . . . certain but death & taxes"
Nov 20 New Jersey is 1st state to ratify Bill of Rights
Nov 21 North Carolina ratifies constitution, becomes 12th US state
Nov 26 1st national Thanksgiving in America

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014

Your devotion to a human historical chronology of unsold copies is as intriguing as it is inexplicable. Keep the candle burning.

I cannot be sure that the title of your last post correlated with Kid's "dumbfounded" observation; however, if so, I should say that I've achieved a state of counterpoint: I think we have so many nice things - with the promise of so much more to come, and on a clockwork release schedule - that appreciation for each is diminished. This is less a problem than an observation; historically, complaints centered around too few official releases from a prodigious vault, so the current regimen is clearly preferable - especially with regard to previously uncirculated material.

Non Sequitur: I was pleased to see some love for Greta Van Fleet elsewhere on the site; in the same category of new music that is 'historically inspired, but not imitation', The Necromancers** seem to have emerged directly from metal's primordial soup with the likes of Sabbath and Heap; had they been around in '70, their DNA would be found in every child of the genre today.

**Dreadful name, but this is area has always been problematic for metal and hard rock bands who often seem inclined toward monickers that mirror the intrigues of a pubescent male mind.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
This is why we can't have nice things

1798 left

Jan 1 Russia appoints 1st Jewish censor to censor Hebrew books
Jan 8 11th Amendment ratified, judicial powers construed
Jan 22 Coup d'état in Batavian Republic
Jan 30 Rep Matthew Lyon (Vt) spits in face of Rep Roger Griswold (Ct) in US House of Representatives, after an argument
Feb 2 Federal St Theater, Boston, becomes 1st in US destroyed by fire
Feb 10 Louis Alexandre Berthier invades Rome (15th February proclaim a Roman Republic, 20th February take Pope Pius VI prisoner)
Feb 20 Louis Alexandre Berthier removes Pope Pius VI from power.
Mar 4 Catholic women force to do penance for kindling sabbath fire for Jews
Mar 7 The French army enters Rome: the birth of the Roman Republic.
Mar 9 Dr George Balfour becomes 1st naval surgeon in the US navy
Mar 29 Republic of Switzerland forms
Apr 7 Mississippi Territory organized
Apr 23 Dutch emperor accepts new Constitution
Apr 30 US Department of the Navy forms
May 24 Irish Rebellion of 1798 led by the United Irishmen against British rule begins.
May 26 British kill about 500 Irish insurgents at the Battle of Tara
May 27 The Battle of Oulart Hill takes place in Wexford, Ireland.
Jun 5 The Battle of New Ross: The attempt to spread United Irish Rebellion into Munster is defeated.
Jun 7 Jews of Pesaro Italy fast commemorating murder of Jews
Jun 7 Thomas Malthus publishes the first edition of his influential 'Essay on the Principle of Population' (date of the unsigned preface)
Jun 13 Mission San Luis Rey de Francia founded in California
Jun 25 US passes Alien Act allowing president to deport dangerous aliens
Jul 1 Napoleon's fleet reaches Alexandria Egypt
Jul 6 US law makes aliens "liable to be apprehended, restrained, ... & removed as alien enemies"
Jul 7 Quasi-War: the U.S. Congress rescinds treaties with France sparking the 'war.'
Jul 11 US Marine Corps established by an act of Congress
Jul 14 1st direct US federal tax on states-on dwellings, land & slaves
Jul 14 US Sedition Act prohibits "false, scandalous & malicious" writing against government
Jul 16 US Public Health Service forms & US Marine Hospital authorized
Jul 21 Napoleon Bonaparte wins Battle of Pyramids in Egypt
Jul 23 Napoleon captures Alexandria, Egypt
Aug 1 Battle of the Nile: British Royal Navy under Admiral Horatio Nelson attacks and decimates the French fleet at Aboukir Bay off the Nile Delta, Egypt
Aug 2 Battle of the Nile: British Royal Navy under Admiral Horatio Nelson further decimates the French fleet
Aug 3 Battle of the Nile: British Admiral Horatio Nelson forces the remnants of the French fleet to surrender, concluding a decisive victory for the British who capture or destroy 11 French ships of the line and 2 frigates
Aug 22 French troops land in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion.
Aug 27 Battle of Castlebar, Ireland: French army and Irish rebels rout a larger the British force
Sep 1 Britain signs treaty with Nizam of Hyderabad, India
Sep 2 First bank robbery in the US: Bank of Pennsylvania robbed of $162,821 at Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia
Sep 3 Battle of St. George's Caye: Week long battle begins between the Spanish Empire and Great Britain off the coast of Belize
Sep 5 New conscription law goes into effect in France
Sep 10 British Honduras beats Spain in battle of St George
Oct 12 Flemish uprising against French occupied Boerenkrijg
Oct 12 Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Lager" premieres in Weimar
Nov 16 Kentucky becomes first state to nullify an act of Congress
Nov 17 -21) Snow storms in New England, hundreds die
Nov 27 Rabbi Shneur Zalman, author (Tanya), released from St Petersburg jail
Dec 4 Rebellious Flemish farmers occupy Hasselt
Dec 5 Dutch troops occupy Hasselt
Dec 14 David Wilkinson of Rhode Island patents a nut & bolt machine
Dec 17 1st impeachment trial against a US senator (William Blount, Tennessee) begins
Dec 24 Russia & Britain sign Second anti-French Coalition

