Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 10: Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69 - SOLD OUT

sku: GRA9900106

The last of a three-night run at a mysterious little club called "Thelma" found the Grateful Dead restoring glory to the Sunset Strip for what was once just a fleeting moment, now preserved for eternity with this here Dave's Picks Volume 10. Hot off the release of the highly-acclaimed Live/Dead and setting the stage for Workingman's Dead, 12/12/69 stands to represent the crux of the band's musical past, present, and future. Witness the first signs of country, folk, and Americana infiltrating an otherwise wildly experimental and anarchic period, evidenced by Pigpen-driven classics like "I'm A King Bee," "Hard To Handle," "Good Lovin'" and a whopping 30 minute+ version of "Turn On Your Lovelight," as well as over a half dozen then-new compositions which show the Garcia/Hunter songwriting duo elevating the Dead to higher ground. Thelma turns the heat up indeed!

Mastered in HDCD from the original soundboard recordings produced by Owsley Stanley, featuring the once lost, now found first reel, this is one full show you won't want to miss. Pre-order it here and now!

Product Details

3 Disc set
Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies
Mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman
Digipak made of 100% recycled and PCW materials
Release Date: May 1, 2014

Listening Party

12/12/69, Los Angeles, CA

"Easy Wind"

"Cumberland Blues"

David Lemieux Volume 10 Seaside Chat


Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69

Disc 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow (5:53)
2. Me And My Uncle (4:05)
3. Easy Wind (9:33)
4. Cumberland Blues (7:39)
5. Black Peter (12:19)
6. Next Time You See Me (5:43)
7. China Cat Sunflower (5:19)
8. I Know You Rider (5:55)

Disc 2
1. Turn On Your Lovelight (31:57)
2. Hard To Handle (4:40)
3. Casey Jones (4:55)
4. Mama Tried (2:37)
5. High Time (7:34)
6. Dire Wolf (4:51
7. Good Lovin’ (6:18)
8. I’m A King Bee (7:44)

Disc 3
1. Uncle John’s Band (8:39)
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine (4:13)
3. Alligator (4:08)
4. Drums (7:00)
5. Alligator (9:15)
6. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (22:43)
7. Feedback (7:11)
8. And We Bid You Goodnight (3:27)


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Joined: Apr 28 2012
Good morning read

Maybe it's the fact that I am on vacation, drinking a good cup of coffee with no plans for the day, but this morning's batch of comments has been particularly entertaining. Breaking them down into set list format:

Breakouts: dissident 1980's link was outstanding and I may never think of Queen Elizabeth the same way.

Fun but often heard first set stuff about release dates and expectations.

Points that really hit home. Right there with you Dantian re: 87. Had the time of my life at a couple dozen shows, but the music, for the most part, has not held up very well.

Thee Amazing Ace provides us with a prolonged jam that drifts a bit, but is ultimately well played and satisfying with a couple of great reprises to pull us back in again

RV 3's always intense, potentially unhinged bursts remind me of some of Brent's best and/or most bizarre moments. Did anyone else catch the Blow Away when he stood up behind his keys and spewed profanely for a couple of bars? I think it was in Albany.

Space Bro continues his Victim or the Crime riff. I can take it once in a while, but not every show.

The Jack Straws provide well, Jack Straw-like interplay and tension as Jerry rides off to Tulsa to settle up.

Looking back, the emotions of the whole process, getting tickets, traveling, hanging out and going to the shows were similar. So here we are... One big cranky, fun, eccentric family, waiting for the next announcement. I need to hear Eileen Law say: "Thank you for calling and stay in touch"

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Today has to be announcement day, doesn't it?

Dave's Picks 11 will be shipping in a three and a half weeks. Plus, don't they often make announcements on Tuesdays?

Regarding Phish, it seems like the Fuego title track was inspired by Django Django...

Joined: Aug 6 2013


I remember a friend having a cassette of the sound the coins made as they dropped into the pay phone, and playing that sound (via Walkman + headphones) back into the pay phone receiver and it registering as money being put into the phone.

Is that what you're talking about? If so, damn, what a blast from the past, dude. I had forgotten all about that.

Joined: Aug 6 2013
Sorry Spacebro '87 just

Sorry Spacebro

'87 just doesn't do it for me. It's funny though, I only saw the Dead in 87-88, as I am likely from the same generation as you and was coming of age at that time, and had an amazing time going to those shows, but much rather see more 70's releases.

