Grateful Dead

Fare Thee Well July 5th 2015

Full audio and high-definition video from final show (July 5) on CD and Blu-Ray


Full audio and video from final show (July 5) on CD and DVD

Disc One
1. “China Cat Sunflower>”
2. “I Know You Rider”
3. “Estimated Prophet”
4. “Built To Last”
5. “Samson And Delilah”
6. “Mountains Of The Moon>”
7. “Throwing Stones”

Disc Two
1. “Truckin’”
2. “Cassidy”
3. “Althea
4. “Terrapin Station>”
5. “Drums>”

Disc Three
1. “Space>
2. “Unbroken Chain>”
3. “Days Between>”
4. “Not Fade Away”
5. “Touch Of Grey”
6. “Attics Of My Life”

"Not Fade Away" 7/5/15

Product Details

Release Date: November 20, 2015
This Disc is All-Region.

July 5
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Built To Last
Samson & Delilah
Mountains Of The Moon
Throwing Stones
Terrapin Station
Unbroken Chain
Days Between
Not Fade Away
Touch Of Grey
Attics Of My Life


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Joined: Apr 11 2018
The best!

The best!

Joined: Jul 12 2016
I think it must have

I think it must have something to do with nostalgia or whatever. I have zero interest in owning any of this fare thee well stuff. It's not the Grateful Dead so I don't need it or want it router login

Joined: Dec 5 2017

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Joined: Nov 4 2017
Love the Dead

Huge dead fan. This will make a perfect gift for myself this holiday season. Love the clip on Family Guy making fun of Grateful Dead fans. You guys should check it out.

Simon - Owner of

Joined: Oct 1 2017
The disc you have referred

The disc you have referred was good. thank you

Joined: Sep 16 2017
Thank you for sharing. It was

Thank you for sharing. It was an unexpected surprise for me. I was lucky to see the site

LedDed's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2017
Not Fair to the Well

I thought that Foul the Well was very well produced on blu-ray and cd. Too bad the musical energy level didn't live up to the hype - or the gravity of the event. Trey Anastasio was flat, holding back, zero energy into the material. Either he didn't have the stones... no, that's it exactly, isn't it - he wasn't the guy. Fucking sandbagged the whole enterprise. Zero fire on lead guitar, sappy lead vocals. Fish ain't the Dead on any level and how there could be any crossover audience between the two other than dumb people smoking too much weed is beyond me.

John Mayer wasn't the easy obvious choice, but Dead & Co. towers over that Chicago product. John, you might give Troy a lesson in your spare time on how to electrify the Dead audience with soaring lead guitar. Melodies, bends, articulation... balls. A wee bit of energy pressed through the strings now and again.

No one asked Troy Anesthesio to be Stevie Ray Vaughan; but even The Corpse of Steve Howe has more vitality these days.

It's too bad, in one sense; but on another level, that failure reanimated the Dead.

All things come around. Jerry wasn't havin' it in SF and Chicago. He is now.

Joined: Nov 10 2016
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Joined: Sep 8 2016
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NamNam (not verified)
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Joined: Jul 12 2016
I want to to thank you for

I want to to thank you for this fantastic product!

Joined: Aug 8 2014
Received this set for Christmas ...

Loved it! A few surprises along the way that made me smile more often than not.

Have a grateful New Year's to all.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Ok, so it's 3CD.

The turquoise package looks SWEET, not opening till after I finish the Passaic '77 show...!! Well, maybe I'll open & peruse it while I'm listening.....

Psyched to watch this performance again....

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
4CD ?

My shipping notice notes 4CDs. So is this night's intermission tunage being included? That's a nice little bonus, since it wasn't advertised.

Personally, I didn't notice the Santa Clara intermission music at all, so this'll be a good single-disc taste if it's really included. If not, nothing lost.

Joined: Nov 17 2015
design good

i like your design. its amazing and i am really amaze to see it.

Joined: Nov 3 2015
Yeah the new mix will be

Yeah the new mix will be great I guess

Joined: Oct 8 2015
These shows were multi-track

These shows were multi-track recorded so this will be a completely different mix than anything else out there.

