Grateful Dead

May 1977: Get Shown The Light (All Music Edition)

Digital Download

Four Complete Shows on 11 discs
Four folios housed in a slipcase
5/5/77 Veterans Memorial Coliseum: New Haven, CT
5/7/77 Boston Garden: Boston, MA
5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University: Ithaca, NY
5/9/77 Buffalo Memorial Auditorium: Buffalo, NY
50-page book of liners and photographs
Sourced from the Betty Cantor-Jackson soundboard recordings, transferred by Plangent Processes
Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman
Artwork by Grammy-winning graphic artist Masaki Koike
Release Date: May 5, 2017


NEW HAVEN 5/5/77
"Here is a prime example of the saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ … It’s called synergy and the Dead wrote the book on it.”

BOSTON 5/7/77
“The music they laid down brought me places I had not been before.”

CORNELL 5/8/77
“...the single best rock performance anywhere, anytime, by anyone.”

“There was just some kind of magical connection this night between the band members and the band and the audience - some texture, or some type of cosmic or celestial force is in the room.”

"This show is, was, and always will be Mecca.”

BUFFALO 5/9/77
" awesome display of the Dead’s captivating power"

If you've been following this site for quite some time, then you will know we are often flush with hyperbole when it comes to our releases. We can't help it, really - for we, like you, are Grateful Dead fans above all else. Just like you, we've spent countless hours debating the merits of show over show, year over year. We've kept a watchful eye on your wish-lists and carefully considered how to make - excuse the cliché - your dreams come true. And once we've made our commitments, we are steadfast in our determination to conjure up those dreams fully-formed and nearly perfect. Sometimes these heights cannot be reached without physical and cosmic elements aligning, and that, dear friends, is why it has taken so long for us to bring you THE ONE and the epic shows that surrounded it. No need for even the slightest embellishment here, 5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University: Ithaca, NY, has for decades, been THE resounding favorite; you've said it yourselves - the "holy grail" of Grateful Dead shows. Thanks to the passion and perseverance of Dead Heads like you, we are beyond pleased to finally be able to present this show and its brethren, the fabled four of Spring '77, in sonically pristine condition.

MAY 1977: GET SHOWN THE LIGHT is a collection of what is unanimously believed to be the most sought-after previously unreleased complete shows the Grateful Dead ever played. Collected, traded, and debated for decades, "the beloved Golden Trinity" of Boston, Ithaca, and Buffalo, along with their New Haven prelude, have inspired fans to "get on the bus," converted critics, and even garnered national attention (Cornell was added to the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry). But until now, you've never really heard them quite like this!

The Dead is in the details... how serendipitous is it that the notorious Betty Cantor-Jackson soundboard recordings were returned to the archive just in time for the 40th anniversaries of these shows? Lovingly sourced from these well-reputed recordings, we invite you to experience four utopian shows just like they happened, to "be inside the music" as engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson intended. Whether you listen to each night on its own or imbibe the whole lot at once, we suspect you'll hear why every note mattered. Much like we were, you will be hard-pressed to determine which of these fine documents - will it be the understated but nuanced New Haven, Boston's festive fantasy vibes, the monumental catharsis of Ithaca, or Buffalo’s dreamy exuberance - is truly "the best." Does it really matter? We think not.


Listening Party: 5/9/77, Buffalo, NY

“Uncle John's Band”

Listening Party: 5/8/77, Ithaca, NY

“Estimated Prophet”
"Row Jimmy"

Listening Party: 5/7/77, Boston, MA

“The Music Never Stopped”
“Terrapin Station”
"Samson And Delilah"

Listening Party: 5/5/77, New Haven, CT

“Estimated Prophet”

Product Details

Show #1
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum - New Haven, CT (5/5/77)

Disc 1
1. Promised Land
2. Sugaree
3. Mama Tried
4. El Paso
5. Tennessee Jed
6. Looks Like Rain
7. Deal
8. Lazy Lightning>
9. Supplication
10. Peggy-O
11. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2
1. Bertha
2. Estimated Prophet
3. Scarlet Begonias>
4. Fire On The Mountain>
5. Good Lovin’
6. St. Stephen>
7. Sugar Magnolia
8. Johnny B. Goode