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Dumbfounding that this still hasn’t sold out

It’s a gem!

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1817 left

Historical Events 1817

Jan 7 2nd Bank of US opens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 18 José de San Martín leads a revolutionary army over the Andes to attack Spanish royalists in Chile
Jan 22 British freighter Diana sinks off Malaya
Jan 25 Rossini's opera "La Cenerentola" premieres in Rome
Jan 31 Franz Grillparzer's "Die Ahnfrau" premieres in Vienna
Feb 5 1st US gas co incorporated, Baltimore (coal gas for street lights)
Feb 17 1st US city lit by gas (Baltimore)
Mar 2 1st Evangelical church building dedicated, New Berlin, Pennsylvania
Mar 3 Mississippi Territory is divided into Alabama Territory & Mississippi
Mar 8 The New York Stock Exchange is founded.
Mar 25 Tsar Alexander I recommends formation of Society of Israeli Christians
Apr 15 1st American school for the deaf opens (Hartford, Connecticut)
Apr 17 1st US school for deaf (Hartford, Connecticut)
Apr 22 Curacao prohibits use of white paint due to fierce sunlight
May 15 Ambonese uprising against Dutch authority (modern Indonesia), under Thomas Matulesia (aka Kapitan Pattimura)
May 15 Opening of the first private mental health hospital in the United States, the Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason (now Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
May 16 Mississippi River steamboat service begins
Jul 4 Chief Engineer James Geddes begins construction on the Erie Canal, (Rome, New York), one of the first great engineering works in North America
Jul 12 1st flower show held (Dannybrook, County Cork, Ireland)
Jul 12 Karl Drais von Sauerbronn demonstrates bicycle course
Aug 18 60-70ft sea serpent sightings reported offshore in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Sep 9 Alexander Twilight, probably first African American to graduate from a US college, receives BA degree at Middlebury College
Sep 22 John Quincy Adams becomes US Secretary of State
Oct 9 University of Gent officially opens
Oct 20 1st Mississippi "Showboat" leaves Nashville on maiden voyage
Nov 20 First Seminole War begins in Florida
Nov 25 First sword swallower in US performs (NYC)
Nov 27 US soldiers attack Florida Indian village, beginning Seminole War
Dec 10 Mississippi admitted as 20th state of the Union
Dec 16 Leaders of Molukkas uprising hanged in Ambon

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1838 left

Jan 1 1st official horse race in South Australia-Adelaide
Jan 6 The forerunner of Morse code, the telegraph system, is first demonstrated by Alfred Vail
Jan 8 Rebellion at Amherstburg, Ontario breaks out
Jan 11 First public demonstration of telegraph message sent using dots & dashes at Speedwell Ironworks, Morristown, New Jersey by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail
Jan 26 Tennessee enacts the first prohibition law in the United States
Feb 16 Kentucky passes law permitting women to attend school under conditions
Feb 16 Weenen Massacre: Hundreds of Voortrekkers along the Blaukraans River, Natal are killed by Zulu warriors
Feb 25 London pedestrian walks 20 miles backward then forward in 8 hours
Feb 28 Robert Nelson, leader of the Patriotes, proclaims the independence of Lower Canada (today Québec)
Mar 3 Rebellion at Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada
Mar 6 Franz Grillparzer's "Weh dem, der Lugt" premieres in Vienna
Mar 8 US mint in New Orleans begins operation (producing dimes)
Apr 8 Steamship "Great Western" maiden voyage (Bristol, England, to NYC)
Apr 9 UK National Gallery re-opens in its new dedicated building in Trafalgar Square, London
Apr 22 English steamship "Sirius" docks in NYC after crossing the Atlantic, first transatlantic steam passenger service
Apr 23 English steamship "Great Western" crossing Atlantic docks in NYC
Apr 27 Fire destroys half of Charleston
Apr 30 Nicaragua declares independence from Central American federation
Jun 10 Myall Creek Massacre in Australia: 28 Aboriginal Australians are murdered.
Jun 11 Iowa Territory is organized
Jun 12 Hopkins Observatory, dedicated in Williamstown, Mass
Jun 12 Iowa Territory forms with Burlington as its capital
Jun 28 Coronation of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey, London
Jul 4 Huskar Colliery Mining Disaster in Silkstone England: mining pit floods drown 26 children, leads to 1842 'Mines and Collieries Act' bans women and children working underground
Jul 7 Central American federation is dissolved
Jul 8 Arabs attack Jewish community of Safed
Aug 1 Apprenticeship system abolished in most of the British Empire. Former slaves no longer indentured to former owners.
Aug 18 United States Exploring Expedition headed by Charles Wilkes departs for the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica
Sep 3 Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery disguised as a sailor
Sep 5 Central Museum opens in Utrecht Netherlands
Sep 10 Hector Berlioz' opera "Benvenuto Cellini" premieres in Paris
Sep 18 Anti-Corn Law League established by Richard Cobden
Sep 19 Ephraim Morris patents railroad brake
Sep 24 Anti-Corn-Law League forms to repeal English Corn Law
Oct 1 Civil Code enforced (- Jan 1, 1992)
Oct 27 Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issues the Extermination Order, which orders all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated.
Nov 3 The Times of India, world's largest circulated English language daily broadsheet newspaper founded as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce
Nov 5 Honduras declares independence of Central American Federation
Nov 8 Victor Hugo's "Ruy Blas" premieres in Paris
Nov 30 Mexico declares war on France
Dec 16 Boers beat Zulu chieftain Dingaan in South Africa
Dec 16 Battle of Blood River: Zulu impis defeated by Voortrekkers in South Africa (Great Trek)

