Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 10: Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69 - SOLD OUT

sku: GRA9900106

The last of a three-night run at a mysterious little club called "Thelma" found the Grateful Dead restoring glory to the Sunset Strip for what was once just a fleeting moment, now preserved for eternity with this here Dave's Picks Volume 10. Hot off the release of the highly-acclaimed Live/Dead and setting the stage for Workingman's Dead, 12/12/69 stands to represent the crux of the band's musical past, present, and future. Witness the first signs of country, folk, and Americana infiltrating an otherwise wildly experimental and anarchic period, evidenced by Pigpen-driven classics like "I'm A King Bee," "Hard To Handle," "Good Lovin'" and a whopping 30 minute+ version of "Turn On Your Lovelight," as well as over a half dozen then-new compositions which show the Garcia/Hunter songwriting duo elevating the Dead to higher ground. Thelma turns the heat up indeed!

Mastered in HDCD from the original soundboard recordings produced by Owsley Stanley, featuring the once lost, now found first reel, this is one full show you won't want to miss. Pre-order it here and now!

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: May 1, 2014

Listening Party

12/12/69, Los Angeles, CA

"Easy Wind"

"Cumberland Blues"

David Lemieux Volume 10 Seaside Chat


Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69

Disc 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow (5:53)
2. Me And My Uncle (4:05)
3. Easy Wind (9:33)
4. Cumberland Blues (7:39)
5. Black Peter (12:19)
6. Next Time You See Me (5:43)
7. China Cat Sunflower (5:19)
8. I Know You Rider (5:55)

Disc 2
1. Turn On Your Lovelight (31:57)
2. Hard To Handle (4:40)
3. Casey Jones (4:55)
4. Mama Tried (2:37)
5. High Time (7:34)
6. Dire Wolf (4:51
7. Good Lovin’ (6:18)
8. I’m A King Bee (7:44)

Disc 3
1. Uncle John’s Band (8:39)
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:13)
3. Alligator (4:08)
4. Drums (7:00)
5. Alligator (9:15)
6. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (22:43)
7. Feedback (7:11)
8. And We Bid You Goodnight (3:27)


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Joined: Nov 28 2011 know its gonna be 1972 (or 1973)

DL has put the first 9 of 10 releases from his series from that couple year window ('72-'77)....odds are he's going with early 1970s. I still don't think there were clues that gave away that Witchita show?!?! don't really get that

Joined: Feb 2 2011
Listeneing @ Archive to excerpts from both shows . . ..

There is the one stellar soundboard from 72 and the playing sounds great on that 81 . . .. The audience noise on the 81 tape has that matrix "you are there' ambiance of the Fox 80 release. . .. Enjoying them both . . ..

If I had to pick . . .. I would go with the 81 . . .. Because with E72 . . .. Plenty of 72 is available. . ..

I I had to bet. . .. With E72 . . .. With a pending Brent-Era Box-Set release. . ..

[Removes chips from table, cashes out, quickly walks away, pays rent, buys kids shoes and returns to listening at the archive.]

Shit's hard, man.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Due To...

...a lack of civility TPTB have decided to cancel DaP 11. Or maybe just delay it. They can't agree on which.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013

I will love it either way but since it hasn't been announced I must say...pretty please with roses on top....don't be from 1972. And I do believe there's a good chance it will be. Peace.

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009
Very Nice! But, this would be impossible to break up.
(CM audience!)
Set 1:
d1t01 - Jack Straw
d1t02 - Sugaree
d1t03 - Mama Tried ->
d1t04 - Mexicali Blues
d1t05 - Loser
d1t06 - Cassidy
d1t07 - Brown Eyed Women ->
d1t08 - C C Rider
d1t09 - Ramble On Rose
d1t10 - Let It Grow ->
d1t11 - Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
d2t01 - Samson And Delilah
d2t02 - Althea
d2t03 - Estimated Prophet ->
d2t04 - Eyes Of The World ->
d2t05 - Drums ->
d3t01 - Space ->
d3t02 - Uncle John's Band ->
d3t03 - Playing In The Band ->
d3t04 - China Doll ->
d3t05 - Uncle John's Band ->
d3t06 - Playing In The Band ->
d3t07 - Around And Around ->
d3t08 - Good Lovin'

d3t09 - Casey Jones

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Joined: Mar 31 2014
Dave's Pick 11

I'm confident that Dave's Pick 11 is from 11/17/72 (Wichita). The songs included in the set list accurately match the clues, and a sneak peak of the very minor part of the cover art match a Kansas show (e.g. dust clouds).

The 7/10/81 show matches the clues pretty well too, however the 11/17/72 show matches the clues more closely.

One of these days we will learn which show it is.

Joined: Jun 18 2009
St. Paul 1981

Well that would be fantastic.

Joined: Nov 28 2011
it's 1981

not sure why people are so focused on that '72 Witchita Kansas show??? There haven't been any real clues for that, and the SBD for the Jack Straw from that show has 3 minute blaring tape cut...doubt DL would let that go through

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
It's not St Paul 1981

That cover picture was a fake.

