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July 1978: The Complete Recordings

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What's Inside:

Five Complete Shows on 12 discs
7/1/78 Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO
7/3/78 St. Paul Civic Center Arena: St. Paul, MN
7/5/78 Omaha Civic Auditorium: Omaha, NE
7/7/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
7/8/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Morrison, CO
Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman
Artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope
Intro and show-by-show liner notes by Nicholas Meriwether
Producer's Note by David Lemieux
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 15,000
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Announcing July 1978: The Complete Recordings

Are you ready for "Betty"? If you just said it's about time, we couldn't agree more! We’re pleased to announce JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS, five incredible unreleased shows and the first official release from the long-lost “Betty Boards,” recently returned to the Grateful Dead’s vault. Follow the Dead on a sonic journey through a superb selection of settings, an often epic adventure that finds them winning over Willie and Waylon fans in Kansas City, conjuring charisma in Omaha, and elevating the Red Rocks beyond their already spiritual planes. With five distinct performances painting the masterpiece of 1978, Betty Cantor-Jackson's always-pristine soundboard recordings, and the "hall-of-fame pedigree" of the Dead's first-ever shows at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, this is one release that far exceeds excellence in music, sound quality, and rarity.

Limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies, JULY 1978: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS includes Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (7/1/78), St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78), Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78), and Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison CO (7/7/78 and 7/8/78) - all of the performances in this collection are drawn from the band’s master soundboard recordings, each newly mastered by Jeffrey Norman. The set also features original artwork by esteemed cartoonist Paul Pope (D.C. and Marvel comics) and in-depth liner notes written by Nick Meriwether (Grateful Dead Archives at the University of California, Santa Cruz), as well as a producer’s note from producer David Lemieux.

Due May 13th, we anticipate that this extraordinary box will sell out. Your best bet is to pre-order it now, then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the exclusive content we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks right here.

Looking for something a little more byte-sized? The collection will also be available for HD digital download in FLAC and ALAC, exclusively at, on release day.

Listening Party: July 8, 1978

“Ramble On Rose"
“Wharf Rat"
“Werewolves of London"

Listening Party: July 7, 1978

“Tennessee Jed"
“Not Fade Away>Black Peter"

Listening Party: July 5, 1978

“It's All Over Now"
“Looks Like Rain"

Listening Party: July 3, 1978

"Dancing In The Street"

Listening Party: July 1, 1978

"Estimated Prophet>"
"The Other One>"
"Wharf Rat>"
"Around And Around"

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On July 1978

First Listen: "Wharf Rat" 7/8/78

Head on over to for an exclusive sneak preview of "Wharf Rat" from the July 8th Red Rocks show.

Product Details

Show #1
Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO (7/1/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [7:02]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:30]
3. Tennessee Jed [8:49]
4. Jack Straw [6:03]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:20]
6. Me And My Uncle [2:56]
7. Big River [5:16]

Disc 2
1. Terrapin Station> [11:01]
2. Playing In The Band> [8:56]
3. Rhythm Devils> [8:51]
4. Space> [3:51]
5. Estimated Prophet> [11:05]
6. The Other One>[5:13]
7. Wharf Rat> [10:01]
8. Around And Around [8:25]
9. Johnny B. Goode [4:15]

Show #2
St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN (7/3/78)

Disc 1
1. New Minglewood Blues [5:40]
2. Loser [7:35]
3. Looks Like Rain [7:51]
4. Ramble On Rose [7:25]
5. Mexicali Blues> [3:26]
6. Mama Tried> [3:24]
7. Peggy-O [8:09]
8. Cassidy [5:08]
9. Deal> [6:13]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:20]

Disc 2
1. Scarlet Begonias> [10:16]
2. Fire On The Mountain[9:39]
3. Dancing In The Street> [13:32]
4. Rhythm Devils> [11:10]
5. Not Fade Away> [6:46]
6. Stella Blue> [10:51]

7. Sugar Magnolia [9:19]
8. Werewolves Of London [7:12]

Show #3
Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE (7/5/78)

