Grateful Dead

May 1977 Double Stealie Acrylic Magnet

sku: GRA9000420

Created exclusive for our limited-edition May 1977 box release.

Durable acrylic magnet features May 1977 Double Stealie artwork in a deep bronze, chocolate and cream color design.

Each product is limited edition and will not be made again.

Product Details

Dimensions: 2-1/2" wide, 1/4" thick
Made in USA
Limited edition, available while quantities last. exclusive

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As accessories go, a leather

As accessories go, a leather handbag is one of those items like a pair of diamond studs or sensible, black pumps – every woman should have one in her wardrobe. This staple is not only durable,

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Attention Sales Department!

I'm not sure who is coming up with the ideas for merchandise over there, but this or just the Double Stealie image would have made a sweet belt buckle. All of the Warrior Skull merch sold out quick, I believe, because of its simplicity. The sunshine daydream design is a bit tacky and seems a little cartoonish. Words are unnecessary for most if not all GD merchandise because people just know! I would have liked to seen a SSDD buckle with the SYF Medusa sunflower design that we saw on the Sunset Hill Pottery Bowl that sold out way back. I think there was a shirt too. That was cool! More quality hard goods without "Grateful Dead" or "Sunshine Daydream" or any title at all please. LESS IS MORE!!!

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