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Dave's Picks Volume 10: Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69 - SOLD OUT

sku: GRA9900106

The last of a three-night run at a mysterious little club called "Thelma" found the Grateful Dead restoring glory to the Sunset Strip for what was once just a fleeting moment, now preserved for eternity with this here Dave's Picks Volume 10. Hot off the release of the highly-acclaimed Live/Dead and setting the stage for Workingman's Dead, 12/12/69 stands to represent the crux of the band's musical past, present, and future. Witness the first signs of country, folk, and Americana infiltrating an otherwise wildly experimental and anarchic period, evidenced by Pigpen-driven classics like "I'm A King Bee," "Hard To Handle," "Good Lovin'" and a whopping 30 minute+ version of "Turn On Your Lovelight," as well as over a half dozen then-new compositions which show the Garcia/Hunter songwriting duo elevating the Dead to higher ground. Thelma turns the heat up indeed!

Mastered in HDCD from the original soundboard recordings produced by Owsley Stanley, featuring the once lost, now found first reel, this is one full show you won't want to miss. Pre-order it here and now!

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: May 1, 2014

Listening Party

12/12/69, Los Angeles, CA

"Easy Wind"

"Cumberland Blues"

David Lemieux Volume 10 Seaside Chat


Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69

Disc 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow (5:53)
2. Me And My Uncle (4:05)
3. Easy Wind (9:33)
4. Cumberland Blues (7:39)
5. Black Peter (12:19)
6. Next Time You See Me (5:43)
7. China Cat Sunflower (5:19)
8. I Know You Rider (5:55)

Disc 2
1. Turn On Your Lovelight (31:57)
2. Hard To Handle (4:40)
3. Casey Jones (4:55)
4. Mama Tried (2:37)
5. High Time (7:34)
6. Dire Wolf (4:51
7. Good Lovin’ (6:18)
8. I’m A King Bee (7:44)

Disc 3
1. Uncle John’s Band (8:39)
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:13)
3. Alligator (4:08)
4. Drums (7:00)
5. Alligator (9:15)
6. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (22:43)
7. Feedback (7:11)
8. And We Bid You Goodnight (3:27)


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Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Really surprised. Some great shows there!

Wow - I'm really surprised they're going there again. I would be very interested to know how this winds up selling compared to volume 1...

8 complete shows on 23 discs
3/14/90 Capital Centre, Landover, MD
3/18/90 Civic Center, Hartford, CT
3/21/90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario
3/25/90 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
3/28/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
3/29/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (featuring Branford Marsalis)
4/1/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA
4/3/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA

Triad's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2013
Dave's 2

Borrowed a buddy's hard drive and it had the Dillon stadium show on it...saved that 300 bucks...good days!!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
90 box

Now please hurry up and get your order before the bad scalpers get and try and rip you off

Joined: Sep 28 2009
Spring 1990 The Other One

What's Inside:
•144-page paperback book with essays by Nicholas G. Meriwether and Blair Jackson
•A portfolio with three art prints by Jessica Dessner
• Replica ticket stubs and backstage passes for all eight shows
•8 complete shows on 23 discs
•3/14/90 Capital Centre, Landover, MD
•3/18/90 Civic Center, Hartford, CT
•3/21/90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario
•3/25/90 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
•3/28/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
•3/29/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (featuring Branford Marsalis)
•4/1/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA
•4/3/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA
Recorded by long-time Grateful Dead audio engineer John Cutler
Mixed from the master 24-track analog tapes by Jeffrey Norman at Bob Weir's TRI Studios
Mastered to HDCD specs by David Glasser
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 9,000

Joined: Jun 4 2007
90 box

Now I really don't care what the next Dave's pick's is this is the best news yet and they did the mix right this time sweet

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
I guess our postings will be moving to a new forum....

....Spring 1990 box part 2. A little excited. The Bradford show? Verrrry nice....

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Given the '90 releases, wither DP 11?

