Grateful Dead

SYF Beach Towel

sku: GRA9000450

Summer merch created exclusively for our Sunshine Daydream release.

Soft mid-weight beach towel with tonal "ghost print" SYF design. Perfect for the beach, pool or lawn event.

Each product is limited edition and will not be made again.

Product Details

Size: 60" x 35"
Mid-weight 15 oz Turkish beach towel
Color: Navy
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, dry low
Limited edition, available while quantities last. exclusive

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PonchoBill's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2009
Hey man...

Theres a sucker born every minute. If you're love for the band would compel to spend 42 bucks on a fucking beach towel than have at it. Most normal people (we penny pinchers I guess) would see it for what it really is...a ripoff. Telling me to blow myself is just plain rude and really shows you're maturity level. I stand by my first post.

TimeOnTarget1's picture
Joined: Sep 8 2013
Mr. Penny Pincher

You know, I'm actually quite willing to throw some money at stuff if I know the band is getting a decent share of it. When I consider the hours of enjoyment I have gotten vs. how much I have laid out, it is a damn good deal, and will be for a long time to come. Go blow yourself.

PonchoBill's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2009

I'd pay 42 bucks for that if it came with a sample of Turkey's finest. There is a lot of overpriced crap in this store. I bought two Dancing Bear beach towels for my kids at Giant Tiger and paid 16 bucks. You guys are crazy.

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