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Digital Downloads?

Any news on when digital downloads will be up and running again?

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pvcnova , take A hike

And come back with some magic mushrooms. Or complaints are going to start rolling your way. Hahahahah

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The answer is A.

Less cool: some b.s., or calling out some b.s.?

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1852 left

1852 in History

January 1
1st U.S. public bath opens, in New York City
Netherlands begins issuing postage stamps
January 3
1st Chinese arrive in Hawaii
January 17
British recognize independence of Transvaal (in South Africa)
February 2
1st British public men's toilet opens (Fleet St. London)
Alexandre Dumas Jr's "Le Dame aux Camelias," premieres in Paris
February 11
1st British public female toilet opens (Bedford Street London)
February 15
Great Ormond St. Hospital for Sick Children, London, admits 1st patient
February 26
British frigate Birkenhead sinks off South Africa-458 die
March 7
Dutch telegraph traffic regulated by law
March 13
Uncle Sam cartoon figure made its debut in the New York Lantern weekly
March 20
Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" published (Boston)
March 25
Friedrich Hebbel's "Agnes Bernauer," premieres in Munich
March 29
Ohio makes it illegal for children under 18 and women to work more than 10 hours a day
April 19
California Historical Society forms
April 29
1st edition of Peter Roget's Thesaurus published
April 30
Anton Rubinsteins opera "Dmitri Donskoi," premieres in St. Petersburg
May 18
Massachusetts rules all school-age children must attend school
July 3
Congress authorizes U.S.'s 2nd mint (San Francisco, California)
July 9
Fire destroys 1,100 construction sites in Montreal Canada and no one die
July 23
1st interment in U.S. National Cemetery at Presidio
July 31
Hottest July in Netherlands since at least 1783 (68.4 degrees F (20.2 degrees C) avg)
August 1
San Francisco Methodists establish 1st black church, Zion Methodist
August 3
1st intercollegiate rowing race, Harvard beats Yale by 4 lengths
August 20
Steamer "Atlantic" collided with fishing boat, sinks with 250 aboard
September 3
Anti Jewish riots break out in Stockholm
September 11
Olympia Columbian is 1st newspaper published north of Columbia R
September 14
18th Postmaster General: Samuel D Hubbard of Connecticut takes office
September 24
Henri Giffard, a French engineer, makes 1st dirigible flight
September 27
George L Aiken's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," premieres in Troy, New York
October 16
Dutch Government recognize Catholics right to organize
November 2
Franklin Pierce elected as president of U.S.
November 18
State funeral of duke of Wellington (London)
November 20
Charles Reade/Tom Taylor's "Masks and Faces," premieres in London
November 21
Duke U, founded in 1838 as Union Institute chartered as Normal College
November 23
Just past midnight, a sharp jolt causes Lake Merced to drop 30' (9m)
December 1
Telegraph company opens throughout Netherlands
December 2
2nd French empire established; Louis Napoleon becomes emperor
December 8
Gustav Freytag's "Die Journalisten," premieres in Breslau
December 17
1st Hawaiian cavalry organized
December 23
1st Chinese theater in U.S., Celestial John, opens in San Francisco
December 29
Emma Snodgrass arrested in Boston for wearing pants
December 31
Future president and Mrs. Rutherford B Hayes marry