As great as it was to be at those '87 shows in person, when I listen to them on the archive they really can't compare to the 70's stuff I listen to and marvel at.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
I feel your pain RV3

The performances from the Ventura '87 clips from the "Taper's Section" over the last couple of weeks really shows that the Grateful Dead, and particularly Jerry were out doing themselves in every possible way. THAT is the stuff they should be releasing.

Years ago, many of my Deadhead peers raved about how great the the '87 Ventura run was and among some of the best shows they ever saw and/or heard, and many of those folks had been going to shows since the early '70s and went on almost every tour.

Rediscovering them after many years of not listening to the '87 Ventura recordings has been somewhat of an epiphany for me. Though at the time, I had been going to shows since '84, and a couple in '86, it was the '87 shows I saw that made me a lifer Dead fan. The Ventura clips brought that back for me. Hook set and reeled in.


Regarding some of the commentary expressed on these boards towards others who share their concerns, opinions, gripes, requests for releases from certain eras outside of the so-called "status quo"'s too bad that there are a clique of a few individuals here who have the tendency to gang-up on other people posting here. It's childish schoolyard mentality bully tactic activity. It goes against the very communal spirit of the Grateful Dead and is reflective of very snobbish behavior.

If somebody chooses to express their dissatisfaction with what is being released, there's no need or reason to belittle or disrespect them. In doing so, all you people are doing is making yourselves look like dicks.


One more point for the soap box.

The initial announcement and unveiling of the Dave's Picks series with it's list of prime choice concert dates from throughout the bands career left the notion that the series would cover a wide variety of ground from different eras. Fast forward to 2.5 years and 10 releases into the series, and it's predominantly one era with a couple of teasers from the Pigpen and Brent eras.

Now I don't know what the process of choices and elimination entails in it's entirety by Dave and tptb, but to me it feels like the most crucial step of objectivity is missing. This model works perfectly fine if you are among those who only like the era that has been the primary focus of the series so far, but not so much for those who either like all eras or those who only like eras outside of this focal point so far.

I consider myself to be in the camp that likes all eras, but has a preference for the second half of a 30 year window.

I'm sure that once the card carrying members of the above mentioned clique reads this post, they will pounce at the opportunity to make themselves look like jerks.

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
nah, it's all you holmes...

they move me deeply nowadays...
so, yea my phishy days are long over...
and that's okay...
saw 25 or so shows back then...
saw a few of what phishfolks consider their best shows they ever did...
(12.30/31.95 MSG come to mind...)
they are all killer musicians...
so it's no surprise they're killin it right now...
good on 'em...
...but, they just ain't my cup-a meat (stick, TERRIBLE TUNE!!!)
btw, love all the John Peel intro's in between songs during the Floyd 9.30.71 BBC show... classic shite... the whole show... ♤

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Hey Amazing Ace..... "used to dig 'em"....did I get that right?! Well, maybe you should "get 'em again". The Wheel is turning...and that applies to most music....catch that spoke when you can....
.agreed on Echoes...check out Water's Amused to Death disc. Esp. track 4....
as far as chingers, not really. Was usually sitting, tripping balls in the hotel room with friends. Sleeping bag monsters!! Listening to last nights show...

TheeAmazingAce333's picture
Joined: May 1 2012
...anyone remember chingers?!?!?

mad, crazy lines @ the payphone areas of Days Inns, Holiday Inns, Motel 6s, etc just to call your people about setlists/breakouts, where to meet @ the next show and/or city... madness, those lil electronic phone-call-stealers they were... it was always funny towards the end when the operator would come on & say (all bitchy) "are you going to enter any ACTUAL money??"
hehehe... miss those shady, sketchy dayz...
PINK FLOYD~live~9.30.71~London/BBC/John Peel: ECHOES!!!!!!!!!!!
some of thee finest music you will ever listen to... especially between minutes 9 & 13... put on headphones for that, then get them off!
y'all been warned...
and as for the phish... eh...
fun band, ZERO depth...
just sayin...
used to dig 'em 92-95...
after that, not so much...
btw, Mt. Jack Straw, stop acting like your the 'voice' of this thread...
you only post to say "hey, you stop that!"
YOU need to get over yourself...
Long Distance Run-naaaa, Whatchoo Standin' There Fo...
Get Up, Get On, Get Outta the Door!!

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007

.....Happy Birthday Ringo!!! You lucky muther-f**Ker....

