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Circles Around The Sun (Neal Casal) - Interludes For The Dead (2CD)

The mystery of just who was behind those freewheeling tunes that kept the crowds groovin' during Fare Thee Well's intermissions has been revealed! Circles Around the Sun, a band convened by guitarist Neal Casal, formed specifically to record just for the shows and the results were so captivating, and the audience response so overwhelmingly positive, we decided to give the music a proper release.

The project began when Casal was asked by video director Justin Kreutzmann to compose and record more than five hours of original music to be played along with the visuals Kreutzmann was preparing for the Fare Thee Well intermissions. "The idea was to not only show reverence for the past but to ultimately, move it forward. If there's anything to be learned from the Grateful Dead, it is to dissolve your boundaries, push your limits, and discover your own voice in this world," explains Casal, the lead guitarist and co-lyricist for The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and part-time member of Phil Lesh and Friends.

Casal was joined in the studio by keyboardist Adam MacDougall, a fellow member of Robinson's Brotherhood and Lesh's Friends. The balance of Circles Around The Sun consists of bassist Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks, Jonathan Wilson) and drummer Mark Levy (The Congress). All of the music on INTERLUDES FOR THE DEAD was written collectively - with nothing prepared beforehand or added afterward - and recorded live by engineer J.P. Hesser.

INTERLUDES FOR THE DEAD will be available digitally and as a 2-CD set on November 27. In addition, a 180-gram vinyl version on two LPs will be available as a limited edition of 5,000. And finally, as mentioned, all the music heard in Chicago will be included in the Complete versions of FARE THEE WELL.

Track Listing
Disc One
1. "Hallucinate A Solution"
2. "Gilbert's Groove"
3. "Kasey's Bones"
4. "Space Wheel"
Disc Two
1. "Ginger Says"
2. "Farewell Franklins"
3. "Saturday's Children"
4. "Scarlotta's Magnolias"
5. "Hat And Cane"
6. "Mountains Of The Moon"

Product Details

Street Date: November 27, 2015

Listening Party: Interludes For The Dead

"Gilbert's Groove"


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Joined: Nov 23 2017
Neal Casal is one of the best

Neal Casal is one of the best musicians I have ever heard of. He always come up with such freewheeling tunes which make the crowd lost in dreams. I doesn't had these tracks in my collection and very happy that you have shared it. I am sure this would be some of the best tunes in my playlists.

Joined: Apr 6 2016
Wow!! I just loved those

Wow!! I just loved those music tracks. There is no doubt the band had done huge efforts in making those great music tracks with Neal Casal. I am so glad that you have shared the links to download the music for the readers. It had given as a great experience.

Joined: Feb 26 2017
thanks for sharing
Joined: Sep 28 2016

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Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014
Confusion in the New Age

Am I wrong to blush at a compliment generated algorithmically by a 'bot' operating system in New Delhi?

Off-Thread Confession Time: I was a mite hard on #20 after initial listens, but the 3rd time's charmed. Let's see what you can do with that, Black Peterstrong...

Joined: Jul 12 2016
Thanks for the great post

Thanks for the great post. I’m a big fan of your writing style

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014

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Joined: Feb 26 2016

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Joined: Apr 11 2015
Just Sayin,,,,,,,,,,

Talkin' about a huge waste of time, this is it. What is the purpose?

Joined: Aug 9 2011

I have listened to this now way to many times on spotify. I am purchasing, jeeeez.....this is just really good, it was great in Chicago outside for Fare thee Well and it is on my speakers as well. Peace.

Joined: Jul 9 2007
Floyd anyone?

Some of this sounds like Pink Floyd early 70's. Around the Atom Heart Mother or Meddle time period. Glad I picked this up.

Kate_C.'s picture
Joined: Sep 29 2014

...your inchoate missives took the garbled, incomprehensible words right out of my mouth!