Show #2
Boston Garden - Boston, MA (5/7/77)

Disc 1
1. Bertha
2. Cassidy
3. Deal
4. Jack Straw
5. Peggy-O
6. New Minglewood Blues
7. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>
8. Big River
9. Tennessee Jed
10. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2
1. Terrapin Station
2. Samson and Delilah
3. Friend Of The Devil
4. Estimated Prophet

Disc 3
1. Eyes Of The World>
2. Drums>
3. The Wheel>
4. Wharf Rat>
5. Around and Around
6. U.S. Blues

Show #3
Barton Hall, Cornell University - Ithaca, NY (5/8/77)

Disc 1
1. New Minglewood Blues
2. Loser
3. El Paso
4. They Love Each Other
5. Jack Straw
6. Deal
7. Lazy Lightning>
8. Supplication
9. Brown-Eyed Women
10. Mama Tried
11. Row Jimmy

Disc 2
1. Dancing In The Street
2. Scarlet Begonias>
3. Fire On The Mountain
4. Estimated Prophet

Disc 3
1. St. Stephen>
2. Not Fade Away>
3. St. Stephen>
4. Morning Dew
5. One More Saturday Night

Show #4
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY (5/9/77)

Disc 1
1. Help On The Way>
2. Slipknot>
3. Franklin’s Tower
4. Cassidy
5. Brown-Eyed Women
6. Mexicali Blues
7. Tennessee Jed
8. Big River
9. Peggy-O
10. Sunrise
11. The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2
1. Bertha>
2. Good Lovin’
3. Ship Of Fools

Disc 3
1. Estimated Prophet>
2. The Other One>
3. Drums>
4. Not Fade Away>
5. Comes A Time>
6. Sugar Magnolia
7. Uncle Johns Band

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On May 1977

First Listen: "Morning Dew" 5/8/77

"Mind-roasting"? Don't mind if we "dew."'s got an exclusive sneak preview of what might be the most magical "Morning Dew" of all time.

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New download links will be emailed to ALL customers that purchased 192/24 and 44/16bit audio. We are currently working with the fulfillment company to provide updated links that will offer a more reasonable and expedient downloading experience. We do not have an exact estimated date of delivery, but are working to resolve this as soon as possible.


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rgergelis's picture
Joined: Feb 21 2011
my final thoughts on Kiss

They never wrote a song as cerebral as Astronomy

muleskinner_blues's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2014

What is it..the end of June? So potentially an announcement in a few weeks in preparation of an 8/1 release? Time just runs together..tough to believe we're almost halfway through 2017.

I've had DaP22 spinning in the car constantly since I got it. I think it's a great show, but hasn't made a lasting impression on me. I enjoy it when it's on but haven't felt the need to go seek it out, like so many other releases. Probably need to throw it on the stereo inside and really listen through uninterrupted.

Had Dead & Co from Atlanta on Youtube this morning while working around the house. They are definitely clicking.

I don't know KISS well enough to contribute to the discussion..the closest I get to rock in that style is maybe Seger, not quite the same thing. But I'll take some Live Bullet any time.

P Hill's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2017

o6 o9 91 for dp 23

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
New release announcement...

I couldn't agree more.

Joined: Sep 15 2009
An In Depth Discussion Of KISS

Time for a new release announcement don't ya think?

P Hill's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2017

Any yal see movie detroit rock city
Decent flicc

Joined: Sep 1 2014
Kiss-not the real thing

I can (vaguely) remember seeing Kiss in Manchester in England back in 1976. In those days I loved heavy rock-but although it was alright as a night out, I never felt inspired to buy a record by them-or see them ever again. In fact, apart from a single called "Beth" I don't think Ive ever heard a record by them. Or wanted to.

The Blue Oyster Cult were a different matter-brilliant live, and many great records. Their first four are the ones to go for-but most of their 1970s albums are worth a listen.

Another great American performer who came to England in the late 1970s was Iggy Pop. In fact I would say he is probably the best performer I have ever seen. Compared to the varying strengths of Iggy and the BOC, Kiss very much seemed like pretenders. Heck, even Ted Nugent was better that Kiss.