Disc 1
1. Sugaree [9:51]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:28]
3. They Love Each Other [7:12]
4. Looks Like Rain[7:59]
5. Dire Wolf [3:49]
6. It’s All Over Now[8:22]
7. Candyman [6:41]
8. Lazy Lightning> [3:27]
9. Supplication[5:27]
10. Deal[5:59]
11. Samson and Delilah [7:18]
12. Ship Of Fools[7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [12:42]
2. Eyes Of The World>[12:23]
3. Rhythm Devils>[7:56]
4. Space> [7:28]
5. Wharf Rat>[9:43]
6. Truckin’> [7:29]
7. Iko Iko> [7:23]
8. Around And Around [8:27]
9. Promised Land [4:13]

Show #4
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/7/78)

Disc 1
1. Jack Straw [5:49]
2. Candyman [6:40]
3. Me And My Uncle>[3:00]
4. Big River [5:53]
5. Friend Of The Devil [8:36]
6. Cassidy [5:06]
7. Tennessee Jed [9:11]
8. Passenger [5:31]
9. Peggy-O [9:10]
10. The Music Never Stopped [8:13]

Disc 2
1. Cold Rain And Snow [7:26]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:38]
3. Scarlet Begonias> [10:18]
4. Fire On The Mountain [8:10]

Disc 3
1. Dancing In The Street[8:57]
2. Rhythm Devils>[10:12]
3. Space> [6:09]
4. Not Fade Away> [11:04]
5. Black Peter>[10:29]
6. Around And Around [8:44]
7. U.S. Blues [5:55]
8. Johnny B. Goode [4:16]

Show #5 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (7/8/78)

Disc 1
1. Bertha> [6:43]
2. Good Lovin’ [6:40]
3. Dire Wolf [4:07]
4. El Paso [4:25]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:16]
6. New Minglewood Blues [6:09]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:34]
8. Promised Land [4:37]
9. Deal [6:26]
10. Samson and Delilah [7:44]
11. Ship Of Fools [7:29]

Disc 2
1. Estimated Prophet> [13:08]
2. The Other One> [8:51]
3. Eyes Of The World> [10:34]
4. Rhythm Devils> [10:29]
5. Space> [5:03]
6. Wharf Rat> [8:43]
7. Franklin’s Tower [10:39]
8. Sugar Magnolia [9:31]

Disc 3
1. Terrapin Station> [10:54]
2. One More Saturday Night [5:13]
3. Werewolves Of London [6:44]


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Joined: Sep 28 2009
Heartbreak Hotel
mdboucher's picture
Joined: Apr 2 2009
Thanks so much

thought it was too late to download

Everybody should check this one out

Joined: Sep 28 2009
30 days

You can get it here.

mdboucher's picture
Joined: Apr 2 2009
In case you missed it, and an appeal

Crazy Fingers from this year's 30 days of Dead (7/13/76), is just spectacular. 15 minutes of perfection, 2 great long jams. I had missed downloading and saw it on Spotify a couple weeks ago, can't quit listening to it.
On a related note, anyone that downloaded it when it was up feel like sharing? I'm guessing since it's just a single file it could be emailed. PM me if you wouldn't mind it.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Patience is a virtur but ...

Still no sign of my copy of the July 78 box in Melbourne, Australia. This is the first time in quite a while I have had any ordering or delivery problem.

Happy Trails

Joined: Sep 15 2009

I listen to Captain Beefheart more than I listen to Zappa.

Joined: Mar 24 2016
Garcia Live 6

Being that I've not heard much of Jerry outside his usual setting, I am enjoying this set. The mystery trumpeter adds to the fun, as they get jazzy on Valentine and beyond. I have vol4 and that didn't hit me as anything superb, but this new 6 is making the smiles happen. I enjoy the jazzy take on most of the tunes, and Jerrys playing is a new road here for me. Most of you know his chops much much better than I, admittingly but this is a solid CD for me. I took it on a 4 hour ride this past weekend and enjoyed it immensely.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Unforgiven

Classic. I missed that. I just assumed Minas was going to 'off' me.'s picture
Joined: Aug 6 2013

Ole Two-gun "Corky" Corcoran.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
"Stella Blue"

Agree 11.4.77 is top class performance,, when bolo24 revealed the Show for Riddle my mind wandered to a few shows around same date of 10.7.77

The two shows that appeared - 10.12.77

And 9.29.77 , which includes a stellar "Stella Blue" on a similar level as 11.4.77 and 4.21.78

MinasMorgul's picture
Joined: Feb 4 2015

Duck I says.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Santa Rosa, Garcia Live

David, they played part of this Santa Rosa show on Today in GD History this am..(perhaps you caught it), Good timing, good show.

