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Spring 1990 (The Other One) Box

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What's Inside:
144-page paperback book with essays by Nicholas G. Meriwether and Blair Jackson
A portfolio with three art prints by Jessica Dessner
Replica ticket stubs and backstage passes for all eight shows
8 complete shows on 23 discs
      3/14/90 Capital Centre, Landover, MD
      3/18/90 Civic Center, Hartford, CT
      3/21/90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario
      3/25/90 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
      3/28/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
      3/29/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (featuring Branford Marsalis)
      4/1/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA
      4/3/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA
Recorded by long-time Grateful Dead audio engineer John Cutler
Mixed from the master 24-track analog tapes by Jeffrey Norman at Bob Weir's TRI Studios
Mastered to HDCD specs by David Glasser
Original Art by Jessica Dessner
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 9,000

Announcing Spring 1990 (The Other One)

"If every concert tells a tale, then every tour writes an epic. Spring 1990 felt that way: an epic with more than its share of genius and drama, brilliance and tension. And that is why the rest of the music of that tour deserves this release, why the rest of those stories need to be heard." - Nicholas G. Meriwether

Some consider Spring 1990 the last great Grateful Dead tour. That it may be. In spite of outside difficulties and downsides, nothing could deter the Grateful Dead from crafting lightness from darkness. They were overwhelmingly triumphant in doing what they came to do, what they did best — forging powerful explorations in music. Yes, it was the music that would propel their legacy further, young fans joining the ranks with veteran Dead Heads, Jerry wondering "where do they keep coming from?" — a sentiment that still rings true today, a sentiment that offers up another opportunity for an exceptional release from a tour that serves as transcendental chapter in the Grateful Dead masterpiece.

With Spring 1990 (The Other One), you'll have the chance to explore another eight complete shows from this chapter, the band elevating their game to deliver inspired performances of concert staples (“Tennessee Jed” and “Sugar Magnolia”), exceptional covers (Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” and the band’s last performance of the Beatles’ “Revolution”) and rare gems (the first “Loose Lucy” in 16 years) as well as many songs from Built To Last, which had been released the previous fall and would become the Dead’s final studio album. Also among the eight is one of the most sought-after shows in the Dead canon: the March, 29, 1990 show at Nassau Coliseum, where Grammy®-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis sat in with the group. The entire second set is one continuous highlight, especially the breathtaking version of “Dark Star.”

For those of you who are keeping track, this release also marks a significant milestone as now, across the two Spring 1990 boxed sets, Dozin At The Knick, and Terrapin Limited, the entire spring tour of 1990 has been officially released, making it only the second Grateful Dead tour, after Europe 1972, to have that honor.

Now shipping, you'll want to order your copy soon as these beautiful boxes are going, going, gone...

Listening Party: 3/29/90, Nassau Coliseum With Branford Marsalis, Set 2

Enjoy the 2nd set of 3/29/90!

Listening Party, Part 2

Enjoy a track from each show!

Listening Party, Part 1

Enjoy a track from each show!

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On The Branford Show

Unveiling Spring 1990 (TOO)

Talkin' Spring 1990 Too With Bob Weir, Jeffrey Norman And Branford Marsalis

David Lemieux on What’s Inside Spring 1990 (The Other One)

Product Details

Show #1
Capital Center, Landover, MD (3/14/90)

Disc 1
4. MAMA TRIED> [2:31]
5. BIG RIVER [5:21]
6. LOOSE LUCY [6:56]
8. ROW JIMMY [10:17]
9. LET IT GROW [11:54]

Disc 2
1. CRAZY FINGERS> [8:12]
3. UNCLE JOHN'S BAND> [8:05]
4. JAM> [7:12]
5. DRUMS> [7:38]
6. SPACE> [6:34]
7. DEAR MR. FANTASY> [5:53]
8. I NEED A MIRACLE> [4:07]
9. BLACK PETER> [7:53]

Show #2
Civic Center, Hartford, CT (3/18/90)

Disc 1
3. STAGGER LEE [5:29]
4. ME AND MY UNCLE> [3:08]
9. RAMBLE ON ROSE [8:02]

Disc 2
1. IKO IKO [8:08]
3. HE'S GONE> [8:56]
4. TRUCKIN'> [8:54]
5. SPOONFUL> [7:19]
6. DRUMS [6:52]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [11:23]
2. THE WHEEL> [5:49]
4. MORNING DEW [11:32]
5. U.S. BLUES [5:31]

Show #3
Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (3/21/90)

Disc 1
3. FAR FROM ME [5:05]
5. LOOSE LUCY [7:27]