Indeed, not only is a companion disk now mandatory, but accompanying release of any session/rehearsal work as well. Simply transcendant. One of 2015's finest new releases./peess,K

Joined: Feb 25 2015
That doesnt exist,

The band did not play in santa clara in 2015. Were you tripping? What gives is this is about as good as the band Boston, that's what gives. It was cool, buyt selling it?????????????Dunnno what jerry would say, he might be like.........ok lets record noise OUTSIDE a show and sell it as yummm say 2/3/16 san diego parking lot noise,. This is a scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm but so what everything is a scam and we like this noise so get it and dance

Joined: Feb 25 2015
get it at the dentist while u wait on hold, its just Muzak

seriously, is this not Muzak? Mike owns his clinic and he is a head and he is seriously going to use it for his work voice mail while people wait on hold

Joined: Feb 25 2015
I'll sell you that one for $15, send me the details

That music is great, until you realize that when Bob retires you will find yourself all alone in a stadium with 50,000 stoned heads listening to this while you watch a slideshow made by Justin Kreutzmann. A scary thought indeed. beware, this is a conspiracy wrapped in a sandwich, that one can only get at the 8/16/78 show,in New jersey, for $1.75. Its up to you, but don't get married away and take like a whole sheet while your listening to it, it is what it is, I guarantee it. Buy one for your daughter, her hairdresser, and your mailman, and two for yourself, since you'll probably lose one by the Chicago 2017 shows.

Joined: Nov 11 2010
Where's the Santa Clara Love?

Please release Santa Clara interludes soon, love love love, voting this for album of the year, so damn sexy!!

Joined: Apr 2 2008
Neal Casal Circles Around The Sun

I just saw this same 2-CD set on mp3 at iTunes for $9.99. Just sayin'.

Joined: Apr 2 2008
Neal Casal Circles Around The Sun

I just saw this same 2-CD set on mp3 at iTunes for $9.99. Just sayin'.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
All Circles

Yeah, it would be nice to be able to get all of what they did. Please make available for download or physical purchase. Or throw a (free or otherwise even) download link to us usb-ers still in limbo. Even better

I obviously understand the limited number on the dave's and other releases. But I don't understand not making everything available in one form or another to anyone who wishes to pay. The idea that I would have to pay for the full FTW box to get more of the Circles music seems like a rigged rip off.

Joined: May 31 2015
Where's the Santa Clara intermission music?

I fell in love with the intermission music while watching the July 27th show & was ecstatic to hear that Neal & Co. were going to make it available after all the positive response to it. I waited patiently for the FTW Complete Box Set to arrive knowing I would soon be able to immerse myself in it again. I just started listening to it and was greatly disappointed to realize that it only contained the ~3.5 hours from the July shows. Realizing that I may have to cough up more money to get the Santa Clara intermissions, I quickly found the Interludes For The Dead album only to realize that it is just a subset of what's on the box set I already have (with the exception of Kasey's Bones that's not on the box set).

Where's the music from the Santa Clara shows? What gives?

Joined: Nov 7 2014
Dead & Co.

Thin - My thinking on this subject is pretty close to yours. I first heard Mayer with Dead & Co on their free webcast, and he sounded like a better fit to me than Trey, who I just listened to on the Best of FTW. Nothing against Trey - he sounds great with Phish. On FTW I thought he sounded a bit tentative at times, and I didn't think he was loud enough in the mix.

Same thing with Warren Haynes and John Kadlecik. Warren's a great guitarist, but John K fits in better in the Dead context.

But the bottom line is - it's all good. Just some is better than others.

jjjbaggins's picture
Joined: Jul 16 2007
Will this be in stores this morning?

I'm looking at the list for Record Store Day and I don't see this. I'm heading over to my store soon, but is this only available online? Is there a show being released on LP today in the stores. I'm not seeing it, help!

Joined: Sep 15 2015
The only track missing in FTW

The only track missing in FTW Complete box is Kasey's Bones so I'm guessing that was intermission music in Santa Clara

natas2210's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
circles around the sun

i just received my fare thee well box set and yes there is 3 out of the 12 discs are of circles around the sun. so no need to buy it.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Dead & Co review - Saturday in Mpls

I saw Dead & Co Saturday night. Very good show. Highlights were a monster Jack Straw opener, Row Jimmy, a heavily jammed UJBand, Scarlet>Fire, Dear Prudence and an FOTDevil acoustic encore.