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
@ LedDed

No, seriously, the video that you posted a link to is the first time I've been subjected to anything Kiss. Not everyone has been so fortunate, apparently. Thanks a lot for that one, buddy! You are right when you say "plenty of over-the-top in every way" and certainly extremely American. Now I feel an overwhelming need to rinse my ears with disinfectant.

I have not owned a radio since the mid-'70s when good music on the radio was replaced by commercial crap. If I want to listen to music, I want to choose what it is I listen to. Since I changed employer about 5 years ago, I have been subjected to the office radio for 8 hours each day. They seem to have a playlist of about 10 or 12 songs, some of which have been played on a daily basis for the whole 5 years (and probably longer). Why would I want to hear that? Even hearing such a song 10 times a day every day for years is not going to make me like it. Such radio stations are not there to improve my life, they exist to make themselves money from advertising revenue and the less they have to pay in royalties the bigger their profit. Having said that, Kiss would never have made it onto the playlists of such radio stations anyway.

As for records, I do not know anyone who has ever bought a Kiss album, so I have never got to hear them when visiting friends etc.

Of course I've seen pictures (the paint, the tongue) and that was enough to suggest to me that here was a phenomenon not worth investigating further.

There are advantages to having 3000 miles of ocean between where you live and America. There are also disadvantages, of course, but that Kiss were never able to swim so far has to be considered an advantage.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
David and SYF Mandala tee shirt

thanks for the heads up, I wanted that shirt and they were sold out and I forgot all about them. Now I have one, thanks!

Drifter's Escape's picture
Joined: May 25 2013

I saw BOC in 1975 at the Long Beach Arena. Ted Nugent and then Kansas opened but BOC really earned their top-billing. They were one of the original 'guitar-army' bands. It was like heaven to my then teenage head-bangin' ears.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
BOC's Buck Dharma....

....if you look up under-rated guitarist in the dictionary, his pic is most likely there. Seen them twice. Both times in the 90's as well. No laser light show like they had in the 70's. They took off big time after Agents Of Fortune came out. Cultosaurus Erectus is a fun ride. Tons of Michael Moorcock / Elric of Melniboné references. Good books that flip the pages on their own....
edit....well lookie there. BOC is playing at The Golden Nugget here in Vegas on Sept 15th. Imagine that!....the last three days they played some shows in Europe on a double bill with Queensryche. Nice....

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

Saw them for $1.94 in 1990 for the local 94 FM radio station's b-day party. Yeah, is was probably past their prime, but at least I did get to see them.

No offense to Spinal Tap. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't know that some speakers can go up to 11.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Knights In Satan's Service....

....aka KISS. I like them. When they took their makeup off for the Lick It Up record, it was a mindblowing event in my teenage years. When I first saw the cover, I wished they kept it on. Haha. Seriously, lots of flash and bling indeed, but it made them who they were. Rock and Roll Over, Dressed To Kill and Animalize are my favorites, but remember, heavy metal and glam rock were my stepping stones into the world of music in the early 80's. Hard to just toss them to the curb, even now. Still go back every now and then....and yeah rgergelis, The Blue Oyster Cult beat them every time....

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
hate mail

Hey, icecrmcnkd, don't you go dissin' Spinal Tap!

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Academy of Music

China Cat -> Rider


Worth a listen.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
KISS, the real-life Spinal Tap

I think KISS sucks. Big time!
(Oh, I'm going to get a lot of hate mail now).

In a past effort to convince myself otherwise I scoured the internet for video of KISS concerts. Found some, but couldn't even finish watching it because it was so bad.
Although I always watched the TV show 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' years ago. Not against Gene, just think his band completely lacks substance and is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
tee shirt


Would have loved to be at that NYU symposium. Maybe they'll hold one at UCSC (wish, wish).

Joined: Feb 16 2017
@ simonrob

I feel like you're putting me on... but I'll take the question seriously on a lark.

Oh, there was plenty of hype, plenty of pyro, plenty of "over the top" in every way. Extremely American.

Now that I'm pushing 50, I tend to play a helluva lot more Dead than KISS. But, it still has it's place.