Disc 2
1. HEY POCKY WAY [7:10]
2. CRAZY FINGERS> [07:38]
5. HE'S GONE> [12:42]
6. DRUMS> [9:37]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [7:39]
2. I NEED A MIRACLE> [4:16]
3. WHARF RAT> [8:41]

Show #4
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY (3/25/90)

Disc 1
2. TOUCH OF GREY [6:42]
5. JACK-A-ROE [4:36]
7. BIRD SONG [13:08]
8. LET IT GROW [11:36]

Disc 2
1. EYES OF THE WORLD> [13:26]
3. CRAZY FINGERS> [7:21]
4. TRUCKIN'> [7:43]
5. SPOONFUL> [5:37]
6. DRUMS [9:59]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [8:58]
4. BLACK PETER> [9:09]

Show #5 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (3/28/90)

Disc 1
3. EASY TO LOVE YOU [5:48]
4. HIGH TIME [6:14]
6. LOOSE LUCY [6:11]
7. CASSIDY> [6:06]
8. DEAL [8:18]

Disc 2
1. FOOLISH HEART> [10:21]
2. LOOKS LIKE RAIN> [8:09]
4. THE WEIGHT [5:46]
5. HEY POCKY WAY> [x:xx]
6. DRUMS [11:17]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [9:22]
2. THE OTHER ONE> [6:52]
3. WHARF RAT> [10:35]
4. GOOD LOVIN' [7:52]
5. REVOLUTION [4:55]

Show #6
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (3/29/90)

Disc 1
1. JACK STRAW> [6:15]
2. BERTHA [6:59]
3. WE CAN RUN [6:04]
4. RAMBLE ON ROSE [8:08]
6. BIRD SONG> [13:05]

Disc 2
1. EYES OF THE WORLD> [16:33]
3. DARK STAR> [18:19]
4. DRUMS [10:22]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [7:53]
2. DARK STAR> [2:46]
3. THE WHEEL> [4:23]

Show #7
The Omni, Atlanta, GA (4/1/90)

Disc 1
1. TOUCH OF GREY [6:41]
2. WALKIN' BLUES [6:27]
4. CANDYMAN [7:20]
5. ME AND MY UNCLE> [3:05]
6. BIG RIVER [5:28]
7. ALTHEA [8:09]
9. TO LAY ME DOWN> [9:24]

Disc 2
2. I KNOW YOU RIDER [4:51]
3. SHIP OF FOOLS> [7:50]
5. DRUMS [7:30]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [11:48]
2. DEAR MR. FANTASY> [5:42]
3. HEY JUDE> [2:37]
4. TRUCKIN'> [7:00]
5. STELLA BLUE> [10:21]

Show #8
The Omni, Atlanta, GA (4/3/90)

Disc 1
2. HELL IN A BUCKET> [6:17]
3. SUGAREE [11:24]
4. WE CAN RUN [6:55]
6. ROW JIMMY [10:11]
7. PICASSO MOON [7:14]
8. TENNESSEE JED> [7:39]

Disc 2
3. CRAZY FINGERS> [8:06]
5. DRUMS [8:17]

Disc 3
1. SPACE> [6:56]
5. NOT FADE AWAY [7:27]


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Joined: Dec 17 2011
Price III

I too hope that whatever is released in the form of a mega box set is offered as single show releases. The wife doesn't really care how I much I pay. Her attitude is as long as the bills are paid and we're not going hungry I could spend 10,000 dollars on My problem is every year I put aside so much money for GD or GD related goods, last year I put aside 500 dollars & it was gone by the time the May 1977 box set was announced in May. Because I didn't get the DP subscription, I had to use E-bay for each one plus RSD in April, the GarciaLive releases and a few t-shirts by the time May came around I'd spent $536.54 so by the end of the year I had spent $912.19. The REAL money was spent when the official release of SSDD came around I think I spent almost 400 bucks just in the SSDD Store. Now next year I already put aside $1,200 with the anticipation that whatever is going to be offered for 2015 will be expensive. The wife & I already discussed DP 2015 so that will be my Christmas present, for some reason I feel that Dave's Picks will sell out before January 2015 so when the GD Almanac comes out in early November we will be ordering a subscription that instant. Looking forward to 50 Years of the good ole Grateful Dead just hoping that shows will be available as single releases just like Europe '72 was. I do admit that being a Deadhead can get expensive however it's not just the music it's a way of life. Now just waiting for the Live Chat with DL on Monday. HAPPY SATURDAY, DEADLAND!!!!!!!