Up at dawn this am, which this time of the year is way too early. Went down for a soak before I started my day and caught my first listens of the '73 Garcia Live release as the sun came up. I have to admit.. I just had time for My Funny Valentine and Keepers. I thought the version of Valentine they released on Keystone sounded a little more powerful, but I did like what I heard and didn't find it particularly coked out.. but I skipped disc 1. Just after Keepers people were scurrying in the house and I had to put it down. To be revisited, but consider me in the happy with this release camp so far.

More to come... so far so good.

Joined: Sep 11 2007
speedy Eyes

I too hated Eyes played at breakneck pace, often sloppy mush and evoking a very different mood from the original vibe... #2 or #3 on my personal not-what-I-ditched-everything-for shit list from my early days as a tourhound. Thanks to whoever reminded us of that fabulous Giants Stadium show opener in '91, definitely a great night of inspired playing.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
GarciaLive vol. 6: comments?

Ever since this forum -- that is, where the usual suspects hang out between DaP releases -- digressed to whether pork chops should touch the mashed potatoes I haven't worried about being "off topic"...

Listened last night to disc one of GarciaLive 6 and here are some thoughts:

It's either super-strong weed, blow or the electric lady, but these guys are on sumpin' and it ain't kool-aid! (Oh wait, perhaps "ice water" is a better analogy here.) The "tunes" really get loose and out there pretty quick and I can feel Jer trying to reel it in, perhaps as he's the singer. (Though without a singer keeping it straight, After Midnight can get loopy pretty quickly.) Also, the tempo is super fast and Jer is having pick much faster than even fast-pickin' Jer normally does. That suggests Peruvian marching powder, to me.

By the same token, nothing wrong with the foregoing, because this is a tiny bar and if the boys wished to catch a buzz and get crazy, that's their business. In that sense, this is a good record (yes, I still must explore discs 2 and 3 and will soon) of an impromptu jam that gets loose and out there -- not designed to be tight and release-worthy. And here, it's a far far better loose and out there than the trashy, incoherent GarciaLive 5 from the Nicky Hopkins' New Yrs meltdown set... I could just feel Jer getting pissed at Hopkins during that set and, indeed, Nicky never returned after his "performance" that night.

All that said, my third notion is that it is nothing short of remarkable how the band on GarciaLive 6 is the same band that, one week later, turned out the laid back, groovy, soulful sets that became the classic Garcia & Saunders material. I've seen it in outtakes of Hendrix, where 2-3 shitty takes are followed by a magnificent master recording, and I know from personal experience how "loose and out there" can become laid back and soulful when one is shocked/disturbed by one's own performance -- or, simply, when the medications wear off and you're feeling more like the person you saw in the mirror that morning.

So, mysteries abound. I'll have more thoughts to disturb y'all after I sip cold tequila and audition the remaining discs. I know you're holding your breath..............

Thats_Otis's picture
Joined: May 12 2011
Highlight of the Day...

Walk up to the market to grab some stuff for dinner, (fish tacos, oh yeah!) While strolling, I decide to listen to set II of Hartford, 10/15/83. Get my groceries and head back as the sky darkens with thunder clouds. Get into the house just as Drums is ending, and I go sit on my back deck and watch the thunder clouds swirl like ominous fractals as that gentle Space flows through my earbuds... at the first HUGE crack of lightning and thunder, the boys drop into that rocking 'St. Stephen', the hair stands up on the back of my neck, and I take the dog inside for cover.

Summer time with the Grateful Dead. Gotta love it :)

If you haven't heard this show, I recommend it, (at least the second set, though the first set has some good tunes in it too... 'Day Job' ;) This was the show the night after the infamous and much maligned 'DP6.' Don't let that scare you away from this one though!

Happy days to you all!

Joined: Nov 1 2012
double post


Joined: Nov 1 2012
Stella Blue

I, too, like all eras of this song and the 1978 versions are stellar! I was at 10/10/94 Capital Centre and thought while certainly there are better versions,Jerry really but his heart into this one....check it out sometime :)

Joined: Sep 28 2009
Santa Rosa

Bobby sings while Jerry plays pedal steel on Dire Wolf. Officially released as Workingman's Dead bonus track.