It's just dumb, big fun rock n' roll. Here's a snippet:

guit30's picture
Joined: May 1 2009
Hippie Youtube

I am going to have to check out some of those China Cat-I know you riders, always one of my favorite jams. Jerry was a good slide player, if you are a pedal steel player, generally you are pretty good at slide. I ran across this youtube about traveling deadheads back in the day. Kinda cool, definitely different. Have a great weekend.

nestamon's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2009
Dead Symposium Update

Just back from the Dead symposium at NYU. Overall great event and very informative. Photog presentation by Jay Blakesberg amazing career from Englishtown to the iconic Fare Thee Well stage/crowd shot. Peter Shapiro recapping his ride from the Wetlands to the Cap Portchester and beyond. Nicholas Meriwether contributing eloquently about academic dead studies. But, Owsleys wife Dr. Rhoney Stanley's tales of the old, old days and making acid for the Monterrey Pop Fest and stressing the importance of the women of the Deads family was the highlight. She's quite impressive with a sharp memory of funny/trippy/interesting stories of the band members and the surrounding scene from one who lived it. Those were days!!

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007

I am not sure if I have ever heard anything by them at all. Did they ever visit Europe? Certainly they never conquered the European airwaves. Did I miss something worthwhile or was it all hype?

rgergelis's picture
Joined: Feb 21 2011

They grew up a town over from me in Richmond Hill Queens NY, I never got them. preferred BOC...whole lot of flash and bling...

Joined: Feb 16 2017

I grew up on KISS as a little kid in the 70's like many. They were cooler than cool, they were like superheroes. I had a HUGE KISS poster on my bedroom wall, KISS trading cards, action figures, etc.

I even liked that shitty KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park movie. I was exactly who they were marketing to. KISS is a marketing juggernaut, and while one could say some of Paul and Gene's moves are of questionable taste, there is no doubt that they are brilliant businessmen.

KISS, like any other entertainment entity, is a brand. There was no shortage of buyers for merch at the Dead and Co. shows, either. It is what it is, Paul and Gene are just better and more aggressive than most. That and they have no shame, but whatever. They've earned what they have and they have set their families up for life.

I've read all their biographies. As far as Ace and Peter, I love those guys, Ace is absolutely the coolest. Ace Frehley is Keith Richards' cool, and that's a short list. But, it's all out there even from them, they were unbelievably fucked up on booze and blow from the mid 1970's heyday until it all fell apart.

Paul and Gene kept the band, and the business, going and commercially viable. As far as the reunion goes, I too was there, at McNichols arena in 1996, I believe it was, about 20 rows back - on Ace's side! I get goosebumps writing this. My childhood heroes were killing it on the Alive II stage. It was like a dream come true.

Ace and Peter continued to get fucked up, wasted until once again it all fell apart. They were instrumental in forming the band and writing the first songs, performing, and Paul and Gene have given them each their due in that area. They shortchanged themselves financially. It is what it is, I wouldn't cry for either of them.

Ace has his shit back together. Peter is retired. It wouldn't surprise me if they take off the makeup and do a long farewell tour - with Ace - in another three, four years once this makeup thing has run it's course. After every penny is milked, yes, Gene will find a way to sell tickets one more time.

Paul is an unselfish guitarist. He's a great rhythm player who holds that sound together. And, no joking, his solo album is probably my favorite.

Two cents.


Angry Jack Straw's picture
Joined: Oct 2 2012
Best China Cats?

So there is 6/26/74

And then all the other ones.

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014
China Cats

Would love to see everyone's top 3 China Riders, so that I can figure out if there are aewsome versions I've overlooked. So hard to limit to 3. Maybe 5?

5/3/72. Original E72 version. Wow, the solo at 2:30 is so unique and good, i wonder if it was a production overdub. Nothe crazy about the vocal overdubs on Rider, so I just plug in the 5/24 Rider - fits like a glove.

2/24/74 - Awesome

8/27/72 - Yep

11/11/73 - Dig It (like the FBI, and the CIA, and the BBC)

6/6/74 - uh huh

6/18/74 - jah!