Joined: Sep 15 2009
Price II

I'm with you Dark Star. I would love to have everything released but price matters. I bought the Europe 72 box and my wife was way cool. I bought the May 77 box and my wife had some concerns. When the next big thing was Spring 90 I was kind of relieved because I had Dozin, Terrapin, and Without a Net, and that was plenty of 90's Dead. When Spring 90 TOO came out I got the single show release. I am excited and worried at the same time that 2015 will have some "really cool" stuff but with major price tags. I hope there are single show or music only options as it's hard to satisfactorily answer the inevitable "How much Dead do you need?" question which I fear may be coming.

Joined: Jan 11 2014
Cool Box Sets

As far as I'm concerned, to surpass anything previously released it would have to be either a box set of the September 1970 Fillmore East run or the November 1970 Capitol Theater run. That said, there are many box sets that could be released that would make me happy: something from 1969, February 1970, Fall 1973, June 1974, May 1977 part 2, Greek Theater 1981, and on and on.'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007

I hope that it's under $300.00 or I'm out. I can't afford another $450.00 box or one that's even higher in price. The wife is usually pretty cool but the Europe '72 box caused a few problems.

Joined: Feb 2 2010
The Countdown

In my humble opinion, the question of which shows might be released in the 50th anniversary year is shooting too low, especially given that Dave keeps talking up how cool things are about to get. They've always released shows in a series format, as well as in boxed formats, so just releasing some long-treasured shows isn't really "cool" (it is, but bear with me a moment). I think that they're going to do (to paraphrase Monty Python) something completely different.

It might be a flood of videos (why haven't we seen an official 3/28/81 yet?), it might be a downloadable cleaned-up version of the best set from each tour, it might be 3-D holograms of the band playing an amalgam of every Dead tune simultaneously, but there's something coming besides just a Fall '73 box or 9/18/87, or whatever individual show each person is wishing for.

Or maybe all that money from the Terrapin Limited idea has been secretly used to master every show ever played, and now you can finally purchase a lifetime vault membership for $1000, and stream or download anything they ever played (in perfect sound) . . .

Joined: Jun 4 2007
the count down is on... something special must be at the end of it : )

Fall '73 almost seems too predictable. And so much is already released (28 discs' worth, 7 complete shows and the majority of 4 others). Though there's still plenty left for a Winterland '77- or Spring '90-sized box. I'd pass, but a massive circle of people would be dancing a ring around the sun...!

I just had a big, big thought, but I'll keep it too myself -- would hate to jinx it if it could possibly happen, and if it couldn't, wouldn't wanna cast any disappointments on the parade that's actually GOING to happen....

As of this year's subscription and TOO box, I'm officially satisfied with my "vault" (though still hoping for an 84-87 for Dave's 12), so whatever happens next is just jimmies on the sundae for me....

evgraham's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
It almost HAS to be "hyperbole"

It almost has to be hyperbole (Dave). "Cooler" than FW 69 and E 72. Man, I don't know...

Joined: Aug 29 2013
"Whether they’re the Fillmore

"Whether they’re the Fillmore West box in 2004, whether it’s Europe ’72…we’ve done a lot of cool things. What we have planned for 2015 I think is the coolest thing we’ve done yet and that’s not hyperbole and that’s not the blowing of smoke. That is true."

Cooler than Europe '72 or the Fillmore West 1969? The only thing that I can think of is Fall '73.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
The music on Spring TOO is so good.....

....that I just realized there is a book in the set......Bonus!!

Joined: Apr 24 2008
Update re HD FLAC downloads subsequent to original post

Yes, thank you. That was added after my original post and email to requesting clarification on the hi-res downloads.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
3/25 Eyes of the World

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like this marks the return of the slower tempo Eyes of the World. I wonder what the genesis of the change was. Was it something that had been discussed for years? They open the second set with it, a rare thing in and of itself. The 3/19 show has the up-tempo Eyes of the World. Does anyone know exactly when the faster tempo Eyes of the World was introduced? Perhaps it was a gradual thing, but it sounds to me they started increasing the beat on the first leg of the Spring '78 tour and things just started getting faster from there. (4-12-78 Duke to be precise.)

Joined: Oct 2 2014
guess its my turn.....

I was a guilty fence sitter for quite a while but now am now a fully satisfied owner. Sound wise, is as everyone has praised, with the sort of distinctive clarity usually only found in studio recordings. My preference for listening actually tends to be top-spun audience pulls (which was partly to blame for the hesitation) but having the opportunity hear perfectly balanced levels, being able to cue into the goings on of any one of our six psychedelic minstrels... well, just too much to pass up.