It would seem obvious that the coming 1990 releases are the result of long-term planning. Eight full shows requires a lot of selection and production; the box for big spenders, the single-show Branford release for the dabblers.

That leaves the DP process, which I believe always involves several dates moving towards production-- the question for Dave would seem to be: which date has its ducks in a row and would provide the most impact when all things are considered.

So I'd put my money on another release in the 1970 to '71 period, based on the Mountain Girl reels and the way it would juxtapose with the 1990 announcements.

On the other hand, he's delivered 1974 and 1969 so far, which are right up my alley. Could he make it three for three?

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
the single show 03/29

i snagged one of those, gonna pass on the box (too much of the same for me, at one time). i know its all good but i also know i wont listen to it all.

very grateful and pleased to get the branford show in all its glory...thanks dave

floridabobaloo's picture
Joined: Apr 30 2014
Two New Music Release today

Wow so its the Spring 1990 Pt 2 Box some of you thought was coming
AND the Wake Up release..................SO could Dave be far away?

For those that wanted more 1990 looks like Santa is here early, not small $ but he''s here.

Daves 11 what will you be?

Joined: Nov 2 2010
3-29-90 for sale on

its in the dead store along with t-shirts

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Ahh... 2 releases.

3/29/90 - $40

Spring 1990 - The Other One
Even MORE Awesome!

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007
'90, '91 releases

Before the release of DaP10, David Gans hinted that it would be something no one would complain about. If 3-29-90 is released in September that would make two releases in one calendar year that "no on would complain about." Well, for the most part--there's always someone disappointed but hopefully you get my point.

With all the talk about '91 I was going to point out that Dave specifically mentioned 6-22-91 as a show that could come out as a CD/DVD package. That probably won't happen this year if the Branford show is being released. It seems none of the shows Dave mentions by date get released, but perhaps they're coming down the road a bit.

3-29 will be the eighth Brent show released in three years (seven complete shows plus the vinyl release). Yes, the mid 80s are still under represented but Dave did say he was listening to a lot of '84 not too long ago. My guess, which admittedly is not worth much, is that DaP11 is from the early 70s and DaP12 will be an 80s show.

In any case, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Joined: Aug 8 2013
It's Alive

3-29-90, during the program on SiriusXm Today in GD History on 3-29-14, Dave mentioned his desire for this show to be released and commented on how he thought this was the best guest appearance ever with the GD. He stated his hopes and noted some logistical issues with guest appearances. Seems like they worked those out and boy that was quick. A few months later and we have word that this a for sure release.

Great work fellows. Now the question is Multi-track ?? And how much ?? $25-35 would be an appropriate price, but I'm guessing a few add-ons like memorabilia will make it closer to $40. Rhino must unleash the big guns before their contract expires. 8-27-72 and now 3-29-90, are 2 of the biggest. Gonna be hard to top those unless Acoustic/electric 80 run is released , or single shows like 5-8-77 , 7-8-78, 10-27-79 , seem to be requested a lot.

Either way I dig all eras, and realize it's difficult to find anything in life that is great from start to finish, so just enjoy what suits your fancy. So Many Roads to ease my soul, so many roads to tease my soul.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
And there it is!!!

Wow... not cheap.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

I'm sorry man but I have to disagree with your comment about ebay.

I just sold a mint condition, So Many Roads box set...
for $54.
Checking my other auctions on that in the past, I sold one for $49.10, and $46.01.

If you are looking at auctions by someone called "SpringFromNight1989", or a few others... then yes, the prices you mention will be out of this world... and unrealistic, but some people DO pay for them. But if you buy ANYTHING from that guy, then you deserve it for not doing your research. that guy is a thief.

and as for "all the dave's picks" selling for $200... again, I disagree. #1 and #2 are over $200, yes. But they are few and far between and YES people pay it.
But I have a #2 for sale on there now, and just sold several others...
#6 was $41, and #7 was $52.
which I think is VERY fair considering they are older and harder to come by.

