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Long Strange Trip Soundtrack CD

The LONG STRANGE TRIP MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK spans the band’s career and captures many of their greatest studio recordings alongside several of their most dynamic performances. Among the live highlights are “He’s Gone,” “St. Stephen,” and the “Scarlet”>”Fire” jam from the mythic 1977 Barton Hall concert, which will be released commercially for the first time just weeks prior on May 5. Along with classic studio tracks like “Ripple” and “Touch Of Grey,” the soundtrack also features unreleased performances like the legendary “Dark Star” from February 14, 1907 at The Fillmore East in New York and the magnificent “Dear Mr. Fantasy”>”Hey Jude” jam recorded on July 2, 1989 at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Disc One
“Death Don’t Have No Mercy” (Live/Dead, Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 2/27/1969)
“St. Stephen” (Live/Dead, Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 2/27/1969)
“Uncle John’s Band” (Workingman’s Dead, 1970)
“Dark Star” (Live At The Fillmore East, New York, NY, 2/14/1970)*
“Easy Wind” (Workingman’s Dead, 1970)
“Candyman” (American Beauty, 1970)
“China Cat Sunflower”> (Live At Chateau d’Herouville, Herovuville, France, 6/21/1971)*
“I Know You Rider” (Live At Chateau d’Herouville, Herovuville, France, 6/21/1971)*
“Morning Dew” (Europe ’72, Live At The Lyceum Theatre, London, England, 5/26/1972)

Disc Two
“He’s Gone” (Sunshine Daydream, Live At Veneta, OR, 8/27/1972)
“The Music Never Stopped” (Live At The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 8/13/1975)*
“Scarlet Begonias”> (Cornell 5/8/77, Live At Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 5/8/1977)
“Fire On The Mountain” (Cornell 5/8/77, Live At Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 5/8/1977)
“Althea” (Go To Nassau, Live At Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 5/16/1980)
“Touch Of Grey” (In The Dark, 1987)
“Dear Mr. Fantasy”> (Live At Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA, 7/2/1989)*
“Hey Jude” (Live At Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA, 7/2/1989)*
“Ripple”> (American Beauty, 1970)
“Brokedown Palace” (American Beauty, 1970)

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Release date: May 26


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ArthurDent's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2017
Scarlet>Fire - Barton Hall

Sounds pretty impressive nestled amidst the other selections. I have the boxed set and have been listening to the track since the box was pre-sale and the teaser mp3 was released. Still, the sound, the energy, the sheer majesty of it makes it a worthy entry, though so recently released in every format except mono 8 track.

The 1907 DS is a bit underwhelming, though I have just one listen in. It is not the blistering, angular, psychedelic version, nor the more jewel like arabesque of the 72 style versions. Perhaps some more listens will reveal the counterpoint surrealism of the underlying metaphor

rgergelis's picture
Joined: Feb 21 2011
first listen

it's ok...obviously not a "new release". DS and CC Rider is a good listen. 80's and 90s stuff out of context, meehhh...packaging ok, liner notes entertaining.

Joined: Jul 2 2015
new dark star streaming somewhere

get link in may 2017 grateful dead bulletin

Joined: Jul 2 2015
if this is not the live dead death don't have no mercy

then it must be from the upcoming complete 1969 filmore west box all music reissue maybe

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Just saw the movie

1st time checking soundtrack list and surprised to see a lot of official releases included here.

Only a few tracks are unreleased , and really surprised to see a performance from 7.5.81 getting included on the soundtrack 3rd / bonus disc !!!!

"Stella Blue" !!!!!

rgergelis's picture
Joined: Feb 21 2011
LST CD in da house

Now to find the time to listen.....

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Happy 40 Hartford 5-28-1977
Joined: Jun 14 2010
2/14/70's Dark Star

Okay, one more thing, 2/14/70's Dark Star is a beaut!

Joined: Jun 14 2010
Live Dead's Death Don't Have No Mercy is from 3/2/69

That's it, that's all I wanted to say... :)

Mr. Pete's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010
LP release?