Psychedelia and Americana combo. TC on organ.

Veterans Auditorium - Santa Rosa, CA
Set 1:
Mama Tried
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Me And My Uncle
Casey Jones
Dire Wolf
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Green Green Grass Of Home
It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Veterans Auditorium - Santa Rosa, CA
Set 1:
Silver Threads
Mama Tried
Me And My Uncle
Doin' That Rag
High Time
I'm A King Bee
Sitting On Top Of The World
Turn On Your Love Light

Doin' That Rag and High Time are awesome. Pig really shines on King Bee and Lovelight

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Speaking of Winterland '73

They are playing the epic 11/11/73 on SiriusXM today. Enjoying the sixth ever To Lay Me Down as I write this and looking forward to the spell bounding Dark Star>Mind Left Body>Eyes of the World>China Doll later this afternoon.

Sorry, no Stella, but a great China Doll in its place.

Isn't 11/11/73 some sort of lucky number or lucky day? We need to be better prepared for the next artwork challenge.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Stella Blue

I'm sure there are better versions but other 'legendary' examples are 4/21/78 (So Many Roads disc 3) and 'From Egypt with Love' RT 1.4. I especially like the Winterland one with the SBD to Audience splice.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Otis.. my man

Check your PM..

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Stella DaP12

I listened to 11/4/77 last week an this stood out to me as an amazing version. Empassioned. X-Factor. Get some.

11/4/77 is a really good show but I can't get over the hyper-fast Eyes. Whereas 9/3/77 and 10/29/77 are the poster children for a mellow, jazzy Eyes as I recently mentioned, 11/4/77 is very fast and feels rushed. Not my bag. The rest of the show rocks.

They also played Eyes the following night on 11/5/77 and it was much more jazzy - almost on par with 10/29/77 and 9/3/77. Almost...

Joined: Jan 13 2010
always love synchronicity

listening to VU's Loaded. visiting Rolling Story about Bill Graham. I read it while "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" plays.

Love it.

Thats_Otis's picture
Joined: May 12 2011

I am enjoying the heck out of this Merriweather 84 show mentioned yesterday, but Archives keeps freezing on me, (Error loading media: File could not be played message,) right in the middle of great jams! Problem is, you have to restart the entire song, and I was just knee-deep in this 'Slipknot.' This seems to have been happening more and more, both at home and at work... Has anyone else noticed this problem?

reijo29's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2012
E72 5/18 Keith Fan, love Jerry

Out of the recent E72 shows I picked up, 5/18 is definitely an all around awesome show. One of the most interesting Dark Stars of the tour & the whole show is excellent. Great sleeper pick that does not get much mention as being a fantastic show. And it's my favorite artwork of them all.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Stella Blue

No so quick, Minas... we can't have a one paragraph conclusion to a masterpiece such as Stella Blue.

I simply cannot pick a favorite version. It could be because the song changed over the years.. and each period is special in its own way.

The song grew over time so the pre hiatus, post hiatus and the later years are hard to compare. I will also stick my neck out and say I find each period rewarding in its own way.

The youthful versions evoke drawn out sadness in the final notes that is really special and the solo before it leads to that moment, to me it kind of finishes like China Doll and leaves me feeling the same at the end of the song. Like a life is over or a tragic event has unfolded an there is nothing left to do but reflect.

The mid 70's have a clean emotive polish that you don't see in the early nor later versions. I can see why the 11/4/77 version caught your attention, its a classic. Practically perfect in every way.

Versions in the later periods have something to say too. Jerry worked towards this amazing, cutting sustain with his guitar in the later versions that I think are brilliant and I find mesmerizing. The master and his axe.

I have more to say on this.. but later and hope someone else chimes in.

Needless to say, its one of the classic Garcia Hunter Ballads. What a great song.