Again, look for SOLD items, not what people are asking.

Someone could ask $500, and not get it. It's what it sells at, that's the market...

Several... which I should now say MANY people on here will confirm, it IS possible to get a fair price on white whales, or auctions... and even to deal direct w/ people who sell there to get a discounted price. ;-)

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Going Down The Road...

Going Down The Road and not feeling bad if this is correct! That's MUAM next week, DaP11 first week in August roughly and then 3/29/90 in September. Much to look forward to. Hey now!

And DaP12 in November.

Joined: Nov 28 2011
3/29/90 Bird Song

This is actually on the SO MANY ROADS box set also....if you don't have the box set, they are sold out. You can go get it on EBAY for like $500, too funny....just like all the Dave's Picks on EBAY selling for $200 a piece including bonus discs selling for $100-150 a people actually bid these prices & pay that ?!?!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Kill chance for Spring '90 Vol. II?

I wonder if the general release of 3/29/90 kills any chance of Spring '90 Vol. II box set coming out soon. For me, I think it's too soon for Spring '90 Vol. II.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Yes, 3/29/90 is considered one of the top shows...
there's definitely something to it.

Especially when you consider the back-story that Branford really was just up there jamming, and didn't have any preconceived notions or ways to the Dead's music..

check out Without a Net for a teaser.
"well ok we've got a special guest tonight....."

Joined: Jan 13 2010

that's two months!!!

the 90 branford show??? I hate (most) guest artists. but so many people get creamwood over that show, there must be something to it.

hey, just being a (morning) dewsh.

I gotta dig out my tape of set two.

I did catch MilesM's comment about yesterday being the 19th anniversary of 7/9/95. I thought about that, too. Jerry, we hardly knew ye.

Joined: Aug 29 2013
Great news about 3/29/90

It's tied with 3/24/90 as my favorite show from the Spring '90 tour. The Bird Song and the Eyes of the World are especially good.

Really glad this is available on its own, instead of part of a box with the leftovers from the tour.

I'll be picking this one up!

Joined: Nov 28 2011

This show is a great choice (an obvious one) for an official release, looks like in the category as : Truckin' up to Buffalo, Crimson, White, and Indigo , and Nightfall of Diamonds.

.....NOW let's see Lemiux come through with a hot 1980s release for DP#11. With 9 of the first 10 releases from his series being from 1969-1978, WE ALL KNOW it's time for more 1980s releases from the Dave Pick series, bring it!! Pressure is on, should have announcement/seaside chat today tomorrow?!?!

Joined: Jun 5 2007

An official release of 3/29/90...

I was at that show (as I've said many times).
That is a GEM!
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
But I will.

I bet this is one of the surprise announcements at MUATM next week that DL hinted at.

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Jammin' to 10-1-94 right now! Nice Franklin's! Check out Tom Thumb's Blues. Pretty inspired version right there. Phil is right on with the lyrics, Jerry plays some nice accompanying filigrees and even breaks out the alien tone to decent effect. p.s. marye you are clairvoyant

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013

Cool! Maybe my gripe about the lack of general in store non-limited edition releases has been heard! Maybe this will be announced at meet up next Thursday. Good find.

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
It's going to be Brandford 3/29/90

but not till september.

Can we all be happy for a while now?