4/2/73 - yes indeed

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014
Re: Paul Stanley

Yeah, KISS fan here too, especially Ace, who I got to see 2x in the past couple of years. He's always played extremely well. That was a shame how they took advantage of him, especially when you consider that without him, they never would have dug themselves out of an untenable tax hole. Ace's participation allowed Gene and Paul to retire with 100s of millions, compared to the zeros of millions that they were on the way toward because of unpaid taxes.

I've never seen them without Ace, simply because he's the Jerry of the band's music. No Ace, no "true" KISS band up there onstage. What great memories. I saw them during the 4 night MSG run, when they reunited in '96. It was Saturday night, and there is nothing that compares to a NY rock crowd, and this is coming from a Philly boy. Philly is close, but KISS in their hometown was not going to be denied. It was the most extraordinary show I've ever been too, with the exception of the Dead on 7/7/89 and June 95 at the Knick. Those two bands are opposites, but the atmosphere is similar;instead of "twirlers" in the doorways, we had "air rockers". Every doorway from the concourse was filled with make-up painted faces, drunk, stoned, and playing their air guitars. Ah, if only I could go back. Happy days. People were seeing they're long lost heroes back from the dead. I remember the first two songs had me completely absorbed with the physical, visual spectacle. Then song # 3, Ace hit the climax note during the Dr. Love solo, and a chill shot through me like goose bumps, as I experienced one of those musical highs that come along once in a long while. Thanks for the memories Minas.

muleskinner_blues's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2014
Bob Weir & The Acoustic Lucy's

To me, Slideweir is hit or miss..also as much as I'm a blues fan, I really don't care for most of his blues number, a la Spring '90 in the second or third slot. I can't handle Little Red Rooster period, even by Wolf, but those are tough for me to not skip. Walkin' Blues is a bit better, but just not into it.

Edit: To Jim's point on Jerry's slide, definitely agree. A lot of those Spring 90 (as an example) seem they were both playing the slide on the same songs? Gotta give them props for not holding back.

Though on the subject of Weir and his instrumentation, his acoustic guitar playing is great. I remember a show they streamed last year for his solo album tour, he opened with an acoustic One More Saturday Night and it was a highlight. He's obviously rather inventive in general, with his bizarre chords and what not, but it's particularly evident on the acoustic.

Acoustic Lucy:

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Jerry and Slide a pivot point, I don't see much talk about Jerry's slide on these forums. I was listening to 2/24/74 earlier this week and the WRS>Row Jimmy was sooo good... I got to thinking about the guitar work on Row Jimmy.. there were the slide years, 74 and I think some in 77 or am I making that up.. and the non-slide years. I enjoy them both but the slide in WRS Prelude and again on Row Jimmy was really good.

Love Jerry's slide and for that matter Pedal Steel.

MinasMorgul's picture
Joined: Feb 4 2015
Paul Stanley

I thought it was ironic that someone made a comment about Paul Stanley being unselfish. He made millions and millions and millions on the kiss reunion tour which only could have happened by having the reunion of the original four members. He and Gene Simmons paid Ace Frehley and Peter Criss a pittance. I don't recall what the actual numbers were, but it was posted in a couple of their biographies and online so I'm sure the reporting is accurate (and Paul Stanley makes no bones about the deal he gave those guys). That's fine, all is fair in business, but I just found it ironic that the word unselfish and Paul Stanley arrived together in the same sentence, even if playing style is what was being referred to, and not as personality. As a kiss fan, it just always bothered me how much Paul and Gene profited off of Aces talent with that whole reunion. The numbers were alike 30 or 40 million for Gene and Paul, and and two or three million for Ace & Peter. Disgusting people, those two. They even made an album with the 4 original members, and said it was for the fans. Everything is always for the fans Paul and Gene say. Then we find out years later that a sand Peter only played on one song with them. If I had a bunch of f*** you money I would sue them for false advertising. And then those two assholes can't even put the makeup on with Ace and Peter for one night as they're inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unselfish is not the word for Paul Stanley. Sorry about the rant guys.