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1870 left

For the 1870 census, enumerators recorded demographic information on the following topics, organized by column number:

Number of dwelling house, by order of visitation from enumerator
Number of family, by order of visitation from enumerator
Color - Enumerators could mark "W" for White, "B" for Black, "M" for Mulatto, "C" for Chinese [a category which included all east Asians], or "I" for American Indian.
Profession, occupation, or trade
Value of real estate
Value of personal estate
Place of birth - State or territory of the United States or foreign country
Was the person's father of foreign birth?
Was the person's mother of foreign birth?
If the person was born within the last year, which month?
If the person was married within the last year, which month?
Did the person attend school within the last year?
Can the person not read?
Can the person not write?
Is the person deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic?
Is the person a male citizen of the United States of 21 years or upwards?
Is the person a male citizen of the United States of 21 years or upwards whose right to vote is denied or abridged on grounds other than "rebellion or other crime?"

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not cool

marye doesn't need me to defend her, but not cool, pvcnova.

marye is a blessing to these boards. She has gone way above and beyond the call of duty to help those with problems here. In my book if she says something, it's true.

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Uhhhhhhh huh.

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per the above

the tech folks are working on some issues and the downloads will return when said issues are resolved.

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Ralphie set up these digital downloads

"Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

Where are the downloads? Or did Rhino realize no one wants to shell out $140 for, basically, three shows?

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1886 left


October 28: Statue of Liberty dedicated.
February 14 – The first train load of oranges leaves Los Angeles via the transcontinental railroad.
March – Anti-Chinese sentiments result in riots in Seattle, USA.
March 17 – Carrollton Massacre: 20 African Americans are killed in Mississippi.
May 1 – A general strike begins in the United States, which escalates into the Haymarket Riot and eventually wins the eight-hour workday in the U.S.
May 8 – Pharmacist Dr. John Stith Pemberton invents a carbonated beverage that would be named Coca-Cola.
May 17 – Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that corporations have the same rights as living persons.
May 29 – Pharmacist John Pemberton begins to advertise Coca-Cola (advertisement in the Atlanta Journal).
June 2 – U.S. President Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom in the White House, becoming the only president to wed in the executive mansion. She is 28 years his junior.
June 9 – The centennial of the Stoughton Musical Society is celebrated.
July 23 – Steve Brodie fakes a jump from the Brooklyn Bridge.
August 20 – A massive hurricane demolishes the town of Indianola, Texas.
August 31 – The 6.9–7.3 Mw Charleston earthquake affects southeastern South Carolina with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme). Sixty people were killed and damage is estimated at $5–6 million.
September 4 – Indian Wars: After almost 30 years of fighting, Apache leader Geronimo surrenders with his last band of warriors to General Nelson Miles at Skeleton Canyon in Arizona.
October 28 – In New York Harbor, U.S. President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty.
Undated – Father Augustine Tolton, the first Roman Catholic priest from the United States to proclaim himself African American, is ordained in Rome.


Gilded Age (1869–c. 1896)

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...let's do this, and then I'll get back to killing you with beer."

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"Lisa, do want a donut?"

"Do you have any fruit?"
"This one has purple. Purple's a fruit."

Joined: Apr 1 2008
Bart: "Dad, have you been licking toads?"

Homer: "I have not not been licking toads."

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Homer in the sensory deprivation tank

He sang The Witchdoctor song.


"Marge, if this is about laying off the insanity peppers I'm way ahead of you."

Joined: Apr 1 2008

Lisa while in the sensory deprivation tank: "How am I supposed to hallucinate with all these swirling colors distracting me?"

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More of Homer's Wisdom

"When a woman says nothing's wrong, it means everything's wrong. When a woman says everything's wrong, it means everything's wrong. And when a woman says that something isn't funny, you better not laugh your ass off."

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Homer's advice

To Bart & Lisa
"Trying is the first step to failure. "

So true...

Joined: Apr 1 2008
Marge Simpson:

"The only thing I'm high on is Love for my Son and Daughters. Yes, a little LSD is all I need."

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(Smoke wafting around) Bart: "smells like Otto's jacket"

(While watching Peter Frampton)
Otto's friend: "wow, that guy's guitar is talking".
Otto: "wow, my shoes are talking"

Billy Corgan to Homer: "Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins"
Homer in response: "Homer Simpson, smiling politely"

Joined: Apr 1 2008
This could go on for awhile!

Marge (to Homer): So you want to go on tour with a traveling freak show.
Homer: I don't think I have a choice, Marge.
Marge: Of course you have a choice.
Homer: How do you figure?
Marge: You don't have to join a freak show just because the opportunity came along.
Homer: You know, Marge, in some ways, you and I are very different people.

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