MinasMorgul's picture
Joined: Feb 4 2015
Stella 11/4/77

I rarely declare a best version of anything, but the Stella Blue from Dave's Picks 12 has no equal. Keith's playing is simple but expressive and mood altering, Jerry's vocals are perfect, the harmonies are spot-on, Phil's bass line sounds great, Jerry's solo is so good it sounds like a rehearsed studio run, and Bobby I'm sure is looking good at whatever he's doing.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Dang that's a bummer

I thought you won, things for me are a little distorted after the weekend, "Community Festival" was this weekend and I spent some time at the infamous "Bozo" stage. Also took a trip to see Dead and Co in Virginia and Phish in Deer creek yesterday

Nanno-1974's picture
Joined: Mar 31 2014

Hey mbarilla. My "got it" comment was referring to receiving the clue from bolo, not a correct answer. Thanks for the congrats though. One of these days I'll be clever enough to win something.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
"Uncle John's Band"

12.1.73 ~ juicy wiggle, this show has a few jaw-dropper wipe the the drool quick before someone see moments - and I think closing portion with "UJB" was up on JOTW on Tapers Section within last month

Similar levels as highly respected 9.18.74 performance, but way different

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014

I agree with antonjo, you don't want to let 5/23/72 slip away (aka Good Evening, and Welcome to Here): best Promised Land of the tour, Morning Dew, fabulous Dark Star, solid Sugar Mag, the rarities antonjo mentioned - really just an underrated show. Assuming you have Rockin' The Rhein and Steppin' Out, and Hundred Year Hall, 4/24, 4/26, and 5/24 are dispensable - if you're in a must-choose situation. If you don't have Hundred Year Hall, you must pick up 4/26 - it's that good, and the sound is something special too.

I'm not sure how many you are looking to pick up, but in addition to 5/23, I would put in a strong call for 5/18. I would hate to have to choose between these two shows, I enjoy them both the same. The guitars are slightly more crispy in 5/18. Let's see, that leaves one more pick, if you're doing 3 and you have RTR, HYH, and Steppin' Out. I would be hard pressed between 4/7 and 5/4 if I didn't have Steppin' Out. 5/4 is definitely the more popular of the two shows, and it boasts the Dark Star that was released on LP (just to let you know how good a Dark Star is there). It also has Uncle John's Band, which was a rarity for E72, believe it or not, and my favorite year for the song (although I enjoy Ladies and Gentelmen version best of all). Yeah, I'd have to go with 5/4 if I had Steppin' Out. 4/7 IS a great underrated show, especially with Truckin' =>The Other One => El Passo => Wharf Rat, so hopefully you have Steppin' Out.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

ok, I'll buy that. It was a scary, good time..

When I talk to some of my friends that were at this show, it seems to evoke strong responses. The reviews on Archive, setlists, etc. seem to back this up. Too bad no soundboards exist for this show, I often suspect the tape deck at the soundboard is one of the things that got struck by lightning that night. It was the first time they played at Merriweather and although probably not the best played of all the shows there its still my favorite. There was something in the air that night in Columbia.. I left slightly different (and better) than I arrived that fateful night in the Summer of '83.

Joined: Oct 29 2013
Re: JiminMD

How about "they rode the lightning & mated the thunder"? Then at least they're cooperating with Mother Nature, energized by blending with her splendor.

Joined: Oct 2 2014
Re: Bolo's Riddle

First placed my chips on the 3/17/68 ride at the Carousel (St Patrick's Day, one of about a dozen Born Cross-Eyed) and then over to Wembley on 10/31/90 (one of twelve Werewolves).

No payout but a grand time playing!

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Ken

You are absolutely right, but a better choice of words escapes me.

Joined: Oct 29 2013
"...The Band Outperformed Mother Nature."

Careful, JiminMD...quotes like that may challenge the wrath of Mother Nature herself; and there's no wrath like Mother Nature scorned!

Joined: Jun 27 2011

Holy Cr@p, has it been 32 years since those shows?

6/27/85 was quite good as well, they are playing the end of the second set on TIGDH at SiriusXM today.

What I remember about the '84 Merriweather run, first.. both shows were really good. Second.. the scene was quite amazing and all things considered, people were fairly well behaved considering deadheads were literally everywhere that week. The night before they opened with a rocking Casey Jones, a song I normally don't have much excitement for but this one had some extra mojo and did something to the crowd, it set the place on fire and that feeling continued on to the next night. Starting with the Help>Slip>Franlins, the second set of 6/27 was a smoker, high energy and a lot of fun. A decent recording survived which wasn't a given back then. You can hear some wear and tear in Garcia's voice at points.. I'm convinced it was a leftover from the efforts on the CJones opener the day before.