And what a great tour for this. While maybe not quite hitting those X factor peaks that can push the sweat out from the soles of your feet, I’m not sure there are other tours where the band moves as fluidly as a collective unit as they do here. The music simply rides on an effortless wabi-sabi of intuitive inspiration and leaves the show boating to the Knicks. Probably the most democratic mode the band ever found themselves in.

The other reason for my purchase was the artwork. As much as I will always connect to the standard iconography (yes, put a bolt on it, indeed!), how lucky we are to have an entirely fresh visual expression for the GD ethos. And to this head, Dessner’s work is as much of a natural fit as say, Mouse’s efforts for the original Europe ‘72 release. It works.... perfectibly! Besides that, with the release limited to 9,0000, who knows? The box set might just appreciate value for this aspect alone. Impossible to predict though as finicky as the art world is. Although, when I spread all the discs out upon my coffee table, or catch a glimpse of the carousel skeleton riding dandy in the bookshelf, proudly between Mark Twain’s Library of Humor and Cormac McCarthy‘s The Crossing, I understand without a doubt the contribution that has been made to my home (and I live in a bitsy house, mind you).

So maybe that will persuade others to close this one out. And don’t worry, I don’t work for Rhino. Am only one of the many many out there that still finds himself amazed that he can listen to this great great band with the same enthusiasm as he always has year after year, decade after decade.

Joined: Sep 25 2013

Listen to Brent's work on Stella Blue on 4/1 at the Omni. Really beautiful. There are so many examples in Spring 90 of guys just being totally in the moment and playing creative runs and fills. These are truly great shows.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007

Musically speaking, I think Brent brought a lot to the table. He added a new dimension and some innovative sounds. It is quite obvious that Jerry really enjoyed playing with him. As for his vocals, I love him as a background singer and not so much as the lead singer. I do really like Just A Little Light and Blow Away from the first Spring '90 box are great too.
Rock on

Joined: Nov 1 2010
For all not floored by the "sounds" of 1990 GD....

I totally hear you guys on not liking Brent's sounds or Jerry's midi sounds in this era of the Dead. How can it compare to earlier versions? Etc.

I had that exact view for no less than 20 years. My two times seeing them with Jerry was 7-2-89 and 9-24-91, or basically a year or so on either side of Spring 90. The 89 show was awesome, the 91 show not bad, but with both I was really wishing that I was seeing the version from 20 years back.

I came close to SELLING Without a Net at one point! Always liked Dozin, but could not understand the Terrapin Ltd, the Warlocks set, Nightfall of Diamonds.

Now, I have come around. I think it was hearing a friend's copy of the first Spring 90 set that did it. This stuff is really superb, just different. I really think this was a high point of their career. Yes I love 68-74, and 77 and other choice moments in their timeline. No question. But as you keep listening to this stuff over the years, you start to appreciate more that quirky stuff that sometimes came to the table during this era. It brings a little variety. And the band is playing rock-solid in the meantime. I appreciate Brent more than ever - he was the right guy for them at this particular point in time. Anyway.... just saying give it time, you'll probably be just as happy to hear this stuff as any other era.

Edited to add: Brent's songs, OK, still not usually the highlight but for the most part I listen to them now - never did before -and some are quite good - Blow Away, JALL...

dantian's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2013

It says right here on this page in the Digital Download section:

"HD FLAC Available in 192kHz/24bit"

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Wow.. thanks...
I'm still looking for that RT bonus disc for you... it's a tough one to find.. I haven't come across it yet. But eventually I will.

Thanks again for the shout outs. I appreciate that!!

BTW.. since this is the Spring TOO forum..
let me say, I'm on my 3rd listen through the box set.
I haven't even cracked open the book to read it yet. The music is amazing.
I go concert to concert... then start over.


Joined: Oct 1 2014
I agree about brianhahne!

I got a couple of items I wanted from him on ebay as well for a very fair price. Still looking for my white whale, the Road Trips 2011 bonus disc, but in the meantime his prices on other cds are very, very good.

floridabobaloo's picture
Joined: Apr 30 2014
Thanks to Brianhahne I got a killer deal

I have read SO many people saying how Brian can find CDs and offer them at the lowest price. Well count me to that list of happy customers.
I saw a great deal on DP 14 at ebay and jumped on it as quick as i could. Turns out it was an offering from Brianhahne!
A friend of mine also told me he was very honest and found stuff that was really tough to find. How he does it? No idea, but im happy he did on this buy.
Just wanted to throw that out there as you can feel weird about the web and all. Honestly thou, DeadHeads are the best!
Rock on Good People......