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Not to beat a Dead horse but....

...Phish's Fuego release is something to behold. If Devotion to a Dream isn't Phish covering a Dead tune then count me out. Halfway To The Moon is also spectacular. Did I mention 555? Even my wife was bobbing her head to to that one...and that's saying a lot. Here's hoping they make their way to Vegas in the fall. Fellow posters, listen to this release and check in. Phish eased the pain in '95-'96. I can't deny it. And they responded in spades. Late '90's Phish was can't ignore a solid Weekapaugh......

Joined: May 19 2013
Announcements and Pronouncements

As most things in life are cyclical the DaPs threads are no different. Must be getting near to DaP announcement time, the natives are getting restless. Maybe it was the long winter we had or all the speculation, but I'm going to put the announcement for DaP10 on the top of my list of most excruciatingly painful waits for announcement. We will all be smiling soon I'm sure.

Joined: Aug 6 2013
It's my money, and I need an 80's release now!

Joined: Sep 17 2012

They've been promising us the Roxy video for 15 or 16 years now if not more.

Joined: Oct 18 2009
Thoughts on the Dead - Dave's Picks 10 - 80's Truthers

"I cannot bring myself to go to's forums. First, because they're impossible to find; and second, nothing can be released/announced/rumored over there without releasing the Kraken that is: the 80's Truther. Unearth a trove from the late-60's? 80's Truther wants to know why you're keeping 1983's glories under wraps."

... and other gems

Joined: Feb 26 2014
RV3 has reached the end of his rope ........

and he's crumbling, with only a week or so to a DP announcement. Is it okay that I'm laughing?! This guy will go berserk no matter what is released, unless Dave personally takes a DAT from the '80s and inserts it where RV3's sun don't shine.

And since when is another box a given? Yeah, it'll probably happen. But we're on Dave's schedule and he rarely fails to produce well-curated releases with amazing music.

You. Just. Have. To. Wait...................

Joined: Apr 10 2014

The Zappa Family Trust comment was funny...and true. I think they really do not want FZ' stuff to become popular or known---then the cachet of being into FZ would be lost.

MilesM's picture
Joined: Aug 13 2012
Bob Was back in the saddle

Bob Was back in the saddle last night so all must be well. If you havent seen Ratdog yet just go. Well worth it.

Joined: Aug 6 2013
Winterland 1973 Box may be gone soon...

I see Winterland June 1977 box must have sold out in the past couple weeks or so, as it's no longer listed on the site.

And using Star Dark's add to cart method, looks like there are fewer than 40 copies of Winterland 1973 boxes left.

Glad I picked both of them up when I did.

Grab the Winterland 1973 box now if you still don't have it...

Joined: May 9 2011

RV3 - I just cracked my jaw yawning over your post! Now I'm bummed out too.

Joined: Sep 28 2009
Zappa Family Trust

"They are the slowest, most tedious group with getting anything out"

I take it you're not familiar with the ZFT.

Joined: Aug 29 2013

Why on earth do you continue to post here? You do nothing but whine and complain about how you don't like anything that has been released?

No one here wants to hear it.

So again, why must this continue?

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012

if everyone had your attitude, and i was the "TPTB", i'd tell you to take your whining entitlement home and shut the vault for good. good lord i am glad i don't have to deal with the general public any more...

have a nice day
i recommend a nice 73 2nd set and a tall glass of self-awareness

Joined: Nov 28 2011
I believe the PTB like to annoy fans....

They are the slowest, most tedious group with getting anything out...maybe they are waiting until the night at the movies for the box set news, I bet it isn't even Spring'90 #2...I bet they put out yet another box set release from need to fight it or argue my opinion, TPTB DON'T LIKE THE 1980s...DP#11 is probably that Fall 1972 show, that's what DL likes...

The most annoying painfully slow wait with is the lame home page STIL featuring: Spring 1990 box set, Road Trips digital, Sunshine Daydream, and Europe '72 box the featured releases. Most of these have been sold out for a year, and all of them were released over a year ago....they really need to update & release new material, I guess it's their world...but damn guess who's paying for all this shit. YOU WOULD THINK they would recognize fans that are eager for new material

Joined: Apr 10 2014
LLR and Black Throated Wind

These are in my top 50% of Dead originals. Both music and words. LLR=cheesy? Never had your heart broken? BTW=beautiful images and wise line after wise line.