My fondest memory of the Merriweather runs was the 6/20/83 show though. The storm so intense but the band cut right through it. Through the torrential rains, thunderous claps and lightning strikes, near misses and direct hits the band outperformed mother nature. I left that show, hiking through floodwaters where roads once stood scratching my head wondering what the hell just happened. The "left a smoking crater" line took on a new meaning that night. The rains alone were biblical and the music yards above it all the entire night.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Prizes are fun ~ congrats Nanno-1974

The prize will make your eyes sparkle, I swung twice and missed. Next up to bat was a guess of 7.1.79 Mydland !!! , also wrong and aways away from first guess of 10.31.66 ,, second guess was 7.7.69, which I thought was honing in a little closer

This one is fun too - Today in GD History

6.27.84 - Merriweather Post Pavilion ~ one of the "Holy Grail" shows and some folks on this board were there !?!? Holy smokes what a blast it must have been

Joined: Sep 15 2009
The Pit

New Mexico's basketball arena, site of Grateful Dead concert 10/7/77.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

Put me down as one who thinks the Tony Millionaire covers are the best of the DaP series.
I am not a big fan of the two covers so far this year.

I think the July '78 box may be THE best of any GD release. Period.

Rock on

Joined: Sep 28 2009
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Bats

The thing with the bats is.. I cant get anything done when they are around.

oh.. and the locusts. We have the 17 year locusts in the foothills this summer, the buggers are everywhere... driving with these bats and Cicadas is pointless..

A quick shoutout to Johnny 361 You are speaking my language. 74 GFD and 73 Garcia, heavenly!

Crickets and Cicada's Sing, a rare and different tune.. the Summer of 2016.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
lovejerry, EU '72

Couple thoughts ~

4/24 (only 11 left) is on my short list, but it's available elsewhere as Rockin' the Rhein. So perhaps not as urgent, if you're worried about qty left.

5/24 has one of only two Cold Rains played, and the final Pigpen Lovelight (-> Two Souls). Then again, that final Lovelight > Two Souls is bonus on Rockin' the Rhein.

5/23 ~ Top of the World, Comes a Time, Dark Star > Dew, and Hey Bo Diddley...with an Uncle John's encore? Only 19 left.....

Would definitely at least snag either 5/23 or 5/24.

4/14 ~ Hopefully you've got 4/17 already. If not, consider this other Tivoli show. Though its Good Lovin > Caution sandwich is filler on the easily obtained Europe '72 remaster.

4/26 ~ two discs worth (including the big disc 3) are, of course, also released as Hundred Year Hall.

But I concur with mbarilla's advice to seek the set lists you like best, since all the performances are stellar.


And I loved Tony Millionaire's covers, too.

muleskinner_blues's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2014
We can't stop here, Jim

No point mentioning those bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

Joined: Jun 27 2011

Uh Oh.. its starting again..

muleskinner_blues's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2014
Looks like rain

Wow, that's a heady brew. I'd give props to anyone that came near that before further clues. Even now, I'm still less than sure.. Looks like 10/7/77?

Who's afraid of the big, black bat?

Nanno-1974's picture
Joined: Mar 31 2014
Got It

Gracias, bolo24.

bolo24's picture
Joined: Nov 25 2009

I never said, inferred or implied the riddle had anything to do with DaP 19. It was just a contest with a prize.

Seth Hollander's picture
Joined: Aug 27 2009
My answer, Bolo

a particularly lucky day = 7/11/70
, one of a dozen in GD history = repeated claims that the 7/11/70 tapes are really from 7/12/70
, featuring a precarious mind trip, with music rising to the gates of heaven = = acoustic set ends with 3 Gospel tunes
and plunging to the pit of hell = electric set ends with a Viola Lee Blues. One LMA reviewer, speaking about the poor sound of the existing AUD tapes in circulation, says "Sure the quality is crude, but so much better to capture the raw crowd fear of this monstrous Viola, a far cry from the Santa Claus and his cute dancing bears of recent popular imagery."

Edited: After looking at Bolo's riddle posts, i realize that my thinking the riddle pertained to DP19 was my own befuddlement. Angry statements about the disappointment of DP19 being a 77 show have been removed.

bolo24's picture
Joined: Nov 25 2009
The simpler solution...

Search "grateful dead the pit"

Add to Cart July 1978: The Complete Recordings

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