Joined: Jun 23 2017
knock knock jokes
Everyone loves telling the one joke that gets the whole room laughing, but it’s a hard task. Don’s worry at all, here’s some of the best knock knock jokes, if someone asks you to tell them a joke.

nab's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Weir Slide vs. Dylan Harmonica

This is a common "which would you rather..." topic of discussion between the wife and I; she a big Dylan fan, and of course, yours truly.

Anatexis22's picture
Joined: Aug 9 2012
Bob Weir slide guitar

Old Bobby played some slide guitar tonight at the Dead & Company show in Bristow, Virginia. Sounded just fine. Great show. John Mayer has improved significantly over the past year in terms of meshing with the band and his singing has also improved. Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chementi were on fire. It was a great show! (And Senator Al Franken was in attendance.)

guit30's picture
Joined: May 1 2009
Weir and Slide

No, you don't want this, very bad, Jerry is pretty good, but Bobby should have slides hidden from him, great guitarist though. I had that Egypt box set with CDs and DVD, I watched the DVD a few times, it was ok, fun watching them play there. I think one of the problems was they had borrowed a sound system from another band. It was a dream they had.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

it seems like the slide playing could've started on the spring 78 shows but could've started earlier.

Joined: Feb 16 2017
Slide On This

A Ronnie Wood album title... I was gonna go with 'Slide It In,' but that was too Whitesnake.

Bob sucks at slide, but so do I. Joe Walsh and Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth... so many virtuosos. To play slide, in standard tuning in particular is a bitch! You almost have to hear in microtones like Indian musicians, or Jeff Beck.

Sliding in an open tuning is marginally easier, as you can just bar all the frets in one position and get away with it, but still.

As far as I can tell, Bob has a Peg

I've seen your picture
Your name in lights above it
This is your big debut
It's like a dream come true
And when you smile for the camera
I know they're gonna love it
I got your pin shot
I keep it with your letter
Done up in blueprint blue
It sure looks good on you
So won't you smile for the camera...

with two bronze slides perched on a mic stand or teleprompter or something, right there, should the muse tempt him (let's hope it doesn't), this Dead tour. Someone watch the utubes and tell me if that's some other thing.

Let's just leave Bob alone, let him continue being the world's chimey-est, most unselfish electric guitar player. Like the Paul Stanley of hippie rock.


KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014

WINTERLAND 1973 THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS IN MY CAR. a cross the rio grandio...

Does anyone not own this?

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
@exactly it

When you mentioned the drums not quite picking up the pace or adding more of a crispness I figured it would be Egypt where Bill was playing with a cast, having broken his wrist while horseback riding.

You might want to give Terrapin Station from the bonus disc a listen, too.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Rocking the Cradle

The 2CD/1DVD version's available on

If you can find one with the bonus disc, or get the version and then the bonus disc separately (eBay?), that is what I recommend.

You can read about it here:

Disc one

"Jack Straw" (Robert Hunter, Bob Weir) – 6:44
"Row Jimmy" (Hunter, Jerry Garcia) – 11:46
"New Minglewood Blues" (Noah Lewis) – 6:26
"Candyman" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:29
"Looks Like Rain" (John Barlow, Weir) – 8:52
"Stagger Lee" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:30[a]
"I Need a Miracle" (Barlow, Weir) – 5:45 >
"It's All Over Now" (Bobby Womack, Shirley Womack) – 7:40
"Deal" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:04

^ a Previously released as a bonus track on Shakedown Street

Disc two

"Ollin Arageed" (Hamza El Din) – 6:56 >[a][b][c]
"Fire on the Mountain" (Hunter, Mickey Hart) – 14:06 >[c]
"Iko Iko" (James "Sugar Boy" Crawford) – 7:03
"Shakedown Street" (Hunter, Garcia) – 15:31 >
"Drums" (Hart, Bill Kreutzman) – 3:31 >[b]
"Space" (Garcia, Keith Godchaux, Phil Lesh, Weir) – 2:26 >[b]
"Truckin'" (Hunter, Garcia, Lesh, Weir) – 10:14 >
"Stella Blue" (Hunter, Garcia) – 8:19 >
"Around and Around" (Chuck Berry) – 8:21