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Check PM. Maybe I can help...

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Elbow49 and Cousin of The..

I'm with you as well. Amazing sound quality. But I have not had my jaw hit the floor with the playing. I listened to the first 3 shows and took a break. Overall it is a great release and love all eras.

Joined: Oct 1 2014
Insuring what I buy is 24/192 HD-MSQ

"Has remastering specifications re the newly available HD FLAC files for Spring 1990/ Spring 1990 TOO been published?

The "more info" link is simply an FAQ; absent anything relevant to the file mastering. Note that the "Wake Up to Find Out (3/29/90)" digital files via are also missing the bit-depth/sample rate specs. The latter is available in both 24/96 and 24/192 downloads at HD Tracks. Will purchases made through provide the same options? As there is only one price for the download via, it's doubtful. Clicking through the ordering process does not reveal any more information and would be quite a financial gamble if you're hoping for a specific resolution.

Can any one shed light on this?"

I already bought 3/29 and it was WELL worth it. Will offer this bundled in 24/192? I REALLY want it. I emailed and have yet to hear a reply and my credit card wants to be used ;-)



Elbow49's picture
Joined: Oct 26 2012
Thank you Cousins Of The...

Thank you for finally saying something less then praise about Spring 1990 Too. I have been listening to this box and thinking to myself, "no goosebumps, no x-factor". Yeah it sounds great but it does not get the endorphins flowing. It is a bunch of Dead songs played well that sound great. That's not what I am used to listening to.

I mean no disrespect to the people who put a lot of hard work and time into this production I am passionate about this band and it helps to say something. Thanks for reading.

Joined: Jul 12 2014
Spring 1990 Box Vol 1

Almost finished listening to Spring 1990 TOO and wow no regrets in buying this its incredible soundwise,contentwise its all very good indeed. Although i gather the Vol 1 set is not as good soundwise as this one i still regret not getting it and so searched ebay. Yikes have you seen the crazy prices $800, $1000 for Vol 1 and even high prices for the TOO box despite the fact its not even sold out. So my question to the community is does anyone know of a good location to buy the limted dead disks such as Vol 1 Spring and Daves Picks etc. Seems like so many people are buying these just to resell on ebay at enourmous profit at the expense of those of us just into the music. Not really a download guy and not in the more money than sense camp either!! Yeah i know not going to happen but on the basis of i need a miracle...

Joined: Aug 29 2013
you forgot the big one:

Fall '73 Tour. One of Dave's personal favorite tours and the only one that he listed as meriting full release that has not yet seen the light of day.

Joined: Sep 25 2013
Slightly Off Topic (sorry)

Just read the Relix interview with David about Spring '90 TOO (see, it is a little bit on topic).

In it, he says:

"What we have planned for 2015 I think is the coolest thing we’ve done yet and that’s not hyperbole and that’s not the blowing of smoke. That is true. Well, we’ve known the 50th was coming along for the last 49 years. More specifically, the last three years we’ve really known that we want to do some special things and we’ve been working towards them to make sure that they could happen and that’s where we are now is making them happen so that when 2015 rolls around, which means for the 12 months of 2015 we’re going to have a lot of very cool things happening. In terms of big things we certainly have big things planned that I think are certainly some of the cooler things we’ve ever done and, again, we’ve done some cool things."

So what things do you think they've got in mind? I'm not saying these are the things, but these are few possibilities I'd be interested in:

* Box set built around 1980 acoustic shows, including 2 NOLA Sanger Theater shows (I'm aware that some or all of the Radio City shows have been recorded over)

* Box set built around remaining unreleased Spring '77 shows, including Barton Hall performance (I know, it's not in the value and who cares, everybody has it already, and of course it is overrated, but a cleaned up, remastered Betty Board is always a possibility if the show makes its way back to the Vault)

* Box set built around unreleased 65-67 shows

* Box set built around Alpine '89, including audio and video

* Box set built around Euro '90 (seems unlikely given the attention to '90 this year, but I'd be interested)

* Box set built around returned tapes from MG (seems more likely that these will happen through Dave's Picks)

* Watkins Glen '73 Release

* A better Dylan/Dead Release

* Unreleased Pigpen Solo Album

* Unreleased Brent Solo Album

* Rerelease of Donna & Keith (kidding, right?)

* '93 MSG or Boston Garden Box Set

* Monthly Download Series throughout 2015 (like 30 days of dead but for money)?

* Some kind of subscription service through a smartphone app?

