Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Drop Dead Dark Roast (Organic Whole Bean Coffee)

sku: GRA9000514

Chez Ray’s Headliners’ Organic Coffee featuring a new brand of organic, fair trade, kosher, culturally authentic, Epicurean coffee roasts. In orchestration with award winning Master Roaster, Paul Thornton of Coffee Bean International (CBI) we created an artist's interpretation in the recipe for each roast.

Developing each whole bean recipe based from a chef's perspective that reflects Chez Ray's memories of the spirit and characteristics of personal relationships and history with the artists.

With each organic sip lives the authentic story of the 60s San Francisco trip. Feel the family!


A note from Chez Ray:
I was raised in the North Beach district of San Francisco, surrounded by Bohemians, beat poets, balladeers and of course coffee houses. As a young man I spent my days studying French cuisine and nights experiencing legendary bands of the era. This time in our history marked the birth of American cultural and culinary revolutions and launched my lifelong career as chef to iconic families of the era: the Grateful Dead, Chet Helms and the Family Dog, Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm, Ken Kesey’s Band of Merry Pranksters, and the Flying Karamazov Brothers, who first blossomed at the Oregon Country Fair.

Chez Ray, Enjoy!

Product Details

INGREDIENTS: Organic Coffee
Whole Beans
12 oz bag

Flavor Notes: This dark roast Peru is deep and complex with notes of dark chocolate, full body, and a smoky finish.

Bean Profile: Peruvian Medium/Dark Roast


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