Joined: Feb 26 2014
good old Jer

I know what you mean on Jer "struggling" in the late 80s and onward. In the early 1980s at Red Rocks -- the only place I saw them at that point -- I clearly recall thinking something was out of synch and it seemed to be Jer. It's hard to articulate my perception. It was almost like a split second hesitation or something. At the time I chalked it up to the altitude and Jer being out of breath but, looking back, I believe it was his (then) relatively new habit. After inconsistent shows in 84, I felt a lot had been lost and at the ripe old age of 27 I began to fade from the scene. They played the Rocks and Telluride (real altitude, upon which Jer commented) in 87 I believe and I attended. But at the Rocks show that year, Jer started Ripple? in the wrong key and started over -- a rarity. Much of the crowd reacted derisively, which I thought was shameful. The whole experience at that point seemed fragile and less mutually supportive. Just one man's experience. Five years later, I had an opportunity to drop into two shows in Albany (92); one was strong, one relatively mundane but still solid rock n' roll. As a buddy and I walked through the parking lot soliciting a dose, a young man, maybe 19, pointed to us and yelled, "Cops!" And a girl offered us tie-die shirts because, she said, "it looks like you could use one." I responded in a friendly tone that I didn't like uniforms, which seemed to puzzle her. But by that time, the scene had become rather insular and less come-as-you-are, whoever-you-are, which I always loved. It seemed like a large percentage of the audience was chasing a dream that had long since gone over the hill like a will-o'-the-wisp. I'm pretty sure the band knew; they were hanging onto their livelihood. No regrets here, I had some life-altering shows in the early to late 70s. Now? Still practicing the ancient arts and enjoying the music more without the spectacle. And definitely checking in here to see Lemiuex' next move.

Joined: Oct 2 2012
Oxford 88

"Jerry-centric?" I think not. Like most of us here, you were simply paying attention.

dantian - send me over a copy of that software.

thursday's child's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2012
star dark and oxford.....

......thanks for saying very eloquently what I always felt about "the slow slide" into the end. To paraphrase Eliot, This was the way the band ended, not with a bang but a whimper. Peace and thanks for sharing.

Yeti_UK's picture
Joined: Mar 21 2008
Yea verily

Just like to say how much I agree with underthevolcano about October 1st 94. I think it's a brilliant show with my favourite jerry songs including hotwsft althea stella scarlet fire and an awesome so many roads. I guess such a release is about as likely as England doing well at the World Cup, but I can keep dreaming.

Cheering for Germany in the final.

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008

I don't have any brilliant insights to add to this discussion. But I believe that when Jerry was struggling in the 80s and the 90s you could see it and hear it. It was troubling to me during both periods. I appreciate all of the musicians in this wonderful ensemble that we all love but there was a group synergy that we all know about and to REALLY achieve that it was necessary for all to be present and accounted for. It is true that individuals could cover for or carry others from time to time for whatever reasons but that carrying entailed musical consequences. Maybe the show was "entertaining" but not "transcendent". I don't know about you-all, but I was mostly hoping for some transcendence to appear somewhere in the proceedings even though, even on a bad night there was no place I'd rather be. I think you know what I'm talking about. God bless Jerry for his wonderful talent and abilities to articulate so many things to so many people through his music-I feel VERY lucky to have witnessed so much of it live in real time. It is very tragic that he aged so rapidly well beyond his years.

Deadicated's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
You know

what would have been some great shows that sounded great - when Jerry was "fully engaged"? Those between June Winterland and Englishtown. It would have been great to hear the band with a single drummer again - ah, hindsight. Would it have worked?

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
for me...

...this thread is like a security blanket. Re: WharfratWhitey...I thought DL mentioned early in the series his philosophy of the series: (am I paraphrasing right?) DL: "I want to release great shows that sound great".

Joined: Apr 28 2012
Slow Slide

Star Dark's thoughts are very similar to mine. The scene, the music and the band all evolved. I felt a shift in the scene in the Fall of 84 when the vendors became more organized and the Shakedown sideshow now involved big money. The band started wrestling with copyright infringement in the park lots. By 87 the band set up individual spaces backstage and the internal energy got pretty heavy. The crew was not as cheerful or accessible. The crowds were growing prior to 87 overwhelming the environment in many traditional tour stops. Longer runs in larger venues made it easier for those not interested in the music to hang out or worse. What does this have to do with the music? The whole experience was intertwined for me. If the scene was cool and the band in good spirits, great things happened. When people started dying and the band isolated themselves, something was lost.

