Grateful Dead

Fare Thee Well Complete Box July 3, 4 & 5 2015

sku: GRA9900126

Digital Download

The complete Chicago experience!

12-CD/7-Blu-ray Complete Version
Full audio and high-definition video from all three shows on CD and Blu-ray plus exclusive bonus Blu-ray of behind-the-scenes footage and three CDs of intermission music by Circles Around The Sun.
Individually numbered, limited edition of 20,000

12-CD/7-DVD Complete Version
Full audio and video from all three shows on CD and DVD plus exclusive bonus DVD of behind-the-scenes footage and three CDs of intermission music by Circles Around The Sun.
Individually numbered, limited edition of 20,000

Digital Download Complete Audio Version
Full audio from all three shows in either High Resolution FLAC or CD quality Apple Lossless. Also includes intermission music by Circles Around The Sun for each of the three shows.

Only available at

Product Details

Release Date: November 20, 2015
Individually numbered, Limited Edition
This Disc is All-Region.

"Not Fade Away" 7/5/15

"West L.A. Fadeaway" 7/4/15

Product Details

July 3

Disc One
1. “Box Of Rain”
2. “Jack Straw”
3. “Bertha”
4. “Passenger”
5. “The Wheel>”
6. “Crazy Fingers”
7. “The Music Never Stopped”

Disc Two
1. “Mason’s Children”
2. “Scarlet Begonias>”
3. “Fire On The Mountain>”
4. “Drums>”
5. “Space>”

Disc Three
1. “New Potato Caboose>”
2. “Playing In The Band>”
3. “Jam>”
4. “Let It Grow>”
5. “Help On The Way>”
6. “Slipknot!>”
7. “Franklin’s Tower”
8. “Ripple”

Disc Four
Intermission Music by
Circles Around The Sun
1. “Space Wheel”
2. “Mountains Of The Moon”
3. “Praying For The Band”
4. “Tripple”
5. “Deal Breaker”
6. “Deadometer”
7. “Borrow From A Friend”
8. “Grimes Surf Story”

July 4

Disc Five
1. “Shakedown Street”
2. “Liberty”
3. “Standing On The Moon”
4. “Me And My Uncle”
5. “Tennessee Jed”
6. “Cumberland Blues”
7. “Little Red Rooster”
8. “Friend Of The Devil”
9. “Deal”

Disc Six
1. “Bird Song”
2. “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion”
3. “Lost Sailor>”
4. “Saint Of Circumstance>”
5. “West L.A. Fadeaway”

Disc Seven
1. “Foolish Heart>”
2. “Drums>”
3. “Space>”
4. “Stella Blue>”
5. “One More Saturday Night”
6. “U.S. Blues”

Disc Eight
Intermission Music by
Circles Around The Sun
1. “Hallucinate A Solution”
2. “Ginger Says”
3. “Saturday’s Children”
4. “Eartha”
5. “Split Pea Shell”

July 5

Disc Nine
1. “China Cat Sunflower>”
2. “I Know You Rider”
3. “Estimated Prophet”
4. “Built To Last”
5. “Samson And Delilah”
6. “Mountains Of The Moon>”
7. “Throwing Stones”

Disc Ten
1. “Truckin’”
2. “Cassidy”
3. “Althea"
4. “Terrapin Station>”
5. “Drums>”

Disc Eleven
1. “Space>"
2. “Unbroken Chain>”
3. “Days Between>”
4. “Not Fade Away”
5. “Touch Of Grey”
6. “Attics Of My Life”

Disc Twelve
Intermission Music by
Circles Around The Sun
1. “Gilbert’s Groove”
2. “Farewell Franklins”
3. “Hat And Cane”
4. “Never Too Late”
5. “Scarlotta’s Magnolias”


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icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

The intermission music can be purchased separately as Circles Around The Sun. 'Interludes For The Dead'.
So I combined all three disc 4's into one iTunes playlist.

The videos on 'Rainbows Are Real' were played during intermission.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012

Thanks for reply. I originally was thinking I'd store the fare the well shows under a folder called "Fare Thee Well Series" and have a folder for each date with the intermission melded into each show so 1st set be songs 1-9, casal be songs 10-15 and 2nd set be 16-25 (that sort of thing). Instead I created folders for each show and a folder called "Half Time Music", with each 1/2 time getting their own folder.

Stupid anal thinking about how to store and I KNOW I'm not the only one who suffers from this :-)

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

The intermissions at 7-3,4,5-15 were about 1 hour long. Not sure if all the songs were played.
Don't remember what was played before the shows.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
FTW collection question

Hope I'm not too late to get an answer to a question, but I just got the set handed to me.