It's still Wichita, I think.

If it turns out to be the 80's my guess is SPAC 6/25/85.

Joined: Sep 9 2012

St. PAUL would fit many of the clues, but what has steered the bus away from Wichita? Where would you most likey be shocked to see hippies in 1972? Maybe Kansas? Bolo referenced the people were aghast to se all them "hippie freaks" at least three times in his original story.

MLavallee's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2009
St. Paul '81?

Looks wonderful on paper, nice long Eyes there and all but did I miss clues relating to this one? How'd we go from '72 to '81 all of a sudden?

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013

Still think the answer is somewhere in 2013 30 Days of Dead. One of the shows of which a song or song sequence was featured.

Or apply this to DaP12 in November.

Triad's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2013

How do you know this is going to be it?>...I bet it's a 1973...

Joined: Nov 28 2011

So the new DP#11 is St. Paul 7/10/81, nice!?!? Details Pleas

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Whartever it is...

Whatever it is I can't wait. Let's have it! It's a Dead bonanza lately. That set looks mammoth.

Nebulorb's picture
Joined: Sep 8 2008
7/10/81 - St. Paul

Jack Straw
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Brown Eyed Women
C C Rider
Ramble On Rose
Let It Grow
Don't Ease Me In

Samson And Delilah
Estimated Prophet >
Eyes Of The World >
Drums/Space >
Uncle John's Band >
Playing In The Band >
China Doll >
Uncle John's Band >
Playing In The Band >
Around And Around >
Good Lovin'

Casey Jones

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Sound Reviews

It's amazing how a poor sounding tape or recording can overshadow a decent performance. I picked up the compendium and read about 5/14/74 before I listened to the DaP release. I never heard this show before. This to me is a perfect example of the aforementioned. Reviews of shows need to be taken lightly and with consideration of the quality of source.

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
according to Deadhead's Taping Compendium

The soundboard to DaP 12 isn't in the vault. If I'm following the (confusing) thread ok, the hint and subsequent answer 1981 was for DaP 12, not DaP 11. (a DaP11 for which there have been no solid clues) Yes, I know using the Taping Compendium as a primary source is dangerous these days as it is a dated source. Yet, it still contains useful information and reading (like: why is Brian Dyke so uniformly negative in his reviews?)

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
DP11 Release date

The last web update was July 10. They don't update the site more than every week or so, so I haven't been paying much attention since last week, assuming we get news tomorrow.

For a box release, I doubted they would do 1990 part 2 yet, but I applaud the decision. 89-90 is where the best Brent-era recordings are, and Jerry was relatively clean at that point vs early 80's when he was a hot mess. And a lot of folks came on in the 80's, so this gives them a chance to buy shows they actually attended. They can put these out knowing it's some of the best unreleased stuff in the Vault.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013

Still think the answer is somewhere in 2013 30 Days of Dead. One of the shows of which a song or song sequence was featured.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Segan63 says

"I went to save a copy of the image of Bolo's pic and the file is called picture-72252. Interesting that the first two digits are 72..."

The 252nd day of the year is Sept 9th. On 9/9/72 The dead played the Hollywood Palladium. 25 songs according to (does Drums count?) (does Stars and Stripes count?)

Set 1

Promised Land, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle, Bird Song, Black Throated Wind, Tennessee Jed, Mexicali Blues, Deal, Playin' In The Band, Loser, Johnny B. Goode

Set 2

China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Friend Of The Devil, Jack Straw, He's Gone-> Truckin'-> Drums >The Other One, Stella Blue, El Paso, Casey Jones, Sugar Magnolia, E: One More Saturday Night, Stars and Stripes Forever

Joined: May 6 2013

Well, now Bolo has given us a second clue that will either prove or refute whether he has the inside track on the upcoming picks. The first clue, of course, was stating that exactly 28% of the songs had something in common, which means the show had exactly 25 songs. Now, the second clue is his current avatar picture that presumably shows the upper right corner of the DaP 11 cover. Both clues are so precise that it seems a stretch that somebody could have just guessed at them. I'd say Bolo is the real deal, but we will likely know for sure by the end of this week! How about a contest to guess who Bolo is?

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007

I don't know if you're right or not, Bliss, but there's a nice right up about this show, or rather the day of this show, on the songs by year section of this site.

Joined: Jun 7 2007

st paul 81

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014


Jaspitola's picture
Joined: May 5 2014

Is it me or does the anticipation seem to get worse with each release? I have the subscription, but still.......

Joined: Sep 9 2012
Speaking of Silver

I am a Braves fan. We paid BJ Upton 75M clams and he is doing his best to suck the life out of the Braves chances of making it to the playoffs. We need a leadoff hitter. Now that Ichiro has flown the coop, we will happily take whoever replaced him. It really does not matter who. Nobody can be worse than Mr. Upton.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
King Felix... not for barter. Not even in Wichita; where they used to play for silver and now they play for life.