Those are just off-the-cuff.

Joined: Sep 10 2009
My review - differing opinion

Finally listened to all 8 shows. First off, like everyone else said, the sound is excellent, probably the best out of all the
the 80s and 90s releases.
Howewer, I have mixed feelings about the music; there is a lot great stuff in there, but I just can't seem to make it past Jerry's MIDI and Brent's over-processed
keyboard sound. Overall, I don't understand the of the best tours ever? Maybe the best 90s tour, but in my opinion I don't see how one could rate this tour above
70s and 80s tours(December 1971, summer/fall 81, fall 79, etc.)
Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets purchasing this set, I just don't think it's as good as what the majority of posters here have written.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
Sell outs

Everyone is raving about this box but it still has not sold out. I think this is due to the fact that downloads are available. I myself always want the physical product but I realize that many are just as happy with the music only. I think TPTB will realize that and I think the number of units offered on future box sets will decrease. Especially when the box carries such a hefty price tag. Per disc, the price for TOO is very good, but times 23 discs and it does move the price tag higher then some wish to pay.
Rock on

Joined: Feb 16 2011
shipping cost and harassed by UPS

I am as happy as anyone else about the sound of this release! ( ... in my ears only Go to Nassau and Terrapin Limited are sonically comparable.)

However, as an international customer I am less excited about the shipping costs. Earlier big box sets (E72 box, Spring 90 box, May 77) have been shipped to European customers through an arrangement without customs tariff (these boxes where shipped from inside the EU, from Rotterdam I think). This time around I ended up paying 152 dollar for shipping and custom.

I may have been ok with that, wasn´t it for the last surprise ...

Today, two weeks after the delivery of my box, UPS try to charge me an ADDITIONAL 110 bucks for custom and shipping that I have already payed them weeks ago. UPS got a bad reputation over here, so I am not really surprised that they are trying these kind of things ... but still I would prefer them to keep to civil business standard.

So: For the next box release please return to the old shipping arrangement without customs tariff, and where you as a customer did not run the risk to become harassed by UPS

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
And as I type....

....the Royals take it. Nice shot of Brett in the suite.....pine tar my ass....

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Whew....that box was a marathon....

...4/1 still gets my nod though....taking a break and dusted off Dylan's Modern Times. Soothing to say the least. Enjoying the A's and Royals marathon in the background. Take me out to the freaking ballgame....

One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011

I appreciate the discussion on hi-res audio. I had not seen the science before, and I do believe in science. Part of me wants to think that digital audio is just bad for the soul, and the lower res, the more it ruins you. But I really don't buy that. There is a format for every occasion. I even enjoyed some mp3s the other day, listening in my truck cab with a newly-installed sub-woofer. Between the road noise, the engine, etc., it might as well have been a 24/96 master. It sounded great. I will typically err on the side of higher res, just to get as close as possible to analog, in case the coarser bits are wearing down my brain somehow.

But the real reason I wanted to post is to say that the American Beauty and Workingman's Dead DVD-Audio discs are worth seeking out to hear Mickey Hart's re-visited stereo mix. He brought in parts that were muted in the original mixes, panned things in an interesting way, and it's like listening to a quite different version of those 2 albums. Is it like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa? No, because you can always revert to the original mix if you are in the mood. I liked them so much I transferred them to my Mac and made regular CD copies to listen to on the go. I wish folks could just buy downloads or CDs of these mixes.

The Weve's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2010
DL2 speaks 1990-TOO, DaP v12 & 2015

More will follow on 10/06 Video chat >

If you are at all curious about our fourth and final 2014 Dave's Picks release, then you will most certainly want to tune in on October 6th when we chat live with David Lemieux. All will be revealed at 4PM PT so log on to or and click "Live Chat" at the top of the page to watch the chat and ask your questions live.

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DVD-A's or SACD's

Both Workingman's and American Beauty DVD-A's are superb. Hard to find, sometimes I see them on Ebay. Definitely Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here for SACD. Also, Wings-Venus and Mars. Real tough to find that one now. The original fat PS3 plays both formats.

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Favor request

So, PTB, now that this box is rolled out and the majority sold, any chance we can scale back the "Product Details" box above to avoid the lengthy track listing and scrolling required to get down to the messages?

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big river

Here here, re: 3/14's Big River. Worth calling out, indeed. That jam epitomizes how fun the Dead could be.

Funny, then, that I think good ol' Big River is the one weak link in 4/1's stellar first set. Brent's solo atypically lands behind tempo a couple times (though I appreciate the complexity of what he's attempting), and Bob cuts off the "big" final jam before Jerry even (or barely just) gets started. Not a clunker version, certainly, but rather perfunctory in the scheme of Big Rivers.