Are all the number "4" cd's the Neal Casal stuff? Was the entire number "4" played during intermission or is some before show and after show?

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NamNam (not verified)
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Chris Ripple's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Fare Thee Well Box

It's odd... I keep reading that the dvd's don't play in the UK but mine do.
I'm playing them through a second-hand Crown CDV 1500 which isn't top of the range by any means and to my admittedly limited knowledge has never played an NTSC disc yet.
I did have a query when I first purchased the Dead Movie in that the advertising said it was USA play only but upon sticking it in the player it played without a problem.
I have also found that (so far) Phil's Warfield DVD and a couple of Mickey's interview things that have come out are also 'region free' even though they do not claim to be so on the sleeving.
I know this isn't helping those who can't get theirs to play, but there is definitely some confusion re the DVD versions of the available material and it's been going on for a few years.

Joined: Jul 6 2016

Guess I hit enter too many times. Sorry for the repetitive replies.

Joined: Jul 6 2016
3/5 box set

I agree with you 100%! I was at all five shows and I don't get how 3 out of 5 shows makes a complete box set. The first SC show was by far my favorite because I love the old stuff, the double rainbow, finally saying goodbye etc.. but Chicago had a lot more energy and Trey (not a Phish fan) really hit his stride the first night. For what it is worth the Chicago shows had bigger crowds and the place was pretty packed compared to CA. Either way, I want a complete set, not a 3/5 set :-)

Joined: Jul 6 2016
3/5 box set

I agree with you 100%! I was at all five shows and I don't get how 3 out of 5 shows makes a complete box set. The first SC show was by far my favorite because I love the old stuff, the double rainbow, finally saying goodbye etc.. but Chicago was a full of a lot more energy and Trey (not a Phish fan) really hit his stride. For what it is worth the Chicago shows had bigger crowds and the place was pretty packed compared to CA. Either way, I want a complete set, not a 3/5 set :-)

Joined: Jul 6 2016
3/5 box set

I agree with you 100%! I was at all five shows and I don't get how 3 out of 5 shows makes a complete box set. The first SC show was by far my favorite because I love the old stuff, the double rainbow, finally saying goodbye etc.. but Chicago was a full of a lot more energy and Trey (not a Phish fan) really hit his stride. For what it is worth the Chicago shows had bigger crowds and the place was pretty packed compared to CA. Either way, I want a complete set, not a 3/5 set :-)

Joined: Dec 4 2009
Missing Bonus Blu-Ray Disc for Fare Thee Well Blu-Deluxe Box Set

I finally sat down to watch the bonus video disc only to discover that even though it was labelled as the bonus disc it actually contained the same content as July 5th, Blu-Ray 2 with no bonus content to be found.

What a bummer, I just e-mailed customer service and Rhino after reading through the posts here that others have had the same or similar problems.

Edit 6/28 to add; got a couple e-mails that a replacement bonus disc is in the mail. Fingers crossed that this one is indeed the bonus disc. Will update after it arrives and has been checked.

Edit 7/5 to add; the replacement bonus disc arrived today and a quick load in the blu-ray player indicates it does indeed have the correct content. Thanks for the quick replacement!

Joined: Nov 20 2014
I think it's Derek

I think it's Derek Featherstone, same guy who mixed live and does Dead and Company.

Point being, it's the farthest thing from a professional mix. They sound like a collection of musicians as opposed to being presented like a real band.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Blue Ray

I don't think Rhino has anything to do with the mixes, but could be wrong. I just don't see the band letting some industry stand-in do the mix, its something they would want to manage.

Over the last week I revisited the first and third shows. They sounded pretty damn good to me. I could think of a couple other things that might upset me about this box.. but the mix, played back on a good system and again on headphones, isn't one of them.

Jerry could be more prominent in the mix, but who am I to complain about that.

Joined: Nov 20 2014
Finally threw the Blu-Ray

Finally threw the Blu-Ray on.

Now, while the mixes are better than the CD's. They still kind of suck.

Lesh is too out front, even though the alembic sounds sick.

There is still a general lack of keys.

During Scarlet, which was one of THE top highlights of all 5 nights, Trey is soloing, but is not prominent in the mix.

WTF Rhino...I keep coming back to the same thing. How can you put out such an inferior product?

This is not a GD quality release from a mixing stand point at all!!!

This should have been mixed by Jeffery Norman!

Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008
Santa Clara shows in 2D... DVD or Blu-ray

No hesitation to buy if these two shows were offered for sale in a package or individually.
I'm passing on the Chicago shows, all three were good, with the 7/3 show being my favorite, but they just don't excite me as these two Santa Clara shows do, and I wasn't there!
I saw the the Chicago shows - remotely at a theater in eastern PA, and the place was only about 25% full. Kinda sad, really.

Mr.Dc's picture
Joined: Apr 7 2014

Don't know if this has been posted, but it appears they may have some kind of release for the SC shows.

1986graceland's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2015
Fare Thee Well


I contacted Rhino about it also and they very quickly posted me replacement discs but they also won't play so it must be a region issue opposed to faulty discs.

Im still waiting to here back from about this, It looks like the only thing I can do now is buy a multi region blu ray player if thats even possible.

My point that Im trying to get across is that at the top of this page it clearly says the disc is All-Region which as it turns out is not exactly the true.

Had I known the discs were not playable in the uk I would not have made the purchase.

Its a shame because I really did want to see the shows!!

Joined: Jun 29 2007 sending bonus disc

I got an email the other day from saying the bonus bluray disc was on the way. This would be good news except I already got one from Dr Rhino 2 weeks ago. I asked Rhino for the disc in early February and it took them 3 weeks to send me one.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
FTW Regions

DVD or Bluray?
BR might be all-region but not the DVD?
You can buy a region-free DVD player that will play everything. I bought a Philips for $30-40 a few years ago from Amazon. It plays NTSC and PAL DVDs and DVD-Rs that I burned.
Make sure the player says 'region free'.

I now have a Samsung Bluray player because I bought the FTW blurays. That player is also region free.

1986graceland's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2015
Fare thee well All-Regions?

Got it shipped to the uk it clearly says the discs are "All-Regions" attempted to play it and it doesn't work, spoke to and they told me no they can only be played in US.

Joined: Nov 20 2014
Sound quality

I am still listening to my digital copies, and the mixes are still making me insane!

Are you guys saying the mixes are balanced on the blu-ray?

Joined: Jan 21 2016
Rhino came through

I followed the suggestions posted below, emailed Rhino, about a week letter got an email back saying they had mailed my replacement disk, and it was in my mailbox the next time I checked. This, after waiting months for customer service [sic], who requested I mail the bad disk back, and then ... nothing.

Joined: Feb 1 2016
duplicate disc

the same thing happened to me. After a month of follow up emails (all from me) I was told to call Rhino the manufacturer. It shouldn't be this hard to get a replacement blue ray. So frustrated!!!

Joined: Feb 1 2016
Duplicate Disk

After a month of emails (all by me) I still have a duplicate Blueray and no 2nd set for July 5th! I have called Rhino as well. I would think after spending $200 I could get the completed set. smh..

Joined: Dec 1 2015
Happy To Report

As Bertha's other one mentioned, I took up the advice and went directly to Rhino's website and contacted help via with my order number and was promptly replied to within 24 hours with the communication that my replacement was being sent out. Actually received just this morning, and the box set is now complete!

Just wanted others to know what they can do if they are still in fact waiting for customer service to help them......

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Deja vu

Go read the comments for the 8-27-72 release. They're all the same as what's happening currently.
Doesn't appear that Rhino is actually competent enough to handle these type of releases. Sad!

Joined: Jan 9 2016
Defective bonus disc redux

The problem was fairly promptly corrected by Rhino once I spoke to an agent.

Joined: Jan 21 2016
Missing the final July 5th 2nd set

Mine is missing the July 5th second set (I got two copies of the bonus disc, one mis-labled). When I emailed to complain about this, I was just told they were looking into it. I've never been asked to send in the defective disc. I emailed again yesterday to find out what to do. The email was auto-acknowledged but I never received a response. For $180 + shipping, this is quite distressing.

Does anyone have two copies of the final second set and no bonus disc? Want to trade? You would think they could at least make an iso-image of the correct blu ray available for those of us missing the main content, so we could at the very least burn our own while we wait, and wait, and wait ...

I'm extremely frustrated by this. I understand production errors happen, but I'm not seeing any signs that they want to make this right.

Anyone thinking of buying the box set: You might want to hold off until you know they will fix the defective ones.


Regarding the sound quality: The 5.1 audio track is superb, even on my rather basic 5.1 system. The stereo is good, but I wonder if it is simply a down-mix. The resolution of the blu ray audio tracks is reported as 24 bit 96kHz. I haven't checked.

Joined: Dec 1 2015
And the clock keeps ticking........