I am one of Jerry-centric people discussed earlier. This does not mean I ignored the rest of the music or the other band members. I just felt that Jerry's singing, playing and energy drove the whole machine. That was an enormous burden. By the time I was racing to shows in Oakland after work, with no time for the scene (which had badly devolved as well) the music had truly faded for me. Jerry was a mess, using a teleprompter and no longer able to keep up. Sure there were bursts of brilliance and a rare great show. Please note this is my opinion, but it has been supported in the interviews and writings of the band members and others. Not to be too creepy, but I loved Jerry Garcia and what he brought to my life. Attending shows in the last 3 years was a sad and painful process. Listening to the music of that era now takes me right back to those feelings. The man was only 53 years old when he died, but he looked like he was 80. Sorry folks, for me, there is no way the music was as dynamic and intense as it had been when Jerry was healthy and fully engaged. I hope you all get your favorite shows officially released.

WharfratWhitey's picture
Joined: May 19 2013
Visions of DL...

I'm not sure what DL's overall vision for this series is. Maybe there isn't one. Maybe he explained it so many times in his videos that I didn't pay any attention. Based on what has been released so far I can't see any 90's coming for quite some time if at all in this series.Strictly a gut feeling. There's an element in these releases of trying to improve on sound with grate shows that are available, as well as get rarely heard stuff out. Material from returned tapes etc. If the series goes as long as Dicks then the 90's will come at some point. I'm no expert but I'd venture to say that 90's material doesn't require the treatment to clean up like the 60's and 70's material and thus looses a little luster as a sell? Maybe. Perhaps. I think there is a greater chance for 80's-90's box sets than there is Dave's Picks. Could be wrong. Hope I am.

Joined: Aug 21 2011

totally agree with Seth Hollander's comments.i've posted before that maybe Daves Picks over 4 releases a year should be one show from each decade if the quality of recordings is available.then surely everyone would be happy at some point.
i do have my favourite era's but enjoy every release.

Joined: Sep 5 2012
@ Seth

Totally get your point re the FMF (Fat Man Focus). But I think just about anyone who really stuck it out with the band (90's naysayers included) understands that the Dead were greater than the sum of its parts. No, it wasn't all about one guy... but that one guy's role was SO integral to the overall sound. It just wasn't the same when he was only half there - even when the others played their butts off. Plus, it was just so sad toward the end. You'd see folks leaving shows early with tears in their eyes... we all talked about how bad Jerry looked, how his picking had taken a nosedive, how we hoped for the best but expected the worst. It was just depressing - it had nothing to do with being "Deader than thou."

I understand that, for someone who maybe caught their first gig in '92, there's no basis for comparison. But for others, a '94 or '95 release would just bring back bad memories. To each his own. (And for the record, I'm a big fan of warts-and-all '80s stuff... so it's not all about the Just Exactly Perfect Brothers either!)

Joined: Sep 17 2012
Ghieuy Flspiop

“What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.”
― Salvador Dalí

Joined: Aug 6 2013
Personally, I only listen to

Personally, I only listen to Jerry.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I use a music editing program to remove all voices/instruments except for Jerry's.

I find the music much more enjoyable that way. It's just too complex and confusing otherwise.

Joined: Feb 26 2014
"Come on Dave, give us a break!"

Keep it up, mate. And I'll have Captain Kirk and Bones on your ass in a New York minute........