^ Performed by Hamza El Din, both solo and backed by the Grateful Dead
^ a b c Edited version of performance
^ a b Previously released as a bonus track on Shakedown Street


"Bertha" (Hunter, Garcia) – 5:30 >[a]
"Good Lovin'" (Arthur Resnick, Rudy Clark) – 7:52
"Row Jimmy" (Hunter, Garcia) – 11:20
"New Minglewood Blues" (Lewis) – 6:07
"Candyman" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:08
"Looks Like Rain" (Barlow, Weir) – 8:33
"Deal" (Hunter, Garcia) – 6:52
"Ollin Arageed" (El Din) – 7:49 >
"Fire on the Mountain" (Hunter, Hart) – 9:12 >[a]
"Iko Iko" (Crawford) – 6:04
"I Need a Miracle" (Barlow, Weir) – 5:54 >
"It's All Over Now" (B. Womack, S. Womack) – 3:30[a]
"Truckin'" (Hunter, Garcia, Lesh, Weir) – 9:23[a]

^ a b c d Excerpt of performance

Bonus disc

"Bertha" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:03 >[a]
"Good Lovin'" (Resnick, Clark) – 7:55
"El Paso" (Marty Robbins) – 4:58
"Ramble on Rose" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:51
"Estimated Prophet" (Barlow, Weir) – 12:00 >
"Eyes of the World" (Hunter, Garcia) – 13:26 >
"Terrapin Station" (Hunter, Garcia) – 11:35 >
"Sugar Magnolia" (Hunter, Weir) – 10:42
^ a Excerpt of performance

Recording dates

Disc 1 tracks 1 & 6; Bonus disc tracks 5–8: September 15, 1978
Disc 1 tracks 2–5, 7-9; Disc 2: tracks 1-9; Bonus disc tracks 1–4: September 16, 1978
DVD all tracks: September 16, 1978

reijo29's picture
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Thanks David, that's exactly it

Just listened to your link. Really enjoying the Jerry runs on this second listen. Have not heard good things about this release in the past but now I should probably own it. Kind of has that Dave's 18 Orpheum feel from a couple years earlier. Where you get those great moments that seem kind of low in energy but are high in exploration. They really nail that consistently in 73-74.

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To Be Fair

The Closing of Winterland was one of my first Dead shows, and I thought Stagger Lee was incredible - especially the slide. I was like wow, that Jerry "the guitar" Garcia is pretty versatile. Yep, that was some great high-end slide he was playing. Come to find it was Bobby, and it was the only time it sounded good. To be fair.

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When the S/F slide stopped

Not hearing on 12/31/78, but it's there(somewhat discreet..) on 12/30 at the start of Fire.
It's kinda' strange to me, Pre-Slide-Bob was such a tasteful and subtle guitar player, with a great ear and excellent sense of when to play and when to hold back...

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Could it be from Rockin' The Cradle 9/16/78?

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Shakedown Help

Last night I was in the car listening to XM Radio. On the Deep Tracks channel I hear the intro to Shakedown though it sounds a tad slow. I have my teenage daughter in the car. My general rule is I usually change the station if it's a Dead studio version. Though I leave it on kind of hoping she would get into it as well. She actually just heard the Disco based Rolling Stones Miss You & seemed to like it. For some reason this Shakedown version does not have that Keith Olsen or Lowell George tight 70's studio sheen, but the separation of the instruments sounds like a studio version. Donna and Bobby doing backup vocals but not in all the spots I remember from my mid 80's cassette tape of the studio album.

So it's plodding along for a while. The drums not quite picking up the pace or adding more of a crispness. I really want to be sucked into the disco dance feel that should get my daughter's head bopping along. After a few minutes I cross over from Manhattan into Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm finally starting to lock into the song as the jam gets languid and Jerry layers several slinky adventurous jazz like guitar runs over the groove.

I make a quick stop to pump gas & get back into the car. My daughter changed the station to Z 100, not cool at all. I immediately give her an angry glance & go back to the Shakedown. It's still going strong as Jerry does not seem to want to stop exploring. It finally ends and the DJ says- may God bless the Grateful Dead, to which I say Amen.