My duplicate disc was sent back to the warehouses on 12/7/15, and yet, no one can reach out to let us know when the right disc can be sent out. Pathetic customer service.

I sit and look at this box set with one empty, glaring missing disc and think to myself, how could I have been so gullible as to purchase.

Nothing like taking advantage of fans and their money.

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Still have not purchased

And most likely will be some time before I do, a lot of the reviews provided are very helpful. Seems like a real rush to get this out before Thanksgiving and some really noticeable mistakes. I guess the real rush was to collect money while the interest was peaking. When the set is drastically reduced in price I'll buy, but until then I am in no rush.

SQ, production mistakes, price, and not including Santa Clara are big detractors for me

Joined: Jul 21 2015
Bonus disc resolution etc

My Blu Ray bonus disc is 48 kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo, except for Black Muddy River, which is 48/16 bits.

And yes, the Circles in the Sun CDs are not HDCD, they are convention CDDA, but they sound good regardless.

And my set has no defects whatsoever.

I found the Black Muddy River segment to be tragic, although I did appreciate it.

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Bonus Disc

Wow.. I haven't even gotten to the Bonus Disc yet.

I will give some advice to the fallen. Send a PM to MaryE here at Dead.Net. She should be able to help, she has always helped me.

I have unfortunately had a few product defect issues myself, with a little patience and perseverance, so far, it has always been addressed.

I guess I have to check out my bonus disc on this.

Joined: Jan 15 2009
What's the resolution for the bonus disc?

As with many others, my bonus disc is labeled correctly but actually contains another copy of the second set DVD for 7/5/15. When can we expect official communication about this, and when can we get confirmation of when this mix-up will be fixed?

Also, FYI, the Circles Around the Sun CDs are NOT in HDCD, in spite of the labeling on those discs. Was that an oversight that also needs to be corrected?

Joined: Dec 1 2015
@Bertha's other one - Defective bonus disc

I have not received any emails from Rhino. Any communication I have received on the wrong disc has been via (email and/or phone).

Your comment is spot on though. This does appear we are getting the "run around" and you can tell that both and Rhino do not have their $%!t together and can't even get their story straight.

Some people are hearing Rhino is responsible. Some people are not. Some people were told to send in the bad discs. Others were not.

Bottom line. THIS IS A CUSTOMER SERVICE FIASCO AND IS COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE! The holiday is long gone, and some of us are left holding a $200 bag with a missing disc.

Joined: Jan 9 2016
Defective bonus disc

I too rec'd the defective bonus disc and called and was told that it would be replaced directly by Rhino and nothing more was required by me after the report. I see from the posts that some buyers have rec'd an email from Rhino. I called to find out status and now am told 6 weeks later that has nothing to do with the situation (despite the fact they sold the box set) and now I have to contact Rhino. I don't know how I was to know that had I not called. This is beginning to have all the indicia of a "run around" and a bad reflection on

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Fare the Well complete blu-ray Rainbows are real disc mix up

I talked to a customer service rep. yesterday and he said that they are still looking into the matter as to how/when they are going to replace the mislabled blu-ray discs. I pointed out to him that they've had well over a month to deal with it. He apologized and said I should be receiving an email in the next day or to with an explanation as to how they are going to deal with this matter. This is VERY frustrating given how much money the set cost. There is no excuse for this shabby treatment. I have personally spent thousands of dollars on various deluxe sets on Dead net over the years and expect better customer service than this!

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
Drums Space FTW

Drums Space was great, more so Drums at FTW. The first night Space really stood out for me.

Agree also with 84/85 drums space ,

10.28.84 with excellent Drums and sequence surrounding

June 85' Greek run also worth a visit

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
muleskinner-blues Drums/Space

Drums/Space Is awesome live. I recorded Space on my phone each night and Drums on the 4th at FTW because I love it. Many people who hated listening to Drums/Space on cassette tape would admit that they liked it once they saw GD live. Once you have witnessed it you're changed forever.....
I especially like '84/'85 Drums/Space

Joined: Dec 1 2015
Received an email about the

Received an email about the wrong Blu-ray in the box set this morning. No timetable as of yet to receive the corrected one.

What an embarrassment.......

After spending $200 you would think they would be in more of a hurry to get it corrected with their customers as it's now going on a month since the box set delivered.

muleskinner_blues's picture
Joined: Sep 11 2014

Mustin - Know it's been awhile but curious if your box ever showed up.