Seth Hollander's picture
Joined: Aug 27 2009
Pro90s/Anti90s root issue

It seems to me that the underlying issue that determines a Deadhead's opinion of the post-70s, and particularly post-Brent, era is whether they are really into the band or just into Jerry.
I love what the other bandmembers were doing to cover Jerry's downhill slide. So I like 80s/90s shows just fine and wish DL would add more of them to the Dead's official release roster.
But if you are all about Jerry, of course the second half of the band's career is not your cup of tea.
All you angry folks might do well to keep this in mind when reading your fellow Deadheads' comments. Each of us would like all of the DaPs we pay for to be shows WE want, but DL should try to please all camps. If he does this, each of us will be happy sometimes and unhappy other times.
So far, he has drastically underserved those of us who do like the band's later years. Since I feel that this a factual statement, I can't see any good reason to disagree with it.
While Live Music Archive is a great resource, GDM's prohibition of downloadable soundboards on LMA severely limits the common fan's access to recordings comparable in quality to the GDM releases.
"Come on Dave, give us a break!"
And you Jerry-centric heads and pre-80s only heads should stop being so abrasive in this community! We are supposed to be a sharing and kind group, but you all just seem selfish and mean-spirited!

thursday's child's picture
Joined: Mar 29 2012
the scene.....and DP34

The scene definitely seemed to change around 87. I can't put my finger quite on it, but the crowds seemed to have a different vibe. All I can say is that I enjoyed the crowds less than the many years prior. On another note....DP34 has some great music on it. The Lazy Lightning/Supplication has always been one of my favorites and the Estimated from Seneca is rather mood expanding! Peace.

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
lovin' the Dave's #1...

thought the 1st set would be better than it is, but that 2nd set...
was actually listening to Dick's #34 right now...
(thanx to you)
that 1st set might be better, but need more listens to both...
thanx again...

ps... congrats on the Dead Ahead bd!!!

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
thanx brian...

as i've told you before...
you're a gentleman & a scholar...
glad you dig my ball...
send you pics soon...

Joined: Jun 5 2007

(In the spirit of lightening the mood)...

how's that DaP#1? Amazing huh?
I got a few fills myself.... only down to a very few now...
snagged Grayfolded, Keystone Companions, Keystone Companions Sampler, and my Dead Ahead Bonus Disc arrived today! Woohoo!

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Sounds weird to say, but.. nice ball. hahaha

Yeah, I'd love to see pictures.

I will agree with the frat boy comment from Star Dark.
Ace, folks like you who were/are fans, still went and enjoyed... but the scene definitely had changed. This wasn't true of just the Dead either. Grunge had changed at the time too. I remember being into Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.... no one really was. I got the first Tool EP the day it came out, but had heard it in the local music store weeks ahead of being released....

Then it hit the mainstream.... Nirvana played our school (Lehigh University) and the "frat boys" all showed up, and as we danced in the pit, they would lock arms and run / bash into us at top speed... back up and do it again.

At the time, that's what they called it, infiltration of the frat boy mentality. That's what started happening at Dead shows too. People showing up for the drink and drugs, and crashing the gates... They were the fair-weather fans who no longer listen to the band.

It's the same kind of guy who I know an example of who works at my hospital... arrogant a-hole... who thought a recent Pearl Jam show sucked because the set list wasn't all hits... and different every night (his words).

So let me interject some "reason" here...
Ace... he wasn't talking about you specifically, but the frat boy mentality.. and that's just what it was called back then.

StarDark... Ace is a good guy, and he shouldn't have taken that personally, but hey, we're all defensive of our own eras of the music which shaped our lives.

It's all good..

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
@ Star Douche...'re negative posts are a drag.
hate on the Vince era all you want...
Deader Than Thou, they call it around these parts...

Joined: Sep 5 2012

Uhh... OK. But I wasn't referring to you. I was referencing the fratboys who were known to supply the Fat Man backstage.

But regardless... the vast majority of 90's shows were a drag for those who didn't enjoy watching a man kill himself on stage.

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
Brother Brian...

my 'avatar pic' (is that what it's called?)
is thee mighty ball from our 1st discussions many moons ago...
can email you all the pics/angles if you would like to see a bit of history!
(1955-56 Brooklyn Dodgers, for those who were wondering)

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
hey jerkoff...

...i'm no "frat boy drug dealer"
go listen to your Fleetwood Mac records.
whatta Delta Bravo thing to say...