I'm doubting this was a studio outtake and figuring it has to be from an official live release otherwise it would not have been played on the non GD channel. (Or perhaps an early 1979 version before Keith & Donna left. I am unfamiliar with their last run of shows). Any help figuring this out?

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Bobs guitar playing

Sorry to kick a man when he's down-but I don't like Bobs slide guitar playing either. In fact I think its terrible! His playing on the From Egypt With Love shows at Winterland in October 1978 come to mind. To my mind he sabotages what would otherwise be great shows. I cant think of specific songs-but whenever he starts up with his slide-disaster!

To add balance, I would say that I love his playing during the European tour in 1972. I often find myself focussing on him when I am listening to one of those shows. Everything about his playing sounds good-the chords, timing, tone. I cant think of any other rhythm guitarist who plays quite like this.

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'87 and '89 - standout years at the Greek

I have not heard these in years, however 6/20/87 2nd set is fantastic, should be enjoyed by all. As for '89, there is video from the show with an epic Other One, it's powerful... really powerful.

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@Cousins re:Bobby Slide Gtr

When did he stop playing slide on Scarlet / Fire? I know it's not there as early as DP 18 (February), and it's not there as late as Closing of Winterland. I pretty much avoid most 1978 Scarlet / Fires, because it's so frustrating to listen to. Like you said, tge worst is when he competes with Jerry. DaP 7 (Back To Normal with the Grateful Dead) is a classic example: Jerry begins playing this incredible virtuosic solo, and then Bobby steps up and shits all over it.

Who bit your baby sister?...

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re: The Hunt

Hey Zuck, funny you mention the Al Franken Althea hunt, cause I just watched 'Long Strange Trip' last night and of course that was a memorable moment when he talks about that. So much of this fun is in the hunt, I think many could agree.

Yours is definitely worthy; I Know I got hooked on that kind of jam out of He's Gone the minute i listened to Dick's Pick's One - Jerry makes some absolutely beautiful runs following that one; there is so much personality oozing from his guitar; so much whimsy. I know exactly what you are looking for, and my ears know it when they hear it.

Good luck in the hunt and turning over the stones.


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Ten Mile Riders

The Al Franken Althea jam hunt reminded me of one of my own quests- to find the greatest post He's Gone jam. While it's easy to concede the jam on 5/6/81 places this version in a special class, it's not really a He's Gone jam that happens. The versions I love are those bluesy, jazzy post- He's Gone jams, that I wish lasted half an hour. And it's really the Fall of '72 to the end of '73 when the quest for gold nuggets is often fulfilled. But I can't really say I've found the equivalent of Al Franken's '81 Nassau Althea, in terms of a post He's Gone jam. That's to say there isn't a singular version that clearly separates itself as my all-time favorite. On the flip-side, there are a bunch of equally thrilling performances that hit the spot. 9/10/72, 2/19/73, 11/18/72, 12/2/73, 5/26/73...And there's so many more. Anyways, just a He's Gone ramble. It's almost always a rewarding hunt, with some exceptions like 6/22/73- where they launch into Truckin immediately after the vocal ending. Just to keep us guessing I suppose.

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Re: GFar - Trifecta

I did catch Ventura, the Greeks and Alpine in 87, in my old Toyota Corolla hatchback. I blew a water pump in the Chihuahuan desert on the way out.. but other than that it was smooth sailing. My gf at the time was a great tour buddy. Rock on Terry.

I think I enjoyed the Greeks the most of the three.. great venue. My fondest memory of the run was the second set of 6/20. Coming out of space with:

Gimme Some Lovin'
All Along The Watchtower (first performed)
The Wheel
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

The Desolation Row the night before was memorable as well. Good times.. some of the fondest memories of my youth..

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Count me with the 1978 Bob Slide haters!
I'll go even further: Bob's (mostly out of tune)slide playing altered the way the instruments mixed, that year in a bad way.
When he plays slide over Jerry soloing, he not only competes with him but also gives up his support role, making the band sound much thinner. They must have told him at some point to settle down, he did stop sliding on Sugaree, Scarlet/Fire, Deal among others. The whole thing was/is frustrating knowing how great a slide player Jerry was.

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