I thought Trey did a great job this summer, but I have to say I enjoyed the Dead & Co much more just because Mayer's tone and playing seemed to fit better. Sounded more like '77 Dead while w/ Trey it was more like fuzzy abstract '91-'93 Dead. I really wanted to prefer Trey, but I definitely didn't. I hope they tour again in the Spring with Mayer because I wanna see them again. Heck, I'd see 3 or 4 in a row to catch the whole song catalogue.

For perspective, I didn't love Warren with "The Dead", but loved Kaldecik in "Furthur". And I really wanted to like Warren.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Circles Around the Sun

Good Stuff, Man,I tell you, Heard this and I WAS IN,LOL,This getts OFF,LUV IT,THANK YOU...

Joined: Jul 4 2015
Circles included with FTW Complete Box Set???

I was at both nights Santa Clara. Sounded way cool. Wondered what and who...

So, while asking what might seem the obvious, I want to confirm that all of the Circles Around the Sun tunes played during the Chicago intermissions will be included with the "Fare Thee Well Complete Box July 3, 4 & 5 2015 (12-CD/7-Blu-ray)" that I ordered and got email saying is on it's way? (Yeah!)

So, is it included? Or should I buy "Circles Around The Sun (Neal Casal) - Interludes For The Dead (2CD)" in addition to the FTW Box Set? Or, if I buy the 2CD Circles, will it be redundant? Need to get my moneys worth, don't cha know.

Joined: Aug 31 2011

i have to say-this sounds WICKED good!

flavaham's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2010
Got the box set

I'm super excited for this to show up. I was totally digging these tunes in Chicago and many conversations during intermissions centered on some of the jams. Really good music right here. I hope all of the musicians involved get some good attention for this!!

Joined: Jun 16 2007
Way Kewl!

$22 on Amazon if ya can't swing the price here. I'm totally in! Very groovy tunes.

claney's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2007
I love this music, actually.

Makes sense too - inspired by the Dead, but original - I mean, look at the band Casal put together. (I'm a big fan of Jonathan Wilson and Beachwood Sparks too, not to mention Casal's work with Ryan Adams and his solo stuff).

I never planned to get FTW, but I may actually get this.

Another factor: The cover art is OUTSTANDING. I like this aesthetic immensely and wish they would use this artist (and/or whoever is doing the Dead and Co. posters) for some GD releases.

dahl0499's picture
Joined: Jan 23 2009
On second thought....

.... I probably won't buy this in either of the formats they are offering.

Although I dig that people like having tangible stuff that they can see and hold, for me, I'd rather save the time, space, and money and holdout for a download:-)


dahl0499's picture
Joined: Jan 23 2009
Accomplishes its task perfectly!

I remember thinking how cool the background music was each night in Chicago. It set a great vibe that let you maintain the groove while also being able to catch up with friends and others around you. I will be getting this and using it as background music when I have people over! Good stuff!

Bob_Who's picture
Joined: Jul 5 2007
This music was such a great bouns for a wonderful Fare The Well!

What great music! A pleasant surprise that gradually sunk into my consciousness, after the first set in Santa Clara. Who was that mellow meandering muse ? A minstrel of rainbows! I really gave it a serious listen during the Chicago broadcast at the cinema - its half time music that can make a bladder stretch!

Gary Coleman's picture
Joined: Mar 23 2008
Homey don't play that

This shit is good, but for $25 + shipping? Nah, bruh. I don't think so.'s picture
Joined: Aug 6 2013

How about a little listening party?
Could be just the thing a guy like me needs to pick something like this up.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Loved It

I love this music. Dances around some unique musical terrain.Neal put some soul into this for sure.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Awesome music!!!

Met Neal Casal and Adam MacDougall at a CRB show and got to discuss this with him...
Fantastic job. Be sure and pick this up!!!

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