Words by Barlow, by the way.

Joined: May 19 2013

My recollection is the announcement comes about 4 weeks before they start to ship which in this case I believe to be July 14-15 announcement and shipping starting around August 6th. It's always nice to have something in pipeline!

Edit: I received my DaP7 shipping Notification on 7/31/13. Usually arrives in a few days after. Excited for something new!

Joined: Aug 25 2008
@ Jaspitola

I agree with your theory about the date of the announcement for Dave's Pick 11. July 11 2014, if not that's OK, nothing held against you. Anything is possible.

Joined: Aug 29 2013

Were those Betty Boards returned? I thought there was just the idea that they might negotiate?

Joined: Dec 31 2008

Just find this interesting and there is a fellow on here lobbying for the release of Gainesville 1980, with which I fully agree. The logic of not releasing has been that the original reels were not in the vault. In the Taper's Section this week is the latter half of the first set from that great 11-29-80 show. It sounds quite nice.

Perhaps they were in the Betty Boards that were returned? Maybe Red Rocks 1978 also made it home? Merely speculation on my part, but interesting.

Jaspitola's picture
Joined: May 5 2014

DaP10 was announced on the 10th; DaP8 was announced on the 8th....not sure if it holds up, but my guess is it will be announced on the 11th!

Joined: May 6 2013

Didn't Bob have an illness around this time last year -- fell off his chair while playing a show? Hope all is well for him.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
Get well, Bob!

Y'all be cool.

floridabobaloo's picture
Joined: Apr 30 2014
Bob Weir illness

Wow that is bad to hear. Talking with a buddy just the other day about the fact that a lot of our favs are now in the 70 yo range. Fact is they won't be with us a whole lot longer. Very Sad.
Hope BW pulls through whatever is troubling him.
Hard to believe our 60's icons are as old now as they are.

FennarioXRDS's picture
Joined: May 4 2014
Hopefully nothing serious... Get Well, Bobby

Last night Bob Weir was scheduled to perform with RatDog at The Palms casino and hotel in Las Vegas, but fans attending the show were in for a shock when the show went on without the Grateful Dead guitarist. Weir was "under the weather" according to a tweet from the venue, which also offered refunds to all ticketholders.

According to fan reports, the audience was told Weir was ill and advised not to perform. No further information on Bobby's condition has been announced via Weir or the band's social media accounts. Weir and RatDog are scheduled to play Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay in San Diego, CA this evening.

Joined: Sep 5 2012
@ mbarilla

Was that a serious question? I have no idea - check for yourself. I've got better things to do than flip 40 copies of something on eBay!

Joined: Aug 8 2013
What was the shipping cost ? For 40 copies ??

Not a big fan of flippers, on RSD a guy was trying to get everything from GD to today current pop music. Just to make an easy dollar. A few people in line behind me missed out on their favorite bands at retail price because Flipper McGhee had been camping out all night. I know the owner of the record store a little , so the white vinyl Garcia did not go to him because the flippers list was so random. And that's all I was out for. Hopefully RSD can put out more copies of stuff, so their is more access and less jacked up prices

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009
12-12-1973 Peggy-O

Joined: Oct 29 2013
The Discs I Do

There's such a treasury of astounding Grateful Dead shows (from all eras) available on YouTube & other archival sources; still, I get irreplaceable value from owning the (officially released) discs I own library on a shelf...of magical GD wealth.
Sort of like books...I like to actually have them, physically, on a shelf, rather than read them on a flat screen and then delete.

Joined: Sep 5 2012

I tried the same "cart trick" with a few other things. Less than 50 "Road Trip 1.4"... less than 40 "Road Trip 4.1"... etc. etc.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, it appears that quite a few official releases will soon be sold out. eBay scalpers are gonna have a field day.

Joined: Nov 1 2012
3/15/90 Terrapin Limited

Show smokes! Get it!

frankparry's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
DaP11 announcement

Somehow I think we'll hear after the Meet up at the Movies event. Just a guess. And next box set? I'm hoping the Ark shows from 1969.

rdevil's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2007
various stuff

Wow, Star Dark, great work. If anyone has long been considering purchasing Terrapin Limited I guess now is the time. I don't often reach for my 80s/90s releases but this one gets the most play out of them all at my house. Great show, great release.

Thin, thanks for the link to the DeKalb show; hadn't heard that in quite awhile and it's awfully good. I'll get around to your 85 suggestion eventually.