Joined: Nov 25 2009
30 trips individual shows

K guys - a few of you know but I have a pretty serious eye op to pay for coming soon - so I'm trying to shift the remaining shows asap. EACH of the following now ONLY $45US per show inc shipping from oz (sent day i get box):

Email me at

ShowS available still are


Also taking offers on scroll, single and book from box as a set or per item

Joined: Apr 23 2009
50th anniversary box set

and you'd save 200$...if you go on even you tube and stream you can hear them at least what I want to know is when you download do you burn it to a disc or do you listen to it via your computer or device? Lately I hear these great upgrades or high level of source then the CD comes out and they even call the CD inferior to the HD downloads so i'm thinking that can't go to a mere CDR or can it? but I probably would rather have all 5 in high definition...but santa clara is gone thrown out they won't work on i'd go with the PPV is there's any to keep, I forgot it was only 30 days but if there's a way to record and keep those i'd go with them...there's a guy who sells DVDs on the net but he won't sell the july 5th probably because it's going to be released and he doesn't want to conflict but he doesn't name his source and he only gives it an 8 out of 10 when you know he'd have to give the PPV at least a 9...I can see not giving anything official a 10

Joined: Aug 12 2015
PPV vs Box Set

I'm sure the box set will sound better, but haven't quite decided what I'd prefer. Sometimes it feels more "authentic" to listen to the shows exactly as they were broadcast before they have the opportunity to touch them up and make them sound the way they think they should sound.

As for the PPV, don't remember the exact deal, but I think it was offered both via YouTube and One was for the live viewing only and the other let you replay for 30 days. In either case, the opportunity to view via normal means is likely long gone. At this point the only option is probably to see out a copy on some of the better known torrent sites. If you can find one labeled "Grateful Dead GD50 Webcast Rips", it's really good quality (720p) and has all 5 shows, including the pre-show, intermission and after show stuff. Pretty big download >64gb for all the shows.

Joined: Apr 23 2009
50th anniversary box set

PPV = pay per view?? if it's that the grateful did have a deal for all 5 shows for 79.99 if you order by May 30th I think it was and in that deal you can watch it live or watch it everyday until it was removed from access I think in October via your computer similar to the way you watch you tube or MLB = major league baseball. Generally pay per view is one time but in this deal they let you watch it until October...far as people thinking they heard what will be included in the box set you don't have a clue what it'll sound like but I will say it's probably going to be better than anything you heard as they probably went through great lengths to set up to record this...santa clara they didn't and that's why it's not included in the box set...but in order to get the box set I need a track listing the fact they listed the sets isn't going to do it for me although I think all 3 shows were over 3 hours...just barely over 3 hours which is a lot for a concert but not 200$ for 3 shows.

Joined: Oct 1 2015
Thank you for your synopsis and information!

Forgive a question asked from ignorance, but that is what questions are for, aren't they? Is there a way to access the PPV renditions of shows? I know the easy answer is the DVD. But are PPV's one time only and that's it? An inquiring mind wants to know. Thanks!

fourwindsblow's picture
Joined: Oct 13 2008
Sound Quality on July 5 Fare Thee Well recording for sale

These shows were multi-track recorded so this will be a completely different mix than anything else out there.

Joined: Aug 12 2015
I think sound quality will be

I think sound quality will be great I made a CD for the car with audio from all three FTW shows ripped from the PPV broadcasts. It's not perfect, but sounds really great and hasn't left the CD player since I put it in there. Hoping that the final product will be better. Wish they would offer the July 3rd show separately....imho it's by far the best of the 3.

Joined: Oct 1 2015
Sound Quality on July 5 Fare Thee Well recording for sale

Hi. I've been grooving since July on the Grateful Dead's last show. July 5 was absolutely inspired cosmic music and has been reverberating in my soul ever since. The thing is, I've been listening to it on YouTube and the sound qualities, even on this one show, vary tremendously. I literally just listened to a version I don't usually listen to and thought it was an entirely different show! Zoe's sound quality is phenomenal and makes completely all the difference.

So what I want to know is, how is the sound quality of this recording of July 5, 2015?

Thank you! And thanks for this board.

Joined: Aug 26 2015
Really love the design

Really love the design

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Just listened

to this entire show again with a fresh perspective after a month or so.

Wow. It's really weak.

If they put the soundboard up for free for download, I can't say I'd listen to it much if at all.

I thought the FTW deal overall was great, a good thing. The first Chicago show was something else. But it got progressively weaker.

Oh well. I don't have to buy it right? I will say Weir did a nice job on "Days Between" - he gave it his all.