Speaking of ex-mariners who signed with the Dodgers - how is Miguel Olivo working out for you? Now wasn't he heaven sent?

Joined: Apr 14 2014

Wow, I'm not even trying to solve a riddle or cryptic message anymore. We shall all see soon. I have a feeling we won't know until after movie night....and was that show ever released? I don't know, but if it wasn't then maybe.....

Joined: Sep 9 2012
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Have patience Fennario.
Whatever u do, do not kill the albatross!!!
It won't be long when you will be sipping on a glass of mead listining to the beautiful sounds of Dave 11.
Strorm clouds are up above.
The mighty gale has blown you all the way to Wichita!
I will be very happy to meet u in Wichita.
You bring King Felix along to barter and I will bring you a man that will take the Mariners all the way to the Promised Land! Yes, that's right; I am bringing the gem of the South!
BJ Upton!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Bolo Pic

I went to save a copy of the image of Bolo's pic and the file is called picture-72252. Interesting that the first two digits are 72...

MLavallee's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2009
Re: Mariners

They can have Brandon League back if that helps. :)

Joined: Aug 29 2013
I'm a little tired of Bolo's

I'm a little tired of Bolo's teasing and cryptic "hints"

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Bolo's new avatar says

Bolo's new avatar says "Volume 11".

11 people were members of the band at one time or another (not counting Bruce)

Nigel Tufnel had a guitar with a volume knob that went to 11.

Christopher Guest was on SNL for a while.

The Dead played on SNL on ... 11-11-78.

Clearly, Dave's Picks 11 will be 11-11-78, all three songs so the completists won't have anything to complain about.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Maybe I'm just jealous

I sure wish the Mariners would spend some of Nintendo's money. Now is the time to do it.

MLavallee's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2009
Money and a name?

All they've got? We've got Kershaw, Greinke, Beckett, Harren, Ryu. Now, if only we could get those batters hitting we'd really be something. 9.5 back a month ago and now we're in 1st, I think we've got more than money and a name. We've got a lot of tough series coming up after having it pretty easy for a while so we'll see how it goes. Getting Price to add to our starting rotation would be icing on the cake.

I love my Dodgers more than any team but I'm really a fan of the game so happy either way it goes. There's not a team out there that doesn't deserve it. We go to spring training in Phoenix every year, it's nice to go meet fans from all over the country, no one getting in fights (actually the one bad experience we've had was at a Giants/Dodgers game with Giants fans cursing out my son who was 8 at the time wearing a Dodgers shirt sitting by the Giants dugout, but I've seen worse at Dodgers games towards other fans, @$$holes everywhere!)

boblopes's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
We Love the Dodgers for relieving RedSoxNation of insane payroll

Thank you Frank McCourt, wannabe RedSox owner, for taking all of that excessive payroll from the Sox, so we could retool with a cast of unlikely characters to win another World Series. I think last years team was lightening in a bottle.

I hope the Dodgers have the opportunity to win...

I would like to see Texas Tough Guy, Josh Beckett, win another WS for a third team. He was lights out against the Yankees as a Marlin and stepped it up in '07 for the Sox.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
re: The Dodgers

Money and a name. That's all they've got...that's all they'll end with.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Not rocks

Brown (dust? storm?)clouds maybe.

MLavallee's picture
Joined: Jan 14 2009
Re: The Giants

Just a hurdle my Dodgers had to jump over. We're long overdue for a WS win!!!! :)

Joined: Nov 28 2011
Dave's Picks #11 in BOLO's nickname window block =

There appear to be RED ROCKS above the pink background and blue, ????

Joined: Sep 28 2009
MLB First

Mad Bum and Buster Grand Slams. First time ever by a battery in a single game.

Listening now to GarciaLive Volume 4 which arrived in the mail today.

peakshead's picture
Joined: Feb 8 2011
Not Lincoln..... seems they only played there the one time -Spring 1973-and it's been immortalized by Mr. Latvala.

Wichita? That-a-ta.

peakshead's picture
Joined: Feb 8 2011
As a Lifelong Reds fan....

....I hold a slight grudge against the black and orange . It was sweet sweeping them in the bay a few weeks ago.

Your icon changed pretty fast. Brown clouds? Lincoln? Omaha?

Joined: Nov 25 2009
Giants will be fine

Bumgarner's our new cleanup hitter!

Joined: Sep 9 2012


peakshead's picture
Joined: Feb 8 2011
not this year

The Giants won't even sniff the postseason. Thanks for the glimpse, Bolo. WE WANT MORE !!!!

owlshead's picture
Joined: Jan 18 2014
dead set and in the dark

and that really isn't the length between studio albums… right? go to heaven -- in the dark
i know, i know...

Joined: Sep 9 2012
I assume those r dust bowl clouds at the top Bolo?

The bigger question is will you get some 89' revenge on the A's come October?

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013

Arrghhh...ouch!!! Tape trading must have been on fire during that stretch!