Bobaloo, I don't dislike Row Jimmy but somehow I gather that I don't enjoy it nearly as much as many others do...not quite sure why. I do really dig the versions with Donna, though.

Joined: Sep 5 2012
Terrapin Limited Interlude

While we're waiting... got bored and thought I'd see how many copies of Terrapin Limited could be stuffed in a shopping cart. 75 "exceeded available inventory..." so did 73... and 71... but 70 worked. Unbelievably, it appears the Dead crew is down to its last 70 copies or so of this "limited edition" released a gazillion years ago(!)

Fantastic, REALLY great show. Get 'em while they're hot! :o)

Joined: Aug 25 2008
Dave's Picks 11 annoucement ...

My opinion is this announcement will come sometime in the two week period of July 7th (Monday) thru July 18th (Friday). What show: I don't know, but I'll like it without any complaints. I bought the 2014 Subscription, at the Early Bird Price, so I'm happy.

What I'd like to see officially released, now in 2014 or in 2015, is 7/27-28/73 Watkins Glen, just the Dead's part. The 3rd set / encore of Not Fade Away, Mountain Jam, Johnny B. Goode with members of Allman Bros. Band & The Band would be too much to ask, but look what happened with Sunshine Daydream, 8/27/72. Anything is possible.
My 7/27/73 is a patchwork of a variety of sources, that's my reason for this public request.

Joined: Oct 10 2008
Looks Like take

Only in my matrix world... I've been digging LLR for some time. Gerry's guitar and the peak at the end just gets me every time. But the first verse will always remind me of my longtime but recent ex, "Covers still warm where you were might not be sleeping here again." The song has also been on my mind recently since I found out a dear friend passed. I think of this song as tough times to come, but to not be fearful and cowardly of them. I've been up and down the archive for about almost a decade; I use to search shows and navigate the deep vastness of the archive. There's a link to the recordings if available for each song, plus reviews. I use the dropdown for "year" to get to where I'm hunting. I know there is a more modern link, but I dig The Looks Like Rain that I think rocks is 4/2/82 from Cameron Indoor

It peaks, then takes one gasp, and keeps on going. This LLR has it all for me. There's also an awesome audio transferred by Charlie Miller

I'm up for any box set. Could the PTB just wave a wand across the early eighties and do a "college" or "university" box set. There were some hot shows from some in early eighties.


Joined: Oct 29 2013
Pollen Count!

What best describes my poor head right now:
the song "Hay Fever" from the Kink's album: Misfits.

floridabobaloo's picture
Joined: Apr 30 2014
Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time is running down on Dave's Announcement Clock.....................

Joined: Aug 6 2013
4th of July-Jackson,Wyoming

Just got done with the fireworks.Was watching from the roof of my house with friends when the finale was done.Well there is a party going on about a block away and it sounds like maybe 100->125 people having a great time.When the fireworks ended,they all broke out super loud with the national anthem..beautiful.Then it continued for what seemed like forever with....."Know our love will not fade away!"..clapclapclap,clapclap.."no our love will not fade away"...clapclapclap,clapclap.
They were still at it when I came back in to post this....:)
Happy 4th everybody....happy 4th

Joined: Nov 20 2011
LL rain...

O.K. ... sitting here on the 4th, worked all day (big bucks though!)just watched the Phish webcast, Rockin!! Anyway.. as someone said, the lyrics are as John Lennon said "trite", but yes Jerry plays some awesome guitar on the song. Listen to the 4/14/72 version, that is my favorite. Check it out folks! Happy 4th everyone!!!! Dave's 11 any day now!...It doesn't matter what it is , Dave has my full trust!!!!! Take care folks!!!!

boblopes's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
Thank you

Thank you for the 12/12/73 suggestion.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
I'll weigh in..

I will take Looks Like Rain, 100 times 100 times 100, over Samba in the Rain....
Someone didn't like Black Throated Wind... goodness.. I love that one too. I'll take that over the misery of trying to cover "Why Don't We do it In the Road"....

There's only like 2 or 3 songs I actually can do without....
personally, I don't care for Katie Mae. Pigpen or not, if I can't sing along while drivin to work, I'm skippin it.

Unless someone gave me blotter and it's 20 years ago I'm not diggin what's become of the baby either...
And I can do w/o Corinna... in it's infancy. I kinda like the Ratdog versions nowadays...
And I can do w/o Baba O'Reilly too.