Joined: Nov 4 2011
Right doesn't always mean being righteous

I have gone to shows since the 70's seeing the Dead, Furthur, etc. and saw my share of awesome, average, and not so good shows over the years Hell, I walked out of a show in 1983 because it was so uninspired, so Jerry was not always in his prime. In the end, of course, the band was best with Jerry by far. But the remaining band can still rock, so I went to the first and last shows in Chicago recently to see how it would all "end". Here are my thoughts:

-Yes the shows were expensive. And yes, it would have been better for the band to have had a plan for the tickets so they would not fall into the wrong hands. But, who knew the demand would be so damn crazy??? Did you ever think they would be the hottest tickets this year by far??? I don't think so...
-The shows were fun to attend. People were in a great mood, and the energy was excellent. It reminded me of the feeling at shows I had back in the day, even if the music was not exactly the same. Would the world be better off if they never happened?
-The first show was the most fun for me and my friends. It seemed to have the best groove.
-The song choices at times slowed the energy of the shows.
-Some moments were awesome, like the Box of Rain to start the shows, which far exceeded my expectations.
-I missed Jerry, as I always do. Hell, I'd have gone to these shows if they were the Jerry Garcia Band in a minute, but last time I checked that was not an option.

So even though I do agree with some of the criticisms mentioned in the notes, I sense too much righteousness among the negative commentators. Because, in the end it was a few shows or none. I believe it is better they happened, flaws and all.

Joined: Mar 3 2015

I think if they wanted to say goodbye they could have done it in a way that aknowledged the other people's contributions beside the four core memnbers. Whatever you think Jerry's contribution was to the band there were a lot of other people who contributed to the Grateful Dead. Everybody from the roadies people like Mountain Girl who had to be Jerry's muse,donna and keith, hunter, the nrps who were on stage with the band during the early 70's and too many to really mention here. It seems like this thing was structured to maximize royalties and sales. I also don't think it matters what is released from the ftw because it is not the Grateful Dead and I would rather see almost anything dead relesed than this glorified further. This four core already made enough from the ftw to consider it economically a sucess. People are demanding what the release should be rather than what it is and are now asking for Chicago 95. They have to understnd this is not a dead release so why should the Garcia estate give its ok to include a bonus dead give away on a non dead release.

Blue42's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Last concerts

The show on the 5th was a carefully crafted show with the second set being the best chosen pieces they could ever have picked.
The 5th was the only ppv show I ever rented. It was profound.
The 4th was a classic 4th of July Dead show.
The third was a good warm up.
The Santa Clara concerts seemed like they struggled to chose songs. They didn't repeat many.
There's a good instrumental and vid-on-tripod 2nd half of the 5th from the pit, but the voices are mumbled by the crowd sound.
3rd and 4th, as well as Santa Clara, are all on YouTube in their entirety. Haven't found a whole 5th concert.
Amazon is selling the dvds or blue ray without the cds for $26. I got a Soldiers Field shirt from a true Head that sold a couple dozen on line for 25 bucks. (Over $100 for some t-shirts? Seriously?)
I'm glad I never got to Chicago. The ppv was fantastic, sharp videography; but the band's stage was blocked solidly at the sides, the back was a see through projection screen and there was a roof. I figure at least 30% had no view of the stage, really, and half of the rest had 100 yds distance to cope with. I got to see close ups of everybody, broadcasting from the blimp and the best fireworks view on the 4th.
You were really there watching live.
So, beware of capitalism. What changed? I've been following the Dead since '65. They've been the Dead since '65!

MinasMorgul's picture
Joined: Feb 4 2015
lol stoltzfus

my side hurts from laughing - I think I need go rent some Marx Bros

rodrigodiaz - I can't make heads or tails of your comment - it sounds like you're saying they only should have regrouped for these shows if they were going to invite other performers on-stage with them, as a means to demonstrate that they possess artistic integrity. Did I get that right?

Just curious - why is there only a July 5th show available, but not the 3rd or 4th?

eeegs's picture
Joined: Apr 6 2011
Yessir Stoltzfus

Spot on!

Gleaming on the Patchwork River's picture
Joined: Jul 13 2015
Gimme a Break!

Everybody stop crying about the "cash grab" already! Not like they are holding a gun to your head and making you buy FTW box sets. LOL. Might've been a cash grab, I dunno, but it looked like a fun one! Biggest, baddest, and best parties of 2015 went down in Santa Clara and Chicago this year, I believe - and a freaking incredible time must've been had by a great many. Amongst other things, concert-goers were treated to what I believe is the best-ever performance of Golden Road! Not a song I ever particularly enjoyed too much, but somehow Trey - the king of goofy lyric delivery - was the right one to transform this song into an epic 10+ minute journey. I never saw that coming! A lot of other highlights. Cool to see these 70+ year-olds rockin' on!