Does anyone know if this is going to be released on LP?

Mr. Pete--------->
aging hippie

Joined: Sep 18 2013
DVD release?

Does anyone know if this new Long Strange Trip doc will be coming to DVD? I still haven't even seen the Weir doc because I refuse to subscribe to Netflix. Of course it isn't playing anywhere within 200 miles of here.

Joined: Nov 5 2015
This was supposed to be a response to another post

How do you delete comments?

Joined: Feb 3 2012
Amazon Exclusive Version

I like to have two different collections of music: digital stuff for when I'm out and about and physical stuff for when I'm at home. When I'm at home, give me vinyl and lots of it. But out and about? Give me digital and not a whole lot to sift through. My big thing lately is making playlists, and that 3-disc Amazon exclusive version looks to be right up my alley. I lost a bunch of my previous 'Dead album purchases from my Amazon music collection, so this will fill in some of those gaps rather nicely.

But yeah, a release like this is going to tick off completists. It's annoying to have more than one copy of the same song over a number of different releases. I can feel both sides of the argument.

rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009
well here we are

"We were there with nothing to do: France, a 16-track recording studio upstairs, all our gear, ready to play, and nothing to do. So, we decided to play at the chateau itself, out in the back, in the grass, with a swimming pool, just play into the hills. We didn’t even play to hippies, we played to a handful of townspeople in Auvers. We played and the people came — the chief of police, the fire department, just everybody. It was an event and everybody just had a hell of a time — got drunk, fell in the pool. It was great."

rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009

There was a film crew at Chateau d’Herouville, unless I am misremembering. So we are likely to actually see this performance of China>Rider in the movie, right?

1971. A chateau -- in a national park -- an hour north of Paris. The Grateful goddamn Dead.

I'm very there.

Also, there is no way for me to pass on this soundtrack with another 2/70 Dark Star. Absolutely not.

Joined: Feb 16 2017
Killed by Death

Not sure where you were going with that but I think of the Motorhead song. Lemmy, too, was finally killed - by death.

Different music for different moods. I listen to the Dead at home and in the car 90% of the time these days. But I'll jam some Motorhead now and again. Usually while driving fast.

I'm seeing Metallica the same week as two Dead & Co. shows this June. Different experiences.

God bless music.

Joined: Sep 1 2014
Chill -Jason Wilder

Thanks for this identification of unreleased material on the new soundtrack album. Any collection that has an hours worth of new material, which includes a 20-30 minute Dark Star has to be worth investigating. Maybe more desirable than some 3 cd sets of complete shows featuring lesser material...

Joined: Sep 21 2011

First off, this is not a release from the Dead. It is a soundtrack to a movie that someone made. You can't hold the selections up to te same standard. Expet iconic selections. Some studio stuff.

Second, there is some legit new stuff here. 2/14/70 Dark Star. That '71 China>Rider is new. While the Fantasy/Jude from Sullivan '89 was seen on a movie night, there was not a CD release. The '81 Stella is new. As is the '94 Days. That's 7 songs pushing an hour of music that is unreleased. Technically, the Ithaca stuff was too at the time they were making the movie.

If you think there is too much rehash for you, don't purchase it. Still, the idea that there isn't new stuff there does not hold water. There is. (3 CD version has more, yes).

Joined: Jan 19 2014
1907 Dark Star not the first one!

Technically, the first Dark Star was played at the Carousel Saloon on February 14, 1868, in honor of Butch Casady.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
killed by death.

killed by death.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
it's a soundtrack

that's why the variety of old new and studio.

a soundtrack.

Joined: Nov 25 2009
DVD or blu ray


Can someone help? I don't like streaming and like physical product. Does anyone know if the doco will come as a dvd or blu ray release hopefully with some extras?

Thanks everyone.


August West Wharf Rat's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2013
Typical repackaging trick - except that 1907 Dark Star!

This is what they do - repackage and cash grab. not for real heads, but if yur niece is 15 and just getting into the dead ... would make a nice little intro for her.