The song portion of Copps' Victim Or the Crime may be tighter (and a fine jam ensues), but Jerry's solo on the outro jam of 4/1's is just wicked. And his vocal delivery on "to tell swee-ee-eet lies" is sweet indeed to close out the verses on To Lay Me Down. Music Never Stopped is really hot, great call after To Lay Me Down. The drummers are inspired, and the big jam here is a case where the MIDI sounds great on Jerry's lead, IMO. I'd forgotten the rearranged outro dated back this early.

Great Drums on the Copps show, by the way. And the pre-Drums sequence (Pocky Way, Crazy Fingers > Cumberland > Estimated > He's Gone) Both Copps shows feature inspired pre-Drums song sequences.

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attack is slow...

Mustin, I *think* what's happening there is that the synth has a slow attack setting, in other words you hit the key and it takes a second for the volume to get all the way up. So when Brent plays the faster notes, sometimes you never get to hear the synth.

If the synth sound had an instant attack setting, say like a bell, organ, etc... then you'd hear all the notes of both.

Edited to add: I notice that Jerry starts a solo in Row Jimmy at 4:15 where it sounds like he's doing the midi version of the reverse instrumentation that Brent used in Big River. Instead of a piano with a controlled horn sound, it's a guitar-midi horn sound with a controlled piano sound. I bet they were messing with each other!

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Big River from 3/14/90 (cont'd)

gfink -
I was wondering if it was just MIDI added on top but the melodies are different and Brent is playing way more notes on the piano...I don't know a whole lot about MIDI, maybe I just need to listen again. Which won't be a problem.

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midi switch?

Regarding Brent and Big River 3/14, I'm thinking Brent may have had a little midi switch that links the synth to the piano, so he plays the piano and it also triggers the synth.

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3/14 Big River

I also thought the playing on 3/14 was super-hot. I think that it and 4/1 have the hottest playing in this box. The 3/14 show is hot from the beginning, but it was at the Big River where I really began to realize how hot this show was getting, and couldn't keep still. Brent's playing is inspired, prominent and FUN, and they're all listening well, as they are playing off of each other brilliantly throughout the show, kicking musical ideas off of each other in a polyphonic blaze of glory. The Loose Lucy the follows the Big River is the hardest rocking of them, Dylan's SIOMWTMBA and then Jimmy are sublime (check out Phil in both of them) and in Let it Grow checkout the interplay between Jerry, Bob, Phil and Brent. Of course, the Rhythm Devils are just exactly perfect. The second set take the energy level a notch higher and in a different way. Fingers is a treat, but it is in Playing that you find yourself again in a creative wonderland of sound. Uncle John is beautiful and I LOVE the little jam section that follows it. Drums and Space are both creative and different than what they were doing in '89 - takes you to some very enjoyable places. I've never been a huge Miracle fan, but this one cooks and is a perfect foil for Peter, where we get a VERY intense rendition of this song - if they always played Peter with this much umph I would have looked forward to it more throughout the years. Lovelight to close and Muddy River to end are sweet icing. This show will get many plays.

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box set, etc

I am about halfway thru this set-I'm taking my time and not going for a marathon binge. I am really impressed with this box-the sound is amazing and the playing is the apex of late era Dead, IMHO. It was a different band in those days as many have commented upon-the exploratory jams are gone but the nuance/detail epiphanies are still certainly there and the presentation is more "pop"-but a good "pop".You know, that eclectic, Dead style take on all things musical in a more accessible way, I guess. I also love the Jerry Band stuff during this time period. He is articulate in his vocals, has thoughtful delivery and some really tasty solos.

On SACD, HDCD, etc-my opinion is that it all goes back to the original mix and recording. I don't think hi-res will improve bad source material-it will just make more transparent bad source material., S...out.

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I have quite a few SACD's and DVD-A. My favorites are SACD of Dark Side of the Moon, DVD-A of Blood on the Tracks, and lots of my classical music SACD's. They sound absolutely fantastic.

However, they aren't really like HD tracks. Although they are "high resolution" like HD tracks, I found that in each case, with my SACD's and DVD-A's, they actually did different mixes from the original masters that highlight sounds in different ways AND most of them have more than two playback trakcs, like 5.1, which my system plays back beautifully.