Joined: Mar 3 2015
No one is mad at Jerry

If the Dead were worried about making as much money as possible as a band like Kiss or who ever then it no longer is the dead. What about artistic integrity. If they wanted to do a 50 year celebration of the music they should have done a Last Waltz like thing with special guests they were part of what made the Dead over the years. They could of had different guests playing the lead guitar parts and other people who have contributed over the years . no disrect but what Trey have to do with the dead over their 30 years except being influanced by them. It is like it takes a village in that the four core members are forgetting the other people who contributed to the dead legacy. There are plenty of bands who learned from the Dead and don't try to squeeze the fans. Wilco just released their new album free for download and will being playing many small venues instead of stadiums or arenas. Artistic integrity is important.

Joined: Jul 17 2013
dont be mad the dead

it was the best they could do why shouldn't they make as much money as they can because they wear not making it in 70 or 80 the shows wear grate it was just nice to see them again first show 75 so if your lot person that wants ticket handed to them because you traveled with 2 dollars in pocket and mad a killing selling gas or what ever no one said shit about that so stop already move on

fourwindsblow's picture
Joined: Oct 13 2008
re; and higher...

too much focus on whether the music was played well and not enough focus of the inspiration the music brings.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
all the complainers: this is for you
Joined: Jul 12 2015
and higher...

I'm still riding high from the shows too:) It was such a blessing to be there. And for all those who are complaining, name-calling and spreading negativity and cynicism here... you are probably doing in the same in other aspects of life too. Most of us live in developed, wealthy countries, living pretty wonderful, blessed lives. Let us all just be GRATEFUL and do what Mickey Hart suggested... to take all the positive feelings (from the show) and do something good in the world. If you didn't feel inspired by the shows, then move on, but there are many of us who received a good shower of love, inspiration and beauty from the shows. It was good for the soul. The Grateful Dead spent the better parts of their lives creating music and shows that inspired people, and around which a community of people was created where brothers and sisters could feel safe to be themselves and explore deeper questions through the dead's musical experiences. If you just didn't get that, then again... move on. For those of us who did... let us rejoice. We were blessed to have been positively impacted by the music. A heartfelt thanks to all Grateful Dead members past and present!!! Namaste'

Joined: Mar 3 2015
50th and the FTW Anger

Why are so many people angey about the 50th because the four core members attempt to squeeze every penny they can from their fans. First the overpriced rsd release. 4 1/2 discs for 125 dollars. Next the 700 dollar box. now the ftw events a disguised further show and box that many fans have zero interest . this is not the band that most of us fell in love with over 20 years ago. This is a band that would cater to their fans over the past 50 years and thats why they have so many loyal fans. Concerts and recorded music releases have been more than we ever hoped for but to celebrate the 50 years of loyalty like this is wrong. No one is asking for anything for free bit the fans deserve better. If they are so worried about making money than make some new music without Jerry and see how that goes.

Joined: Jul 14 2015
The Dead

Wow, what's with all the vitriol towards the Dead? I guess these guys are not supposed to make money? I didn't go to any of these shows. My thing is I saw the Dead a lot in the 80's, I was too young to seem them in the seventies unfortunately, when Jerry was still around and I feel completely blessed I got to see him play live.

I don't really know how this can be a farewell tour. How can it be without Jerry? But that being said it's just my opinion and I am one person and it's my experience alone and no one else's.

But people bitching about the cost for stuff on WTF? I can go to and listen to GD all day and all night so stop your bitching!

I think these people that are complaining are the same people who never got the whole experience. Never understood it. Stood on the outside looking in and then bitched about it!

I had friends like that growing up who would give me shit for going and seeing the band.

Anyway, long live Jerry!

Joined: Jul 13 2015
Still riding high...

Sorry to read about all the negativity that some people experienced as a result of this concert and its promotion. I have been wearing my Dead shirt everywhere and it has actually resulted in me meeting a lot of new people who were either at the show or wished they had been. To me this is what the Dead is all about: Creating an environment that you can go up to a perfect stranger and realize that they are in fact not a stranger at all. I hope this feeling lasts because I am still riding high. Better yet, I hope some of the naysayers see someone with a Dead shirt on, stop and say hello, and have a nice conversation about how significant and meaningful the Dead have been in their lives. I am not a deadhead, but I can't imagine the world without the Grateful Dead. It would just suck to hate happy people.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
why am i here?

i'm here, because i do enjoy most of what the grateful dead has offered up over the years, so i check from time to time to survey the new inventory. today, i visited the website, because its about time for the 'dave's picks' volume 15 announcement, and i was curious to see if there was any news on the subject, but i guess the band is going to wait a bit since there's already a lot of other crap they'd like to unload on the public first.

for the record, i can still appreciate a band and think they're a bunch of sellouts. many of my favorite bands are/were sellouts. with that said, the grateful dead really showed who they were this year. how can anyone look at all the ways they tried to cash in, and pretend it wasn't all about the money? they could have raffled off 5000 tickets to each show, but they didn't. they could have lowered the price to watch the shows on YouTube, but they didn't. they could have lowered the price of the CD/DVD box sets, but they didn't, and they didn't because the whole purpose of this endeavor was to make as much money as possible.

no one should be expected to work for free, but there is a huge gray area between working for free, and trying to squeeze every dime out of your fans. IMO what makes this whole charade so terrible is the fact most grateful dead fans are so fucking loyal they don't think the band can do wrong, so they buy into all the bullshit the band spews. this 'farewell' tour was simply a major cash grab. just accept it. deep down you know i'm right.