& GEEZ LOUISE! How many ways are they going to release Cornell '77?
maybe a special ed version on Maxell XLII 90s...
a reel to reel...

August West Wharf Rat's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2013
DARK STAR 1907!!! probably the first one ever!

Dang, the boys did a time hop and jammed a Dark Star on Valnetine's Day 1907...
Man those guys in suits, ties, and top hats must've been blown away~~!!!!!

Rosebud up on the Ohio's picture
Joined: May 6 2012
4/15 Screening @ The Castro Theatre

Was lucky enough to attend the screening of this film last night in San Francisco. Full house. Director Bar-Lev, Trixie, Barlow, McNally and star of the film, Brigid Meier, were all there for a Q/A afterward. Groovy night. Won't give a spoiler but for those familiar with the Dead-arc there is a lot here that was very familiar and plenty more that was surprising. I laughed a good bit, got sad in a few places, drooled over Bobby's TESLA, and generally left missing Jerry. Okay, one spoiler hint, lets just say I'm going to revisit the Morning Dew from the last night in Europe 72 at some point today. Oh, and maybe the Althea from 5/1/80 (I think that's the one).

Joined: Aug 31 2011
It's the 3-2 Death Don't

It's the 3-2 Death Don't according to Wikipedia page.

Joined: Jul 31 2013
Let's put this in perspective

RV3, I get it- I was disappointed, too, seeing the selections.
But you seem really wrung out about this- let's put it in perspective. It's disappointing to expect new music and not get it, but there's a steady schedule of unreleased Dead material coming out at least 4-6 times per year, year after year here.
We shouldn't be dying of novelty thirst on this issue. Be patient, more new stuff will come, e.g., the GD 50th anniversary editions of their studio albums, starting with the recent release of the first, eponymous one, promise to have lots of previously-unreleased bits- not to mention Dave's Picks, Box Sets, etc.
Personally, I'm hoping for a nice 1974 box one of these days.
Dave, are you reading this?

Joined: Nov 28 2011

I tell you what this is REALLY frustrating....once again just like the incessant greatest hits studio projects- THEY HAVE COMPLETELY FAILED ON THIS! It was advertised as a unique release with rarites & PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material- WTF?!?! this is just rehash of previous releases & studio crap.....even the live stuff is nothing new?????? Heck- half the setlist is from 5/8/77- the show that is being released 3 weeks before....they have lazily botched this release....and the AMAZON EXCLUSIVE 3-Disc set doesn't have much PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASEED tune, Stella Blue- from 7/5/81 I believe....

Joined: Jun 4 2007
40th of My Favorite Show Springfield 4-23-77
Joined: Jun 4 2007
1907 san francisco earthquake

> Dark Star

Joined: Jun 24 2007
Amazon exclusive...

Not sure whether this has been announced elsewhere, but there is also an Amazon exclusive three CD version of this with a further couple of unreleased tracks, presumably tying in with Amazon having the rights to the film. Also, talk a six LP version of the entire contents of the three CD set, although limited to 2500 copies worldwide, and not clear where it is obtainable from. Finally, a two LP version containing highlights from the two CD version, although again it is not clear where this can be ordered from as yet.

Apologies if this information is out there somewhere on the site and I've missed it....!

Joined: Oct 1 2014
The Music Never Stopped not unreleased

That's on One From The Vault, right? The CD that is advertised right here on this very site as "No live catalog collection is complete without a copy".

sheik yerbones's picture
Joined: Feb 5 2008
red & white, blue french shoes

a long strange trips back to Herouville 71, a country show recorded by french tv with Garcia interview by Blanc Francard, interview as interesting as the show(No pay per view in the 70's an pay per back writers in the 60's) . David how may you manage to get that stuff back to Santa Cruz?
However lack of originality in the track list, n o need to mention Dark Star, Dear M Fantasy hey Jude, and Althea from best after "Go to heaven," show, exactly what we expect!
last week I chance upon Dead & Company, best shows after AC (after Captain) since Phil & friends 2006..

unkle sam's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2008
This looks great

unreleased dark stars get me off.

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