Hope everyone is enjoying it; Have 7/5 Blu-Ray on now, which got me looking at this thread. Too bad SC wasn't included, but still really enjoying things. I too have a duplicate of 7/5 Set 2 on my Bonus Disc Blu-Ray, just emailed them. Not a big deal, but we'll see if we can get a replacement.

Ziffle - Would love to watch for your comment regarding Bob from December 27, 2015 - 1:02am, if you remember any details of where that may be.

Anyone else love the Drums presentations on these? I never saw them live and will admit I've found the whole Drums > Space interest very bizarre, besides for some few examples where it wasn't boring. But watching these, I wonder if it's different after being there..not that you had the Hi-Def closeups, etc, but it is really mesmerizing!

Joined: Dec 1 2015
Wrong and/or Defective Blu-ray Discs

Has anyone received communication and/or replacements for wrong or defective Blu-ray discs from the box set yet?

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!

Joined: Nov 3 2010
Blu Ray Sound

Thank you. I have two subs and will check phase. I will investigate and report back.

Joined: Jul 21 2015
coxcj blu ray sound

coxcj - could be speakers out of phase - check to confirm that the + (plus aka hot) and - (minus aka ground) are identical between your amplifier and each speaker. If one or two speakers have the leads reversed it will cause something like what you are hearing.

Play back the 5 channel mix without any further signal processing. Also, try it without the subwoofer (if you have one).

The center channel is prominent in the surround mix. If your center speaker is little, you may (probably will) lose a lot.

I use a set of five identical speakers (no sub) and do not have any of the symptoms that you describe. That is why I think it is possible that you have out of phase speakers (if they are out of phase part of the sound will be cancelled out, thus the unbalanced result), or you have a too small center. Optimum for surround music playback is to have identical speakers for each channel.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
FTW Blu Ray sound

I have been watching the blu-rays and have a big concern about the mix. Bob seems way up and Trey and the other band members sound suppressed. For example, I watch guitar leads, but have difficulty hearing them over Bob's fill. Phil's bass also seems down, but less so than Trey or Bruce. I have tried it in 5.1 on different settings (direct, truHD, etc.) and in stereo, but nothing seems to change the mix significantly. Reading the posts on how great the blu-rays sound makes me think I am doing something wrong. Does anyone have a different experience or suggestions on a/v setup? Thanks

Joined: Jul 21 2015
JimInMD re FTW video

JimInMD, you are right on the mark with FTW. The video is captivating, addicting. Great camera work, great editing. They captured incredible moments.

Look out for this, somewhere in the 7/4 show, goes by in about a second. Weir finishes a verse, moves back from the mic, Garcia should have picked the next verse, Weir looks across to where Garcia should be, with a fleeting expression of annoyance, but no Garcia of course, and in a fraction of second you can barely see (through his whiskers) an expression on Weir's face, a combination of joy, love and loss, all at the same time, and then he jumps back to the mic, picking up the next verse of the song, a couple of bars late.

Maybe I imagined the whole thing, but this is the quality of the video. They captured minute details and simultaneously captured the weltanschauung.

Do watch it using the 5 channel audio option, if your sound system permits and is up to the task of reproducing 96kHz audio in 5 channels.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Defective DVDs

I don't know if anybody's else is having this problem, but the bonus DVDs and two others are defective, on the bonus disc the picture freezes up but the counter keeps going then there's a loud pop before the pic continues, I have the same problem on 1st set to 7/5/15 during Samson the pic freezes up but the counter keeps going then the loud pop. There's also a pic freeze on 2nd set to 7/4/15 in between west la and foolish. I've called customer service about the bonus disc when I discovered it but I just noticed the others. I hope they replace these discs.

Joined: May 24 2015
It is here...

in Austria right now , just listened to the last show ( the one i watched via pay-TV ) and yes the sound is fine and the music as stellar as i remeber from that night. Box is fine , mine says 484/20000, the pictures are cool but not so coll like the photo-book i bought as well....

Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Ziffle

Thanks Ziffle,

I bet you are right about the cd mix and no, I did not play around w/ various blue ray sound mixes yet.

I did make some significant changes to my system specifically for this and a few other recent blue ray music dvd's purchases. That took the better part of a day to get everything exactly perfect and I took a cursory spin of this show to sample my work.

Honestly.. I see this box as being something to watch and listen to. I bet the CDs get car use for the most part anyway and w/ so much good 'new' GD coming out, they probably wont stay on the pole position in my vehicles. Still, a nice bookmark near the end of their careers. I bet it was a challenge for them to pull it off and was a nice touch.

Add to Cart Fare Thee Well Complete Box July 3, 4 & 5 2015

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