Joined: Jun 2 2015
Patagonia Fox just go away. No One will miss you.

I want to share this from a music mag thread ie Rolling Stone, Billboard, don't remember which. Blessed are those who understand and are moved by music without judgement.

Outside Observer
I consider myself a very outside observer of this band. I think the whole thing is something every music fan should be envious to experience. Today’s music aficianodos were afforded a chance to glimpse what it is like for a real and tangible subculture to exist that spans many many decades. It speaks to how important music can be culturally and spiritually. This is also a fanbase that has faced mocking or ambivalence or have been flat out ignored, yet they show no ill will or agitation toward anyone. Especially in a culture that is so different from theirs, they appear to be an extremely gracious and tolerant bunch to put up with a world filled with assholes.

It also makes me sad that music does not impact most people in this way, even the most die-hard of music fans in this century. I hope by observing this event from afar, it can impact the music scene to set the bar higher as to what music can mean to someone’s life. I really do not see it much or hardly anywhere with a couple of very few exceptions. As a non-fan or casual observer, I say, long live the Dead.

Joined: Jul 12 2015
cheap tricks :-D

At least for me, living in Europe, these cd/dvd/blu-rays are the closest thing to get involvelved with the Dead :-D And the price is not a problem. Been listening the GD since 1974 and I think I've some 450 shows downloaded from the archive, so both 'ways' of listening/enjoying is done, daily I would say :-P Peace and enjoy te Dead!

Joined: Jan 19 2014

If you truly believe the Dead are (and probably always were) sellouts, money grubbers, a fucking joke, etc... then what are you doing here? Seriously. There can really be only two reasons: 1) you are earnestly trying to open our eyes, enlighten us, that we are being ripped off, buying products that you feel we don't need, at unnecessarily high prices; 2) you are venting and trolling as a form of personal entertainment or satisfaction.

I could be wrong but it seems very simple to me. When I see a product that I want, and I can afford, I consider buying it. If it's not something I want, or I can't afford it, I don't buy it. After all, there are thousands of free Dead shows at the Live Music Archive for downloading and/or streaming. There are endless hours of live Dead and JGB shows on YouTube to watch for free.

That's my 2 cents.

Feel free to hurl invectives, Latin philosophical terminology, or whatever else you need to feel self actualized. I have no doubt that you are infinitely smarter than I am.

fellow deadhead's picture
Joined: Apr 4 2009
the stuff is free all over

the stuff is free all over the web if you know where to look,all 5 shows in full sets and all five streams nj : )

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
no one is asking them to work for free,...

but these guys are fucking sellouts, and they probably always were. let me set your mind at ease. you don't have to worry about me buying any of this crap, because i won't. had i not been asked by a friend to go to the movies sunday i wouldn't even have paid them $14.

if you think using 'reductio ad absurdum' to win an argument is viable then you're a fool. no one asks them to work for free, but watching the grateful dead scramble to get every dollar they can is sickening. if it was any other band or industry most of you would be crying foul, but when it comes to the grateful dead you turn a blind eye.

what a fucking joke!


Joined: Mar 8 2015
The money grab

The band can and should charge what they want and also sell what they want. Seems like the term/definition changed, or people just don't get it. From people in the lot, to people who printed/sold bootleg shirt/hats/stickers/insert commodity here, to people scalping tickets, to people flipping show merch, people selling chicago/santa clara travel packages, people trying to get what they could for hotel rooms, the list goes on, and this my friends is "The Money Grab". It is not the band making money. People are using the term who dont even know what it means, or how to use it.

God bless the Grateful Dead!!

Joined: Jan 19 2014
Who likes to work for free?

For those folks who called these shows a blatant 'money grab', I can only assume you insist on working for free.
That's awesome because my house really needs a paint job. I expect you to fly here on your dime, purchase the paint, and finish the job in a timely manner. You may not know me but, after all, you owe me a lot. Show the Dead how it's really supposed to be done, stand up for your principles and work for free.

Joined: Jul 10 2015
I don't get it


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