In several of the studies I referenced in the below posts, many of the test subjects involved were musicians, audio professionals, and other audiophiles (along with lots of other people), and in EVERY scientifically conducted study to date, when placed in a double-blind study where they didn't know before-hand which recording was which, and where the "high resolution" music tracks used were made from the EXACT same masters, mixes, volume levels, etc. it turns out that NONE could distinguish which were high resolution files versus CD (16/44.1) at anything over chance (50%).

I LOVE SACD (I have more of those than DVD-A) - I love surround sound (my car plays these as well) - they sound deeper, and richer, etc.

But, don't make the mistake that high resolution is the reason. It's all the other factors. The high resolution alone is apparently not distinguishable from 16/44.1. Please see the studies I referenced below. Those audiophiles were sure they would be able to tell the difference also.

If you try to do testing home YOU NEED TO START WITH HIGH RES (24/96 OR 24/192) FILES, have them PROFESSIONALLY BROUGHT DOWN TO 16/44.1 by a professional who knows how to properly dither due to bit size drop and who knows how to determine that the final result is identical in playback volume. THEN, you need to design a way (which will be much easier with assistants) to test listening to each of them at least a couple of hundred times in a double-blind fashion where NEITHER YOU NOR THE ASSISTANT has ANY way of knowing which recording is which when you listen to them - you should only be able to see which was which AFTER the testing. You can't just go back and forth between them - which one you are listening to each time needs to be entirely RANDOM. There are lots of other factors I'm leaving out. You can read about the many other pitfalls that people run into during testing that will bias the results as well.

Until that is done, you don't really KNOW whether you can tell the difference because comparing an SACD to the CD is NOT the same.

I'm assuming that the HD downloads of the 1990 box are from the same master recordings, so you could test using those. However, you would need to get BOTH the CD quality downloads (or make your own) and the HD downloads AND (this is critical) you would need to use professional quality software to bring the files to the same playback volume (it is VERY unlikely that they are the same in this regard as the process used to bring 24-bit files to 16-bit files changes the volume level a little). Again, without doing all this and then ensuring a truly unbiased style scientific double-blind testing process and setting, you're not really comparing apples to apples and you won't KNOW that you can tell the difference. In scientific studies to date, NO ONE has been able to.

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Big River from 3/14/90

Brent's solo in the middle of the song, he starts playing a really nice piano solo, then halfway through the solo he adds an amazing synth part on top of the awesome piano part. Not sure how he does it, but I love it!

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HD tracks

Anyone here have any SACDs or DVD-As? They are similar to HD tracks. MOFI is currently making an SACD of "Workingmans Dead" and "American Beauty". You hear so much more detail on a good SACD. You have to have a player that will play SACDs, they have players that go up to 5,000. I have a 200 dollar multidisc player that plays DVDs, DVD-As, SACDs and HDCD. Anyways, I just reviewed a MTB release, the one where they opened for the Dead on 9/3/77 , sound is just plain bad. DPs 15, The Dead on same day sounds awesome.

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The post I was specifically

The post I was specifically referring to has been modified

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Why Not ?

Its all fun and games until ?
This Box Set Flat Out Kicks Ass !

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That's cool you like the box set and the music, but why boast about rushing the stage ?

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This set is great.

For quite some time I viewed the Without a Net release as showcasing an era I was not that interested in hearing. I was into the 1969-73 version. 90s wasn't entirely lost on me, but I never played it. It took awhile for me to come around. This set makes the case that they were on their game big time.

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Caveat to the HD question

I just thought of one caveat to my issues with HD audio. If they were offered at the same price (as the Hyperion label frequently does) as the standard 16/44.1 files, then I'd say GREAT! There's certainly nothing WRONG with getting higher resolution files. It just doesn't make sense to pay more for them when it appears virtually no one can really tell the difference. Maybe in the future, with bigger storage capacities, higher bandwidth, etc., higher res recordings will be the only thing available. Again, as long as you're not paying more for them, then great! More expensive then 16/44.1, then silly.

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One last time

Thanks for the kind words Dantian.

I guess the "one last time" is because I think that after the latest barrage of links, and my lengthy post, if I go back to this issue it'll seem like I'm on a campaign of sorts. I'm not. I just don't like seeing people plop extra money down when what they will get with the CD quality download (or the CD's themselves) is sonically equivalent to people. ESPECIALLY this release where the CD's sound so unbelievably fantastic to begin with.

I think that discussions of the music are far more important, along with discussions of why and how music, and in particular this music, has such a profound affect on us. I know someone for whom the kind of experience he often had at GD shows was so personally profound that it formed one of the reasons he chose to get a doctorate in religious studies and look at what these experiences were and why they are important.

Happy listening!